St Mary’s Graves A


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A461 Here lyeth the Body of ARABELLA ALLEN wife of Robert Allen (of Clapton in the parish of Berkeley) who departed this life 14th June 1847 aged 52.
To die in Jesus Oh how sweet, You need not shed a tear, Why should you wish me back again, You have no need to fear, Till the solemn summons of the just, Bids he awake to meet the god he loves.
Also the aforesaid ROBERT ALLEN who departed this life May 16th 1857 aged 62 years.  Here sleeps our father in silent dust, By all our sorrows all our tears, Unmoved he sleeps. In memory of ANNIS wife of Samuel Adams of Portskewat, daughter of the aforesaid Robert Allen who died December 1st 1878 aged 55.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
F150 In memory of AMBROSE ALLEN of Morton in this parish wheelwright, who died June 9th 1871 aged 64 years.
A463 In affectionate remembrance of ELIZA ALLEN of Clapton in the parish of Berkeley who died December 7th 1881 aged 41 years. He brought down my strength in my journey and shortened my days.
E282 To the memory of HANNAH the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Allen died May 6th 1806 aged 48 years.  Also in memory of CATHERINE the daughter of the said Henry & Elizabeth Allen who died April 19th 1826 aged 72 years. ……   HENRY ALLEN of this parish who died the … of October 176- aged 50 years.    Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died 24th of October 1804 aged 84 years
E209 Sacred to the memory of JAMES ALLEN of Morton, yeoman who quitted this earthly stage for that of sublime bliss 4th March 1817 aged 76.  Also in memory of MARY wife died 4th March 1835 aged 91.  Also in memory of MARY Allen daughter of James and Mary who died 12th February 1841 aged 66
D306 In memory of JOHN ALLEN of Morton in this parish died April 13th 1816 aged 28 years.  “Lord in the cutting off of my days, I shall go to the gates of the grave
I am deprived of the residue of my years”.  
Also to the memory of ANN his wife who died April 1st 1874 aged 93 years.  Her end was peace.  Also in memory of AMELIA KNAPP their daughter who died April 26th 1885 aged 76.  Also of JAMES ALLEN of Morton in this parish, who died March 18th 1803 aged 33 years.  Also of HESTER his daughter died September 3rd 1872 aged 72 years.
C376 In memory of MARTHA the kind and affectionate wife of Samuel Allen who departed this life May 3rd 1860 aged 67 years.  Also in memory of the aforesaid SAMUEL ALLEN who departed this life March 10th 1869 aged 73 years
MARGARETT daughter of Robert Allen of Whitfield died 10 October 1738 aged 37.  EDWARD his son died 22 May 1739 aged 40.
E208 Also of HESTER ALLIN wife of the above Francis Allin who departed this life 28th October 1770 aged 38 years. 
D309 In memory of JAMES DOWNES of Morton in this parish who died June 11th 1862 aged 76 years.  Also of CELIA DOWNES his wife who died November 9th 1850 aged 70 years. Also in memory of CELIA ALPASS daughter of James and Celia Downes who departed this life June 18 1848 aged 29 years.  Her sun is gone down while it is yet day.  Also of ELIZA BAILEY daughter of Celia Downes who departed this life July 21st 1845 aged 36 years.
E192 Sacred to the Memory of MARY wife of JOHN ALPASS of Morton in this parish who departed this life Dec 10th 1822 aged 49.  Also to the Memory of the above John Alpass who died July 20 1823 aged 60 years.  Reunited.  Also to MARY ALPASS of Elberton daughter who departed this life January 10th 1877 aged 75.    Also to JOHN ALPASS brother of the above of Priest Pool, Elberton died 10 January 1899, aged 96.  They rest from their labours  
E191 In this tomb lieth the remains of WILLIAM TAYLOR late of Sibland in this parish who departed this life the 1st day of Nov. 1799 aged 66 years.  Also GEORGE son of William & Hester Taylor of this parish yeoman who died 1814 aged 37 years.  Also in this tomb resteth the body of MARY ALPASS of Morton in this parish who died the 10th day of December 1822 aged …  
C415 In loving memory of ELIZABETH ANDREWS of this parish who died August 5th 1888, aged 60 years.  My Grace is sufficient for Thee. ll Cor. Xll.9.
E252 In memory of CHARLES ANSTEY of Kington died April 22nd 1873, aged 35.  In the midst of Life we are in Death.  Also URSULA, widow of Charles and wife of Richard Alway who died March 8th 1920 aged 73.  Peace Perfect Peace.
E254 Sacred to the Memory of THOMAS ANSTEY (of this Town) who departed this life April 24th 1850 aged 28 years.  Also of ANN wife of the above who died February 18th 1895 aged 72 years.
E253 THOMAS ANSTEY of Kington in this parish, yeoman, who died 24th March 1854 aged 66.
SARAH WILLIAMS ANSTEY daughter of the above Thomas who died October 21st 1850, aged 14 years.  Also CATHERINE wife of the above Thomas Anstey who died June 7th 1858 aged 58? Years.  Also of ELLEN ANSTEY who died February 6th 1921 aged 87.
ARTHUR AYLWORTH died 6 June 1710 aged 58.  EDITH AYLWORTH his daughter died 1 September 1729.  FRANCES his wife died 25 June 1711 aged 56.