St Mary’s Graves Ba-Bm


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A114 J. S. BAILEY died 17th November 1874 aged 1 year 6 months
D309 In memory of JAMES DOWNES of Morton in this parish who died June 11th 1862 aged 76 years.  Also of CELIA DOWNES his wife who died November 9th 1850 aged 70 years.  Also in memory of CELIA ALPASS daughter of James and Celia Downes who departed this life June 18 1848 aged 29 years.  Her sun is gone down while it is yet day.  Also of ELIZA BAILEY daughter of Celia Downes who departed this life July 21st 1845 aged 36 years.
D312 WILLIAM SMITH BAILEY died April 15 1881 aged 74 (interred Plymouth Cemetery).  Also of JANE BAILEY his wife died April 17 1878 aged 63.  Also of the following children of the above: FANNY EMILY BAILEY died 15th January 1851 aged 6, WALTER NEWTON BAILEY died 27th January 1853 aged 10 months, LUCY JANE BAILEY died 6th February 1853 aged 3 years, WILLIAM HUGHES BAILEY son died 29th April 1854 aged 13 years.  Thy Will be Done.
E245 In memory of HANNAH wife of William Baker of Whitewall in this parish who died 17th December 1791 aged 75 years.  Farewell my dear and ……
C400 HENRY BAKER son of Henry and Sarah Baker of this Town died 2nd November 1798 aged 2 years 6 months.  Also HENRY their son who died 16th April 1799 aged 8 weeks.  Also of ELIZABETH their daughter died March 2nd 1808 aged 8 months.  
C370 In memory of ANN wife of George Sainsbury who died April 9th 1854 aged 54 years.  Also of MARY his 2nd wife died February 23rd 1865 aged 70 years.  Also of the said GEORGE SAINSBURY who died November 19th 1872 aged 86 years.  Also of ELIZA BAKER daughter of the above named George and Ann Sainsbury who died March 16th 1881.
MARY wife of Edward Baker died 9 November 1742 aged 46.  EDWARD BAKER died 31 December 1741 aged 43.
A57 In loving memory HENRY BALL who died May 9th 1892 aged 74 years.   Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour ye think not the Son of Man cometh. Matt. XXlV.  Also of MARY the beloved wife of the above who passed away on September 8th 1903 aged 84 years.  The Lord hath been mindful of Us. Psalms CXV.12.  
E222 In memory of JOHN BALL of this parish who died July 26th 1847 aged 68 years.  Also of LUKE his son who died March 1st 1846 aged 22 years.
F139 REBECCA BALL died 29th July 1881 aged 69 years
F151/F154 Sacred to the Memory of WILLIAM BALL (of Grovesend in this parish) who died March 28th 1841 aged 59 years.  Also of ALFRED his son who died November 5th 1819 aged 17 months. Footstone W.B. 1841, Long time this thorny path I trod, I must arise to meet my God, Farewell all my wife and children, This vain world I bid adieu, A.B. 1819
A451 LOUISA BARBER died July 9th 1856 aged 28 years.  STEPHEN BARBER died December 14th 1897 aged 74 years.  Also ELIZABETH BARBER died February 22nd 1894 aged 62 years.  (on side)  In memory of LOUISA wife of Stephen …. of Shiperdine…. In loving memory ELIZABETH second wife of …RBER
E268  JOHN BARROW died February 21st 1855 aged 81 years
D297 MARK BARRETT blacksmith of Milbury Heath in this parish who departed this life December 28th 1879 aged 56 years.  Remember me as you pass by.  As you are now so once was I.  As I am now so you will be.  Prepare then for eternity.  Also of DIANA BARRETT wife of the above who departed this life November 22nd 1898 aged 78 years.  Thy will be done.  
Here lieth the body of EDWARD second son of Edward and Margaret Bartlett who departed this life June the 28th A.D. 1711 aetatis suae 43.  Here lyeth the Body of EDWARD son of ye aforesaid Edward Bartlett, yeoman and Margarett, his wife.  He died April the 24 A.D. 1731 aged 25 years and 6 months.  Here lyeth the Body of JOHN BARTLETT of this parish yeoman who departed this life the 16 day of January Anno Domini 1719-20 aetatis suae 43.  Also here lyeth the Body of ELIZABETH the wife of John Bartlett of this parish yeoman who departed this life ye 2nd day of June Anno Dom. 1729 aged 37 years.  In memory of MARGARETT the wife of Edward Bartlett of this parish who departed this life the 7th day of July A.D. 1737 aged 75 years.
JOHN BARTLETT died 18 September 1728 aged 27.  JOAN his wife and late wife of Samuel Lawrence died 16 March 1762 aged 61.
E218 NATHANIEL BARTLETT died 22nd March 1900 aged 80.  RHODA his wife died 20th October 1895 aged 78
E197 In memory of WILLIAM ADAMS BARTLETT of Bristol inn-holder son of William and Elizabeth Bartlett of Kington in this parish who departed this life 28th January 1781 in the 43rd year of his age.
ANNE wife of Jonathan Barton died 5 November 1688.  Also three of their children JONATHAN, ANNE and …….
JOHN BARTON died 11 April 1687.  MARY late wife of John Barton daughter of Robert Thurston mercer died 1 May 1691 aged 45.
RICHARD BAYNAM died 16 September 1691 aged 35.  HANNAH his wife ……….. HENRY BAYNHAM died 19 May 1693.  RICHARD BAINAM died 26th March 1704.
NICHOLAS BEDGGOOD Alderman of Thornbury died 15 June 1696 aged 6….
F135 In memory of ELIZABETH BELL widow who died June 3rd 1737 in the 65th year of her age.
THOMAS BENNET of Buckover died 21 June 1762 aged 47
E228 Sacred to the memory of ISAAC BENNETT of this parish who departed this life October 21st 1856 aged 75 years.  Also of two children died in their infancy.  Also in memory of ANN BENNETT wife of the aforesaid Isaac Bennett who departed this life 27th July 1852 aged 71 years.
F130 To the memory of SOPHIA BENNETT died December 26th 1877 aged 84 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
E255 To the memory of WILLIAM BENNETT of Falfield in this parish who died January 28th 1847 aged 71 years.  Also in memory of MARY BENNETT of Falfield, sister of the above died the 10th of September 1848 aged 75.  Also in memory of ANN BENNETT late of Falfield sister of the above who died July 15th 1849 aged 70 years.  
HESTER BERROWES of this parish died 7 April 1744 aged 41.
B497 In memory of THOMAS BEVAN who departed this life August 24th 1866 aged 47 years.  In the midst of life we are in Death.  Also of ANN BEVAN his wife who departed this life June 20th 1903 aged 78 years. 
In memory of SUSANNA wife of Ernest Biddle who died April 25th 1867 aged 67 years.  Also the aforesaid ERNEST BIDDLE who died December 18th 1873 aged 78 years.
A502 In memory of ANN daughter of Henry & Mary Binden of this Town who died December 1st 1790 aged 2.  Also of ANN BINDEN another daughter died March 1st 1797 aged 2 months.  JAMES their son, died June 4th 1801 aged 17 years.  Also MARY the wife of the above Henry Binden who died the 26th day of October 1803 aged 40 years.
C382 Sacred to the memory of HENRY BINGHAM (Alderman of this ancient Borough) died November 29th 1831 aged 81 years.
D299 To the memory of ELIZABETH BIRT wife of John Birt of this Town who died January 12th 1837 aged 61 years.  Also of ELIZA their daughter who died June 14th 1838 aged 37 years.  Also in memory of the aforesaid JOHN BIRT who died February 3rd 1840 aged 71 years.  
D292/298 In memory of MARY wife of JOHN BIRT of Milborough Heath in this parish who died June 20th 1802 aged 54 years.  Footstone shows: MARY BIRT 18…