St Mary’s Graves Bn-Bz


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B494 In loving remembrance of WILLIAM PHILLIPS BOOME of Morton, formerly of Colney, Herts who died April 23rd 1887 aged 70 years.  Also in loving memory of ANN widow of the above who died at Weston-super-Mare January 27th 1896 aged 73 years.  Fear not for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name thou art mine. Isaiah Xllll.l.
B505 SUSANNA wife of John Boulton died …. August 1861 aged 62.  JOHN BOULTON died 14 October 1869.  HENRY BOULTON son died 24 March 1897 aged 62.
C416 In loving memory of JOHN THOMAS BOULTON who departed this life February 17th 1874 aged 41 years.  Also of SUSANNAH his wife who passed away 10 October 1907 aged 75 years.  Requiescat in Pace.  Also of HARRY DAWSON BOULTON son of the above who died 22 January 1925 aged 62 years.
B506 In memory of WILLIAM BOULTON of Kington in this parish died 28 February 1836 aged 76 years.
Here lyeth the body of THOMAS the eldest son of Robert Boy of Buckover in this parish who departed this life the … of ……….  Also near this place lyeth the body of JOHN son of Robert Boy of Buckover in this parish who departed this life January 24th 1738 aged 65 years.  Here lieth the body of ROBERT BOY of Buckover in this parish who departed this life October the 3rd Anno Domini 1728 aetatis suae 87.  In memory of JOAN wife of Robert Boy aforesaid of this parish who died August the 31st in the year 1711 aged 73 years.  Also in the memory of HANNAH daughter of Robert and Joan Boy ………….
A71B Under this stone lieth the body of JUDETH wife of Edward Parnell sometime wife to Thomas Boy, daughter of Nathaniel Thurston.  In memory of JAMES PARNELL of Thornbury died 26 January 1858 aged 67.  HANNAH wife died 17 April 1877 aged 71.
C408 Sacred to the memory of ANN BROOKE died April 27th 1825 aged 9 months.  Also JAMES BROOKE died August 10th 1830 aged 13 years.  Like flowers in Spring the Gardens Pride, ….. Bloom of opening sweet then – died, ……………………dear be given, ……………………Earth to Heaven.
Also ROBERT COX BROOKE died May 12th 1839 aged 1 year.
JOHN son of Thomas Brooks died 10 October 1695
C394 In loving memory of JANE TEMPERANCE BROOKES who entered into rest 20 August 1882. He giveth his beloved sleep….  
B484 In memory of ROBERT BROWN died March 11th 1882 aged 79.  Also MARY ANN his wife died January 25th 1899 aged ??.  
F134 In memory of SARAH the daughter of John & Sarah Brown of this parish who died the 20th day of March 1794 aged 14 weeks 2 days.  
F169 In memory of NICHOLAS BROWN? of Grovesend? in this parish who departed this mortal life August 18th 1720 aged near 48 years.
A5 Sacred to the memory of REV. MAURICE FITZGERALD STEPHENS TOWNSHEND of Castle Townshend, County of Cork and Dingle, Kerry, Ireland, M.A. C’Ch., Oxford 48 years vicar of Thornbury from which during the latter part of his incumbency Oldbury on Severn and Falfield were formed into separate parishes, died March 21st 1872 aged 80 years.  Also of his son-in-law, Major General PIERREPONT HENRY MUNDY late Royal Horse Artillery, 6th son of General Godfrey Basil Mundy of Bramcote, Notts. 2nd son of E. Miller Mundy Esquire of Shipley, Derbyshire and Hon. Sarah Brydges, his wife, youngest daughter of the Admiral Lord Rodney.  He entered the army at the age of 16 years 1833 born 4 August died 16 February 1889.  Man greatly beloved as poor, yet making many rich.  Served the Lord with gladness went into His courts with praise.
E247 ANN BURCHELL wife of Alfred Burchell died 28 December 1883 aged 58.  There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God ALFRED BURCHELL died 11 November 1905 aged 85.  …………..
E248 In affectionate remembrance of GEORGE WILLIAM BURCHELL who departed this life the 5th of July 1876 aged 39 years.  Also of JANE BURCHELL who departed this life January 9th 1903 aged 78 years.  Also in memory of BRYANT JENKINS BURCHELL who departed this life December 15th 1888 aged 70 years.  Boast not thyself of tomorrow, for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Prov. CXXV11.V1.
E249 Sacred to the memory of HELEN BURCHELL daughter of Daniel & Hester of this Town who died July 25th 1835 aged 9 years 5 months.  Also to the memory of the aforesaid DANIEL BURCHELL who died September 16th 1866 aged 75 years.  Also of HESTER BURCHELL who died August 14th 1875 aged 84 years.  Not dead but sleepeth.
E236 In memory of JOHN BURROUGHS of Hill Day-house, Yeoman, died 14th October 1789 aged 61 years.  Also of THOMAS son of the aforesaid John Burroughs who died January 30th 1860 aged 72 years.
JOHN BURROUGHS of Eastwood died 3 December 1741 aged 51.  HANNAH daughter of John & Esther Burroughs died 26 February 1737 aged 6.
Sacred to the memory of MARGARET BUTLER spinster of the Park of Crowbridge in the County of Glamorganshire who having her resigned her Soul to the Supreme Being, who gave it, departed this life June 7 1796 aged 50 years.