St Mary’s Graves Ca-Cm


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D335 Sacred to the memory of ROBERT CADDY of this town who died August the 18th 1820 aged 73 years.  Also of ANN his wife who died April 9th 1827 aged 73 years.
E281 Sacred to the memory of MARIA CAMM of this town who died July 15th 1856 aged 57 years.  Also of MARIA her daughter who died January 9th 1828 aged 5 years.  Also of CHARLES her son who died March 4th 1849 aged 16 years.  (Star of David carved above inscriptions on headstone).
A78 In memory of HENRY CARTER died September 4th 1876 aged 84 years.  ROBERT JAMES SHIPWAY CARTER died December 14th 1873 aged 24 years.  WALTER HENRY CARTER died August 20th 1882 aged 34 years.  ANN wife of the above Henry Carter died 19 January 1887 aged 66 years.  HENRY WILLIAM JOHN CARTER son of Henry Carter died 16 September 1915 aged 70.  Buried Pau Cemetery South France.  
A79 In memory of SARAH wife of John Carter of this town, Butcher, who died January 31st 1774 aged near 41.  Also of SARAH their daughter who died 1 October 1770 aged near 3 years.  Also of WILLIAM their son who died in his infancy.  In memory of the said JOHN CARTER who died 15 April 1810 aged 72.
E207 In memory of SARAH CARTER daughter of William and Mary Cook of this parish who died July 20th 1867 aged 31 years.  Also of the aforesaid MARY COOK who died January 11th 1861 aged 79 years.  Also of the aforesaid WILLIAM COOK who died April 1st 1864 aged 78 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also in loving memory of CHARLES COOK who died January 26th 1887 aged 76 years.  Also of MARY COOK widow of Charles Cook who died April 1st 1887 aged 71 years.
B427 To the memory of JOSEPH CARTER of this Town who died April 13th 1840 aged 56 years.  Also of JOHN son of the abovesaid who died February 3rd 1859 aged 22 years.  Also of WILLIAM CHARLES son of the abovesaid who died at Gloucester February 18th 1870 aged 30 years.  Also of CHARLES EDWIN son of William Charles Carter who died January 14th 1867 aged 2 years 9 months.  Also of ELIZABETH wife of the abovesaid Joseph Carter who died November 9th 1879 aged 79 years.  
D339 In loving memory of SARAH JANE wife of William Carter of Bristol who died August 22nd 1869 aged 31 years.  Also of HENRY HERBERT WALKER of this Town father of the above who died March 25th 1886 aged 77 years.  Also of MARY ANN WALKER his wife who died at Bath December 15th 1893 aged 82 years.  Thy will be done.
C384 In memory of PAULINA wife of Robert Coleman of Bristol departed January 11th 1848 aged 55 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also of GEORGE their son departed March 28th 1833 aged 3 years.  Also of MARY ANN their daughter departed February 20th 1852 aged 24 years.  Also of EMMA POWELL wife of Henry Fletcher Carter who died at Clanna January 31st 1866 aged 34 years. Also of LOUISA IMANDA daughter of Henry Fletcher & Emma Powell Carter died April 9th 1866 aged 2 months.
C365 In memory of JOHN AUSTIN CARWARDINE of Llan House, Dorstone, Herefordshire only son of the late John Carwardine of the City of Bristol died August 6th 1879 aged 58 years. Psalm XLlX.
A6 In memory of GEORGE CHAMBERS died 19 April 1875 aged 63 years.  Also of his son AUGUSTUS PATRICK CHAMBERS son, Lieutenant Natal Native Contingent who was slain at Isandula, South Africa on 22 January 1879 aged 28 years. Also of SARAH LONGDEN the beloved wife of the above George Chambers who died 25 December 1896 aged 69 years.
A8 GERALDINE ELSIE EMILY CHAMBERS daughter of John Taylor & Lucy Chambers of this town died 19 August 1877 aged 1 year & 7 months.  The Lord gave & the Lord hath taken away.  HANNAH wife of James Taylor died 6 March 1794 aged 45.  JAMES son died 18 March 1781 aged 7 weeks.  HESTER daughter died 28 July 1786 aged 5 months.
D341/342/343 SARAH ANN CHAMBERS   This is believed to be the grave of Sarah Ann Chambers buried 8th February 1852 aged 3 months.  She was the child of  William & Elizabeth Chambers and this is one of three graves.  Two more of their children died – James Prewett Chambers buried 19 December 1852 aged 6 years and Henry Chambers who was buried 19 May 1853 aged 5 years
JOHN CHILD of this parish died 9 September 1745 aged 39.  MARY widow of John Child of Moreton died 11 October 1770 aged 63.
D318 Of THOMAS CHILD late of Morton in this parish, butcher, died January 18th 1789 aged 56 years.  Also of JOHN his son who died in his infancy.  Also of HANNAH his daughter who died December 12th 1793 aged 15 years.  A friend so true there were but few, and difficult to find, a Man more just and true to trust, there is not left behind.  The Life which for long time sustained, was Sorrow, Grief and Pain, but now he has a life obtained, of Pleasure, Joy and Gain.
D316 In memory of TIMOTHY CHILD of this Town schoolmaster who departed this life the 19th of June 1778 aged 41 years.  Also of ANN the wife of the above who departed this life April 4th 1794 aged 64 years.
A14 ANNA MARIA CHURCHILL died 9th July 1886 aged 66 years.  To depart & be with Christ is far better.
B454 In memory of ELIZABETH FRANKOM formerly of this parish who died 7 August 1873 aged 75 years.  In memory of JANE CLARK who died 28 March 1879 aged 51 years.  Also of THOMAS CLARK who died January 6th 1886 aged 63 years.
E251 In loving memory of ANN for nearly 50 years, the faithful wife of Thomas Clark of the Knapp in this parish died February 7th 1892 aged 73 years.  For ever with the Lord.  Also of the above named THOMAS CLARK who died October 7th 1899 aged 75 years.
C344 In memory of WILLIAM CLARK, senior, of this parish, cordwainer, who departed this life the 19th of January 1800 aged 74 years.  Also of ANN the second wife of the above William Clark who departed this life 15 March 1801 aged 80 years.  SARAH wife of Wm. Clark son of above Wm. Clark who departed this life 31st December 1803 aged 39 years.  WILLIAM CLARK the son who departed this life 10th February 1837 aged 81 years.  
A20 In memory of JAMES WEBB of Morton in this parish who died January 14th 1852 aged 59 years.  Also of SARAH WEBB who died May 2nd 1856 aged 91 years.  Also in memory of EMMA CLIFFORD daughter of the above who died 9 February 1880 aged 75 years.
F133 In memory of JOHN CLIFFORD of Tockenton in the parish of Olvestone.  He departed this life May 15th 1724 aged 33 years.  Also here lyeth the body of SARAH wife of the abovesaid John Clifford.  She departed this life April 9th 1741 aged 75 years.  MARY daughter of John & Sarah Clifford of Olveston died 5 March 1715 aged 16.  MARY daughter of John & Sarah Clifford died 29 January 1731 aged 16.
E237 In memory of W. CLUTTERBUCK died May 10th 1818 aged 87 years.  A. CLUTTERBUCK died December 28th 1828 aged 82 years.  AMELIA CLUTTERBUCK died October 25th 1829 aged 48 years.