St Mary’s Graves D


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E279 Sacred to the memory of MARY ANN DALE died 21st May 1848 aged 59 years.   Also CATHERINE SARAH DALE died December 25th 1850 aged 63 years.
E256 Sacred to the Memory of Cornelia D’Arville, who died August 9th 1845.  Also of The Revd. George D’Arville, who died July 9th 1853, aged 85, whose children George and Frederick are buried near. 

His daughter, Katharine, wife of George Hancock, of South Bank, Weston daughter of the Revd George D’Arville died March 27th 1867, aged 70 years.
Blessed are the pure in heart f
or they shall see God.

C363 Here resteth the Body of ELIZABETH wife of John Davis of Redwick in the parish of Henbury who died October 27th 1847 aged 63 years.  Also the Body of the aforesaid JOHN DAVIS died March 22nd 1859 aged 84 years.
JOHN DAVIS of Eastwood, yeoman died 21 April 1702 aged 78.
A89 NATHANIEL THURSTON (of Kington) January 30th 1723 aged 81.  MARGARET his wife May 1st 1712 aged 63.  ANN their daughter October 14th 1687 aged 16.  JOHN their son January 29th 1739 aged 64.  URSULA his wife March 23rd 1729 aged 43.  DANIEL their son March 25th 1721 aged 17 months.  HUGH their son June 7th 1749 aged 30.  Five children of John & Mary: URSULA, MARIA, JOHANNES, EDWARD, JOHN.In memory of OBED EDWARD THURSTON eldest son of John Thurston of Kington who died December 8th 1899 aged 75 years.  Also of LOUISA MARGARET his wife who died January 30th 1902 aged 74 years.MARY wife of John Thurston of Kington Gent died June 2nd 1780 aged 65 years.  RODAH, fourth daughter of the above John & Mary Thurston who died September 14th 1785 aged 33.Elizabeth the wife of D. Davis ye daughter of William & Martha Grove, grand daughter of John & Mary Thurston who died December 28th 1792 aged 31.

RALPH NEVILLE THURSTON, 4th son died 18 March 1916 aged 49 at Shanghai.

E263 In memory of WILLIAM TILL of Morton in this parish who departed this life February 28th 1859 aged 63 years.  Also of MARY ANN wife of the aforesaid William Till who departed this life January 5th 1861 aged 63 years.  In memory of THOMAS DAY of Morton in this parish who departed this life November 15th 1812 aged 45 years.  I long in pain and sickness lay, till Christ did call me home away. Farewell dear wife child and all, I must be gone when Christ doth call.  Wearied out with pain, and tired with grief, in the realm above I hope to find rest.  I had fainted unless I had believed, to see the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living.
Also in memory of MARY DAY the wife of Thomas Day of Morton in this parish who departed this life 17th day of May 1823 aged 67 years.  A wife most kind and a mother dear, a faithful friend lies buried here.  My days are spent so soon are gone, my child so dear prepare to come.
B491 LUCY DERRICK 2 April 1879

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C393 In memory of HANNAH DODD the beloved daughter of Edwin & Ann Lonnen who departed this life November 6th 1876 3 years patient suffering aged 11 years.  Resting in the Lord.
EDWARD DOWARD of Alveston, Inholder who died 14 November 1797 aged near 40 years and was buried near this Place (according to Bigland this was on a small stone against the tower).
A98 Sacred to the memory of EDWARD son of John Cox Doward and Mary his wife who died 21 May 1860 aged 51 years.
A97 Sacred to the memory of JOHN COX DOWARD who died 10 June 1809 aged 23 years.  Also of MARY his wife who died 20th January 1832 aged 43 years.   Sacred to the memory of EDGAR DOWARD who died 31st May 1854 aged 36 years.  Also JOHN DOWARD who died 24th April 1860 aged 45 years.
D309 In memory of JAMES DOWNES of Morton in this parish who died June 11th 1862 aged 76 years. Also of CELIA DOWNES his wife who died November 9th 1850 aged 70 years.  Also in memory of CELIA ALPASS daughter of James and Celia Downes who departed this life June 18 1848 aged 29 years.  Her sun is gone down while it is yet day.  Also of ELIZA BAILEY daughter of Celia Downes who departed this life July 21st 1845 aged 36 years.  
B438 In memory of WILLIAM DRIVER of this parish who died March 5th 1865 aged 73 years.  Also MARIA his wife who died March 11th 1866 aged 64 years.  We must all appear before the judgement- seat of Christ that everyone may receive the things done in his Body according to that he hath done whether it be good or bad.  II Corinthians V : 10
E230 At Rest the body of THOMAS DYER of the parish of Bedminster who died 5 March 1853 aged 68.  Also of ELIZABETH DYER of this Town wife of the aforesaid Thomas Dyer who departed this life February 13th 1870 aged 88 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also of Hannah …of this town ….. of Thomas & Elizabeth who died ….1885 aged 68 years.