St Mary’s Graves E-F


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A22 ELLEN daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Eddington who died November 22nd 1872 aged 6 years.  Also of AMY EDDINGTON who died May 29th 1880 aged 18 years.
D325 Headstone – In memory of JOHN Ed……. of this town who died … February 1808  

Footstone – JOHN EDMONDS 1808  JOHN EDMONDS 1818

A101 In loving memory of RICHARD ELLIS died March 10th 1873 aged 66.  Also of JANE his wife died at Cardiff December 8th 1901 aged 88.  Also of WALTER elder son died at Blakeney, Forest of Dean May 12th 1898 aged 54.  Also of EMMA MARY his wife died 18 July 1876 aged 39.  Also of PERCY, R.A.M.C. youngest son of Charles died at Naaunport, South Africa June 5th 1900 aged 27.  
A100 In memory of WILLIAM EMBLEY of this town Saddler who departed this life October 21st 1859 aged 58 years.  Also of ELIZA widow of the aforesaid William Embley who departed this life August 31st 1892 aged 88.
B496 To the memory of MARY wife of Thomas Evans who died January 21st 1816 aged 59.  Also in memory of the aforesaid THOMAS EVANS who died November 14th 1835 aged 78.
C285 In loving memory ANN PARSONS who died May 21st 1885 aged 55 years.  In loving memory of ELIZA the beloved wife of George Exell and sister of the above who died January 24th 1895 aged 70 years.
B481 Here resteth the Body of JOSEPH FlOND? Deceased May 12th 1779 aged 51. THOMAS TRAYHURN clerk of this Church died 5 May 1847 aged 82.
JOHN FORD of Mangotsfield died 7 June 1757 aged 30
……………………..MARY his wife ……………..WILLIAM GROVE ……Apothecary…………….day of Ma…………..49 Ye……(NB We believe this to be a reference to Mary daughter of William Grove the Apothecary and wife first of William Cowley and then of Robert Ford who was buried in Thornbury on 4th May 1788 aged 49 years)  
C348 Here resteth the body of MARIA the wife of Charles Ford deceased January 22nd 1849 aged 38 years.  Also of MARY MARIA FORD died September 15th 1836 aged 1 year 3months.  Also of MARY FORD died February 25th 1845 aged 11 months.  Also LEONARD … died 24 January 1847 aged ?.  Children of the above Charles …..  
C346 In memory of ROBERT the son of Robert & Lucinda Ford of this Town who died May 8th 1807 aged 3 years and 9 months.  Also the above named LUCINDA FORD who died September 5th 1808 aged 23 years.  Also the above named ROBERT FORD who died October 11th 1809 aged 32 years.  Also MARY FORD daughter of Robert & Lucinda Ford died the 18th of September 1821 aged 16 years.
C352 In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS LIMBRICK FORD who departed this life April 4th 1872 aged 68 years.  Also of ELIZABETH wife of Thomas Limbrick Ford who departed this life June 15th 1887 aged 78 years.  
C347 In memory of WILLIAM FORD saddler of this town who died December 5th 1839 aged 64 years.  Also ANN wife of the above who died October 21st 1847 aged 72 years.   Sacred to the memory of ANN FORD daughter of William & Ann Ford died August 29th 1879 aged 79 years.  Also JOSEPH brother of the above died December 5th 1879 aged 70 years.  
D340 In loving memory of GEORGE the beloved husband of Ann Ford of this town who died March 14th 1892 aged 41 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of ANN FORD who died September 3rd 1904 aged 61 years.
DANIEL FOWLER died 31 January 1793 aged 77 (Note we suspect that this should read ‘BETTY wife of DANIEL FOWLER’)
B454 In memory of ELIZABETH FRANKOM formerly of this parish who died 7 August 1873 aged 75 years.  In memory of JANE CLARK who died 28 March 1879 aged 51 years.  Also of THOMAS CLARK who died January 6th 1886 aged 63 years.