St Mary’s Graves G


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A487 In memory of JOHN GASTRELL who died February 16th 1888 aged 53 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died February 21st 1898 aged 66 years.  Also of ELIZA SMITH her sister who died April 2nd 1887 aged 60 years and lies near here.
B453 Sacred to the memory of MARY GASTRELL who died June 18th 1818 aged 34 years.   Also JOHN CROOME late schoolmaster of this town who died April 10th 1821 aged 61 years.  The memory of the just is blessed.  Also of JONAH WHITFIELD Morton Mill in this parish who died September 9 1871 aged 50 years.
B455 JAMES GASTRELL of this Town Cooper died 23rd? December 1787 aged 39 years.   EDWARD son died in infancy.  HANNAH daughter who died 6 May 1790 aged 4. LYDIA wife (late wife of John Croome schoolmaster of this town) died 31 August 1810 aged 56.  
A3  In affectionate remembrance of CHARLES GAYNER son of Henry and Sarah who died 28 December 1876 aged 31 years.  Also of HENRY CHARLES son of the above Charles who died 26 June 1876 aged 8 months.  Also of the aforesaid HENRY PENDUCK GAYNER who died 26 August 1881 aged 60 years.  Also of the aforesaid SARAH GAYNER who died 30 March 1885 aged 68 years.
A4 CHARLES GAYNER died 1 September 1828 aged 28.  HENRY son of Henry & Sarah Gayner died 14 March 1869 aged 21.  FRANCES GAYNER died 29 September 1872 aged 72.  ELIZA POWELL daughter died 27 October 1872 aged 48.
JANE wife of Francis Gayner died October 1881 aged 33
D291  In memory of ANN wife of John Gibbons of Grovesend who departed this life May 24th 1868 aged 74 years.  Also of the aforesaid JOHN GIBBONS who died 14 January 1878 aged 74 years.
C345 In memory of SARAH wife of John Gifford of this parish who died May 1st 1838 aged 73 years.  Also of the aforementioned JOHN GIFFORD who died December 13th 1854 aged 81 years.
C356 In memory of WILLIAM VAWDREY Gent of this parish who departed this life July 18th 1891.  Also of MARY RAYMOND widow of the above died October 29th 1914.  Also of JULIA RAYMOND GINGELL niece of the above and daughter of Daniel Gingell M.D. died April 18th 1916 aged 66 years.  To the memory of DANIEL GINGELL M.D. died 7 February 1860 aged 79.  Also ANN his wife who died January 29th 1870 aged 88 years.  

E250 WILLIAM GOUGH died July 9th 1882 aged 83 years.  HANNAH GOUGH died December 14th 1887 aged 85 years.  GEORGE GOUGH died 26th April 1873.
A80 In memory of WILLIAM RICHMOND GRAHAM who died July 23rd 1882 aged 35 years.  Blessed are the Dead who died in the Lord.
A26 To the memory of WILLIAM GREENWOOD Esq. formerly of Sibland in this parish, late of the parish of Rockhampton who departed this life March 8th 1839 aged 69 years.   WILL son of William and Ann died July 10th 1851 aged 46.  Also to the memory of ANN GREENWOOD wife of the said William Greenwood who departed this life 17 February 1837 aged 64 years.
A27 In memory of WILLIAM GREENWOOD of this Borough who died .. April 1783 aged 46 years.  Also of MARY his daughter who died the 16 of August 1770 in her 7th year of her age.  And likewise of WILLIAM and JAMES GREENWOOD, his sons, both died in infancy.  MARTHA and RICHARD daughter and son aged 6.
F165 In memory of WILLIAM GREENWOOD died January ………..
A81 ……………………..MARY his wife ……………..WILLIAM GROVE ……Apothecary…………….day of Ma…………..49 Ye…… (NB We believe this to be a reference to Mary daughter of William Grove the Apothecary and wife first of William Cowley and then of Robert Ford who was buried in Thornbury on 4th May 1788 aged 49 years)
A76 JOHN GROVE Senior of Thornbury , butcher, died 25 July 1770 aged 71.  ANN wife died 29 January 1764 aged 60.  ELIZABETH daughter died 17 September 1757 aged 17.  JOHN, ELIZABETH and ANN died in infancy.  

In memory of ELIZABETH wife of John Grove Junior of this town, Butcher, who died January 14th 1766 age 25.  In memory of JOHN GROVE Junior who died the 31 day of December 1808 aged 72 years.  JOHN GROVE died ? January 1810 aged … 

A74 This memorial was erected to the cherished memory of NICHOLAS CORNOCK GROVE of Thornbury Farm who died December 19th 1877 age 77 years.  Also JULIA wife of the above Nicholas Cornock Grove who died 27 January 1879 aged 59 years.  
A75 Sacred to the memory of THOMAS GROVE Senior, late of Eastwood in this parish who departed this life 16 November 1821 aged 59 years.  Also of MARY the faithful and beloved wife of the above Thomas Grove who died the 7 day of September 1832 aged 61 years.  Sacred to the memory of THOMAS GROVE of Eastwood, eldest son of the aforesaid Thomas and Mary Grove who died March 25th 1841 aged 49 years.  Also of ELIZABETH wife of the above died …..

Also FANNY daughter of the aforesaid THOMAS GROVE junior who died 16 May 1827 aged 10 months.  Also HENRY, fourth son of the abovesaid Thomas and Mary Grove who died October 21st 1858 aged 60 years.  Also of JOHN, second son of the aforesaid Thomas and Mary who died March 17th 1869 aged 73 years.

A90 JOHN eldest on of John & Ursula Thurston of Kington, Gent, after upwards of fifty years affliction of body and mind yielded up his breath the 17th day of December 1788.  Aetatis suae: 76.  OBED THURSTON of Kington, Gent, died April 6th 1798 aetatis suae 48.  Also JOHN THURSTON who died 15th day of March 1870. Aetatis suae 79.  In memory of JUDITH wife of James Huggett of M… in the county of Monmouth and daughter of John & Mary Thurston of Kington died 14 December 1790 aged 43 years.  In …Vault lie the mortal remains of URSULA, wife of W. Grove and daughter of Obed & Martha Thurston, died 30 August 1826 aged 36 years.
A89 NATHANIEL THURSTON (of Kington) January 30th 1723 aged 81.  MARGARET his wife May 1st 1712 aged 63.  ANN their daughter October 14th 1687 aged 16.  JOHN their son January 29th 1739 aged 64.  URSULA his wife March 23rd 1729 aged 43.  DANIEL their son March 25th 1721 aged 17 months.  HUGH their son June 7th 1749 aged 30.
Five children of John & Mary: URSULA, MARIA, JOHANNES, EDWARD, JOHN.
In memory of OBED EDWARD THURSTON eldest son of John Thurston of Kington who died December 8th 1899 aged 75 years.  Also of LOUISA MARGARET his wife who died January 30th 1902 aged 74 years.MARY wife of John Thurston of Kington Gent died June 2nd 1780 aged 65 years.  RODAH, fourth daughter of the above John & Mary Thurston who died September 14th 1785 aged 33.
Elizabeth the wife of D. Davis ye daughter of William & Martha Grove, grand daughter of John & Mary Thurston who died December 28th 1792 aged 31.
RALPH NEVILLE THURSTON, 4th son died 18 March 1916 aged 49 at Shanghai.
C351 Here resteth the body of WILLIAM GWINNETT of this parish schoolmaster, son of George Gwinnett and Ann, his wife, late of Gloucester died 4 August 1779 aged 60.
A112 MARTHA ANN, eldest daughter and beloved of Thomas and Margaret Gwynn died September 12th 1868 aged 48 years.  Christ is Risen.  ELIZABETH, second daughter of the above named Thomas and Margaret Gwynn died March 4th 1895 aged 74.   MARGARET wife of Thomas Gwynn died January 25th 1869 aged 80 years.  THOMAS died October 22nd 1869 aged 79 years.  Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him.