St Mary’s Graves Hn-Hz


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A62 In memory of RICHARD HOBBY of this parish.  He died in 1690.  Also in memory of MARGARETT and JANE wives of the aforesaid Richard Hobby.  In memory of RICHARD son of Richard and Margarett Hobby aforesaid.  He died August 16 1719 aged 68 years.  Also of ELIZABETH wife of the abovesaid Richard Hobby.  She died March 13 Anno. 1719 aged 63 years.  In Memory of ELIZABETH wife of William Hobby, daughter of Thomas Collins of Kington in this parish.  She was buried March the 19 1733 aetatis 46.  In memory of WILLIAM HOBBY son of William & Elizabeth his second wife who died July 28 A.D. 1739 aged four weeks and 10 days.  Here lyeth the Body of WILLIAM HOBBY of this Town who departed this life on ye 28th day of September 1752 in the 63rd year of his age.
B441 In memory of JAMES HODGES of this Town who died June 7th 1825 aged 68 years.  Also of HESTER his wife who died April 6th 1824 aged 58 years and was buried in the Friends Burial Ground in this Town.  Also of JOB son of the above named James and Hester Hodges who died October 28th 1841 aged 39 years.  Also of JOHN, their son who died June 7th 1877 aged 91 years.  Also SARAH his wife who died August 19th 1860 aged 66 years.  Also of JAMES son of the above named John and Sarah Hodges who died February 15 1866 aged 55 years.  Also of CHARLOTTE his wife who died May 27th 1856 aged 46 years.  
B440 In loving memory of JOHN HODGES died February 10th 1892 aged 37 years.   Also HECTOR FRANCIS HODGES 2nd son of the above died ?? 23.  ELIZABETH MATTHEWS HODGES wife of John Hodges died … March 1937 aged 83.
B442 In loving memory MARY, the beloved wife of George Hodges of this Town who died April 27 1851 aged 24 years.  Also of MARY FAIRBROTHER HODGES who died September 6th 1880 aged 29 years.  Also of GEORGE HODGES who died January 27th 1870 aged 8 years. 
D296 In memory of MATTHEW the son of Elizabeth Honeyborne of Morton in this parish who died June 11th 1819 aged 10 years.  JOHN HONEYBORN …….. Near this stone lie the bodies of HENRY HONEYBORNE of Morton in this parish who died 22nd day of October 1819 aged 71 years.
On another stone nearby) Matthew Honeyborn 1819.  O ponder well my sudden fate.  Ye thoughtless blooming young lads all.  Ye little think who read this stone.  How soon the case may be your own.  Mourn not me my mother dear.  I am not dead but sleeping here. Till the last day the trump shall sound.  To call the dead from underground,
A34 In affectionate remembrance of ADAM HOPKINS who died at Pilning August 17th 1869 aged 77 years.  Blessed are the merciful for thou shall obtain mercy.
STEPHEN HOPKINS died 29 December 1757 aged 62. 
A35 In Memory of STEPHEN HOPKINS who died September 10th 1819 aged 69 years.  Also ELIZABETH his …who died November 17th 18?? aged 22 years.    Also MARY his wife who died September 14th 1832 aged 72 years.  And Also of ANN daughter of the above Stephen and Mary Hopkins who died October 24th 1843 aged 55 years.  Also of Jane their daughter who died May 15th 1860 aged 79 years.  Also of Hester their daughter who died … 1868? aged 78 years.
E238 In memory of JOHN the son of Thomas & Elizabeth Hopkins of this parish who died April 15th 1750 aged 28.  ELIZABETH daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Hopkins died 25 May 1760 aged 23.
A470 In memory of THOMAS HOPKINS of Kington in this parish, Yeoman, died October 25th 1791 aged 68.  Dear wife adiew, My life is passt, My love to you till death did last, Since I am gone no sorrough take, But love in children for my sake.Also of JAMES his son who died October the 6th 1793 aged 18 years.  Also of THOMAS their son who died the 16th of August 1814 aged 49.  Also in memory of MARY the wife of the aforesaid Thomas Hopkins who died the 1 day of March 1799 aged 63 years.
A50 Beneath lie the remains of THOMAS HOPKINS late of the parish of Uley, Yeoman, who died December 3rd 1809 aged 66 years.  Also in memory of ROBERT HOPKINS of Falfield in this parish who died March 21st 1823 aged 72 years.  Also MARY-ANN ………WILLIAM RIDDIFORD  & daughter of ……(poss. Thomas)…Barton ….May 1820.
A471 In memory of ELIZABETH HOPKINS of Kington in this parish who died November 21st 1862 aged 82 years.  Also in memory of WILLIAM HOPKINS of Kington in this parish who died October 10th 1842 aged 67 years.
E203A In memory of THOMAS HOPKINS of this parish who died March 15th 1751 aged 56 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died 2nd November 1778 aged 84.  Also of Robert …. of Almondsbury….
A55 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM HOPKINS of Kington who departed this life June 11th 1878 aged 68 years.  In the midst of Life we are in Death.  Also of ELIZA HOPKINS wife of the above who died June 11th 1885 aged 64 years.  Sleep dear mother sleep thy work is done, Thy toil is o’er, Thy crown is won, How sweet to sleep on that blest shore, Where pain and sorrow are no more.
JOHN HOULDER of Moreton, junior, died 27 October 173…..aged 32
F120 CHARLES HOWARD – born March 10 1891 died January 10 1892  
C421 In memory of CELIA wife of Henry Howell of Moreton in the parish of Thornbury who departed this life December the 9th 18… aged 76 years.  Also the above named HENRY HOWELL died December 31st 1868 aged 90 years.
E198 In memory of MARY HUDSON late of ……. widow who departed  ……August 1788 aged 85?
A90 JOHN eldest on of John & Ursula Thurston of Kington, Gent, after upwards of fifty years affliction of body and mind yielded up his breath the 17th day of December 1788.  Aetatis suae: 76.  OBED THURSTON of Kington, Gent, died April 6th 1798 aetatis suae 48.  Also JOHN THURSTON who died 15th day of March 1870.  Aetatis suae 79.  In memory of JUDITH wife of James Huggett of M… in the county of Monmouth and daughter of John & Mary Thurston of Kington died 14 December 1790 aged 43 years.  In …Vault lie the mortal remains of URSULA, wife of W. Grove and daughter of Obed & Martha Thurston, died 30 August 1826 aged 36 years.  
E265 JOHN GRIFFITH HUGHES died March 13th 1874 aged 39 years.  Also SOPHIA HUGHES his beloved wife died March 26th 1922 aged 85 years.
E266 MARY wife of Griffith Hughes died September 6th 1860 aged 59 years.
F129 Sacred to the memory of ANN the beloved wife of Thomas Hughes who departed this life December 5th 1868 aged 56 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also in memory of the aforesaid THOMAS HUGHES who departed this life October 16th 1871 aged 56 years.  What want I for?  My hope is in the ….
In memory of THOMAS HULBERT Town Baker who departed this life the 6th day of February 1763 aged 76 years.
B477 Here resteth the Body of JANE daughter of Willm. and Hester Hurd of this Town who died July 5th 1854 aged 21 years.  Also of HESTER wife of the aforesaid William Hurd who died May 5th 1866 aged 72 years.  Also SUSANNAH wife of James Hurd of North Nibley in this County who died March 18th 1859 aged 72 years.  Also the aforesaid WILLIAM HURD who died September 25th 1880 aged 70 years.  Also of ELIZABETH DANIELS the second wife of the aforesaid William Hurd who died November 7th 1899 aged 63 years.
E277 To the memory of JOHN GWENNAP HUME Colonel in the Bombay Army who died May 17th 1858 at Olveston and is buried here.  Also of ANNETTE his wife who died September 15th 1888 at Chagford and was buried there.  Also of WILLIAM JACKSON, their third son who died May 2nd 1882 at sea.  GEORGE DOUGLAS youngest son who died August 10th 1880 at Tambo, Queensland. 
E277  In memory of JOSEPH HUME Esq died 18th October 1846 aged 90 years.  Also of CATHERINE ELIZABETH his wife died 24 January 1847 aged 76 years.  Also of John Gwennap their son who died at Olveston May 1858 aged 54 years.