St Mary’s Graves I-K


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F173 In memory of JOSEPH son of Joseph and Betty Iles of this Town who died 20 May 1802 aged 15 years.  Also in memory of BETTY ILES the wife of Joseph Iles of this Town who died August 21st 1826 aged 80 years.  Also of GEORGE son of the above Joseph Iles who died March 1st 1828 aged 58 years.  Also of the above named JOSEPH ILES who died 6th March 1836 aged 95 years.  Also in memory of ANN the wife of the above George Iles who died March 16th 1858 aged 80 years.
F176 In memory of JOSEPH son of Sarah Iles who died November 24th 1857 aged 44 years.  Also of BETTY wife of William Walker who died December 21st 1857 aged 81 years.
F171 JOSEPH son of Robert and Ann Iles died June 1857 aged 6.
ANN wife of William Isles died 17 April 1728 aged 31.  D.I. died 1747.  S.I. died 1747.  JOHN ISLES of Sundays Hill died 4 September 1763 aged 62.  Winifred his wife died 19 June 1764 aged 80.
D329 In memory of GEORGE son of William and Hannah Jenkins of Morton in this parish who died September 27th 1854 aged 46 years.  My days are like a shadow that declineth, And I am withered like grass. Psalm 102 verse 11.
Also of THOMAS JENKINS died November 29th 1868 aged 63 years.  Also of SARAH JENKINS died August 4th 1869 aged 68 years.
D305 Sacred to the memory of JOHN JENKINS of Cowhill in this parish who died May 1st 1844 in the 63rd year of his age.  Also of HESTER his wife who died 11 March 1847 in the 69th year of her age.
D307 In memory of JOHN JENKINS of Sibland in this parish who departed this life the 6th of September 1816 aged 69 years, husband and father, dear faithful friend lies buried here.  My days are past, my glass is run, my wife and children prepare to come.  Also of ELIZABETH MORGAN wife of John Morgan and daughter of the aforesaid John and Sarah Jenkins who departed this life 30th of April 1834.  Also of MARY his daughter and wife of Solomon Child of Morton who died 3rd of January 1818 aged 35 years.  Also in memory of SARAH wife of the abovesaid John Jenkins who departed this life the 30th day of August 1828 aged 74 years.  
E242 In loving remembrance of WILLIAM JENKINS of the Hackett Farm in this parish who died December 27th 1891 aged 68 years.  Believe the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.  Also of ANN the beloved wife of the aforesaid William Jenkins who died March 6th 1899 aged 76 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
D295 Sacred to the memory of THOMAS JENKINS who died December 20th 1870 aged 73 years.  Also in loving memory of HANNAH wife of the aforesaid Thomas Jenkins who died February 9th 1886 aged 84 years.  

Headstone – ………….. of WILLIAM J…….. of Rockhampton ………January ……… in the 30th year …….. 

Footstone – SARAH JENKINS 1819

E261 MARY ANN JONES daughter of George and Mary Ann Jones of Doddington in this county who departed this life January 21st 1850 aged 4 years & 4 months.  Also of DANIEL their son who departed this life June 10th 1859 aged 3 months.  Also of WILLIAM TILL their son who departed this life November 6th 1859 aged 10 years.  Also of FANNY their daughter who departed this life January 24th 1867 aged 12 years and 7 months.
A71A In memory of WILLIAM JONES of Kington in this parish who died the 15 of July 1805 aged 30 years.  Also SARAH his wife who died the 11 of February 1819 aged 51 years.  Also MARY ANN their daughter who died the 25 of November 1805.
Hic jacent corpora WILLIM JONES qui obiit 8o die Januarii Anno Dom. 1640 aetatis suae 76.  Nec non THOM. JONES Patris Will. praedic. qui obiit 10o die Maii 1620 aetatis suae 98.  Here lyeth the body of JOHN JONES the Elder, mercer died 19th day of March 1627.
F122 In memory of WILLIAM TURNER of this parish who died January 18th 1864 aged 81 years.  Also in memory of GEORGE JUDGE who died July 12th 1864 aged 64 years.  Also in memory of ANN TURNER who died May 6th 1867 aged 77 years.  Also in memory of ELIZABETH JUDGE who died August 3rd 1874 aged 94 years.  Also of MARY JUDGE who died June 28th 1883 aged 83 years.
A51 ……………………………….Also of the above named William Jones who died April 9th 1803 aged 66 years
A54 In memory of MARY JANE the beloved wife of Henry Jupp who died May 8th 1873 aged 29 years.
E203B ELIZABETH COOK 1818. JOSEPH COOK 1832. JOHN COOK 1853.  ELIZA KING 1875. (note – this is a footstone for the grave below)
F186 In memory of ELIZABETH wife of John Cook of this Town butcher who died 10th October 1818 aged 35 years.  Also of JOSEPH their son who died November 19th 1832 aged 20 years.  Also of the aforesaid JOHN COOK who died December 28th 1852 aged 67 years. Also of ELIZA their daughter, the wife of Robert King of Morton in this parish who died March 31st 1875 aged 64 years.   
C420 In memory of JAMES KING of Morton in the parish of Thornbury who departed this life December the 15th 1868 aged 55 years.
A60 Sacred to the Memory of ANNE HARDING wife of William Knapp of this town who died March 23rd 1861 aged 71 years.  Also WILLIAM HARDING & HANNAH KNAPP their children who died in infancy.  Also of the aforesaid WILLIAM KNAPP who died April 4th 1862 aged 65 years.
D306 In memory of JOHN ALLEN of Morton in this parish died April 13th 1816 aged 28 years.  “Lord in the cutting off of my days, I shall go to the gates of the grave, I am deprived of the residue of my years”
Also to the memory of ANN his wife who died April 1st 1874 aged 93 years.  Her end was peace.  Also in memory of AMELIA KNAPP their daughter who died April 26th 1885 aged 76.  Also of JAMES ALLEN of Morton in this parish, who died March 18th 1803 aged 33 years.  Also of HESTER his daughter died September 3rd 1872 aged 72 years.
A59 In Memory of ELIZABETH wife of James Knapp of Thornbury died 23rd January 1806 aged 48.  JAMES KNAPP died 22 January 1807.
A65A In Memory of Elizabeth the wife of James KNAPP of this town who departed this life April 16th 1771 aged near 46 years.   Also of Eliz. their daughter who died …..1st 1773 in the 22nd year of her life………………………………………
B439 In memory of JOHN KNOTT who died December 26th 1814 aged 72 years.  Also HESTER his wife who died August 13th 1822 aged 84 years.  Also GEORGE KNOTT son of the above died 27 May 1838 aged 61 years.  ALICE KNOTT his wife who died December 3rd 1844 aged 70 years.