St Mary’s Graves L


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A33 In memory of HANNAH wife of Mark Webb of Grovesend in this parish died September 27th 1886 aged 74 years.  Also of the above MARK WEBB died 6 March 1899 aged 77 years.  Also ELIZA ANN 2nd wife of Mark Webb and beloved mother of Frederick & Edward Lashford who died 23 December 1921 aged 79 years.  Peace Perfect Peace
C396 In loving and honoured memory of TEMPERANCE JANE WILLIS February 26th 1843 aged 76.  JOSEPH LAVER October 12th 1857 aged 84.  LOUISA his wife June 19th 1855 aged 75.  Also MARIA LOUISA LAVER daughter January 6th 1900 aged …  
A118 In memory of BENJAMIN LEACH of this town died July 21st 1824 aged 50 years.  Also MARY relict of the above died in Banbury April 2nd 1868 in her 100th year.  Also of MARY ANN LATCH relict of James Skinner of Bridge House, Banbury, adopted daughter of above who died November 1st 1891 aged 84 years.  Also in loving memory of JOHN VAUGHAN who died Oldbury on Severn November 6th 1912 aged 90 years.  Thy will be Done.
A23 In memory of CALEB LEE of Kington in this parish who died 25th January 1763 aged 63 years.  
A25 In memory of JACOB LEE of ………..  Cromhall who died …  
D308 In memory of ANN wife of William Lenard of Morton in this parish died 5 July 1764 aged 83.  In memory of SARAH wife of Thomas Smith of Tockington in the parish of Olveston and daughter of Wm. and Ann Lenard of Morton died 20 March 1747 aged 34.  Joseph son of Thomas Smith aforesaid died 10 May 1764 aged 21
Three children of John Lennard:  Isaac died 4 February 1729 aged 5.  THOMAS died 2 March 1718 aged 11 months.  HANNAH died 30 August 1729 aged 10 months.
A93 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE LEONARD, yeoman of Clapton, parish of Berkeley who departed this life 1 August 1852 aged 66.  Also in loving memory of MARY wife of the aforesaid George Leonard who departed this life November 21st 1861 aged 70 years.  Also in memory of MARY wife of Thomas Phillips of Redwick, County of Monmouth, daughter of George & Mary Leonard who departed this life June 14th 1854 aged 38 years.  Also in memory of MARY daughter of Thomas & Mary Phillips died December 14th 1844 aged 4 years. 8 months.  ….. OSMOND HENRY ….. who departed this life …. 1857 aged 4 years.
JOHN LEONARD died 18 August 1705 aged 39
THOMAS LEWIS died 2 June 1738 aged 84.  JOHN son of Thomas and Anne Lewis died 19 January 1771 aged 75.
F160 In memory of WILLIAM G.T. LEWIS, Capt. 41st Reg. Madras Native Infantry. D.A. Adjutant General at Bellary who died 9 October 1839 aged 38 years and was buried India.  Also of CAROLINE his widow died July 21st 1882 aged 79 years and lies buried here.
To the Memory of WILLIAM LEWIS of this parish yeoman who departed this life August the 28 Anno Dom. 1727 aetatis suae 76.  In memory of ANNE VINER formerly the wife of William Lewis and late widow of Robert Viner.  She died May 28th 1757 aged 69 years.
E229 Beneath lie the remains of WILLIAM LIMBRICK of the parish of Wickwar, Yeoman who died July 12th 1809 aged 70 years.  MABEL LIMBRICK relict of William died the 1st day of November 1822 aged 77 years.  Also of JOHN his son ob. April 3rd 1806 aged 25.  Also ISAAC his son ob. July 29th 1809 aged 46 years.  Three children died infants.
WILLIAM LINNET of Moreton died 28 February 1733 aged 65
D322 WILLIAM LIPPIATT died 1 September 1780 aged 36.  JOHN LIPPIATT, Senir died 3 February 1789 aged 39. (This is a table top tomb.  The surface has crumbled away and only “am Lipp” and later “1st” are legible)
E272 Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  EDMUND LLOYD died June 4th 1855 aged 59.  CATHERINE ELIZABETH his wife died February 9th 1878 aged 68.  Also their children, CATHERINE JANE died 24 April 1842 aged 4 and EDMUND WALTER died December 11th 1856 aged 13.
F138 HENRY HUME LLOYD died 4 March 1904 aged 69 years.  ELLEN MARIA wife of Henry Hume Lloyd died February 1879 aged 31 years.  ALICE wife of the above died 26 August 1934 aged 73 years.
A6 In memory of GEORGE CHAMBERS died 19 April 1875 aged 63 years.  Also of his son AUGUSTUS PATRICK CHAMBERS son, Lieutenant Natal Native Contingent who was slain at Isandula, South Africa on 22 January 1879 aged 28 years.  Also of SARAH LONGDEN the beloved wife of the above George Chambers who died 25 December 1896 aged 69 years.
A16 In Memory of Joseph Longman of this town who died the 16th day of …….1822 aged 67 years
C405 For such is the kingdom of Heaven.  In memory of ARTHUR child of Edwin Lonnen died January 7th 1874 aged 3 weeks.  Also WALTER born February 25th died March 10th 1875.
C393 In memory of HANNAH DODD the beloved daughter of Edwin & Ann Lonnen who departed this life November 6th 1876 3 years patient suffering aged 11 years.  Resting in the Lord.
B458 In memory of JOHN LUCE who died the 9th day of November 1807 aged 16 months.  SARAH LUCE died the 28th day of July 1815 aged 15.  And ANN LUCE who died the 7th day of March 1823 aged 20 years.  (Children of George & Mary Luce of this Town).  Also of the said GEORGE LUCE who died the 7th day of November 1823 aged 56 years.  MARY widow of George died February 12th 1868 aged 90.  HARRIET MAWLEY daughter of the aforesaid George & Mary Luce died May 14th 1885 aged 77 years.
E202 In loving memory of JOHN LUCE of this Town who died January 4 1884 aged 79 years.  Also of ELLEN his wife who died 28 April 1882 aged 69 years.  Also of HARRIETT their daughter died 9 May 1848 aged 5 years.  Also of ROBERT their son who died November 13th 1854 in the camp before Sabastopol aged 23 years.  He was with 7th Royal Fusiliers under Sir G. Brown at battles of the Alma & Inkerman and also siege of Sabastopol for which honours were received.  Also of JANE their daughter who died March 25th 1895 aged 57 years.  Also of JOB their son who died February 15th 1899 aged 62 years.
E201 Sacred to the memory of OPHELIA ELIZABETH LUCE the beloved wife of Henry Luce who died March 19th 1872 aged 21 years.  Also of the above HENRY who died October 4th 1905 aged 59 years.
EDMOND LUCKERS died 24 June 1735 aged 38
C358 Sacred to the Memory of ROBERT LUDLAM of the county of Derby who died deeply regretted September 16th 1851 aged 33 years.  MARIA, relict of the above named who departed this life at Bristol September 3rd 1867 aged 64.  Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.  Matthew 5 verse 9.
E267 JOHN OWEN LUGG August 20th 1856