St Mary’s Graves M

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A41 JOHN THURBURN MACLAINE, 2nd son of W.O. Maclaine Esq. of Kyneton in this parish born 2 July 1853 died 3 January 1892 aged 70.  WILLIAM OSBORNE MACLAINE Esq. of Kyneton in this parish son of Colonel Maclaine of Kyneton born 8 March 1818 died 8 September 1906.  In memory of ANNA daughter of John ….
ELIZABETH MARIE HARDWICKE wife of Hardwicke Lloyd Hardwicke of Tytherington Grange and daughter of W. O. Maclaine of Kyneton in this parish.  She was born 8 May 1850 and died 6 April 1883.  Also of MORRIS son of the above named Hardwicke Lloyd & Elizabeth born and died at Kyneton 4 April 1883.  ANNA daughter of John Thurburn of Murtle Aberdeenshire wife of W. O. Maclaine Esq. of Kyneton in this parish.  She died 10 October 1882 aged 58.  Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth.
SARAH late widow of Th. Manning died 25th December 1737 aged 36
F177 In memory of HENRY MARSH of Morton in this parish, Yeoman who departed this life September 21st Anno Dom. 1727 aged 75 years.  Here lies interred the Body of ROBERT MARSH late of this Town, Gent.  He died 22 March 1762 aged 78 years.  Also near this tomb lyeth the Body of ALICE the wife of Robert Marsh, Gent. who departed this life April ye 20th Anno Dom. 1725 aged 63 years.
next to A89 In memory of HUGH THURSTON of this town, Attorney at Law, third son of John Thurston of Kington who departed this life the 7th day of June 1749 aged 30 years.  In memory of ANN late wife of Paul Tomkins and sometime wife of William Pitcher and daughter of Daniel and Mary Thurston of Oldbury who departed this life July ye 22 1760 aged 52 years.
In memory of DANIEL THURSTON of Oldbury who died March ye 19th 1729 aged 48 years.  Also MARY sometime wife of Daniel Thurston and daughter of Henry Marsh of this parish who died July 24 1751 aged 69 years.  In memory of JOHN eldest son of Nathaniel Thurston of Kington who departed this life January 29 1739 aged 61 years.  Also in memory of URSULA his wife and daughter of Hugh Parnall of Kington who departed this life March ye 23rd 1729 aged 43 years.
HUGH THURSTON MARTIN died 16 March 1795 Aged 26?
C403 RICHARD MARTIN died 23 April 1817 aged 71 years.  SUSANNAH relict of the above Richard Martin, daughter of Hugh Thurston of this town, Attorney at Law, grand-daughter of John Thurston, Gent, of Kington died July 28th 1828.  Aetatis suae 81.
B458 In memory of JOHN LUCE who died the 9th day of November 1807 aged 16 months.  SARAH LUCE died the 28th day of July 1815 aged 15.  And ANN LUCE who died the 7th day of March 1823 aged 20 years.  (Children of George & Mary Luce of this Town).  Also of the said GEORGE LUCE who died the 7th day of November 1823 aged 56 years.  MARY widow of George died February 12th 1868 aged 90.  HARRIET MAWLEY daughter of the aforesaid George & Mary Luce died May 14th 1885 aged 77 years.
A96 In memory of CATHERINE COOK grand-daughter of Sir John Stafford of Morlwood in this parish died July 7 1764 aged 69.  Also SARAH the daughter of Mathew Meredith died August 20 1778 aged 25 years.  In memory of MATHEW MEREDITH of this town died February 7 1780 aged 80 years.  Also of LUCY MARIA his wife died November 5th 1793 aged 69 years. She was daughter of Catherine Cook. 
C391 In affectionate remembrance of JAMES MICHAEL of this Town who died February 15th 1871 aged 67 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of ANN wife of the above who died June 20th 1877 aged 72 years.  Rest in peace.
C387 SARAH ANN MICHAEL died October 12th 1844 aged 4 years.  She is not dead but ….
C418 In memory of MARTHA wife of James Mills of this town, mason, daughter of James & Mary Pullin of Tytherington who died 19 December 1766 aged 40 years.  In memory of JAMES MILLS son of the aforesaid James & Martha who departed this life 13 March 1785 aged 34 years.  Also JAMES MILLS. Senior.
C388 ………………….  WILLIAM M…ETT of this Town died August 1st 1808 aged 58(the surname would have been MILLETT)  
F121 In memory of JACOB MILLS of this Town who died December 16th 1862 aged 64 years.  Also ELIZABETH his wife who died May 6th 1872 aged 75 years  
B450 JAMES MILLS Senior died 19 April 1799 aged 82.  MARY MILLS 1830.  JANE TIPPETT 1856.
…Memory of JANE MILLS  …this Town Widow who Departed this Life the 30th December  17….aged 90 years.  Also in Memory of Mary Daughter of the above JANE MILLS who Departed this life June 3rd 1830 aged 84 years
E221 In memory of CELIA ANN MORGAN who died January 2nd 1884 aged 66 years.
E302 JOHN MORGAN died 1 December 1865 aged 67 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died April 30th 1834 aged 39 years.  In memory of CHARLES son of the aforesaid John & Elizabeth Morgan died June 8th 1878 aged 46 years.  Also of AMELIA sister of the aforesaid Charles died 30 July 1879 aged 51 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  GEORGINA MORGAN died February 26th 1909 aged 82 years.  ELIZABETH JENKINS MORGAN their daughter died April 30th 1834 aged 4 years.  THOMAS their son died April 17th 1844 aged 18 years.  Also of ELIZABETH second wife of the aforesaid John Morgan who died July 16th 1842 aged 34 years.  Also of ELIZABETH JENKINS daughter of the aforesaid Charles Morgan who died February 13th 1894 aged 29 years.
A5 Sacred to the memory of REV. MAURICE FITZGERALD STEPHENS TOWNSHEND of Castle Townshend, County of Cork and Dingle, Kerry, Ireland, M.A. C’Ch., Oxford 48 years vicar of Thornbury from which during the latter part of his incumbency Oldbury on Severn and Falfield were formed into separate parishes, died March 21st 1872 aged 80 years.  Also of his son-in-law, Major General PIERREPONT HENRY MUNDY late Royal Horse Artillery, 6th son of General Godfrey Basil Mundy of Bramcote, Notts. 2nd son of E. Miller Mundy Esquire of Shipley, Derbyshire and Hon. Sarah Brydges, his wife, youngest daughter of the Admiral Lord Rodney.  He entered the army at the age of 16 years 1833 born 4 August died 16 February 1889.  Man greatly beloved as poor, yet making many rich.  Served the Lord with gladness went into His courts with praise.
To the memory of SAMUEL MUSGRAVE late Mater of the English Free School of this town.  He died Lamented by his Friends and Pupils the 3rd day of March 1785 aged 51.