St Mary’s Graves N


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D311 In loving memory of WILLIAM NEALE of Morton in this parish who departed this life October 9th 1863 aged 41 years.  Also of SARAH his wife who departed this life March 12th 1886 aged 64 years.  Also of CELIA daughter of the above William and Sarah Neale who departed this life November 22nd 1876 aged 24 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also of EDWARD their son who died May 2nd 1895 aged 32 years.  Not dead but sleepeth.
B475 In loving memory of JOHN NELMES of this town who died 7th day of December 1818 aged 47 years.  In memory of WILLIAM REEVES of this Town who died the 25th day of November 1783 aged 50 years.  Also HANNAH wife of the above William Reeves who died on the 8th day of February 1814 aged 73 years.

Here lyeth the Body of SARAH wife of Thomas Nelmes of Moreton in this parish who departed this life July the 30th Anno Dom 1728 aetatis suae 42.  Also near this tomb lye the bodies of JOHN, ELIZABETH, SARAH, ANN AND THOMAS sons and daughters of the aforesaid Thomas and Sarah Nelmes.
In memory of SARAH the wife of John Nelmes of Morton in this parish who died March the 7th 1767 aged 27 years.  Also of JOHN their son who died September ye 10th 1765 aged 2 years and 8 months.  Also of two more sons not baptized.
A85 In loving remembrance of THOMAS NELMES husband of Charlotte who died June 15th 1876 aged 54 years.  
A87 In memory of JOHN NELMES of Morton in this parish who died 26th day of May 1794 in the 59th year of his age.  What tho’ the humble stone no titles keep, Not silent here the private virtue sleep! Truth, Honour, Justice here together ran, An upright plain sincere and honest Man.  
A94 Sacred to the memory of THOMAS son of Thomas & Mary Nelms of Clapton in the parish of Berkeley who departed this life September 28th 1801 aged 14 years.  Also of JOHN NELMS their son died 4 April 1814 aged 22 years.  Sacred to the memory of THOMAS NELMS of Morton in this parish, late of Clapton who departed this life November 25th 1824 aged 65 years.  Also MARY NELMS wife of the aforesaid Thomas Nelms who departed this life August 22nd 1844 aged 81 years.  She was a faithful wife, as tender mother and sincere friend.
A104 Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH wife of George Nelms of Morton in this parish died March 1st 1855 aged 57 years.  She is not dead but sleeping, Sleep how calm how sweet, When Christ the Spirit keepeth, The wearied frame hath rest.
Also in memory of the aforesaid GEORGE NELMS who departed this life October 20th 1867 aged 79 years.  His end was peace.
ANN NEST died 8 September 1732 aged 59
B431 Sacred to the memory of AARON NEWMAN of this Town, Veterinary Surgeon who died August 12th 1845 aged 75 years.  Also of MARIA his wife died March 29th 1862 aged 85 years.  Also of SAMUEL NEWMAN son of the above who died August 30th 1876 aged 57 years.  Also of ANN his wife who died April 11th 1878 aged 52 years.  
F153 Sacred to the memory of HENRY WENMAN NEWMAN J.P.  D.L. of Thornbury Park, Lt. Col., Commandant of Royal South Gloucestershire Militia died July 24th 1855 aged 77 years.  Also of his widow FRANCES MARGARET died at Cheltenham 22 January 1904 aged 90 years.  
F146 JOHN NIBLETT died 28 April 1778 aged 47 years.  BETTY his wife died January 18th ……. aged 85 years.  JOHN their son died March 10th 1816 aged 55 years.
B425 Under this tomb lyeth the body of MARY widow of William Nichols of Iron Acton yeoman who died March 13th 1776 aged 76 years.  Also of THOMAS their son who died May 18th 1746 aged 18 years.  Also of DANIEL their son who died …. aged 21 years.  Also of THOMAS the son of James and Ann Oxenham died aged 9 weeks.  Also ELIZABETH the daughter of Mathias and Sarah Parker who died March 12th 1776 aged 8 years and 5 months.  Also of MARY and DANIEL children of John and Barbara Nicholls who died infants.