St Mary’s Graves O

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A56 ……Tomb.  Here lieth the body of John Ockford who departed this life 8th day of September 1811 aged …….
C349 In loving memory of BETTY OLDLAND wife of John Oldland of this parish & daughter of Robert & Mary Hathway of Pucklechurch, in this county who died February 24th 1804 aged 47 years.  Also in memory of MARTHA daughter of the above who departed this life September 11th 1831 aged 55 years.
C371 In memory of ELIZABETH the wife of John Olive of this Town Inn holder who died the 9th of December 1818 aged 43 years.  Also of WILLIAM their son who died the 26th of October 1818 aged 12 years.  In memory of ROBERT OLIVE son of the aforesaid John & Eliz. Olive died May 11th 1833 aged 40 years.  Also of the aforesaid JOHN OLIVE died April 18th 1846 aged 82 years.  Also of MARY relict of the aforesaid Robert Olive died 2 September 1873 aged 78 years.
E211 In memory of JOHN OLIVE of the parish of Tortworth, yeoman who died May 29th 1778 in the 64th year of his age.  He was one that loved the Lord, true and faithful to his word, ………. And Sarah the wife of JOHN OLIVE of Tortworth who died 15th March 1786 aged 72 years.
E212 ELIZABETH wife of John Olive of this town, Inn Holder died 9 December 1818 aged 43 years. WILLIAM their son died 20 October 1818 aged 12 years.
B425 Under this tomb lyeth the body of MARY widow of William Nichols of Iron Acton yeoman who died March 13th 1776 aged 76 years.  Also of THOMAS their son who died May 18th 1746 aged 18 years.  Also of DANIEL their son who died …. aged 21 years.  Also of THOMAS the son of James and Ann Oxenham died aged 9 weeks.  Also ELIZABETH the daughter of Mathias and Sarah Parker who died March 12th 1776 aged 8 years and 5 months.  Also of MARY and DANIEL children of John and Barbara Nicholls who died infants.