St Mary’s Graves Pn-Pz


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F157 ARTHUR the son of W.H. Ponting 9th August 1885 aged 4 years.  Without fault before the throne of God.
F158 In memory of MARIANNE wife of George Ponting who died 22 December 1882 aged 57 years.  Also of the said GEORGE PONTING who died 30 December 1892 aged 80 years.
B457 Sacred to the memory of HANNAH wife of Thomas Poole of this Town who died October 23rd 1865 aged 77 years.  My days are past and I am gone.  So children dear prepare to come.  Beloved and respected.  Also of THOMAS POOLE who died 4 December 1879 94 years.
B443 HUBERT POOLE born June 13 1889 died 16 February 1891.
B448 In memory of MARY wife of Thomas Poole of this parish who died February 10th 1885 aged 75 years.  Also of the above-named THOMAS POOLE who died March 29th 1895 aged 82 years.  His end was peace.
B479 ELLEN PORTER died 3 July 1888 aged 27. At Rest.
D326 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM POVEY of Buckover in this parish who died August 26th 1818 aged 61 years.  And also LOUISA daughter of the above who died June 14th 1826 aged 17 years.  Also of JAMES son of the above who died November 11th 1827 aged 21 years.  Also of REUBEN son of the above who died July 9th 1831 aged 31 years.  In memory of HANNAH wife of the aforesaid William Povey who died January 15th 1833 aged 68 years.  Also of WILLIAM their son who died March 30th 1873 aged 71 years.  Also of SUSAN wife of the above William Povey who died June 17th 1895 aged 85 years
(On an adjoining stone) WILLIAM POVEY 1818. LOUISA POVEY 1826. JAMES POVEY 1827……. REUBEN POVEY 1831. HANNAH POVEY 1833. WILLIAM POVEY 1873. SUSAN POVEY 1893.
A4 CHARLES GAYNER died 1 September 1828 aged 28.  HENRY son of Henry & Sarah Gayner died 14 March 1869 aged 21.  FRANCES GAYNER died 29 September 1872 aged 72.  ELIZA POWELL daughter died 27 October 1872 aged 48.
C383 In loving memory JOHN POWELL died April 5th 1819 aged 80 years.  Also of BETTY his wife died December 17th 1815 aged 63 years. ……….. their …. September ….2 aged 29 years.
C375 Sacred to the memory of ISAAC POWELL of Sibland died 3 August 1843 aged 50.
C386 Here resteth the body of NANCY POWELL who died July 21st 1855 aged 73 years.  Also the body of WILLIAM POWELL fifty years clerk and sexton of this church.  He died September 18th 1866 aged 77 years.  Also of WILLIAM POWELL son of the above who died 24 July 1901 aged 81 years.  Peace Perfect Peace.
D301 In memory of ANNA POWELL who died December 31st 1855 aged 51 years at Wellington Place, Ashley Road, Bristol.  GEORGE POWELL who died April 2nd 1874 aged 81.But if the spirit of him, that raised up Jesus from the dead dwelt in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his spirit that dwell in you. Romans V111.11.
D300 JOHN POWELL died June 2nd 1843 aged 84? years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife died March 25th 1850 aged 80 years.  EMMA POWELL died April 6th 1837 aged 26. 
C384 In memory of PAULINA wife of Robert Coleman of Bristol departed January 11th 1848 aged 55 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also of GEORGE their son departed March 28th 1833 aged 3 years.  Also of MARY ANN their daughter departed February 20th 1852 aged 24 years.  Also of EMMA POWELL wife of Henry Fletcher Carter who died at Clanna January 31st 1866 aged 34 years. Also of LOUISA IMANDA daughter of Henry Fletcher & Emma Powell Carter died April 9th 1866 aged 2 months.  
SARAH daughter of Anthony Powell died May 1683.  ALICE daughter of Anthony Powell died 19 September 1690.  ALICE his wife died 12 September 1714.  ANTHONY POWELL…………..
Here lyeth the Body of ANN the wife of Samuel Rouse and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who departed this life March ye 25th 1737 aged 23 years.  And SAMUEL their son buried in his infancy.  Also in memory of THOMAS and SARAH son and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore aforesaid.  THOMAS died January 16th 1723 aged 11years, and SARAH died August 4 1706 aged 7 months.  In memory of SARAH the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore and wife of Robert Powntney of this town who died 2 June 1760 aged 89 years.  In memory of JOHN WETMORE son of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died June 12nd 1755 aged 39 years.  Also SARAH daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died March 14th 1748 aged 3 months.  In memory of THOMAS WETMORE who died October 25th 1730 age 41 years.  Also SARAH his wife who died November 16th 1768 aged 90 years.
MARGARET wife of Solomon Pritchard died 21 March 1729 aged 39
C357 In affectionate remembrance of HANNAH the beloved wife of Robert Puckey who died December 29th 1876 aged 76 years.  We have an Anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast.  Hebrews vi 19.  Also of ROBERT PUCKEY who departed this life March 26th 1879 aged 79 years and 2 months.
C418 In memory of MARTHA wife of James Mills of this town, mason daughter of James & Mary Pullin of Tytherington who died 19 December 1766 aged 40 years.  In memory of JAMES MILLS son of the aforesaid James & Martha who departed this life 13 March 1785 aged 34 years.  Also JAMES MILLS,Senior.  
CHRISTOPHER son of Christopher Purnell yeoman died 27 March 169.. aged 46
F143 Behold the tomb where SARA PURNELL lyes, a Spotless Corpes Voide of Infamie, Bewaile her not, With more than Bleased Eyes, A Saint in Heaven, free from Misserie, Beloved Alive, and Died, A Maiden Pure, A Shame to Death, Her Praise shall still Indure.  Died A.D. 1632 aetatis suae 18.
(note from Ralph Bigland says “the late Revd. Dr. Parnell, Warden of New College, Oxford, was of this Family, and by his Orders and at his expense this Monument was a few years since repaired)  Also HUGH PARNELL son of Edward and Sarah Purnell of Kington in this parish who died 28 of August 1797 aged 56 years.
D317 In memory of JOHN PUTLEY of this Town who died January 18th 1771 aged 64 years and lies interred in this church Yard.  Also ANNE wife of the above John who died March 3rd 1794 aged 72 years, interred in the Quaker’s Meeting House Yard in this Town.  Also of ELIZABETH daughter of the aforesaid John and Anne Putley who died July 19th 1800 aged 55 years, and lies buried under this stone.  Also of HESTER their daughter who died 4 June 1810 aged 62 years.  Also of HANNAH their daughter who died 5 April 1811 aged 66 years.  Also of JAMES ARTHUR died February 13th 1837 aged 72 years.  Also of JAMES his son died September 26th 1837 aged 23 years.