St Mary’s Graves R


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C355 In memory of WILLIAM RAYMOND Gent. of this parish who departed this life 14th April 1756 aged 57.  Also of ANN his daughter who deceased the 26th of December 1751 aged 16.  
C356 In memory of WILLIAM VAWDREY Gent of this parish who departed this life July 18th 1891.  Also of MARY RAYMOND widow of the above died October 29th 1914.  Also of JULIA RAYMOND GINGELL niece of the above and daughter of Daniel Gingell M.D. died April 18th 1916 aged 66 years.  To the memory of DANIEL GINGELL M.D. died 7 February 1860 aged 79.  Also ANN his wife who died January 29th 1870 aged 88 years.

B475 In loving memory of JOHN NELMES of this town who died 7th day of December 1818 aged 47 years.  In memory of WILLIAM REEVES of this Town who died the 25th day of November 1783 aged 50 years.  Also HANNAH wife of the above William Reeves who died on the 8th day of February 1814 aged 73 years.

E235 In memory of HESTER the wife of Henry Reeves of Morton in this parish who died January 15th 1804 aged 55 years.  Afflictions fore, long time I bore. Physician’s skill was vain. Till Christ the chief, gave me relief. And eased me of my pain.  
B480 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE RICE of this town (butcher) who died 6th of July 1869 aged 68 years.  Also of HESTER his wife who died December 12th 1866 aged 68 years.
D327 To the memory of ESTHER the wife of Abraham Riddiford of this town who died December 8th 1813 aged 48 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also two of their children MARIA and CHARLOTTE who died infants.  In memory of ALFRED RIDDIFORD son of the said Esther and Abraham Riddiford who died October 26th 1818 aged 20 years.  Death murdering death forever….
A52 In memory of THOMAS RIDDIFORD died November 19th 1840 aged 54 years.  Silent grave to thee I trust, this precious pearl of worthy dust.  Keep it safe O sacred Tomb, until a wife shall ask for room.
E257 Jacob Riddle erected this tomb as the last tribute of affectionate regard to the memory of MARY his wife who departed this life the 30th of November 1795 aged 28 years…….Also JACOB RIDDLE of Bristol who died November..1820 ..aged 62 years
In memory of NATHANIEL ROACH of this parish who departed this life January 13th 17…..  Near this tomb here also lieth the body of TIMOTHY ROACH who departed this life January the 1st Anno Dom. 1730 aged 57 years.
C392 The children of Henry and Emily Robbins of the Post Office in this Town: ERNEST MERRETT born 31 December 1875 died 16 March 1877.  HELENA EMILY MARY born 3 May 1878 died 28 January 1879.  EVA born 2 April 1879 died 3 January 1880.
E278 In memory of TOLLEMARCHE MONTAGUE BRYDGES only son of the late John Stratford & Eleanor Rodney who died April … 1858 aged 11 years.  Also to the beloved memory of ELEANOR RODNEY who entered into rest July 1875 aged 65 years.
(On a cross in same plot as above) Jesus called a little child 25th September 1880. MURIEL GERALDINE St. JOHN born 7 August 1880.
Here lyeth the Body of ANN the wife of Samuel Rouse and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who departed this life March ye 25th 1737 aged 23 years.  And SAMUEL their son buried in his infancy.  Also in memory of THOMAS and SARAH son and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore aforesaid.  THOMAS died January 16th 1723 aged 11years, and SARAH died August 4 1706 aged 7 months.  In memory of SARAH the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore and wife of Robert Powntney of this town who died 2 June 1760 aged 89 years.  In memory of JOHN WETMORE son of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died June 12nd 1755 aged 39 years.  Also SARAH daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died March 14th 1748 aged 3 months.  In memory of THOMAS WETMORE who died October 25th 1730 age 41 years.  Also SARAH his wife who died November 16th 1768 aged 90 years.
E199 In memory of JOHN RUDGE of this town Gent who departed this life February the 25th 1777 aged 68 years