St Mary’s Graves Sa-Sl


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C370 In memory of ANN wife of George Sainsbury who died April 9th 1854 aged 54 years.  Also of MARY his 2nd wife died February 23rd 1865 aged 70 years.  Also of the said GEORGE SAINSBURY who died November 19th 1878 aged 86 years.  Also of ELIZA BAKER daughter of the above named George and Ann Sainsbury who died March 16th 1881.  
C369 In loving memory of LUCY ANN SAINSBURY who died December 7th 1887 aged 27 years.  Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.
C368 In loving memory of THOMAS SAINSBURY of Sibland in this parish who died May 21st 1892 aged 69 years.  Also of SARAH the beloved wife of the aforesaid who died May 15th 1893 aged 66 years.  In Peace.
C374 In loving memory of THOMAS son of Thomas and Sarah Sainsbury of Sibland in this parish who departed this life January 29th 1887 aged 22.  In my youth I slept.  
C398 In memory of EDWARD SALMON (Surgeon) died October 10th 1869 aged 92 years.  Also of MARY ANNE SALMON his wife died 4 February 1845 aged 65 years.
C399 Sacred to the memory of MARY SALMON died June 25th 1876 aged 63 years.  PHILLIMORE SALMON who died March 9th 1880. ……February 188.. aged 62.  Also of GEORGE SALMON died July 5th 1894 age 77 years.  WILLIAM GROV…SALMON died March 5th 1903 aged 89 years.  Children, EDWARD and MARY ANN SALMON.

C406 To the memory of JAMES SAMPSON born London 18 November 1736 died in this Town 11 June 1816.  A loving husband and the dear father….  Also to the memory of JANE wife died 20 September 1818 age 71.
F136 J. T. 1789
A. T. 1787
Adieu your son lies buried here
Lamented by his other dear
E196 In memory of EDWARD SANIGAR of Kington in the Parish died July 10 1846 aged 67 years.  In memory of MARTHA wife of Edward Sanigar of Kington in this parish who died November 1st 1849 aged 69 years.
F140 In memory of LARENCE SARCH of this Town who died the 2nd of July 1815 aged 31 years.  
A63B In memory of JOEL SAVERY of this parish who died July 9th 1859 aged 54 years. Prepare to meet thy God
C353 1837 JAMES SCARLETT aged 86.  MARY wife of George Scarlett died February 15th 1835 aged 72.  GEORGE SCARLETT died March 25th 1842 aged 82.  ANN SCARLETT died March 25th 1843 aged 45.  ELEY SCARLETT died January 27th 1845 aged 49.
C359 To the memory of JAMES SCARLETT who died June 5th 1837 aged 20.  MARIA SCARLETT who died April 10th 1840 aged 18. ANNE SCARLETT who died 28 April 1844 aged 23.  GEORGE SCARLETT who died 30 December 1850 aged 34.  
C354 MARY wife of Richard Scarlett of this town died 10 December 1870 aged 86.  RICHARD SCARLETT solicitor died 1 July 1881 aged 92.
C360 For ever with the Lord. In loving memory of MARY ELIZABETH second daughter of Frederic & Mary Scarlett who died January 28th 1858 aged 7 months.  FREDERIC SCARLETT Solicitor of this Town who died February 27th 1859 aged 35 years.  Also of MARY wife of the above Frederick Scarlett who died November 30th 1879 aged 48 years.  
ELIZABETH wife of William Scott died 21 October 1743 aged 33
A498 Sacred to the memory of ANN SCREEN wife of James Screen of this town who died October 16th 1846 aged 39 years.  EMMA SHEPHERD widow of W.E. Shepherd & daughter of James Screen died 2 February 1917 aged 86.  Also to the memory of the aforesaid JAMES SCREEN who died December 26th 1878 aged 69 years.
ROBERT SCREEN died 22 ….1680 aged ……
A10 ROBERT SCREEN died 3 April (1874)…… aged 76
A500 Here resteth the body of ELIZABETH wife of George Pike of Kington in this parish, daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Screen who died October 25th 1851 aged 33 years.  HARRY PIKE son of George & Elizabeth Pike born Cromwell, Glos 2 June 1849 died St Boniface Hospital, Winnipeg, Manitoba 1 February 1882 aged 32 years 8 months.
A499 Here resteth the body of MARIA daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Screen of Kington in this parish who died April 12th 1851 aged 27 years.  Also of THOMAS their son who died in infancy.  Also the aforesaid THOMAS SCREEN who died March 30th 1861 aged 80 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died April 17th 1867 aged 83 years.
F187 In memory of JOHN SHEPHERD of this parish Yeoman who departed this life May ye 16th 1707 in the 46th year of his age.  Also ELIZABETH his wife died May the 5th 1742 aged 70 years.  Also WILLIAM their son died January ye 7th 1694 and also here lyeth yet body of JOHN SHEPHERD of Eastwood the son of the aforesaid John & Elizabeth Shepherd who departed this life September the 7th 1754 aged 57 years.  Also near this place lye the bodys of 4 children of John & Mary Shepherd of Eastwood in this parish.  JOHN died March ye 23rd 1728 aged 13 months.  ROBERT died September ye 22nd 1727 aged 19 weeks.  One son died unbaptised August ye 8th 1739.  Also MARY died September 13th 1742 aged 8 years 11 months.
A70 MARY wife of ROBERT SHIPWAY who died 21 April 1755 aged 44.
A69 In memory of ROBERT SHIPWAY late of this town Yeoman died 8 August 1779 aged 69 years………
A68 In memory of THOMAS SHIPWAY of this parish who died the 11th of June 1761 aged 42 years.  Also SARAH his wife and daughter of John Parslow of Morton in this parish who died 23? October 1796 aged 71.
C364 To the memory of HENRY SIMPSON who departed this life December 12th 1825 aged 82.  A Crown of glory is the sure reward.  To him that diligently serveth the Lord.  ANN PHILLIPS died October 21st 1846 aged 61 years.
F178 Here lieth the body of THOMAS SKAY of Oldbury in this parish clothier who was buried 13th of January 1692.  Here lieth the body of ELIZABETH wife of Thomas Skay aforesaid and daughter of John Tyler of ye parish of Tortworth, Gent, died 1703.  In memory of ELIZ. another daughter of the aforementioned Thomas & Eliz. Skay who was buried near this tomb.  Under this tomb lies interred the body of JOAN the daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth Skay of Oldbury in this parish, clothier and granddaughter of John Tyler of Tortworth in this county, Gent.  She died at St Michaels Hill, Bristol October 24th 1754 aged 62 years.
F184 Here lies the body of WILLIAM SKAY of Falfield clothier who was here intombed the 23rd of March Anno Domini 1680 aetatis suae 38.  Here lyeth the body of JOSEPH PURNELL of Falfield, clothier who departed the 17th day of February Anno Dmi. 1686.  Here resteth the body of MABEL late wife of Joseph Purnell and sometime wife of William Skay and daughter of Samuel Mallet of Rockhampton interred the 14th day of March Anno Domini 1686 aetatis suae 33 years.
F183 In memory of WILLIAM SKAY of Falfield, Gent, died September ye 1st 1727 aged 49.  Also under this tomb lie Seven children of the abovesaid which all died young.  Also in memory of ANN SKAY his wife who died 21st day of October 1754 aged 77 years.  In memory of THOMAS SKAY of ….. in this parish son of William & Ann Skay who departed this life the 22nd day of January 1787
In memory of THOMAS SKEY, Gent. of Oldbury who died February the 2nd 1739 aged 52 years.  Also of RACHEL wife of the said Thomas Skey died April ye 12th 1738 aged 42 years.  And also ELIZABETH their daughter who died April 25th …… in the 17 year of her age.