St Mary’s Graves Sm-Sz


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A487 In memory of JOHN GASTRELL who died February 16th 1888 aged 53 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife who died February 21st 1898 aged 66 years.  Also of ELIZA SMITH her sister who died April 2nd 1887 aged 60 years and lies near here.
B429 In memory of FREDERICK SMITH a native of Hastings, Sussex died March 21st 1886 aged 43.  For many years the faithful groom and coachman of Major General Pierrepont Mundy.  The merciful man is merciful to his beast.  Blessed are the merciful.
B432 GEORGE SMITH of this town died 30 September 1811.  BETTY wife died 16 November 1818 aged 62.  
ANN wife of William Lenard of Moreton died 5 July 1767 aged 83.  SARAH wife of Thomas Smith of Tockington in the parish of Olveston and daughter of Wm. and Ann Lenard of Moreton died 20 March 1747 aged 34.  Joseph son of Thomas Smith aforesaid died 10 May 1764 aged 21
A110 MARY SMITH died 14 March 1856 aged 4 years 6 months.  JOSEPH SMITH father of the above died 3 August 1891 aged 64.
D310 In loving memory of EMMA the beloved wife of William Smith of this Town who fell asleep December 2nd 1891 aged 74 years.  Also of WILLIAM COURT SMITH their son who died November 28th 1877 aged 28 years.  Also of WILLIAM C. SMITH who died March 25th 1900 aged 86 years.  Also of ELIZA SMITH their daughter who died June 4th 1843 aged 7 years.
C367 Committed to the tender mercy of Christ.  Here resteth the Body of LETITIA SMITH who died January 21st 1892 aged 69 years.  God’s rest God’s evening rest, when the day of life’s toil is done, eternal rest grant unto him, oh Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon him.
THOMAS SMITH yeoman, late of Morton died 23 January 1734 aged 41.
THOMAS SMITH died 19 January 1782 aged 73
WILLIAM SMITH died 29 May 1789 aged 42
In memory of THOMAS SPARKS Alderman of this Borough who died August 13 1778 aged 70 years
A40 THOMAS FREDERICK SPENCER died 26 July 1861 aged 40.  Also SARAH SPENCER died September 25th? 18.. aged 8.. years
D337 In memory of WILLIAM SPILL who died April 22nd 1872 aged 16 years.  Also of SAMUEL SPILL father of the above who died April 5th 1875 aged 55 years.  Also JANE SPILL daughter of the above died July 4th 1877 aged 24 years.  Safe in the Arms of Jesus.
E278 In memory of TOLLEMARCHE MONTAGUE BRYDGES only son of the late John Stratford & Eleanor Rodney who died April … 1858 aged 11 years.  Also to the beloved memory of ELEANOR RODNEY who entered into rest July 1875 aged 65 years. (On a cross in same plot) Jesus called a little child 25th September 1880. MURIEL GERALDINE St. JOHN born 7 August 1880.
RICHARD STAFFORD 2nd son of Jno. Stafford of Morlewood, Esq. died 2 July 1703 aged 40
B423 In affectionate remembrance of CAROLINE beloved wife of Joseph Stevens who died February 11th 1886 aged 66 years.  Also the above JOSEPH STEVENS who died January 16th 1896 aged 74 years.  Rest in peace.
A5 Sacred to the memory of REV. MAURICE FITZGERALD STEPHENS TOWNSHEND of Castle Townshend, County of Cork and Dingle, Kerry, Ireland, M.A. C’Ch., Oxford 48 years vicar of Thornbury from which during the latter part of his incumbency Oldbury on Severn and Falfield were formed into separate parishes, died March 21st 1872 aged 80 years.  Also of his son-in-law, Major General PIERREPONT HENRY MUNDY late Royal Horse Artillery, 6th son of General Godfrey Basil Mundy of Bramcote, Notts. 2nd son of E. Miller Mundy Esquire of Shipley, Derbyshire and Hon. Sarah Brydges, his wife, youngest daughter of the Admiral Lord Rodney.  He entered the army at the age of 16 years 1833 born 4 August died 16 February 1889.  Man greatly beloved as poor, yet making many rich.  Served the Lord with gladness went into His courts with praise.
This tomb is erected in memory of THOMAS STOKES late of this town mercer who died the 28th day of April 1743 aged 62 years and 9 months.  Also ELIZABETH STOKES widow and relict of the said Thomas Stokes who died the 20th day of January 1754 aged 64 years.  Also of Thomas Stokes Salmon 2nd son of John Salmon Gent by Ann his wife, only surviving issue of the said Thomas and Elizabeth Stokes.  He died 11 September 1740 aged 4 months 11 days.  Also the body of CHARLES SALMON 8th son of the aforesaid John and Anne Salmon who died ye 3rd day of February 1754 aged 3 years 4 months and 8 days.  Also here lye the bodies of HESTER and THOMAS daughter and son of the aforesaid Thomas Stokes and Elizabeth his wife.  HESTER died the 2nd 1718 age 3 years.  THOMAS died March the 19th 1719 aged 10 weeks.  ANNE SALMON daughter of John and Anne Salmon born the 2nd day of January 1756 and died the 7th June following.  Also in memory of JOHN SALMON senior of Alveston Gent who departed this life 8 of May 1800 age 86 years and was buried under this tomb.
F147 CAROLINE STURGE. At Rest. January 8 1878 aged 18 years.  Whose names are in the Book of Life.
F148 In memory of JOSEPH YOUNG STURGE died 27th December 1891 aged 68 years.  Requiescat in Pace.  Also of CAROLINE STURGE his wife died 16th September 1901 aged 79 years.
D289 In loving memory of THOMAS SUMMERS of Grovesend in this parish who died January 12th 1892 aged 63 years.  Also of HANNAH his widow who died February 3rd 1899 aged 69 years.  For ever with the Lord.
F145 WILLIAM SWANLEY died 18 May 1755 aged 75.(The following text was also included on transcriptions given to us, but we have not found the inscription on or near this grave)  WILLIAM SWANLEY died 4 April 1706.  ANN his daughter died 13 October 1748 aged 70.  MARY wife of William Swanley died 17 June 17……   MARY daughter of William Swanley yeoman died 5th July 1742.
F124 In loving memory of BERNARD SYMES of this Town who died January 12th 1892 aged 43 years.  Behold He taketh away who can hinder Him.  Also of LAURA his beloved wife who died February 17th 1911 aged 68 years.  So He giveth his beloved sleep.
F123 In memory of WILLIAM SYMES who died February 3rd 1892 aged 76 years.  Also of MATILDA his wife who died December 11th 1893 aged 77 years.