St Mary’s Graves U-V


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A472 In affectionate remembrance of ROBERT UNDERHILL of Kington who died January 2nd 1880 aged 20 years.  Behold He taketh away who can hinder Him. Job lX.12.
A474 In memory of JOHN UNDERHILL of Kington who died November 6th 1886 aged 73 years.  Also of LOUISA wife of the above who died October 13th 1892 aged 73 years.  
A436 In loving memory JOSEPH UNDERHILL of this town who died July 5th 1877 aged 67.  Also of ESTHER his wife who died March 23rd 1885 aged 76 years.  Also of EDWARD JOHN, son of William & Annie Underhill and grandson of the above who died November 22nd 1873 aged 16 months.  Thy Will be Done. 
A118 In memory of BENJAMIN LEACH of this town died July 21st 1824 aged 50 years.  Also MARY relict of the above died in Banbury April 2nd 1868 in her 100th year.  Also of MARY ANN LATCH relict of James Skinner of Bridge House, Banbury, adopted daughter of above who died November 1st 1891 aged 84 years.  Also in loving memory of JOHN VAUGHAN who died Oldbury on Severn November 6th 1912 aged 90 years.  Thy will be Done.
C356 IIn memory of WILLIAM VAWDREY Gent of this parish who departed this life July 18th 1891.  Also of MARY RAYMOND widow of the above died October 29th 1914.  Also of JULIA RAYMOND GINGELL niece of the above and daughter of Daniel Gingell M.D. died April 18th 1916 aged 66 years.  To the memory of DANIEL GINGELL M.D. died 7 February 1860 aged 79.  Also ANN his wife who died January 29th 1870 aged 88 years.