St Mary’s Graves Wa-Wg


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D339 In loving memory of SARAH JANE wife of William Carter of Bristol who died August 22nd 1869 aged 31 years.  Also of HENRY HERBERT WALKER of this Town father of the above who died March 25th 1886 aged 77 years.  Also of MARY ANN WALKER his wife who died at Bath December 15th 1893 aged 82 years.  Thy will be done.
F181 In memory of ANN daughter of Thomas & Celia Walker of this Town who departed this life December 25th 1885 aged 78 years.
D338 In memory of ELIZABETH WALKER daughter of George & Sarah Walker died October 11th 1855 aged 18 years.  ‘Follow me’.  JAMES STREET WALKER their son died April 1834 aged 10 months.  
F176 In memory of JOSEPH son of Sarah Iles who died November 24th 1857 aged 44 years.  Also of BETTY wife of William Walker who died December 21st 1857 aged 81 years.
E328 JOSEPH WARD died 18th May 1816 aged 64 years.  Also of SARAH his wife died 22nd November 1845 aged 91 years.
B495 In loving memory of WILLIAM WATHEN of this Town who died January 20th 1878 aged 73 years.  Also of ANN his wife who died June 28th 1891 aged 86 years.  MARK their son who died June 29th 1864 aged 21 years.  Also of GEORGE their son who died 7 April 1877 aged 40 years.  Also of EDWIN their son died … 1881 aged 43. (Footstone M.W. 1864 G.W. 1877 W.W. 1878 L.W. 1881 A.W. 1891 ?? 1899 H.W. 1908)  
PHILIP WATKINS died 4 March 1732 aged 28.  CHRISTIAN his wife died 29 August 1760 aged 63.  Also three of their children.
F131 In memory of JOHN WEATHERHEAD who died August 12th 1891 aged 54 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of EMILY wife of the above who died December 13th 1916 aged 78 years.  
In memory of JAMES WEBB of Morton in this parish who died January 14th 1852 aged 59 years.  Also of SARAH WEBB who died May 2nd 1856 aged 91 years.  Also in memory of EMMA CLIFFORD daughter of the above who died 9 February 1880 aged 75 years.
A33 In memory of HANNAH wife of Mark Webb of Grovesend in this parish died September 27th 1886 aged 74 years.  Also of the above MARK WEBB died 6 March 1899 aged 77 years.  Also ELIZA ANN 2nd wife of Mark Webb and beloved mother of Frederick & Edward Lashford who died 23 December 1921 aged 79 years.  Peace Perfect Peace
A20 To the Memory of Sarah wife of Nathaniel Webb of Buckover  …..who died ..   . December 1767……….
A38 JAMES, son of Edward & Mary Weeks of this parish died 26 September 1802 aged 24
A46 To the memory of JOHN WEEKS of Kington in this parish who died January 6th 1821 aged 52 years.  JOHN his son died 19 May 1815 aged 16.  Also MARIA NEALE died 9 January 1827 aged 27 years.  Also CHARLES HENDY WEEKS his son died August 28th 1829 aged 21 years.  Also of ELIZABETH his late wife who died March 8th 1859 aged 86 years.
A13 In affectionate memory of JOSEPH WEEKS of St Arilds Farm, Kington in this parish who departed this life 17 March 1884 aged 68 years.  Fear not for I have redeemeth thee.  I have called thee by thy name.  Thou are mine.  Psalms XLll.l
ANNA the beloved wife of the above died 14 December 1893 aged 74 years.  Her children arise up and call her blessed. Proverbs XXl.28
Also of LOUISA AUGUSTA daughter of the abovesaid Joseph Weeks died 6 May 1931 aged 85 years.
A12 or A17 In memory of MARY the wife of Edward Weeks of Kington Junior who died the 14th of November 1811 aged 74 years.  Farewell my dear and loving husband my neighbours, and all my friends in Heaven I hope to see you again when all things have their ends.
Also in memory of MARY, wife of Joseph Weeks of Kington who died July 18 1850 aged 24 years.  Also MARY ELIZABETH their daughter died November 13 1845 aged 3 weeks.
A37 In memory of MARY the daughter of Edward and Mary Weeks of Kington who died   ……. 1776 aged 17 years
A45 In memory of EDWARD WEEKS of Kington who died December 28th 1841 aged 78 years.  Also of ANN his wife died October 20th 1851 aged 65 years.  Also of JOHN EDWARD, infant son of Joseph & Anna Weeks who died 3 June 1857 aged 13 weeks.  
A58 J.W. 1802. ALFRED WEEKS 1832.
A47 In memory of THOMAS WEEKS son of John & Elizabeth Weeks of Oldbury in this parish who departed this life July 20th 1823 aged 27 years.  Also of EDWIN WEEKS died November 13th 1843 aged 33 years. GEORGE son of Jonathan & Elizabeth L. Bryant died February 5th 1850 aged 1 year 7 months.
A43 In memory of WILLIAM WEEKS died June 6th 1858 aged 36 years.  Also ELIZABETH his wife died April 1st 1885 aged 66 years. Also TRACEY STALEY WEEKS died June 5th 1866 aged 14 years.  Also of JOSEPH WEEKS died February 1st 1867 aged 21 years.  Also of ANNIE STALEY WEEKS died July 20th 1879 aged 31 years.
E244 In loving memory of CHARLES WILLIAM WELLS who departed this life January 10th 1887 aged 27 years.  Thy will be done.
Here lyeth the Body of ANN the wife of Samuel Rouse and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who departed this life March ye 25th 1737 aged 23 years.  And SAMUEL their son buried in his infancy.  Also in memory of THOMAS and SARAH son and daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore aforesaid.  THOMAS died January 16th 1723 aged 11 years, and SARAH died August 4 1706 aged 7 months.  In memory of SARAH the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore and wife of Robert Powntney of this town who died 2 June 1760 aged 39 years.  In memory of JOHN WETMORE son of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died June 12th 1755 aged 39 years.  Also SARAH daughter of Thomas and Sarah Wetmore who died March 14th 1748 aged 3 months.  In memory of THOMAS WETMORE who died October 25th 1730 age 41 years.  Also SARAH his wife who died November 16th 1768 aged 90 years. (Note this transcription comes from unverified source.  We have doubts about Thomas’s age at death and we think Sarah died in 1718 rather than 1706)
C389 ….. WETMORE…. Mary WETMORE wife died 4 October 18.. aged 87.  MARGARET MARIA wife of Thomas Osborne Wetmore died 5 June 1855 aged 46.
A117 In Memory of SARAH WETMORE Relict of John Wetmore … of Ye Town who died  February … 1786 Aged 70 years  
A116 In Memory of SARAH WETMORE the daughter of John and Sarah Wetmore who died …..(this is difficult to read but we believe that the year must be 1789)
ANN daughter of Thomas Wettmore of Frocester died 21 February 1711