St Mary’s Graves Wh-Z

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E276 Revd RICHARD WHALLEY died February 6th 1846 aged 37 years
A102 In memory of CHARLES WHITE of this town died deeply regretted… 1864 aged 51.  Also in memory of SARAH ANN wife of the aforesaid Charles White died April 19th 1887 in the 84th year of her age.  Thy will be Done.
A109 JOHN WHITE died 3rd February 1779 aged 55 years.  
JOHN WHITE son of John and Hannah White died 15 April 1744 aged 12.  ANNE WHITE their daughter died 2 June 1744 aged 15.  JOHN WHITE senior died 9 January 1714 aged 50.  ANN his wife died 25 February 1728 aged 60.
WILLIAM WHITE died 5 November 1739 aged 40.  ANN his daughter, an infant died 14 February 1729.
B453 Sacred to the memory of MARY GASTRELL who died June 18th 1818 aged 34 years.  Also JOHN CROOME late schoolmaster of this town who died April 10th 1821 aged 61 years.  The memory of the just is blessed.  Also of JONAH WHITFIELD Morton Mill in this parish who died September 9 1871 aged 50 years.
A66A To the Memory of ELLEN WHITFIELD daughter of Jonah & Elizabeth Whitfield of Morton in this parish who died January 3rd 1835 aged 9 years.  Also to the memory of the abovesaid ELIZABETH WHITFIELD who died August 20th 1835 aged 74 years.  Also to the memory of the aforesaid JONAH WHITFIELD who died July 25 1872 aged 86 years.  Also to the memory of SUSAN THOMAS daughter of the abovesaid Jonah & Elizabeth Whitfield who died June 14th 1882 aged 69 years.
F142 In memory of ANDREW WHITFIELD of this Town who departed this life the16th day of June 1777 in the 63rd year of his age.  Also of GEORGE his son who departed this life the 20th day of October 1777 in the 30th year of his age.  (Note – the following inscriptions are no longer visible but were copied from an old transcription, but the dates vary with those shown on Scribes) Here lyeth the body of MARY the beloved wife of Andrew Whitfield of this town who departed this life March 24 1760 aged 42 years.  ROBERT WHITFIELD Senior died 31 March 1741 aged 48.  MARTHA daughter of A.W. glazier died 31 May 1756 aged 15.  SARAH their daughter died 17 September 1759 aged 13.  ANDREW their son died 29 September 1759 aged 5.
In memory of MARY the daughter of Edward and Mary Wicks of Oldbury in this parish who died August 13 1776 in the 18th year of her age.
E246 JOHN MORGAN WILLIAMS born 7 August 1858 died 22 October 1882  
A19 Sacred to the memory of JOSEPH WILLIAMS born 23 October 1819 died 1870 aged 51.
A82/A84 In memory of RICHARD WILLIAMS of this parish died Jan. 17 1786 aged 68 years.  Also MARY his second wife was interred near this stone.  (On footstone: Here lie lamented in his silent grave, A tender husband and parent…Pale King of Terror …….did destroy A Widow’s Hopes and her dear Childrens Joy.  Alas hes gone and…….)

A83 …the Memory ….John Williams who died Ju…aged 2……..also of J… who died O… aged 1…..also Jane ……..Henry Williams who died (NB this is believed to be the memorial of John Williams who was buried on 9th June 1803 aged 26 and James Williams who was buried October 15th 1817 aged 15. )
C373 Seek ye the Lord while he may be found.  Sacred to the memory of JOHN WILLIAMS of this Town who died the 27th day of August 1854 aged 71 years.  Also HANNAH WILLIAMS wife of the above who died the 9th day of October 1854 aged 73 years.  Likewise of JAMES HODGES WILLIAMS their grandson who died the 8th day of June 1860 aged 11 months. 
A501 Also in affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM WILLIAMS who departed this life October 22nd 1892 in his 80th year.  Also PHOEBE WILLIAMS his wife who died September 4th 1905 aged 92.  Here resteth the Body of JAMES COLLARD of the parish of Almondsbury died 8 July 1852 aged 47 years.
C396 In loving and honoured memory of TEMPERANCE JANE WILLIS February 26th 1843 aged 76.  JOSEPH LAVER October 12th 1857 aged 84.  LOUISA his wife June 19th 1855 aged 75.  Also MARIA LOUISA LAVER daughter January 6th 1900 aged …
HESTER WILNER died 30 June 1741 aged 25
E258 Sacred to the memory of JAMES WILLSHEN who died September 20th 1871 aged 62 years.  Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE wife of James Willshen who died the 8th of July 1867 aged 70 years.
B444 In memory of JAMES WILSON of this town who died January 27th 1852 aged 51 years.
E283 In affectionate remembrance of THOMAS WILSON of this town who died January 4th 1882 aged 51 years.  Also of CHARLES son of the above who died December 5th 1863 aged 1 year 8 months.  Also of ANNA MARIA wife of the above Thomas Wilson who died November 16th 1885 aged 54 years. 
ROBERT WILTSHERE died 28 January 1729 aged 48
ROBERT WILTSHIRE died 28 October 1798 aged 42
F172 In memory of THOMAS WILTSHIRE of this Town butcher who died 22 August 1796 aged 33 years.  Stay Mortal stay, remove not from this tomb, before thou hast considered well thy death, cut off at once in early Bloom of life,
from 2 dear children and a beloved wife, a warning take then by my sudden fate, Repent in ……..
Also of JAMES his son died 21 March 1797 aged 2 years.
B424 Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM WILTSHIRE (of this Town, Mason) who died March 26th 1888 aged 46 years.  Also the above MARY his wife who died May 16th 1826 aged 42 years.  Also of ROBERT their son died March 16th 1841 aged … years.  Also of …
D330 THOMAS WINSTONE died December 29th 1847 aged 54 years.  Set thine house in order for thou shalt die.  Also of SARAH his wife who died September 19th 1863 aged 65 years.
D323 In memory of THOMAS WINSTONE of this town, cordwainer, who died the 2nd day of June 1822 aged 61 years.  While pity promps the rising sigh. Oh! Be this Truth impress’d with awful power- “I too must die”. Sink deep in ev’ry breath. Let this vain world engage no more. Behold the gaping tomb. It bids us seize the present hour. Tomorrow death may come.
Also to the memory of UNITY wife of the aforesaid Thomas Winstone who died 17th day of December 1833 aged 79 years.
Here lyeth the Body of WILLIAM WISSE who departed this life August the 21 1733 aged 59 years.  Also EDWARD WISSE who departed June the 6 1734 aged 59 years.  Also ANTHONY WISSE who died April 26 1744 aged 55 years.  And also in memory of SARAH their sister who departed this life February the 18th 1763 aged 87 years.
HESTER wife of Thomas Withers of Kington, yeoman died 5 April 1728 aged 26
F168 In memory of MARY wife of James Withers of this Town who died March 29th 1823 aged 77 years.  Also in memory of the aforesaid JAMES WITHERS who died March 15th 1828 in the 81st year of his age.  Also of LUKE son of the aforesaid James & Mary Withers who died March 25th 1868 in the 91st year of his age.
B430 In loving memory of RICHARD HATHERELL died October 29th 1871 aged 60.  Also CHARLOTTE his wife who died June 17th 1881 aged 74.  Also our beloved mother LAURA WORKMAN died at Hastings November 29th 1887 aged 41.  Also EDWIN HATHERELL died at Salford May 4th 1892 aged 42, youngest son and daughter of R and C Hatherell.
C404 CHARLES JAMES YARNOLD born March 29th 1884 died January 2nd 1891.  HERBERT HENRY YARNOLD born February 18th 1889 died January 18th 1891.