List of the Vicars of St Mary’s Church, Thornbury

Please notes there are two lists of the Vicars of this Church in the building.  One is a decorative framed list.  It begins with the very early Vicars.  Click here to read about them.   

The list that is show below is taken from the more modern notice board that dates back only to 1571 but which shows the vicars up to the present day.

William Singleton New College 1571 1577
John Moreton Christ Church 1577 1602
John Sprint Christ Church 1602 1624
William Maxey Christ Church 1624 1657
Guy Lawrence Christ Church 1657 1701
Ralph Grove Christ Church 1701 1728
Thomas Willis Christ Church 1728 1748
William Forbes Christ Church 1748 1762
William Holwell (shown here as Howell) Christ Church 1762 1798
Richard Slade Christ Church 1798 1823
Maurice Fitzgerald Townsend Stephens Christ Church 1823 1872
Thomas Waters Christ Church 1872 1885
Henry Bernard Hodgson Christ Church 1885 1897
Alexander Nairne Scott Exeter College 1897 1899
Alan Whitmore Cornwall Christ Church 1899 1924
Claud Rutledge Cotter Christ Church 1924 1930
Frederick Bernard Gunnery Christ Church 1930 1937
Henry Erskine McLeod Durham University 1937 1943
Robert Gwillym Rawstorne Christ Church 1943 1976
Edward Arthur Nobes Christ Church 1976 1984
Michael George Peter Vooght St. Peter’s Oxford 1985 2002
David Primrose St. John’s Cambridge 2002 2011
John Suddards Trinity Hall, Cambridge 2011 2012
Revd Dr. Jan van der Lely Durham University 2012

We have collected some information about the vicars of Thornbury and now have some extra web-pages:

Vicars before 1602   Vicars 1602-1798 Vicars 1798-1899   Vicars after 1899