Thornbury Baptisms 1610-1619

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Please be aware that these records are using a different calendar from the one we use today.  At this period the new year began towards the end of March. 

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

DateNameGodparents and NotesSource Image No
02/01/1610Sarah BowserHenry Marsh godfr, Elen Torner & Cathrine Neale godmothrPR 396 of 588
21/01/1610Thomas PytcherThomas Pyther godfathrPR 396 of 588
28/01/1610John BrutonJohn Gayner & Edward Bruton godfathrs Jone MayoPR 396 of 588
28/01/1610Nicholas ButlarNicholas Turner & Edward Morgan godfrPR 396 of 588
04/02/1610Alce HillGuy Selcox godfrPR 396 of 588
08/02/1610Jone WalkerJohn Stevans godfath Alce Smith & Alce Barton godmothPR 396 of 588
11/02/1610Georg BarlyJohn Alpas & John Bro?e godfathrs Cathrine Baler godmothrPR 397 of 588
11/02/1610Henry BakerJohn Jones & Henry Jones godfathrPR 397 of 588
25/02/1610Thomas HoperNicholas Francome & Hary Smith godfathrs Joane RiderPR 397 of 588
01/04/1610John RoodesJohn Search & John Linkes godfrPR 397 of 588
08/04/1610William SearchWillia Search & Guy Selcox godfathrs An Howel godmotherPR 397 of 588
08/04/1610An WallisWilliam Williams godfathr An Dodding & Ellen Jones godmPR 397 of 588
12/04/1610Anthony SearchHew Williams & Thomas Harris godfathers Margaret Griffing godmotherPR 396 of 588
15/04/1610Thomas Skay the sonne of Willa Skay of Falfild borne the ix of Aprill Thomas Skay & [damaged] godfathr Jone Phillips godmothrPR 397 of 588
22/04/1610Thomas CollinsThomas Tindall & Thomas Barne godfathers Mary Hancoke godmothrPR 397 of 588
22/04/1610John WilcoxPR 397 of 588
22/04/1610Richard BarlyHary Marsh & Willia Haynes godfathr Cathrine Holder godmotherPR 397 of 588
29/04/1610John TaireJohn Whitfild & John Clarke godfr Agnis? Taire godmotherPR 397 of 588
29/04/1610James DenningMorris White & Richard Fydlar godfathr Margaret Rome godmotherPR 397 of 588
06/05/1610William WhiteWillia PalmerPR 397 of 588
29/05/1610John BrinkworthHenry Marsh godfathers J?PR 399 of 588
01/07/1610Peter JordanPeter Hoboro godfathrPR 399 of 588
01/07/1610John Barne the sonne of William Barne of FalfildPR 399 of 588
02/09/1610John Long John Stevens & John Howell godfathers Alce Smith godmrPR 399 of 588
04/09/1610Edmund SandersRichard Wicksteed & John Jones godfathrs Dority Harris godmotherPR 399 of 588
30/09/1610John BrownePR 399 of 588
30/09/1610An ShepherdWillia Shepherd godfathr & An LongPR 399 of 588
02/10/1610Phillip JonesRichard Wolridg & Willia Ogborne godfathr Elen Taire godmotherPR 399 of 588
07/10/1610Mary WestAwncell Wallis godfathr, Cathrine White & Alce Barton godmothPR 399 of 588
28/10/1610Sarah Sprinte Nicholas Veale gentl godfather Susan Lady Stafford & Ursly Atwell godmothersPR 400 of 588
28/10/1610Henry FosterHenry Jones & Thomas Barton godfath Susan Jones godmotherPR 400 of 588
18/11/1610 Elizabeth Randell Nicholas Holder godfather Cathrine Pitcher & Jone West ghodmothrPR 400 of 588
02/12/1610Alce AdyJohn Ady godfather Margret Ogborne & Alce Bennet godmothersPR 400 of 588
09/12/1610Richard BrutonRichard White & John Grafton godfath Margaret Grafton godmotherPR 400 of 588
09/12/1610Jone RimerJohn Hancoke godfather, Margaret Bydgood & MathewPR 400 of 588
09/12/1610Cathrine WhiteCathrine Neale &Catherine Tratmon godmothers John Hitchings godfathrPR 400 of 588
16/12/1610John MarshHenry Marsh & William Linke godfathr Elizabeth Wilcoxs godmotherPR 400 of 588
24/12/1610John LidyatJohn Radman & John Gylberd godfr Jone Lidyart godmotherPR 400 of 588
24/12/1610William KelewayRichard Atwell gt & Thomas Halladay? godfath Jone Buck godmothrPR 400 of 588
26/12/1610An Hilpe John Wish [blank] godfathers, Agnis Tayer Agnis Thurston GodmotherPR 401 of 588
30/12/1610Susanna Deacons Hugh Lewis godfathr Agnis W??dnerPR 401 of 588
13/01/1610Guy Drapper Guy Selcockes & Henry Jones godfathr Elizabeth Comely godmotherPR 401 of 588
13/01/1610Richard Jenkings Roger Jenkings & John Proute godfathers Isabell Powell godmotherPR 401 of 588
13/01/1610An BerryWilliam Walter godfather Ann Bruton & Edith Hobbes godmothersPR 401 of 588
13/01/1610John Davis of Falfild at Tortworth, John Tilladam & John Davis godfathers Cathrine Tilladams godmotherPR 401 of 588
20/01/1610Thomas AdamsThomas Hort Guy Selcocke godfathrs Jayse Wyther godmotherPR 401 of 588
20/01/1610Sycely Barton Guy Selcocke godfathr Elizabeth Jones & Ellen Barton godmothersPR 401 of 588
20/01/1610Jone Jones William Hooper godfathr Jone Milmay & Elen Jones godmothrsPR 401 of 588
20/01/1610Agnes Tucker Guy Selcocke godfathr Agnes Long & Agnes Hixs godmothrPR 401 of 588
27/01/1610Mary Howell Edward Marsh godfather: Edith Howell & Jane Serch godmothersPR 402 of 588
27/01/1610Johan Read,Thoms (Thomas) Colson godfaher; Johan Barton & Johan Benet (Bennet) godmothersPR 402 of 588
27/01/1610Willm Thomas Guy Selcoke, James Sanders godfathers & Judith Gwatknis godmother note the parents of this William Thomas dwelleth in the parrish of Braingwyn in the County of Monmoth.PR 402 of 588
03/02/1610Anne Packer Maurice Hooper? godfather, Mrs Anne Sprint & Ellyn Barton godmothers.PR 402 of 588
03/02/1610Prudenc ColsonWillm Walker godfather Margeret Harris & Johan Smith godmothers.PR 402 of 588
10/02/1610Johan MorePhillip Harris godfather Johan Patch & Johan Perryma? (Perryman) godmothers.PR 402 of 588
10/02/1610 John CheesmanJohn Long & John Mortym? (Mortymer) godfathers; Margeret Patch godmotherPR 402 of 588
21/02/1610Willm BartonWillm Myldmay & Willia Stones godfathers; Agnes Stones godmother.PR 402 of 588
24/02/1610Dorathie Harris Guy Selcokes godfather Dorathie Hawkeworth Bridgett Curteyes godmothersPR 403 of 588
24/02/1610Agnes HarriesGeorge Baker godfather, and Agnes Barrowe Susan Jones godmothers.PR 403 of 588
11/03/1610William Whitfield William Barton Guye Selcokes godfathers Johane Periman godmotherPR 403 of 588
21/03/1610Edith Wither John Edwards godfather Margerett Howell and Agnes Howell godmothers.PR 403 of 588
31/03/1611Thomas Hobsea basse childe of Johane Hobses, Willia Wilcoks Thomas Alday godfathers Agnis Dowine godmotherPR 403 of 588
14/04/1611A basse childe of Marie LiddeatWilliam Lidiat godfather Jane Wheeler and Julian Dodgin godmothersPR 403 of 588
27/04/1611Elizabeth Hoopar & Agnes Hoopar William Fowler? William Draper? godfathers & Agnes Pontine? & Elizabeth [name?] & Marie White godmothersPR 403 of 588
05/05/1611Nicholas RicketsThomas Alday Richard Legge godfathers Johane Forde godmotherPR 404 of 588
05/05/1611Richard Hill Richard Barton & Henry Marshe godfathers Agnes Hollister godmother.PR 404 of 588
05/05/1611Mary Hill Johies [blank] godfather Elizabeth Hill Elizabeth Came godmothers.PR 404 of 588
05/05/1611Elizabeth Bowser John Baker godfather Elizabeth Bradston & Elizabeth Comlie godmothers.PR 404 of 588
06/05/1611George Deane Mr George Singe Mr Edmond Weston godfathrs & Jane Jeyne godmotherPR 404 of 588
08/05/1611A base Child of one Rose & her name was Joane William Martimor godfather Joane Tayer & Agnes Hickes godmothersPR 404 of 588
19/05/1611Phillipp Pulllyne. John Earle godfather & Joane Mathewes & Margarett Yowen godmothersPR 404 of 588
26/05/1611Mr Henry Brydges EsquierWorshipfull Henry Brydges & Robart Poyntz Esquires godfathers The Worshipfull the Lady Stafford GodmotherPR 405 of 588
26/05/1611Guye Andruse Guye Selcokes & John Typpets Godfathers Johan Smyth GodmotherPR 405 of 588
26/05/1611Marie Hewites?Richard Agrove godfather & Agnes Lawrence Mary Waite godmothersPR 405 of 588
02/06/1611John Clotterbocke Thomas Thorne Edward Stockes godfathers Johane Cov?PR 405 of 588
02/06/1611Johane Fouler Richard Barton godfather and Johane Jones Johane Smyth godmothersPR 405 of 588
16/06/1611Agnes Orchard David Wathwind godfather & Elizabeth Arthur Margaret Phillips godmothersPR 405 of 588
23/06/1611Anna Tayer William Gwatkines godfather Anne Bradston & Joyse Harris godmothersPR 405 of 588
23/06/1611John Cole Nicholas Powell & John Martimore godfathers Johane Trotman godmotherPR 405 of 588
28/06/1611John Sommers? Thomas Harris John Search godfathers Elizabeth Fowler godmotherPR 405 of 588
07/07/1611Mary Hobrowe William Sympkines & Mrs Anna Pitcher & Mrs Johane Lawrence godmothersPR 406 of 588
25/07/1611Susanna Smyth Edward Longe godfather & Susanna Farr and Thomason Cornocke godmothers.PR 406 of 588
28/07/1611Elizabeth Baker John Tippet godfather & Marie Baker Bridgett Parker godmothersPR 406 of 588
11/08/1611John Hopkines als Seaburne Guye Selcoks John Jones godfathers Margery Lyncke godmotherPR 406 of 588
01/09/1611John LeggeJohn Phevion & John Gayner godfathers & Ellyne Jones godmotherPR 406 of 588
01/09/1611Katherine Legge William Fowler godfather Katherine Neale & Jane Legge godmothersPR 406 of 588
01/09/1611William Nashe William Kinge Thomas Pearse godfathers Johane Jobbines godmotherPR 406 of 588
15/09/1611Margerie Lyncke Henry Lyncke godfather Margerie Lyncke & Elizabeth Wilcok? (Wilcokes?) godmothersPR 407 of 588
29/09/1611Richard Bruton of Fawfield Richard Hollister Richard Teladams godfathers Margaret Mayo godmotherPR 407 of 588
06/10/1611John Myldmay John Stones John Hoopper godfathers & Agnes Howell godmotherPR 407 of 588
06/10/1611John Hobbes John Hobbes John Hickes godfathers Johane Fowler godmotherPR 407 of 588
13/10/1611Elizabeth Collymore William Collimore godfather Ellyne Tayer Elline Wade godmothersPR 407 of 588
09/11/1611 Alice Tanner Richard Cole godfather Edith Kinge Maude Johnes godmothersPR 407 of 588
24/11/1611John AdyeJohn Stones & John Adie godfathers and Elizabeth Grynason godmother.PR 407 of 588
24/11/1611 Mrs Patient Foxe Nicholas Hobbes godfather Mrs Elizabeth Sprint & Mrs Pykes godmothers.PR 407 of 588
01/12/1611 Mrs? Elizabeth Curteise William Gwatkines godfather Mrs Julian Hill & Elizabeth Curteys godmothersPR 407 of 588
08/12/1611Thomas Tayler William Thurner John Haynes godfathers Margerie Melodie godmotherPR 408 of 588
26/12/1611John Tayer John Whitfield John Steevens godfathers & Johane Patche godmother.PR 408 of 588
29/12/1611John Bruton of Milborrow HeathEdward Grafton John Bruton godfathers Elline Brewton godmotherPR 408 of 588
12/01/1611Thomas Fowler Thomas Thorne Thomas Fowler godfathers Margerie Reasone godmotherPR 408 of 588
12/01/1611Judeth Pitcher William Sympkines godfather Elizabeth Bruton Elyne Thurner godmothersPR 408 of 588
19/01/1611Richard Abeven John Searche Robart Bydggood godfathers & [blank]PR 408 of 588
09/02/1611Elizabeth HolbrockeWilliam Lyncke godfather Elizabeth Wilcox & Silvester Holbrocke godmotherPR 408 of 588
09/02/1611Elizabeth Barton William Rider godfather Mrs Elizabeth Sprint & Ellinor? Parker? GodmothersPR 408 of 588
23/02/1611Thomas Maye Thomas Edmonds Thomas Thorne godfathers & Johane Foard godmother.PR 409 of 588
08/03/1611John WaightRichard Agrove William Fowler godfathers Agnes Laurence godmotherPR 409 of 588
08/03/1611Ursula Lyncke John Stones godfather Mrs Katherine Neale & Mrs Anna Wenland godmothersPR 409 of 588
15/03/1611Johane Idolles John Idolles godfather Johnes Patche Elizabeth Sheppard godmothers.PR 409 of 588
22/03/1611Marie Powell John Lawrence godfather Marie Tratman & Edith Shield godmothersPR 409 of 588
04/04/1612Isabell Sylcokes Roger Caple godfather Jane Walker & Sisley Harris godmothersPR 409 of 588
04/04/1612Thomas Alday Thomas Fidler Richard Barton godfathers Alice Holbrocke godmotherPR 409 of 588
08/04/1612Richard Henies Robart Man John Lambard godfathers & Katherine White godmothrPR 409 of 588
12/04/1612Robert Baynham Robert Bydggood & Richard Barton godfathers Elizabeth Sheppard godmotherPR 410 of 588
19/04/1612Ursula RiderMr Thomas Morse godfather Mrs Uursula Atwells Marie Hoopper godmother.PR 410 of 588
19/04/1612Susan Gayner of FawfieldPR 410 of 588
03/05/1612William Webbe William Fowler William Walker godfathers & Alice Jones godmotherPR 410 of 588
22/05/1612William Howell William Lawrence William Howell godfathers Agnes Howell godmother.PR 410 of 588
07/06/1612John Hawkeworth Sr John Poyntz & Sr John Stafford godfathers Mrs Moodie godmotherPR 410 of 588
14/06/1612Anna Marshe Robert Longe godfather Dorathie Gwatkines & Elynor Tawyer godmothersPR 411 of 588
28/06/1612John WhiteJohn Houlder Robert Griffine Margaret Packer witnessesPR 411 of 588
05/07/1612Richard Dunster Edward Tawyer John Bradley Johane Coxe WitnessesPR 411 of 588
17/07/1612John Alpasse Gyles Machin Tobie Davis & Margaret Griffin witnessesPR 411 of 588
19/07/1612William Barlie William Walker John Sannes Elizabeth Tayler witnessesPR 411 of 588
26/07/1612Elizabeth Patche John Champnies Margaret Hobbes Alice Hobbes witnessesPR 411 of 588
06/08/1612Marie Lawrence Walter Webbe Marie Skyennre Ellyne Lawrence witnessesPR 411 of 588
16/08/1612Alice Searche William Kedwell Alice Selcokes Johane Pulline witnessesPR 411 of 588
23/08/1612John Batt John Longe John West Mrs Fookes witnessesPR 412 of 588
23/08/1612A basse Childe of Katherine John Russell the weaver his wifePR 412 of 588
30/08/1612Nicholas Holder Henry Wither Robert Man Marie Longe witnessesPR 412 of 588
06/09/1612John Kinge Mr Roger Caple James Eddys Mrs Hestur Guilliams witnessesPR 412 of 588
01/11/1612William Lyncke Thomas Patche Agnes Stones witnesses.PR 412 of 588
01/11/1612Elizabeth Cooksey John Champnies Elizabeth Smyth & Elizabeth Jones witnessesPR 412 of 588
08/11/1612Henry Walker John Barton Richard Orchard Alice Howell witnessesPR 413 of 588
22/11/1612Alice Randell Richard Pitcher Alice Ayler Elizabeth Brewton witnesses.PR 413 of 588
29/11/1612Eustauce Brewton Mr. Eustauce Wenland Henry Elliats & Anna Elliats witnessesPR 413 of 588
06/12/1612Elizabeth Holder William Stocke Elline Griffine & Johane Holder witnesses.PR 413 of 588
06/12/1612Elynor Walker John Wallington Ellynor Wallington & Ellynor Brewton witnessesPR 413 of 588
12/12/1612Richard Hemminge John Adie Richard Hemminge & Katherine Andrews witnessesPR 413 of 588
16/12/1612Marie Reeve Thomas Badmonton Mary Cole & Johane Tanner witnessesPR 413 of 588
16/12/1612Johane Steevens Richard Smyth Agnes Randell Ellyne Tawyer witnessesPR 413 of 588
20/12/1612William Howell John Searche William Howell Margerie Clarke witnesses.PR 413 of 588
25/12/1612Elynor Fowler John Holbrocke Elynor Alpas Joyse Fowler witnesses.PR 413 of 588
25/12/1612David Hitchings and Thomas Hitchings Two Children of Henry Hitchings, David Wathnie John Baker & Elizabeth Howell Thomas Hendie William Russell Elizabeth? Orchard witnessesPR 414 of 588
28/12/1612John Grafton John Phevian William Champnies Agnes Eddys wittnessesPR 414 of 588
17/01/1612Elizabeth Jonson William Russell Elizabeth Sheppard Elizabeth Farr witnessesPR 414 of 588
21/01/1612John Hooper John Stones John Smyth Bridget Smyth witnessesPR 414 of 588
24/01/1612Richard Pitcher William Boyce Richard Smyth & Alice Weare witnessesPR 414 of 588
24/01/1612Johane Skinner William Boyse Johane Millard and Margaret Ogborne witnessesPR 414 of 588
24/01/1612John Man John Sheppard Gyles Houlder Marie Longe witnessesPR 414 of 588
07/02/1612James Pulline John Bradlie John Earle Margaret Russell witnessesPR 414 of 588
07/02/1612Anna Lawrence David Lewis Johone Lawrence Johane Bennet witnessesPR 414 of 588
12/02/1612Robert Hill John Jones John Searche Jane Walker WitnessesPR 414 of 588
19/02/1612 Rober Kinge William Burnell Henrie Jones & Katherin Patche witnessesPR 415 of 588
28/02/1612William Wixe William Ogborne William Fowler Elizabeth Wilcoxe witnessesPR 415 of 588
07/03/1612Alice Harris Phillipp Harris Alice Selcokes Ellyne Jones witnessesPR 415 of 588
13/03/1612Gyles Sheppard Mr Rider Gyles Clarke Mrs Anna Bradston witnessesPR 415 of 588
21/03/1612John Thomas John Whitfield John Jobines Johane Smyth witnessesPR 415 of 588
01/04/1613Anthonie Fatheries William Creawe Anthonty Hathway Agnes Hixe witnessesPR 415 of 588
06/04/1613Oriana Moore Mr Edward Tyndale Mrs Brydget Curteys & Joice Harris witnessesPR 415 of 588
11/04/1613Richard Fidler & William FidlerTwo Children of Richard Fidlers, Richard Addames Brisse Fidler Agnes Champnies William Fidler William Lynck & Agnes Stones witnessesPR 415 of 588
25/04/1613Richard Parker and Kathaniel Parker Two children of John Parker, Mr Richard Atwells Mr William Ride Mrs Johnes Edward Parker Thomas Greeninge Elizabeth Smyth witnessesPR 415 of 588
02/05/1613Henry Jones Thomas Wollworth als Webb John Jones & Elizabeth Wollworth witnessesPR 416 of 588
30/05/1613Johane West John Sheppard Johane Patche Agnes Pitcher witnessesPR 416 of 588
13/06/1613Anna Nesbie Arthur Butler Anna Brewton Marye Williams witnessesPR 416 of 588
11/07/1613Mary Barton William Walker Marie Lewis Marie Marshe witnessesPR 416 of 588
11/07/1613Nicholas Baker Mr Nicholas Wishe Phillipp Harrris Agnes Smyth witnessesPR 416 of 588
25/07/1613Katherine Bowcer witnesses John Champnies Katheryne Tayer & Elizabeth SlaterPR 416 of 588
10/08/1613John Harvest witnesses Richard Barton David Lewis Elizabeth GriffinPR 416 of 588
22/08/1613Elizabeth Goffe witnesses William Myllmay Margaret Mallyne Mary LongePR 416 of 588
05/09/1613William Crendall witnesses William Tanner William Fowler & Elizabeth GrimstonPR 416 of 588
12/09/1613Elizabeth Lyncke Witnesses Thomas Matinge Katherin Dussell Agnes StonesPR 416 of 588
12/09/1613Nathaniell Greeninge witnesses Walter Harres John Harres Mrs SprintePR 417 of 588
12/09/1613Margaret Knappe witnesses Richard Barton Margaret Addames als Bydggood Sicley JonesPR 417 of 588
12/09/1613Joane Foster witnesses Roger Searche Johane Barton & Ellyne LewisPR 417 of 588
15/09/1613Frances Tanner witnesses Frances Tawyer John Whitfield Anne TawyerPR 417 of 588
26/09/1613Margarett Arthur witnesses William Legge Margarett Yeowen Margaret PhillipsPR 417 of 588
26/09/1613Elizabeth Wither witnesses William Myllmay Alice Marshe Agnes StonesPR 417 of 588
29/09/1613Mary Longe witnesses John Alpas Mary Lewes Anna WarnerPR 417 of 588
03/10/1613Mary Hewes Witnesses John Sheppard Mary Longe & Mary HewesPR 417 of 588
17/10/1613Francis Hancoke of Ouldburywitnesses Richard Packer Jane Leme & Margery ReevePR 417 of 588
09/11/1613Mary Brewton witnesses Richard Tayer Alice Goodman & Johane HathwayePR 417 of 588
14/11/1613Martha Plommer witnesses Arthur Mancell Agnes Smyth and Alice HopkinesPR 417 of 588
20/11/1613William Coocke witnesses Thomas Hoppar William Mildmay Elizabeth CoockePR 418 of 588
28/11/1613Robert Smyth witnesses John Stones Thomas Smyth Alice JonesPR 418 of 588
28/11/1613Johane Thurnerwitnesses Richard Thurner Johane Patche Johane EvenPR 418 of 588
28/11/1613Katherin Rymer witnesses John Haynes Agnes Marshe Susan FelpesPR 418 of 588
05/12/1613William Illes als Monkes witnesses William Lyncke William White Margaret Bydggood.PR 418 of 588
19/12/1613Katherin Worlocke witnesses John Bradley Katherin Adey & Elizabeth PyttPR 418 of 588
19/12/1613William Farr witnesses William Baylery Thomas Worlocke & Susan FarrPR 418 of 588
26/12/1613William Howell witnesses William Howell William Gayner Ann HowellPR 418 of 588
26/12/1613William Rodes witnesses William Walker Thomas Hill & Margery ClarkePR 418 of 588
26/12/1613Margaret Hill witnesses Nicholas Tayer Margarett Bennett & Johane Fowler.PR 418 of 588
29/12/1613Elizabeth Gillbard witnesses Guy Selcokes Sicley Harris & Ellyne JonesPR 418 of 588
02/01/1613Johane Curteys witnesses Thomas Hill Elynor Caple & Jane DyckesonPR 418 of 588
02/01/1613Richard Hopkines witnesses George Dussell John Awsten Edyth RichardPR 418 of 588
09/01/1613Alice Selcokes witnesses William Barton Mrs Mary Caple Mrs Elinor CaplePR 419 of 588
09/01/1613Cicley Holbroocke witnesses John Andruse Mary Marshe Alice Hopkines als SeaburnePR 419 of 588
16/01/1613Mary Ayler witnesses Edmond Smyth Martha Weeckes & Edey Hobbes.PR 419 of 588
23/01/1613Katherine Alpas witnesses John Alpas Margaret Bydggood als Addames & Edyth Lydiat.PR 419 of 588
23/01/1613Agnes Jonson witnesses Robart Longe Agnes Smyth & Anne HowellPR 419 of 588
30/01/1613Johane Jones witnesses William Boyce Margaret Griffin Avice BoycePR 419 of 588
30/01/1613John Allbright witnesses John Stones Robert Smyth Martha BakerPR 419 of 588
30/01/1613Johane Foarde witnesses Henry Jones Katherine Beale & Agnes EddysPR 419 of 588
02/02/1613Elizabeth Browne witnesses William Moorton Agnes Barley Elizabeth Eddys.PR 419 of 588
04/02/1613William Edwards witnesses William Fowler William White & Johane CottesPR 419 of 588
12/02/1613Cicley Williams als Taberor witnesses John Andrus Cicley Holdbroke & Agnes SmythPR 419 of 588
13/02/1613John Marshe witnesses John Whitfield Edward Marshe & Agnes TayerPR 420 of 588
13/02/1613Morice Baker witnesses George Baker Nicholas Stockes Agnes EddysPR 420 of 588
13/02/1613Margarett Callaway Witnesses George Baker Margarett Smarlard Edyth WorckmanPR 420 of 588
28/02/1613Elizabeth Lyncke witnesses Robart Lyncke Margery Thurston & Elizabeth Gwatkines.PR 420 of 588
28/02/1613Margery Godden witnesses John Steevens Katherine White Brydgett EdwardsPR 420 of 588
06/03/1613Thomas Poope witnesses Thomas Thurner John Stones & Ellyn ThurnerPR 420 of 588
06/03/1613Agnes Addes witnesses John Jones Agnes Thorne & Martha BakerPR 420 of 588
13/03/1613Richard Martymore witnesses John Curnocke Tho: Skay & Margaret PhillipsPR 420 of 588
27/03/1614Johane? Hawkesworth? witnesses [name?] Gwatkines Cicley Harris [name?] Har?PR 420 of 588
10/04/1614Guy Hobbes witnesses William Martymore Johane Cumley Elizabeth Hickes.PR 421 of 588
17/04/1614John Cullymore witnesses Thomas Cullymore William Gayner & Johane WhitefieldPR 421 of 588
24/04/1614William White witnesses William White John Gillman & Ellyn JonesPR 421 of 588
25/04/1614Thomas Adey witnesses Thomas Badmonton Thomas Adey Alice BrewtonPR 421 of 588
01/05/1614Robert Walker witnesses Robart Smart John Thomas als Tayler Anne WoodPR 421 of 588
05/04/1614Anne Fowler witnesses William White Dorathey Neale & Ann SmythePR 421 of 588
12/06/1614Richard Agborne witnesses Thomas Greeninge John Stones & Elizabeth LynckePR 421 of 588
19/06/1614Thomas Brewton witnesses Thomas Tayler William Grafton Mary HuntePR 422 of 588
19/06/1614Rachell Jones witnesses Dorathie Lyncke Dorathie Gwatkines Edward ThurstonPR 422 of 588
04/09/1614John Adey witnesses John Bennet Thomas Alldume and Edey Bennett.PR 422 of 588
04/09/1614Johane Parker witnesses Thomas Patche Johane Patche & Agnes Patche.PR 422 of 588
04/09/1614Agnes Gayner of Fawfield at Tortworth witnesses Richard Myllard Agnes Warner Welthian WethwindPR 422 of 588
02/10/1614Thomas Whitfield witnesses Thomas Tawyer Phillip Wither & Joane Tanner.PR 422 of 588
19/10/1614John Hill witnesses Thomas Adey John Alpas & Katherin PearcePR 423 of 588
23/10/1614John Brewton witnesses John Adey Thomas Parker and Margery ThurstonPR 423 of 588
23/10/1614Katherin Cotey witnesses Roger Reede Brydget Edwards & Dorathie LynckePR 423 of 588
30/10/1614Thomas Rickets witnesses Thomas Prege William Jones & Martha RymerPR 423 of 588
05/11/1614Nathaniell Whitey witnesses John Thurston William White and Mrs SprintePR 423 of 588
13/11/1614John Tawyer witnesses James Eddys Richard Wicksteed & Agnes SannesPR 423 of 588
13/11/1614Allexander Brynckworthwitnesses Allexander Neale John Barton & Mrs AtwellsPR 423 of 588
20/11/1614William Harris witnesses William Lyncke John Holbrocke & Jane ChampniesPR 423 of 588
20/11/1614Alice Barton witnesses William Walker Alice Selcoke & Mary WickesPR 423 of 588
27/11/1614Sara Beven witnesses Richard Barton & Johane Morris & Joice TurnerPR 423 of 588
04/12/1614Arthur Butler witnesses Thomas Collemore John Collens & Katherin CollePR 424 of 588
04/12/1614Anne Stones witnesses William Myllmay Bridgett Smyth & Margery ThurstonPR 424 of 588
18/12/1614Roger Cowlston witnesses Roger Forde Roger Searche & Elizabeth GriffinePR 424 of 588
05/02/1614Elizabeth Steevens witnesses Richard Greening Elizabeth Lyncke & Elizabeth SheppardPR 424 of 588
09/02/1614John Ayler witnesses John Phevian John Callaway & Martha BakerPR 424 of 588
13/02/1614Gyles Alday witnesses Gyles Bantena Peeter Tyler & Mrs Ann HarresPR 425 of 588
13/02/1614Elizabeth Andruse witnesses John Orchard Elizabeth Jenckines & Elizabeth MarshePR 425 of 588
01/03/1614John Grafton witnesses John Jones Thomas Jones and Johane Patche.PR 425 of 588
09/03/1614Johane Harvest witnesses William Lewis Johane Shipman & Joice HarrisPR 425 of 588
02/04/1615Henry Searche witnesses Henry Hedgges John Howell & Johane MartymorePR 425 of 588
02/04/1615Henry Hewes witnesses John Adey John Stones & Agnes PitcherPR 425 of 588
30/04/1615John Rendowe witnesses John Phevian John west and Mary HickesPR 425 of 588
30/04/1615Thomas Steevensa Base Child of Alice Steevens witnesses Thomas Abeven William Martm? (Martmer) & Elizabeth HicksPR 426 of 588
06/05/1615Nicholas Lewis witnesses Nicholas Tyndoll David Lewis & Johane Russell.PR 426 of 588
04/06/1615Elizabeth Hopkines als Seaburne witnesses John Lovewell Johane Whitefield Mary WaytePR 426 of 588
08/06/1615John Plomer witnesses Thomas Dymery William Crewe & Edyth HickesPR 426 of 588
25/06/1615Thomas Martymore witnesses Thomas Dymery William Crew & Edith HickesPR 426 of 588
25/06/1615Anne Hill witnesses William White Mrs Anne Bradston & Elyne Jones.PR 426 of 588
02/07/1615Aron Sprint witnesses Mr Richard Atwells Thomas Greminge & Mylisent WearePR 426 of 588
02/07/1615Johane Howell witnesses Henry Wither Mary Longe and Margery ThurstonPR 426 of 588
16/07/1615Josepth Hooppar witnesses Mr John Sprint vickar Anthony Hooppar & Elizabeth LynckePR 426 of 588
16/07/1615John Baynham witnesses Richard Fowler William Williams als Taberer & Agnes DyerPR 426 of 588
16/07/1615Rebecca Denninge witnesses John Champnies Alice Hobbes Eline BadmontonPR 426 of 588
23/07/1615Ruth Lawrence Als Lorrear witnesses John Pullen Margeret Houlder And Agnes ChampniesPR 426 of 588
06/08/1615John Lane witnesses John Jones William Lewis & Johane JoanesPR 427 of 588
20/08/1615John Dogyne witnesses John Reede Katherine Seaburne als Hopkines & Elizabeth AlpasPR 427 of 588
27/08/1615Anne Smyth witnesses John Edwards Joice Longe Joane AlpasPR 427 of 588
27/08/1615Margery Jones witnesses Henry Doodinge Alice Jones & Julian HobbsPR 427 of 588
07/09/1615Elizabeth West witnesses John Adey Elizabeth Sheppard & Tybboll Tanner.PR 427 of 588
24/09/1615John Jones witnesses Charle Griffine William Lewes Joane MylmayPR 427 of 588
24/09/1615William Gayner witnesses William Crendoll Richard Champnies Alice GaynerPR 427 of 588
24/09/1615William Woolfe witnesses William Morton John Grove & Judeth Jones.PR 427 of 588
25/09/1615George Lewis witnesses John Jones David Lewis and Anne Tavyer.PR 427 of 588
01/10/1615Griffine Curteys witnesses Edward Tawyer Thomas Baynham & Cicley HarrisPR 427 of 588
01/10/1615James Poope witnesses John Edwards Henry Marshe & Johane PatchePR 427 of 588
14/10/1615Robert Scote witnesses Thomas Scote Richard Brower & Margaret FriendePR 428 of 588
14/10/1615Richard Thomas witnesses John Whitfield John Sheppard Joice WitherPR 428 of 588
22/10/1615Richard Whitfield witnesses Richard Russell Phillip Wither & Joane LawrencePR 428 of 588
29/10/1615Elizabeth Lyncke witnesses John Champnies Cicley Holbrocke & Ellyne JonesPR 428 of 588
01/11/1615Daniell Hichman from Fawfield witnesses John Tyladams Robert Hopkines & Margarett ReevePR 428 of 588
05/11/1615Humphrie Peache witnesses Phillipp Wither William Boyce & Ellyn Badmonton.PR 428 of 588
26/11/1615Thomas Yeven witnesses Thomas Tayler George Nysbeie & Mary Wollfe.PR 428 of 588
03/12/1615John Smyth witnesses John Wilshire James Eddys & Katherin WissePR 428 of 588
10/12/1615Robert Stones witnesses John Stones William Banton & Mary BrownePR 428 of 588
17/12/1615Mary Fowler witnesses Mr John Lawrence Mrs Mary Robes & Alice GreningePR 428 of 588
17/12/1615Joane Crendoll witnesses John Whitfield Joane Jobbines & Johane TannerPR 429 of 588
20/12/1615William WilliamsWilliam Williams came from Newent to markett & his wife was deliverd here. witnesses was William Sheppard William Picher & Alice AsshalldePR 429 of 588
20/12/1615William Leghge from fawfield att Rockhampton witnesses William Russell Henry Hichman & Anne BurchallPR 429 of 588
20/12/1615Issabell Powell witnesses Guy Lawrence Dorathie Gwathines & Agnes PatchePR 429 of 588
07/01/1615Thomas Collymore witnesses Thomas Whitfield Thomas Collymor & Margaret GaynerPR 429 of 588
07/01/1615Peeter Battesa base Childe of Elizabeth Battes witnesses Peeter Cheesman John Alpas & Ellyne TylerPR 429 of 588
21/01/1615Elyner Sylcoks witnesses John Gilburde Elyner Barton & Elyner JonesPR 429 of 588
21/01/1615Elyner Brydge of Fawfield at Tortworth witnesses Thomas Skay Elyner Crabbe & Mary Tylladames.PR 429 of 588
28/01/1615Elizabeth Brewton from Fawfieldwitnesses John Taylor Alice Gayner & Agnes CoockePR 429 of 588
04/02/1615William Godden witnesses William Scote George Weeckes & Johane MarshePR 430 of 588
04/02/1615Katherin Harvest witnesses John Tawyer Katherine Tawyer & Johane AddamesPR 430 of 588
11/02/1615Robert Stones witnesses Henry Smyth William Stones & Mary HoopparPR 430 of 588
15/02/1615Elizabeth Williams als Tabererwitnesses Guy Lawrence Elizabeth Griffine and Katherin Williams als Taberer.PR 430 of 588
18/02/1615Richard Worlocke witnesses Thomas Worlocke John Farr & Mary LongePR 430 of 588
18/02/1615Elizabeth Webbe witnesses William Barton Elizabeth Caple & Elizabeth Bradston.PR 430 of 588
18/02/1615Mary Marshe witnesses Thomas Badmonton Mary Wishe & Mary Longe.PR 430 of 588
22/02/1615Anne Ayler witnesses Giles Rendoll Anne Weckes & Margeret SmythPR 430 of 588
03/03/1615Ralfe Walker witnesses John West John Steevens & Elizabeth TylerPR 430 of 588
03/03/1615Orian Gylbard witnesses Mr Thomas Hill Mrs Orian Tyndale & Mrs Elnor CaplePR 430 of 588
03/03/1615Mary Greeninge witnesses Thomas Greening Elizabeth Greeninge & Mary LongePR 430 of 588
16/03/1615Richard Pryarsa base Childe of Christian Pryers witnesses Richard Coocke Richard Kinge & Agnes SannesPR 431 of 588
16/03/1615Richard Lydiatta base childe of Margaret Lydiatt witnesses Richard Prior Thomas Coocke & Johane PhillipsPR 431 of 588
17/03/1615Sacarias Shynner witnesses Brice Well Robart Hobbes and Margaret PryorPR 431 of 588
31/03/1616Samuell Lyncke witnesses Mr.Samuell Neale Mr John Sprinte vicker of the pishe & Alice EddysPR 431 of 588
01/04/1616Anne Brewton witnesses John Jones Mrs Anne Bradstone and Elizabeth EddysPR 431 of 588
02/04/1616William Addes witnesses William White John Holbrocke and Johane LynckePR 431 of 588
07/04/1616John Lynton witnesses Mr Thomas Tyndale Mr Walter Hill & Mrs Dorathie Whynnyard.PR 431 of 588
07/04/1616William Walker witnesses William Lewes Robart Bydggood & Thomason BussherPR 431 of 588
21/04/1616Josepth Pollen witnesses Samuell Brownynge Nicholas Tyndoll & Jane HowellPR 431 of 588
12/05/1616Elizabeth Longe witnesses Christopher Hickes Joane Searche & Anges HowellPR 432 of 588
25/05/1616Elizabeth Kinge witnesses John Adey Alice Peaseley & Margaret Ogborne.PR 432 of 588
26/05/1616Mr. John Lawrence witnesses Mr John Walter Thomas Richards & Mrs Anne Lawrence.PR 432 of 588
26/05/1616John Holbrocke witnesses John Barron John Grove & Johane Holbrocke.PR 432 of 588
09/06/1616Thomas Harris witnesses Mr. Thomas Tyndale Mr Thomas Veale & Mrs Dorathie WhyniardPR 432 of 588
09/06/1616Alice Alpas witnesses Richard Smyth Alice Pylcoke & Alic WalkerPR 432 of 588
16/06/1616John Barton witnesses Edward Bracey Henry Marshe & Martha WebbePR 432 of 588
16/06/1616Robart Man witnesses John Godden Henry Hewes & Katherine WhitePR 432 of 588
14/07/1616Henry Brewton witnesses Henry Elliet Robert Elliet and Elizabeth GriffinePR 433 of 588
14/07/1616John Nesbey witnesses John Browne Thomas Browne & Elizabeth PowellPR 433 of 588
27/07/1616Thomas Jones witnesses Thomas Patch Willia Lynck & Rachel FloidPR 433 of 588
04/08/1616Elizabeth Wallis witnesses Henry Dowdin Elizabeth Jones & Mary KellaweyPR 433 of 588
09/08/1616Mary Stevens witnesses John Palmer minister Mawde Parker and Elizabeth LynckPR 433 of 588
01/09/1616Agnes Stones witnesses Thomas Matt? (Mattes) Agnes Orchard & Alis WickomPR 434 of 588
01/09/1616Elizabeth Wither witnesses John Ady, Joane Marsh & Margery ThurstonPR 434 of 588
29/09/1616Georg Aldey witnesses Willa Aldey Willm Cooke & Elizabeth Alpas.PR 434 of 589
13/10/1616Frederick Badmanton witnesses Thomas Tayer Francis Tayer & Joane ShipmanPR 434 of 590
13/10/1616John Powell witnesses; John Alpas Willia Sheppard & Joane Longe.PR 434 of 591
13/10/1616Elizabeth Crome witnesses John Howell Elizabeth Lynck & Agnes StonesPR 434 of 592
27/10/1616John Hickes witnesses, John Baynam, John Fidler & Mary KellaweyPR 434 of 593
27/10/1616Ellen Hill witnesses, Robert Bidggood, Joane Serch & Alice Walker.PR 435 of 588
10/11/1616Willa Pavier witnesses Willm Martymer Thomas Cooke & Margaret Rome.PR 435 of 588
17/11/1616Richard Draper witnesses Richard Grove, John Champneis & Joane PatchPR 435 of 588
01/12/1616Richard Fowler & Henry Fowler Two. sonnes at one birth of Richard Fowler, witnesses to Richard the elder Richard Banton, Edward Longe & Margery Wheeler, witnesses to Henry the younger, John Tayer John Alpas, & Elizabeth Wheeler.PR 435 of 588
08/12/1616Richard Jonsons witnesses, Richard Gyllam John Adye & Atris PatchPR 435 of 588
18/12/1616Dorothie Baker witnesses Willa Bridges Esquier Mrs Dorothy Stafford & Mrs Dorothie WhinniardPR 436 of 588
25/12/1616Elizabeth Fowler witnesses, John Reson, Elizabeth Jones & Joyce HarrisPR 436 of 588
02/01/1616Isack Sprint witnesses, John Palmer mymister, Robert Hobbes & Millycent WearePR 436 of 588
12/01/1616Jane Collyns witnesses Thomas Cole, Jane Smith & Alice GaynerPR 436 of 588
22/01/1616Samuell Jones witnesses, Nicholas Wisse, Willa Lewse, & Agnes DowdenPR 436 of 588
04/02/1616Agnes Colston witnesses, David Lewse, Joane West & Margaret FowlerPR 436 of 588
04/02/1616Josias Poresa base Child of Morris Pores daughter in law witnesses, Richard Rode John White & Mary Walker.PR 436 of 588
09/02/1616William Fowler witnesses, Guy Lawient John Baker & Agnes Tayer.PR 436 of 588
09/02/1616John Cooksee witnesses, John Comers, David Lewse, & Joane Hall.PR 437 of 588
09/02/1616Cicely Harvest witnesses Richard Fidler, Cicely Tayer & Joane Barton.PR 437 of 588
16/02/1616John Jones witnesses John Jones, John Serch & Alice Eddis.PR 437 of 588
16/02/1616Cicely Lewse witnesses Willm Dole, Joane Barton, & Ellen Lewse.PR 437 of 588
02/03/1616Jane Kellaweywitnesses Thomas Ady, Mary Baker & Jane Gwatkins.PR 437 of 588
02/03/1616Agnes Nash witnesses Roger Tanner, Agnes Tayer & Agnes JonesPR 437 of 588
09/03/1616Agnes Pitcher witnesses, Willm Sheppard Agnes Boyce & Elizabeth Smith.PR 437 of 588
16/03/1616Joane Hews witnesses, Robert Hews, Joane Patch & Elizabeth Sheppard.PR 437 of 588
30/03/1617Edith Scott witnesses, John Francomb Judith Tayer & Edith Scott.PR 437 of 588
06/04/1617Joane Dymery witnesses, John Dodgen, Joane Draper & Joane WilcokePR 437 of 588
13/04/1617Willm Parker witnesses, Willm Jones, Willm Fowler & Mary Grove.PR 437 of 588
27/04/1617Thomas Smith witnesses, Thomas Alday Thomas Smith & Agnes Stones.PR 438 of 588
11/05/1617Martha Gayner of Falfieldat Tortworth witnesses, Thomas Gayner Edith Hendy, & Elizab: Cole.PR 438 of 588
29/05/1617Christian Haynes witnesses Mr Rogber Caple, Mrs Morse, & Alice Selcoke.PR 438 of 588
25/06/1617Mary Cullymore witnesses, Thomas Clarke, Joane Clark, & Mary Welles.PR 438 of 588
29/06/1617Robert Lewse witnesses, Robert Lewse, Willia Lewse, & Cicely Tayer.PR 438 of 588
10/08/1617Joane Hobes witnesses Arter Hobes Joane Richman & Margeret WickesPR 439 of 588
24/08/1617Thomas Whitfild witnessies Tho:Jones Jo: Jones & Elizabeth BakerPR 439 of 588
31/08/1617Estance Bowser witnessies Roger Capll Eustanc Wenland & Elmer HarbartePR 439 of 588
13/09/1617Abegalle Purlen witnessies Nicholas Hobes Joane Grening and Joane JonesPR 439 of 588
28/09/1617Robbart Butler witnessies Robt Wyshc Rowland Higkens & Jelian LarranchPR 439 of 588
05/10/1617Guye Lawrence Richard Agrove Edward Bracy and Catherin Patch witnessesPR 439 of 588
19/11/1617William Marsh William White John Baker and Agnes Tayer witnessesPR 439 of 588
23/11/1617John Search John Barton John Johnes and Allice Heill witnessesPR 439 of 588
30/11/1617Bridget Curtisse Maurise Hancoke Catherine Tayer Joyce Harrisse witnessesPR 440 of 588
07/12/1617Marie Adie Maurisse Bennet Joanne Patch Agnes Longe witnessesPR 440 of 588
12/12/1617Guye SellcokRoger Capell g Richard Haynes and Christian Moorse gtwnPR 440 of 588
14/12/1617Henrie Lawrence James Lawrence Gilles Clarke Agnes Clarke witnessesPR 440 of 588
18/12/1617John Andrewis John Baker John Hollbrock Allice Taberer wiitnessesPR 440 of 588
28/12/1617Thomas Goaffe Edward Longe Robart Fomkegt? Joanne Long witnessesPR 440 of 588
28/12/1617Katterine Lyddyet William Mortimar Joane Morrisse Catterine Best WitnessesPR 440 of 588
04/01/1617Joanne AdieJohn Pendock Katterin Sanns Allice Aadaye witnessesPR 440 of 588
11/01/1617Allice Gayner Thomas Danisse Joanne Johnes Allice Hopkines witnessesPR 440 of 588
18/01/1617Frannces Jayne Frannces Tayer John Hardine Margret Brendell witnesPR 440 of 588
25/01/1617Bridget Worlock Robart Fowke Joyce Baylie and Joanne Barton witnessesPR 441 of 588
25/01/1617Thomas Coppyn of Olldberie John Reede Thomas Baylie & Margret Howell? WitnessesPR 441 of 588
25/01/1617Joanne Hill Richard Tayer Joane Search Joanne TayerPR 441 of 588
15/02/1617Cordelia Badmenton Frandinando Tayer Agnes Tayer and Sisley Tayer witnessesPR 441 of 588
15/02/1617John Stones John Smyth Edward Thursston Judeth Foster witnessesPR 441 of 588
15/02/1617Henrie Baynam Henrie Marshe Henrie Johnes Sislye Harrisse wtPR 441 of 588
06/03/1617A base Chilldeof Meribell Nealle Samuell Nealle gt Elizabeth Lynke Allice MaciePR 441 of 588
15/03/1617Agnes Parker Thomas Thurner Agnes Pecher Joanne Mannssell wtPR 441 of 588
22/03/1617John Addes John West John Pendock and Johne Lynke witnessesPR 441 of 588
22/03/1617Agnes Pooape James Danisse Joane Longe Joanne Shepheard witPR 441 of 588
29/03/1618Margret White John Parker and Joanne Berrie Elizabeth Moore witnessesPR 441 of 588
05/04/1618A base Chillde of Agnes DownieJohn Wither Marie Richmond Lewsie Draper witnessPR 442 of 588
12/04/1618Martha Johnes John Johnes Allice Baker and Martha Baker witnessesPR 442 of 588
12/04/1618Joanne Weeb John Search Joane Johnes Joanne Lynke witnessesPR 442 of 588
03/04/1618Anne Foster John West Agnes Thorne Agnes Callson witnessesPR 442 of 588
07/05/1618John Lawrence John Champnies William White Margerie LynkePR 442 of 588
17/05/1618John Dodgin Robar Wish gt William Whyte Joanne Barton witnessesPR 442 of 588
17/05/1618Elizabeth Hill Fradinando Tayer Judeth Tayer and Anne Russell witnessesPR 443 of 588
26/05/1618Davyd Thomas at Falfield Thomas Tendall gt Nicholas Stinchcomb Orien Tendall gtwo witnessesPR 443 of 588
26/05/1618Samuell Dosswell John Crab Thomas Pyke Elizabeth PhillipsPR 443 of 588
07/06/1618Marie Gillbard John Curtisse gt Marie Tendell gtwon Judeth Gwatkine gtwon witnessePR 443 of 588
14/06/1618Anne Barton John Adie Ann Wenland gtwo Elline Griffen witnessePR 443 of 588
14/06/1618Rebecck Peach John Hollbrook Catterine Bayce Yeddeth Hyginbottom witnessPR 443 of 588
10/07/1618Elizabeth Graften Thomas Cooke Agnes Smyth Catterne Parker witnessesPR 444 of 588
19/07/1618Elizabeth Burd Phillip Harrisse Anne ?avester gtwo Elizabeth Joanes witnessesPR 444 of 588
09/08/1618Marie Addems William Shephard Joanne Maris Anne Russell witnessesPR 444 of 588
23/08/1618Marie Martimor John Skay ElizabethPhillipes Joanne Howell witnessesPR 444 of 588
06/09/1618Marie Peerse Nicholas Wisse gt Marie Wisse gtwn Elline Johnes witnessePR 444 of 588
13/09/1618William Wallker?William Lynke John Johnes? Joane Johnes and Joanne Dyper witnessesPR 444 of 588
04/10/1618Johne? Williams ais Taberer Roger Serch Robart Brewton Jolian Lawrence witPR 445 of 588
04/10/1618Joanne Baker Aurthor Champnies Joanne Groave Allice Thorne witnessesPR 445 of 588
20/10/1618John Bager A base Chillde of Allice Bager John Lester Thomas Lester Allice Lawrence witnessesPR 445 of 588
01/11/1618Edward Draper Edward Dyer John Collines and Elizabeth Demock witnessesPR 445 of 588
08/11/1618Aurthor Addems James Eddesse Robart Nealle Jane DennisonPR 445 of 588
08/11/1618Marie Stones William Myllmay Joane Patch Marie Thurner witnessesPR 445 of 588
08/11/1618Elizabeth Krandell? Roger Tanner Elizabeth Allpas Phillip Peasley witnessesPR 445 of 588
15/11/1618James Howell William Lynke John Howell Bridget PkerPR 445 of 588
22/11/1618William Lawrence William Prentisse William Fowler Anne Lawrence witnessesPR 445 of 588
22/11/1618Ann Wither Robart Godfree Elizabeth Lynke and Elizabeth Stones witnessesPR 445 of 588
22/11/1618Andrewe Legg Andrewe Thomas Thomas Wallker and Jane Earlle witnessesPR 445 of 588
29/11/1618Anne Collson William Lynke Anne Thurston and Joanne Groave witnessesPR 445 of 588
26/12/1618John Plomer John Longe John Brewton Elline Griffen witnessesPR 446 of 588
06/01/1618Zachens Munkes Richard Smyth Nicholas Hobbes Jane Champnies witnessesPR 446 of 588
07/02/1618Elizabeth Baynam William Baynam Allice Baynam Theophilus Pendock witnessesPR 446 of 588
16/02/1618A Base Chillde of Joanne PoollineJohn Gillbard Doritie Neeille and Doriteie Wenland witnessesPR 446 of 588
18/02/1618Sara West Henrie Lynke Joanne Johnes Margret Burd witnesPR 446 of 588
21/02/1618Margret Hichmand of FalfieldThomas Jenkines Margret Olliffe Anne Russell witnessesPR 446 of 588
07/03/1618Joanne Whitfilld John Whitfilld Joanne Rider gtwon Joyce Wither WitnessesPR 446 of 588
14/03/1618Robart Hawkesworth Robert Poynth Esquire Thomas Tendell gt and Doritie Stafford gtwon witnessPR 446 of 588
14/03/1618Marie Mauncell Thomas Pyke Joanne Fidler Agnes Andlum witnessesPR 447 of 588
14/03/1618Elizabeth Morgan Robart Godfree Joanne Howell and Elizabeth Stones witnessesPR 447 of 588
20/03/1618Allice Gusollde als Matrines Richard Walker Allice Sellcok and Elline Johnes witnessesPR 447 of 588
21/03/1618Agnes Tayler Robart Griffen Prudent Griffen and Agnes Ayler witnessesPR 447 of 588
26/03/1619Cordelia Skiner Thomas Fidler Elline Badmenton Yeddeth Gentell witnessesPR 447 of 588
04/04/1619Marie Hollbrock Henrie Marsh Joanne Lynke Allice Williams WitnessesPR 447 of 588
08/04/1619Mary Lenton wittnesses Thomas Felle gent Dorothy Whyneard & Oriana TyndallPR 447 of 588
11/04/1619John Brooke wittnesses John Hewes Richard Thurner & Joyce Wythers.PR 447 of 588
11/04/1619William Higgins witnesses Edward Higgins Samuell Bull & Edyth SheildPR 447 of 588
18/04/1619Mary Andreaswitnesses Jonn Stones Mary Long & Joane WytherPR 447 of 588
02/05/1619Anne Haines wittnesses Thomas Felle Anne Trotman & Oriana TyndallPR 447 of 588
02/05/1619John Fowler wittnesses Arthur Jordan William Moorton and Joane BracyPR 447 of 588
09/05/1619John Purlyn wittnesses John Champneys William Champneys & Anges ChampneysPR 447 of 588
09/05/1619Richard Dymmery witnesses Richard Hobbs Edward Long and Elizabeth SheapardPR 448 of 588
15/05/1619Richard Johson wittnesses Richard Tayer John Richman and Elizabeth SpencerPR 448 of 588
24/05/1619Roger Morris wittnesses John Byrde Warren Marsh & Elizabeth MoorePR 448 of 588
26/05/1619Richard Millard wittnesses Richard Gaynor Thomas Ady and Anys JennynesPR 448 of 588
30/05/1619Thomas Webb wittnesses Thomas Webb William Lynck and Johan SearchPR 448 of 588
13/06/1619William Hicks William Mortimore George Foster & Margarett Wallys WittnessesPR 448 of 588
16/06/1619Allice Fydler wittnesses Richard Fydler Johan Fydler & Alice DymeryPR 448 of 588
04/07/1619James Davis wittnesses Edward Tayer Willm Thurner and Anne Tayer.PR 448 of 588
11/07/1619Margaret Fowler wittnesses John Lenton Agnes Colston and Mary Kinge.PR 448 of 588
12/07/1619Roger Search wittnesses Guy Selcocks John Search and Mary HaynesPR 448 of 588
15/07/1619A bace childe of Mary Tylladdamswittnesses Willm Sheapard Henry Thurston & Alice ThornePR 448 of 588
18/07/1619Elenor Abeven wittnesses Thomas Colston Elenor Harrold & Elizabeth HollesterPR 449 of 588
25/07/1619Elenor Manne wittnesses John Brewton Elenor Godfrey & Agnes DunfordPR 449 of 588
25/07/1619Elizabeth Lane wittnesses Thomas Edmonds Katheryn Sands & Elynor AlpasPR 449 of 588
01/08/1619Johan Thomas wittnesses Eustace Wenland gent Joyce Harris & Ellen BadmyntonPR 449 of 588
29/08/1619William Lynck wittnesses John Jones Davyd Lewis & Martha BakerPR 449 of 588
05/09/1619Mary Hewes wittnesses Richard Whyte Oriana Tyndall & Anne WenlandPR 449 of 588
12/09/1619Gyles May wittnesses Henry Smyth Gyles Alderidge & Jane HowellPR 449 of 588
16/09/1619Gyles Lawrence wittnesses John Clark Robert Clark & Johan JonesPR 449 of 588
19/09/1619Margarett Parnell wittnesses Arthur Hicks Margarett Haines & Johan LawrencePR 449 of 588
10/10/1619Samuell Linck wittnesses Eustace Wenland gent Thomas Patch & Alyce NealePR 449 of 588
17/10/1619Willm Stones wittnesses Robert Stones Richard Orchard & Johan RussellPR 449 of 588
17/10/1619Anne Smyth wittnesses William Morton Anne Lawrence & Joyce HarrysPR 449 of 588
24/10/1619Thomas Fry wittnesses Thomas Cambe gent Edward Parmyter gent and Margaret LowlePR 449 of 588
30/10/1619Saraah Martymor from Falefeild wittnesses John Phillipps Allyce Tylladdams and Johan HowellPR 449 of 588
31/10/1619Samuell Collyns wittnesses John Wenell John Gayner and Margarett SmythPR 449 of 588
14/11/1619Johan Manwell wittnesses Willm Richman Johan Hewes and Johan BartonPR 450 of 588
18/11/1619Ursula Tayer wittnesses Gyles wittnesses Gyles Wheeler Ursula Tayer and Secilly DavysPR 450 of 588
25/11/1619Johan Bayneham wittnesses Richard Williams Margaret Forde and Alyce BartonPR 450 of 588
28/11/1619Elizabeth Dyer wittnesses William Gwatkyns gent Ursula Atwell & Elizabeth WilcocksPR 450 of 588
26/12/1619Richard Hopkins wittnesses Willm Thurner John Barton and Johan PatchPR 450 of 588
02/01/1619Davyd Lewys wittnesses Thomas Wade Willm Lewys and Ellen LewysPR 450 of 588
02/01/1619Elizabeth Parker wittnesses Edward Tayer Allyce Eddys and Elizabeth ClarkePR 450 of 588
02/01/1619Anne Jones wittnesses Davyd Pryce Edward Hobbes and Judyth Tayer.PR 450 of 588
23/01/1619Mary Denning witnesses John Champneys Mary Grove and Mary Wayte.PR 450 of 588
23/01/1619William JonesA bace chylde of Alyce Jones wittnesses Willm Martimor Willm Cowley & Johan Stephens PR 450 of 588
30/01/1619Franncys Lewys wittnesses Franncis Tayer William Linke? and Johan HardingPR 450 of 588
30/01/1619Ellen Jones wittnesses John Ady Ellen Barton and Ellen HewesPR 450 of 588
06/02/1619John Baker wittnesses Bryce Fydler William Walker and Elizabeth MoorePR 451 of 588
06/02/1619Elizabeth Pearce Wittnesses William Gwatkyns gent Anne Lawrence & Avys ByrtchPR 451 of 588
20/02/1619Wiliam Brewtony wittnesses Willm Lynck John Long & An WenlandPR 451 of 588
27/02/1619Elizabeth Parker witnesses Amy Lawrence Elizabeth Dymrey and Judyth HollwayPR 451 of 588
27/02/1619Henry Marsh wittnesses John Champneys Davyd Lewys & Johan RyderPR 451 of 588
05/03/1619John Curtys wittnesses Eustace Wenland gent Edward Thurston & Susanna Barenfild?PR 451 of 588
05/03/1619Edyth Orchard witnesses Barthelomew Gayner Edyth Skay & Alice BarnesPR 451 of 588
23/03/1619Sarah? Addys? Wittnesse Thomas Thorne Elizabeth Peryman & Johan BartonPR 451 of 588