Thornbury Baptisms 1620-1629

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Please be aware that these records are using a different calendar from the one we use today.  At this period the new year began towards the end of March. 

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling. Also be aware that different sources often show different spellings of names. Usually we have only provided one version of a name but in cases where the name is very different we have given an alternative name in brackets.

DateNameWitnesses & notesSource Image No
27/03/1620Nicholas Nisbey Wittnesses John Browne Thomas Browne and Edyth Tayler.PR 451 of 588
02/04/1620Katheren Baker the daughter of Arthur Baker wittnesses Richard Haynes gent Katheren Neale & Bridget ParkerPR 451 of 588
09/04/1620Thomas Harvest wittnesses Thomas Thorne Richard Taborer and Agnes SmythPR 451 of 588
23/04/1620John Byrde wittnesses John Pendock Edward Atwood & Katheren CullymorePR 451 of 588
23/04/1620Edward Dodgyn wittnesses Edward Long Edward Cheesman and Johan SheapardPR 452 of 588
24/04/1620Thomas Cullymorewitnesses Thomas Jones Thomas Whitfeild and Johan TannerPR 452 of 588
27/04/1620Johan Randell wittnesses Davyd Pryce Johan Holly and Margarett PearcePR 452 of 588
30/04/1620Thomas Jones wittnesses Edward Thurston William Whyte and Joyce JonesPR 452 of 588
07/05/1620Margery Alday witnesses Thomas Alpas Brydget Jones & Margery PhillippsPR 452 of 588
28/05/1620Mary Parkerwittnesses Robert Godfrey Elizabeth Sheapard and Johan PatchPR 452 of 588
28/05/1620Judyth Pope Wittnesses Willm Sympkins Elizabeth Sheapard and Judyth JonesPR 452 of 588
02/06/1620Mary Butler wittnesses Thomas Leister Agnes Smyth & Elizabeth CullymorePR 452 of 588
02/06/1620Richard Addamswittnesses William Fowler Guy Lawrence & Anne LawrencePR 452 of 588
04/06/1620Elizabeth Thurston witnesses Willm Gwatkyns gent Alice Baker and Agnes Orchard.PR 452 of 588
04/06/1620Thomas Cockseywittnesses Thomas Lawrence Willm Hicks and Margarett AtwoodPR 452 of 588
25/06/1620Franncis Brittenwittnesses Franncis Tayer An Tayer and Margarett BryttenPR 452 of 588
16/07/1620Robert Stones witnesses Richard Smyth Maryce? Hooper? and Katheren? SmythPR 452 of 588
20/07/1620Zachariah Sprintthe son of John Sprint our? Minister Wittnesses Peeter Wear Jonn Smyth and Anne PalmerPR 453 of 588
30/07/1620Brydget Pearse wittnesses John Alpas Cecilly Harrys & Edyth SmythPR 453 of 588
03/08/1620Anne Jones wittnesses John Jones Margery Jones and Johan JonesPR 453 of 588
20/08/1620William Taylerwittnesses Guy Lawrence Willm Dalley and Johan DalleyPR 453 of 588
24/08/1620Jane Cook Wittnesses Thomas Gayner Ellen Cullymore and Johan WytherPR 453 of 588
31/08/1620Elizabeth Hall from Falefeild wittnesses Thomas Skay Alice Boy & Elizabeth StockPR 453 of 588
03/09/1620Elizabeth Gaynerwittnesses Andrew Thomas Joane Gayner and Agnes LawrencePR 453 of 588
24/09/1620Mary Whitfeild wittnesses William Edwards gent Mary Robes and Brydgett ParkerPR 453 of 588
24/09/1620Mary Gaynerfrom Falefeild Wittnesses Richard Warner? Margarett Yewen & Elizabeth LeachPR 453 of 588
24/09/1620Johan Marshwittnesses William Ogborne Johan Tanner & Johan MillardPR 453 of 588
01/10/1620John Heweswittnesses John Thurston John Frend & Ellen BartonPR 453 of 588
01/10/1620William Popewittnesses Edward Long Thomas Cole & Alyce BrewtonPR 453 of 588
01/10/1620Johan Williams wittnesses Thomas Smyth Ellen Williams and Johan StinchcombePR 453 of 588
01/10/1620John Brownewittnesses John Burde John Bennett & Johan ShipmanPR 453 of 588
05/10/1620John Cooke wittnesses John Pillipps Richard ?ho? & Margaret HillPR 453 of 588
12/11/1620Johan Colstonwittnesses John West Johan Thomas & Johan AddamsPR 454 of 588
12/11/1620Johan Myllard wittnesses John Purlyn Johan Williams & Johan JonesPR 454 of 588
19/11/1620Henry Jaynewittnesses Henry Reeve John Harding & Johan HardingPR 454 of 588
26/11/1620Henry LydeatWittnesses John Search Thomas Lydeat and Margaret Beedggood.PR 454 of 588
10/12/1620Thomas Brueton from Falefeild wittnesses Thomas Pullen Bartholomew Gayner & Ellen LeggPR 454 of 588
17/12/1620John Bull wittnesses John Bull John Frend & An Moorton.PR 454 of 588
24/12/1620Alyce Bayneham wittnesses Henry Hewes Alice Ockford and Margarett CroomePR 454 of 588
30/12/1620William Scott wittnesses William Fowler Willm Whyte and Elizabeth SmythPR 454 of 588
07/01/1620Mary Fry Witnesses William Edwards gent Elizabeth Sprint & Elenor PykePR 454 of 588
14/01/1620Anne Hicks Wittnesses John Alpas Edyth Scott & Agnes WilliamsPR 454 of 588
21/01/1620William Hawksworthwittnesses William Barton John Lorde and Dorothy VealePR 454 of 588
21/01/1620Dorothy Hawksworth wittnesses Thomas Weele gent Judyth Thurston and Jane GwatkynsPR 455 of 588
28/01/1620John Davyswittnesses John Tayer Robert Fookes & Alice HarvestPR 455 of 588
28/01/1620Henry AdyWittnesses Thomas Cock Richard Pytcher & Elizabeth SheapardPR 455 of 588
11/02/1620Thomas Fowler wittnesses Thomas Tayer Gyles Wheeler & Agnes SmythPR 455 of 588
18/02/1620Mary Search Witnesses Willm Walker Joane Wiliams & Johan HowellPR 455 of 588
18/02/1620Elizabeth Crundall wittnesses [blank] Elizabeth Jayne & Elllen MayoPR 455 of 588
25/02/1620William Draper? wittnesses Nicholas Tyndall John Bell & Mary Briggs.PR 455 of 588
25/02/1620John Peach Witnesses Gyles Wheeler Thomas Fydler and Johan SmythPR 455 of 588
08/03/1620Mary Weillys wittnesses John Holbrooke Ellen Jones & Margery JonesPR 455 of 588
15/03/1620Richard Bowser Wyttnesses James Davys Arthur Baker & Margery JonesPR 455 of 588
18/03/1620Anne Longe Wittnesses Peter Hicks Anne Wenland & Alyce BrewtonPR 455 of 588
25/03/1620Melborow Hayneswittnesses Richard Atwells gent Margaret Poole and Mary HainesPR 455 of 588
02/04/1621Alyce Morrys wittnesses James Eddys Alyce Hopkyns & Martha BakerPR 455 of 588
05/04/1621Robert May Wittnesses Robert Fookes Willm Sheapard & Ellen AtkynsPR 455 of 588
08/04/1621Johan Pitcher wittnesses Willm Tanner Johan Sheapard & Johan SansomPR 455 of 588
08/04/1621Mary Mansell witnesses Edward Webb Joane Lovell & Elizabeth StranggerPR 455 of 588
15/04/1621John Curtys wittnesses Edward Parker Willm Tanner & Mary WhitfeildPR 455 of 588
22/04/1621Robert Curnock at Tortworth from Falefeild wittnesses Robt Web John Curnock & Ellen CurnockPR 455 of 588
01/05/1621Johan Reevewittnesses Richard Dunster Elizabeth Reeve & Agnes JonesPR 456 of 588
06/05/1621Margarett Aylerwittnesses John Sellman Mary Search and Alyce LydeatPR 456 of 588
10/05/1621Saraah Plomer at Falefeild wittnesses John Poepell Alyce Boy and Elizabeth BerryPR 456 of 588
13/05/1621Elizabeth Whyte wittnesses Thomas Iles Elizabeth Moore and Johan JonesPR 456 of 588
20/05/1621Welfrey Tayer wittnesses Welfrey Tayer John Boyce and Katheren HurdPR 456 of 588
27/05/1621Nathaniell Purlen wittnesses John Parker Nicholas Hobbes and Margery LynckPR 456 of 588
03/06/1621John Howell wittnesses John Howell William Stones and Johan WytherPR 456 of 588
24/06/1621George Hendyfrom Falefeild wittnesses George Buck Willm Crew & Elizabeth PhillippsPR 456 of 588
27/06/1621Richard Harvest wittnesses Richard Tayer Nicholas Tayer and Margarett BeddggoodPR 456 of 588
08/07/1621Thomas Graftonwitnesses John Barton Thomas Cocks and Katheren TayerPR 456 of 588
08/07/1621Elizabeth Smyth wittnesses John Jones Elizabeth Wilcocks and Elizabeth SheapardPR 456 of 588
25/07/1621Roger Wade Wittnesses Roger Search John Tayer & Alyce LawrencePR 457 of 588
12/08/1621William Tayler wittnesses Robert Fookes Thomas Ryder & Agnes GwatkynsPR 457 of 588
19/08/1621Thomas Latteridge witnesses Thomas Tayer John Russell & Mary KellawayPR 457 of 588
19/08/1621Bartholomew Tayer wittnesses John Curtys gent Thomas Parker and Alyce EddysPR 457 of 588
26/08/1621John Lynck from Oldbury wittnesses Hughe Hyatt William Hallom & Elizabeth JonesPR 457 of 588
02/09/1621Martha Gyles wittnesses Thomas Lydeat Martha Baker & Alyce AlpasPR 457 of 588
16/09/1621Dorothy Hyggins wittnesses Willm Sheild Amy Cowles & Elizabeth PhillippsPR 457 of 588
19/09/1621Anne Seymor wittnesses George Raymon Sebell Raymon & Anne LawrencePR 457 of 588
21/09/1621Edyth Smyth wittnesses John Goddyn Margarett Legg & Elizabeth SmythPR 457 of 588
28/09/1621Katheren Lawrence witnesses Thomas Lawrence Johan Shipman & Katheren PatchPR 457 of 588
30/09/1621Johan Barnes wittnesses Willm Gayner Johan Williams and Johan SearchPR 457 of 588
14/10/1621Elizabeth Hewat wittnesses Robert Long Willm Thurner and Johan PatchPR 458 of 588
14/10/1621Jane Fosterwittnesses John Sannders Cecylly Harris & Mary HollesterPR 458 of 588
21/10/1621Elner Franncis wittnesses Anthony Beeser Elenor Hedges & Alyce HopkynsPR 458 of 588
27/10/1621Johan Byrde wittnesses John Curtys gent Agnes Champneys and Elizabeth EddysPR 458 of 588
28/10/1621Saraah LawrenceWittnesses Robert Hobbes Martha Baker and Saraah ThurstonPR 458 of 588
01/11/1621John Beechgood wittnesses Thomas Tayler Richard Rowles and Elizabeth CookePR 458 of 588
01/11/1621Agnes Bydge wittnesses James Beedggood Agnes Brewton and Elizabeth ButlerPR 458 of 588
15/11/1621Richard Sellman wittnesses Richard Moore Anthohy Straing gent & Alyce SelcoksPR 458 of 588
18/11/1621John Wyther wittnessed John Andreas John Howell & Joane LongPR 458 of 588
25/11/1621Edmond Hewes wittnesses Willm Davys George Jee & Jooane LongPR 458 of 588
16/12/1621Authur Tailer wittnesses Thomas Dymery Thomas Barnes & Agnes HiggynsPR 458 of 588
16/12/1621Elizabeth Manwell Wittnesses James Myllard Jane Champneys and Ellen HarroldPR 458 of 588
23/12/1621John Frye wittnesses Ralphe Greene minister William Pullen & Elizabeth BurnellPR 459 of 588
03/01/1621Katheren Bayneham wittnesses John Moore Katheren Sympkyns and Ellen TaborerPR 459 of 588
06/01/1621Edward Thurston wittnesses James Hobbes John Champneys and Joane ThurstonPR 459 of 588
06/01/1621Katheren Addams wittnesses Thomas Lawrence Katheren Patch & Agnes TyndallPR 459 of 588
19/01/1621Nicholas Bakerthe son of Arthur Baker wittnesses John Baker Willm Whyte and Johan RyderPR 459 of 588
27/01/1621Mary Jones witnesses John Champneys Mary Grove and Alyce JonesPR 459 of 588
27/01/1621Mary Dyer wittnesses John Whitfeild Johan Tanner & Mary WhitfeildPR 459 of 588
31/01/1621Margaret Smyth witnesses William Myldemay John Williams and Agnes ChampneysPR 459 of 588
10/02/1621Jane Baker wittnesses John Hollester Jane Smyth & Jopane AddamsPR 459 of 588
23/02/1621Thomas Alday witnesses Thomas Colston Thomas Smyth & Johan AddamsPR 459 of 588
23/02/1621Margery Rendall witnesses James Holder Alice Holder & Elizabeth Moore.PR 459 of 588
03/03/1621John Tyler Wittnesses John Andrews John Tyler & Margery LawrencePR 459 of 588
03/03/1621John Marsh wittnesses John Russell Willm Davys & Mary RussellPR 459 of 588
03/03/1621Elizabeth Cole witnesses Richard Cole Elizabeth Sheapard & Margarett BeedggoodPR 459 of 588
03/03/1621Agnes Gough wittnesses Willm Martimer Elizabeth Gryffyn & Mary PytcherPR 459 of 588
17/03/1621Edward Hill wittnesses Richard Brewer John Search & Johan PriggPR 459 of 588
31/03/1622Elizabeth Millard witnesses Bartholomew Gayner Elener Bradley and Johan BartonPR 459 of 588
07/04/1622William Jones Wittnesses Willm Myldemay William Martrymer and Susan GryffynPR 460 of 588
07/04/1622John Westwittnesses John Jones John Byrde & Dorothy HawksworthPR 460 of 588
07/04/1622Elizabeth Purlyn wittnesses Willm Hyggyns Elizabeth Jones and Jane ChampneysPR 460 of 588
07/04/1622Johan Jefferyswittnesses Edward Long Johan Long & Avys CheesmanPR 460 of 588
21/04/1622Elizabeth Dodgyn wittnesses Edward Arenn Elizabeth Moore and Elizabeth LongPR 460 of 588
19/05/1622Samuell Lawrence wittnesses Edward Wade Willm Higgins & Alice LawrencePR 460 of 588
19/05/1622Alyce Pullen Wittnesses James Howell Alyce Edwards & Ellen WalkerPR 460 of 588
23/05/1622Roger Pope wittnesses Roger Long Robert Pope & Johan WenlandPR 460 of 588
26/05/1622Alyce Pryce wittnesses John Long Alyce Hicks & Elizabeth BradleyPR 460 of 588
02/06/1622Mary Sheapardwittnesses John Sheapard Ellen Barton & Mary LongPR 460 of 588
09/06/1622Nicholas Abeven wittnesses Nicholas Tayer William Gayner and Johane BartonPR 461 of 588
11/06/1622Johan Holbrook Wittnesses Davyd Lewis Johan Jones & Martha BakerPR 461 of 588
23/06/1622Saraah Hobbs Wittnesses John Wyther Saraah Hobbes & Alyce StinchcomPR 461 of 588
07/07/1622Elizabeth GodfreyWittnesses Robert Long Elizabeth Lynke and Agnes ChampneysPR 461 of 588
14/07/1622Anne Lewiswittnesses Willm Barton Alice Lawrence & Johan LawrencePR 461 of 588
18/07/1622Jane Champneys wittnesses Thomas Hill gent Jane Howell and Johan ToveyPR 461 of 588
18/08/1622Johan Jayne wittnesses William Dyer Johan Tanner and Phillip PeaselyePR 461 of 588
18/08/1622Susanna Latteridge wittnesses Gyles Wheeler Susanna Wacklett and Agnes LatteridgePR 461 of 588
01/09/1622Samuell Stones wittnesses Richard Garrington John Garington Anne GrayllePR 461 of 588
01/09/1622Richard Addys wittnesses Richard Jones Richard Barton and Elizabeth TaylerPR 462 of 588
15/09/1622Thomas Tayer Thomas Budden Richard Tayer and Joyce Harris wittnessesPR 462 of 588
15/09/1622Johan Leisterwittnesses Edward Hunt Wynefred Driell & Elizabeth BakerPR 462 of 588
13/10/1622Richard Hillwittnesses Richard Brewer Richard Gwyn and Johan TannerPR 462 of 588
13/10/1622Lyolell Legg from Falefeild wittnesses Lyolell Margarett John Phillipps and Elizabeth StockPR 462 of 588
31/10/1622Charles Sellmanwittnesses Edward Tayer Phillipp Harris & Agnes TayerPR 462 of 588
05/11/1622Elizabeth Orchard wittnesses Richard Plomer Edyth Orchard and Elizabeth StockPR 462 of 588
24/11/1622Katheren Smyth wittnesses William Barton Katheren Smyth and Avys PatchPR 462 of 588
28/11/1622William Harvest wittnesses William Link Edward Wysse and Alice TayerPR 462 of 588
01/12/1622John Parker wittnesses John Pendock John Dymmery and Elizabeth JonesPR 463 of 588
05/12/1622John Linckwittnesses Phillip Harris William Pullen & Margaret PullenPR 463 of 588
05/12/1622Elizabeth Higginswitnesses Tobyas Hyggyns preacher of the word of God Joyce Wythers & Elizabeth DyerPR 463 of 588
05/12/1622Bridgett Browne wittnesses Henry Smyth Aynes Doodyng and Jane ClarkePR 463 of 588
08/12/1622Johan Baker the daughter of John Baker Wittnesses Lawrence Hayward gent Johan Ryder and Agath Newman vidPR 463 of 588
08/12/1622Thomas Pope wittnesses Thomas Patch Thomas Cullymore and Dorothy GoughePR 463 of 588
15/12/1622Thomas Hicks wittnesses Richard Atwells gent Thomas Mallet and Alice LawrencePR 463 of 588
29/12/1622John Reasonwittnesses John Jones Willm Jones and Elizabeth TaylerPR 463 of 588
04/01/1622Richard Ady wittnesses Thomas Smyth Edmond Seagar and Agnes SmythPR 463 of 588
05/01/1622Edyth Howell wittnesses William Mildemay Mary Wyther & Johan MortimerPR 463 of 588
15/01/1622Samuell Sprintthe son of John Sprint our minister & vickar of this parish wittnesses Richar Hollworthy merchant Mr Kedgyn and Dorothy VeeledPR 463 of 588
15/01/1622John Bosleywittnesses John Kellaway John Search and Margarett BeedggoodPR 463 of 588
20/01/1622Mlberow Search wittnesses John Curtys Elizabeth Reade and Mary SearchPR 463 of 588
26/01/1622Richard Bayneham wittnesses John Byrde William Gayner and Agnes WebbPR 463 of 588
26/01/1622Mary Lewys wittnesses Nicholas Lewys Margarett Olleff and Margaret OgbornePR 464 of 588
02/02/1622Alyce Hopkyns wittnesses John Pearsely Anne Tayer & Agnes PytcherPR 464 of 588
16/02/1622Alice Barnes wittnesses Thomas Denning Alyce Barnes and Mary DraperPR 464 of 588
23/02/1622Anne Guyes wittnesses Thomas Seymour gent Mary Raymon & Dorothy BakerPR 464 of 588
24/02/1622Elizabeth Stoneswittnesses Arthur Champneys Agnes Stones & Margarett MattsPR 464 of 588
06/03/1622Richard May witnesses Richard Cotes Wilm Crundell & Mris LacyPR 464 of 588
06/04/1623Thomas Smyth wittnesses Richard Jones Willm Williams and Margarett BeedggoodPR 464 of 588
06/04/1623Jane Thurston wittnesses Willm Barton Margery Jones & Elizabeth DyerPR 464 of 588
13/04/1623Mawdelyn Howell witnesses Willm Spencer Avyce Patch & Johan MillardPR 464 of 588
14/04/1623Joseph Reeve wittnesses Johes? Reeve Roger Tanner & Jane BradleyPR 464 of 588
19/04/1623Willm Purnell witnesses Willm Stock Thomas Skay & Agnes TrotmanPR 464 of 588
20/04/1623Richard Hawksworth Wittnesses Ralph Greene minister William Ryder gent & Mris VavasorPR 465 of 588
24/04/1623Elizabeth Cole Wittnesses John Sheapard Willm Whyte and Anne BullPR 465 of 588
01/05/1623Richard Addams Wittnesses Richard Barton Edward King & Ellen TylerPR 465 of 588
03/05/1623James Denning Wittnesses John Purlyn Robert Stumpe & Jane MilesPR 465 of 588
10/05/1623Alice Williams Wittnesses John Holbrooke Johan Williams & Johan TayerPR 465 of 588
18/05/1623Anne Moortonwittnesses Thomas Patch Agnes Lawrence & Julian LawrencePR 465 of 588
25/05/1623Richard Collyns wittnesses Richard Hobbs John Manwell & Johan BruetonPR 465 of 588
01/06/1623Johan Lane Witnesses Richard Smyth Johan Addams & Johan WilcocksPR 465 of 588
15/06/1623A base childe of Katherin TailerWittnesses Thomas Tayler John Brueton & Johan WilcocksPR 465 of 588
06/07/1623Thomas Scott Wittnesses Thomas Byshopp Nicholas Frend Johan TannerPR 465 of 588
06/07/1623Henry Giles Wittnesses Thomas Giles Edmond Chambers and Franncis KedwellenPR 465 of 588
13/07/1623Agnes Gayner wittnesses John Gainer Ellen Jones and Susanna CullymorPR 465 of 588
31/08/1623Thomas Haynes witnesses Anthony Swift Guy Silcocks & Margaret ElseworthyPR 466 of 588
29/09/1623Mary Curteys Witnesses Gyles Curteys Mary Hill & Elizabeth PurnellPR 466 of 588
05/10/1623John Latteridge witnesses John Alpas Richard Latteridge & Mary BryanPR 466 of 588
26/10/1623Phillip Gaynerfrom Falefeild Wittnesses Bartholomew Gayner Richard Orchard & Alice HobbsPR 466 of 588
09/11/1623Dorothy Cooke wittnesses Humphry Lewks Dorothy Lewks & Johan BeedgoodPR 466 of 588
10/11/1623Nicholas Jenkins witnesses Nicholas Jenkins Thomas Thorne and Sarah ThurstonPR 466 of 588
16/11/1623William PearseWitnesses Thomas Chaundelor John Farr Susanna GryffynPR 466 of 588
17/11/1623Johan Jonesa bace chylde gw Edyth Jones Wittnesses Richard Jones Johan Lewys & Agnes JonesPR 466 of 588
07/12/1623Henry Brueton witnesses Willm Trotman Richard Cole & Susanna TylerPR 467 of 588
14/12/1623John Thurner witnesses John Jones Thomas Whitfeild & Agnes JonesPR 467 of 588
21/12/1623John Millard wittnesses John Champneys Edward Thurston & Elizabeth SpeappardPR 467 of 588
28/12/1623Edyth Godfrey witnesses John Stones Jane Smyth & Alice GodfreyPR 467 of 588
28/12/1623Margarett Andreas wittnesses Richard Lancaster Margaret Webb and Margarett AlpasPR 467 of 588
28/12/1623Elizabeth Hicks wittnesses Thomas Smyth Elizabeth Skinner & Alice BainehamPR 467 of 588
04/01/1623Wiollm Lewys Wittnesses Robert Stones Henry Thurston & Johan LewysPR 467 of 588
04/01/1623Robert Ayler Wittnesses Robt Clarke Richard Hobbes & Mary WoolfordPR 467 of 588
11/01/1623Guy Walker Wittnesses Guy Selcocks Thomas Sturge & Elizabeth WalterPR 467 of 588
22/01/1623Johan Smyth witnesses William Barton Johan Smyth & Katheren SmythPR 467 of 588
29/02/1623Elizabeth Lawrence als Curryer wittnesses John Jones Elizabeth Sellman & Elizabeth Marsh.PR 467 of 588
15/03/1623Mary Manwell Wittnesses John Wyther Elizabeth Long and Mary PitcherPR 467 of 588
15/03/1623Elizabeth MarshWittnesses Thomas Gough Elizabeth Russell & Margarett WeekesPR 467 of 588
29/03/1624Dorothy Baker Wittnesses John Whitfeild Mary Raymond & Elizabeth MoorePR 467 of 588
10/04/1624Richard ParkerThe son of Nicholas Parker wittnesses were John Longe Willm Pitcher & Mary Longe; his twin brother died and was buried not baptizedPR 468 of 588
11/04/1624Henry Search witnesses Thomas Smyth Willm Martimore & Joyce LongPR 468 of 588
11/04/1624Bryce Manncellwitnesses John Manncell Giles Holder & Agnes Manncell.PR 468 of 588
17/04/1624Thomas Linke witnesses Thomas Thorne Richar Tayer & Sicely HolbrookePR 468 of 588
18/04/1624Saraah Jones witnesses Davyd Lewys Elizabeth Selman & John JonesPR 468 of 588
16/05/1624Guy Lawrence witnesses John Tayer Richard Cole & Mary GrovePR 468 of 588
18/05/1624Thomas Wytherwitnesses Willm Stones Richard Addams & Johan HowellPR 468 of 588
30/05/1624Elizabeth Hewes wittnesses Thomas Russell Mary Hues & Elizabeth ScottPR 468 of 588
12/06/1624Mary Bakerwitnesses Richard Wyther Mary Champneys & Mary BryanPR 468 of 588
13/06/1624John Sheapard wittnesses John Sheappard Willm Whyte & Johan ColePR 468 of 588
13/06/1624William Dyer wittnesses Edward Thurston Moore Hill and Johan TannerPR 468 of 588
13/06/1624Deborah Russell Wittnesses Willm Russell Alice Brewton and Margaret OlyffePR 468 of 588
20/06/1624John Powell wittnesses John Jones Guy Silcocks and Mary SearchPR 469 of 588
21/06/1624Agnes Morrys wittnesses Edward Wysse Agnes Mason and Agnes Dowen?PR 469 of 588
27/06/1624William Ogborne wittnesses Willm Jones Willm Ogborne & Joyce Garland.PR 469 of 588
04/07/1624Thomas Stones witnesses John Berkom Willm Stones & Bridget SmythPR 469 of 588
01/08/1624Agnes Harvest wittnesses Henry Tayler Johne Tayer & Johan CookePR 469 of 588
08/08/1624Richard Pitcher witnesses Robert Long Jerome Halle & Johan Tanner.PR 469 of 588
22/08/1624Katheren Smyth Wittnesses Thomas Smyth Alice Smyth and Jane ChampneysPR 469 of 588
29/08/1624Thomas Whitfeild Wittnesses John Curtys gent John Baker & Johan RyderPR 469 of 588
05/09/1624Samuell Longden witnesses Edward Thurston Giles Longden & Alice FieldPR 469 of 588
05/09/1624Elizabeth Pearse Witnesses Richard Hobbs Margaret Alpas and Jane HigginbothamPR 469 of 588
08/09/1624Ursula Edwards Witnesses Richard Atwells gent Ursula Atwells and Agnes AtwellsPR 469 of 588
12/09/1624Giles Rendall witnesses Giles Wheeler Richard Peasely & Katheren AlpasPR 469 of 588
09/10/1624Thomas Howell wittnesses Thomas Patch John Orchard & Johan Martimore.PR 470 of 588
18/10/1624Margaret AddamsWitnesses Richard Callaway Mary Callaway and Lucy SpeckPR 470 of 588
14/11/1624Johan Popewitnesses Willm Morton Johan Jones & Johan MacyPR 470 of 588
25/11/1624Alice Byrd witnesses John Cullymore Alyce Eddys & Elizabeth TaylerPR 470 of 588
04/12/1624Richard Smyth witnesses Richard Jones Richard Smith & Alice HarvestPR 470 of 588
30/12/1624Samuell Parnell Witnesses Peter Hawksworth Phillip Harrys & Elizabeth QuintonPR 470 of 588
27/01/1624Abigail Bosley witnesses Richard Addams Agnes Ford & Mary StompePR 470 of 588
30/01/1624William Austen witnesses Thomas Peryman Richard Orchard & Joyce WytherPR 470 of 588
30/01/1624Elizabeth Hobbes witnesses Edward Wyther Margaret Hobbes and Mary PitcherPR 470 of 588
02/02/1624Mary Purlyn witnesses Willm Jones Alice Brueton and Florence LangfordPR 470 of 588
06/02/1624William Clutterbuck witnesses John Tayer Thomas Lawrence & Agnes LawrencePR 470 of 588
10/02/1624Richard Tayer witnesses Richard Tayer Willm Martimore & Bridgett Seagar.PR 471 of 588
12/02/1624Samuell TrotmanWitnesses Richard Cole John Brueton & Agnes PowellPR 471 of 588
13/02/1624Mary Latteridge witnesses Willm Search Mary Kallaway & Agnes PrewetPR 471 of 588
20/02/1624Agnes Martimore witnesses John Langford Katheren Parker & Agnes Groome.PR 471 of 588
20/02/1624Edyth Jones witnesses John Farr Alice Morrys & Marrian MillardPR 471 of 588
20/02/1624George Jonson witnesses Roger Long Edward Long and Jane BartonPR 471 of 588
24/02/1624Bridget Champneys witnesses John Champneys Bridget Smyth and Elizabeth JonesPR 471 of 588
27/02/1624Thomas Cole witnesses Thomas Croome Willm Sheappard & Elizabeth ColePR 471 of 588
27/02/1624Samuell Thurston witnesses John Byrde Richard Godfrey & Alice TayerPR 471 of 588
03/03/1624Thomas Tayler witnesses Jerome Milledge Richard Gryffyn & Susan GryffynPR 471 of 588
04/04/1625Ruth Lawrencewitnesses Guy Lawrence Ruth Lawrence & Agnes LawrencePR 471 of 588
10/04/1625Katheren Neale wittnesses John Hancock Alice Silcocks & Elizabeth MarshPR 471 of 588
12/04/1625Thomas Baker a base childe of Judyth Baker wittnesses Roger Davys Phillipp Addams & Mary BakerPR 471 of 588
18/04/1625Ferdinando Tayer witnesses Ferdinando Tayer, William Tayer and Margarett King.PR 471 of 588
19/04/1625Elizabeth Patch wittnesses Willm Ricketts Elizabeth Pearse & Elizabeth HancockPR 471 of 588
24/04/1625Anne Hawksworth wittnesses Willm Maxey minister of the word of God Anne Stafford & Sybbell RaymonPR 472 of 588
05/05/1625George Hopkins als Seabornewittnesses John Harding Willm Lewis & Mary KallawayPR 472 of 588
15/05/1625Margarett Reeve Wittnesses William Dyer Mary Whitfeild & Susan DunsterPR 472 of 588
14/06/1625William Tyndale gent wittnesses Willm Stafford Esqr Willm Pledwell gent and the Lady Dame Greesell LawrencePR 472 of 588
19/06/1625William Tanner witnesses Willm Dyer, Roger Tanner & Johan TannerPR 472 of 588
06/07/1625Tobias Pooresa base childe of Johan Poores wittnesses Nicholas Stoks Nicholas Barley & Edyth PoorePR 472 of 588
10/07/1625Thomas Bakerthe son of John Baker Wittnesses Willm Ryder gent Humfrey Newman gent & Mary WhitfeildPR 472 of 588
17/07/1625Johan Lydeat wittnesses Thomas Smyth Johan Dyper & Anne SilcocksPR 472 of 588
24/07/1625Obadia Millard wittnesses Thomas Stodward (Stalard), Samuell Palmer (Panner) & Hester BrianPR 472 of 588
24/08/1625Elizabeth Cookewittnesses John Purlyn Elizabeth Jones & Johan JonesPR 472 of 588
11/09/1625Thomas AddamsWittnesses Thomas Alpas John Bradley & Eddyth Scott.PR 473 of 588
15/09/1625Jane SkinnerWittnesses Willm Higgins Elizabeth Russell & Jane MilesPR 473 of 588
18/09/1625Thomas Walker Wittnesses Willm Walker Thomas Brueton & Christian FranckombePR 473 of 588
18/09/1625Sybbell Haines wittnesses Willm Trotman Ursula Attwells & Sybell AtwoodPR 473 of 588
25/09/1625Johan Smyth wittnesses John Stones, Johan Williams & Ellen JonesPR 473 of 588
09/10/1625Judyth Thurston wittnesses William Gwatkyns gent Alice Baker & Ellen AlpasPR 473 of 588
12/10/1625Arthur Stoneswittnesses William Myldmay John Champneys & Joen HowellPR 473 of 588
13/11/1625Alice RobertsWittnesses Peter Croome Alice Silcocks & Ellen JonesPR 473 of 588
21/11/1625Willm Curteys gentwitnesses Willm Maxey minister of Gods word John Whitfeild & Katheren TayerPR 473 of 588
27/11/1625Ruth Brueton wittnesses Thomas Brueton Elizabeth Frend & Katheren TrotmanPR 473 of 588
27/11/1625Ledia Hewett wittnesses William Myldmay Mary Thurner? and Margarett OllyffePR 473 of 588
11/12/1625James Baker wittnesses James Hobbs Giles Wheeler & Ellen AlpasPR 474 of 588
11/12/1625Johan Maywitnesses John Andrews, John Patch & Johan PitcherPR 474 of 588
18/12/1625Richard Gainer witnesses Henry Linck Thomas Gainer & Johan TayerPR 474 of 588
06/01/1625Anne Reason Wittnesses Henry Marsh Anne Lawrence & Margarett PurlynPR 474 of 588
08/01/1625Guy Browne wittnesses Guy Lawrence John Parker & Alice SelcocksPR 474 of 588
15/01/1625Willm Grafton wittnesses John Byrd John Seaborne & Agnes WebbPR 474 of 588
15/01/1625William Turner witnesses Giles Curteys George Webb & Judyth GarrettPR 474 of 588
15/01/1625Katheren Parkerwittnesses Richard Cole Katheren Trotman & Mary PitcherPR 474 of 588
22/01/1625Margarett Powellwittnesses Thomas Smyth Allice Williams & Judyth WilliamsPR 474 of 588
26/01/1625Bridgett Guye witnesses John May Captaine Elizabeth Seymor & Mary RaymonPR 474 of 588
02/02/1625Elizabeth Baker wittnesses Richard Bryan Elizabeth Walter & Elizabeth LewisPR 474 of 588
02/02/1625Garterus Adye Wittnesses Thomas Lydeat Margarett Tayer & Mary ParryPR 474 of 588
19/02/1625Johan Lincke wittnesses John Pulllen Elizabeth Lewys & Margarett PickardPR 475 of 588
23/02/1625Thomas Lewis Wittnesses Thomas Russell Samuell Palmer & Elizabeth LewisPR 475 of 588
24/02/1625Robert Walkera base childe of Alice Walker wittnesses Robert Pullen, John Webb, and Elizabeth ChamberlinPR 475 of 588
16/02/1625Elizabeth Ayler Wittnesses Giles Clarke Elizabeth Eddys & Elizabeth WolfordPR 475 of 588
01/03/1625Margarett Kingwittnesses John Crocker Margarett Comley & Mary SmythPR 475 of 588
05/03/1625William Ady Wittnesses Willm Tanner Evan Dyer & Allice TayerPR 475 of 588
09/03/1625Rebecca Purlyn wittnesses Willm Jones Mris Palmer & Florence LangfordPR 475 of 588
20/03/1625Henry Parker witnesses John Sheappard Willm Whyte & Elizabeth LewisPR 475 of 588
02/04/1626John Marsh witnesses Andrew Thomas, Thomas Russell & Joyce TylerPR 475 of 588
03/04/1626Thomas Albright Wittnesses Thomas Asple, Hughe Pearde & Agnes GooldePR 475 of 588
16/04/1626Jane Mannell wittnesses Samuell Palmer Jane Gwilliams and Elizabeth GryffynPR 475 of 588
21/04/1626Thomas Tylladdam at Falefeild wittnesses Thomas Tylladdams William Tylladdams & Elizabeth TeladakePR 475 of 588
21/05/1626Elizabeth Jones wittnesses Robert Thurston Alice Tayer & Alice WarnerPR 476 of 588
11/06/1626Deberrah Russell wittnesses Thomas Munday Judith Dorney & Anne BridgesPR 476 of 588
11/06/1626Sarah Wallis wittnesses Richard Kallaway Johan Jones & Cecilly JonesPR 476 of 588
20/08/1626Elizabeth Andrews Wittnesses Guy Silcock Elizabeth Hancock and Elizabeth EddysPR 476 of 588
20/08/1626Roger Cookewittnesses Roger Ford William Ady and Margarett HillPR 476 of 588
08/09/1626Jonathan Tayer wittnesses John Callaway Thomas Tayer and Dorothy TayerPR 476 of 588
10/09/1626Robert Hues wittnesses Rober Longe Robert Hues and Johan ColePR 476 of 588
24/09/1626Alice Busher Wittnesses William Burdge Alice Alpas & Johan ThurnerPR 477 of 588
08/10/1626William Cooke Wittnesses Willm Cooke John Fowler & Mary HarriottsPR 477 of 588
08/10/1626Mary Whitfeild Wittnesses William Maxcey our viccar Jane Baker & Ursula RyderPR 477 of 588
08/10/1626Ursula Tayer wittnesses Nicholas Tayer Ursula Tayer & Elizabeth JonesPR 477 of 588
16/10/1626Peter TylerWittnesses Peter Tyler Edward Tyler & Margarett HuntPR 477 of 588
05/11/1626Robert Pitcher Wittnesses Robert Long Nicholas Gibbs & Katheren LongePR 477 of 588
05/11/1626Elizabeth Gee wittnesses Robert Longe Johan Patch & Margarett ThurnerPR 477 of 588
13/11/1626Thomas TyndaleWittnesses Thomas Chester Esqr Thomas Veele gent and Florence SwiftPR 477 of 588
19/11/1626Deborah Dier Wittnesses Franncis Tayer Susanna Tayer & Agnes GwatkinsPR 477 of 588
26/11/1626Nicholas Smythwittnesses William Taborer John Smyth & Katheren SmythPR 477 of 588
03/11/1626William Martimore wittnesses Thomas Cole Edward Longe & Johan HowellPR 477 of 588
08/12/1626Joseph Noote wittnesses Thomas Walker Henry Walker & Agnes StodwardPR 477 of 588
10/12/1626John Cross Wittnesses John Crosse Robert Hunt & Ellen AlpasPR 477 of 588
20/12/1626Thomas Baker Wittnesses Thomas Ryder William Champneys & Mary WhitfeildPR 477 of 588
24/12/1626Isaac Howell Wittnesses Richard Cole Willm Longe & Ellen StonePR 477 of 588
18/01/1626Nathanniell Gayner at Falefeild Wittnesses Valentine Marshall Thomas Russell & Sarah GilesPR 478 of 588
04/02/1626John Smyth Wittnesses John Sellman Thomas Smyhth & Ellen BartonPR 478 of 588
18/02/1626Richard Eddys Wittnesses Richard Attwells gent Maurice Hancock & Wynifred HicksPR 478 of 588
18/02/1626Mary Morgan Wittnesses Samuell Palmer Mary Smyth & Mary SkinnerPR 478 of 588
01/03/1626Thomas Millard wittnesses Thomas Thorne John Byrd & Saraah ThurstonPR 478 of 588
08/03/1626William Walker Wittnesses William Walker John Stevens & Christian PaulettPR 478 of 588
18/03/1626William Sheppardwittnesses David Lewis Robert Stopnes & Florence SheappardPR 478 of 588
03/04/1627Thomas White witnesses Thomas Whitfeild Robart Scot and Mary WhitfeildPR 478 of 588
03/04/1627Ann Jonson withnesses John Smith Ann Adie and Alice BrutonPR 478 of 588
08/04/1627John Joneswitnesses Thomas Lustee, Willia Long & Elizabeth MillardPR 478 of 588
22/04/1627Willia Fosterwitnesses Willia Jones Henrie Marshe and Agnes TayerPR 478 of 588
13/05/1627Alice Laynewitnesses John Crocker Alice Hopkins and Christian BarnesPR 478 of 588
14/05/1627Gilian Lawrencewitnesses John Whitfeild, Gilyan Lawrence & Johan JonesPR 478 of 588
10/05/1627John Joneswitnesses John Lewis Nicholas Stokes and Jayne ChampneisPR 479 of 588
10/05/1627William Aramwitnesses William Picher Willa Long and Joane Cole.PR 479 of 588
10/05/1627Richard Smith witnesses Richard Web, Arthure Ayler & Joane GoslettPR 479 of 588
02/06/1627John Austenwitnesses John Boice John Champneis and Marie ChampneisPR 479 of 588
24/06/1627Edward Pope witnesses Edward Hunt Willia Benner and Alice LawrencePR 479 of 588
24/06/1627Marie Tawyer witnesses Richard Callaway Agnes Tayer & Katheryne Brinkworth?PR 479 of 588
15/07/1627John Bakerwitnesses Robart Newman John Lord g and Dorothie NewmanPR 479 of 588
26/08/1627Thomas Thurstonee witnesses Thomas Tyndale g Thomas Peele (Veael) g and Ann Wendland gwPR 479 of 588
26/08/1627Arthure Harvest witnesses Richard Callaway, Thomas Vidler & Katheryne SelmanPR 479 of 588
26/08/1627Katheryne Smith witnesses Phillip Harris, Margaret Yeowen & Sara BeedgegoodPR 479 of 588
09/09/1627William Parnellwitnesses Willia Maxey mynister, John Bowles & Mary RaymondPR 479 of 588
12/09/1627Hanna Purlyn witnesses Richard Atwells, Ellenor Barton & Margaret HigginsPR 480 of 588
12/09/1627Elizabeth Neale witnesses Willa Pullen, Elizabeth Selman & Elizabeth TaylerPR 480 of 588
04/10/1627Marie Warrener (Warner) witnesses Richard Warner Katheryne Smith and Jayne Lowe of TockingtonPR 480 of 588
08/10/1627Richard Dier witnesses Richard Thurnor, William Higgins and Agnes BeedgegoodPR 480 of 588
15/11/1627Mary Linck witnesses James Pullen Joyce Harris and Johan HobbesPR 480 of 588
17/11/1627Dorothie Adee the daughter of this woman (Marey Adey) witnesses Antony Watkins Ellen Alpas and Jane ChampneisPR 480 of 588
22/11/1627Margaret Parseley witnesses John Scot, Marie Whitfeild and Elizabeth ScotPR 480 of 588
25/11/1627Mary Rundall (Rendoll)witnesses John Champneis Ellen Alpas and Joen TannerPR 480 of 588
02/12/1627Ann Parker witnesses Robart Barton, Agnes Tayer & Agnes MildmayPR 481 of 588
02/12/1627Alice Addams witnesses Thomas Thorne Joane Hobbes and Sara ThurstonePR 481 of 588
23/12/1627Thomas Powell witnesses Edward Thurstone, Henry Search and Margery JonesPR 481 of 588
23/12/1627Hester Russell witnesses Thomas Greeneging, Jane Howell and Agnes RussellPR 481 of 588
06/01/1627Joseph Walker witnesses Richard Smith Thomas Russell & Joen PicherPR 481 of 588
06/01/1627Margaret Scott witnesses Thomas Whitfeild, Marie Hanies & Elizabeth SelmanPR 481 of 588
13/01/1627Margaret King witnesses Willia Tyler Margaret Bird & Alice WilliamsPR 481 of 588
24/01/1627Ellen Thurstonewitnesses Thomas Whetwood Ellenor Bradley & Rebecca PalmerPR 481 of 588
03/02/1627William White wit: Thomas Pach, Willia White & Suzan MannPR 481 of 588
03/02/1627Mathewe Savidge wit Willia Jones, George Moore (Web) & Agnes MarshePR 481 of 588
07/02/1627Richard Mortimore wit Willia Mildmay, Francis Mortimore & Joan MortimorePR 481 of 588
07/02/1627Marie Tyler witnesses Edward Hunt Marie Whitfeild & Agnes WorlockPR 481 of 588
07/02/1627Ellenor Aylerwitnesses Peter Hickes, Ellen Jones & Joen HobbesPR 481 of 588
17/02/1627John Hooper?witnesses Guy Lawrence Thomas Lawrence & Mary WatePR 481 of 588
21/02/1627Thomas Baker witnesses Thomas Jones Phillip Addams & Agnes WhitePR 481 of 588
26/02/1627Willia Whitfeild witnesses Willia Maxee vickar Thomas Ryder & Katheryn TayerPR 481 of 588
16/03/1627John Fowler witnesses John Ogborne John Crocker and Agnes FosterPR 482 of 588
16/03/1627Suzan Pearcewitnesses Nicholas Pearce Alice Bruton & Joyce LongPR 482 of 588
23/03/1627Willia Cole witnesses Willia Picher, Willia Mortimore & Katheryne CroomePR 482 of 588
23/03/1627Thomas Boswellwitnesses Peter Croome Jeromie Milladge (Meledye) & Agnes FordPR 482 of 588
29/03/1628Jeptha HicksA base child of Agnes Hicks witnesses Willia Spenser John Worlock & Kathryne HicksPR 482 of 588
18/04/1628Matha Brewton wittnesses Guy Lawrence Joane Hall and Margrett GoodmanPR 483 of 588
27/04/1628Thomas Marshewittnesses Thomas Waken Gyles Marshe and Cibell WilkensPR 483 of 588
08/05/1628Katherine Blann wittnesses William Lydiat Joane Tayer & Edith AylerPR 483 of 588
11/05/1628Elizabeth Tayerwitnesses William Jones Joyce Harrys & Margeret ByrdePR 483 of 588
11/05/1628Joane Seaburne als Hopkines wittnesses William Williams als Taberer Joane Bracey & Joane TannerPR 483 of 588
13/05/1628Elizabeth Stafford gwwittnesses Robert Poyntz gent Mrs Dorathey Tyndall & Mrs Ollife Ayeres gentPR 483 of 588
18/05/1628Thomas Fowler wittnesses Thomas Trotman Thomas Walker & Edith SkayPR 483 of 588
18/05/1628Elizabeth Millard wittnesses Thomas Lawrence Elizabeth Marshe and Elizabeth TaylerPR 483 of 588
25/05/1628Sara Jonsonwittnesses Thomas Trotman Edith Higgins & Elizabeth DierPR 483 of 588
02/06/1628Richard Heavenwittnesses Arthur Jorden John Francoem & Elizabeth Stones.PR 483 of 588
05/06/1628Elynor Hewes wittnesses William Scott Ellynor Barton & Alice BrewtonPR 484 of 588
08/06/1628Susan (Jane) Curteyswitnesses, George Raymond gent Elizabeth Hancok & Alice TayerPR 484 of 588
15/06/1628William Pitcher wittnesses Henry Smith Thomas Ady & Elizabeth GeePR 484 of 588
29/06/1628Richard Lattridge witnesses John Russell David Warde & Constant MilesPR 484 of 588
29/06/1628Joane Busherywittnesses Gyles Wheler Katherin Smith & Edith SmithPR 484 of 588
30/06/1628John Pakkeratt Fafild wittnesses John Phillips Thomas Stompe & Mary Co?erPR 484 of 588
01/08/1628Mathew Turnerthe son of Edward Turner wittnesses Roger Forde Thomas Savage & Joane Searche. Another son died and buried not baptised. PR 484 of 588
18/08/1628Thomas Lydiat a base Childe of Katherine Lydiat witnesses William Lydiat Morice Gromedge & Joane BrownePR 485 of 588
12/09/1628Elizabeth Russellwittnesses Richard Thurner Elizabeth Jones & Elizabeth RussellPR 485 of 588
16/10/1628Agnes White wittnesses John Peasely Joane Tanner and Alice SpeeckPR 485 of 588
09/11/1628John Arum witnesses Willia Trotman gent John Howell & Joane HallPR 485 of 588
25/11/1628Jone Smith wittnesses John Longe Joane Howell and Margerett SwanleyPR 486 of 588
30/11/1628John Gayner wittnesses John Jones Thomas Davis (Lares) & Elizabeth EddysPR 486 of 588
01/12/1628John Bradlie wittnesses Edward Thurston John Brodly & Jane ChampneysPR 486 of 588
21/12/1628William Cooke wittnesses Thomas Hooper John Alpas & Margerett WhitePR 486 of 588
27/12/1628Joane Gee witnesses Thomas Longe Elizabeth Gee & Joane PitcherPR 486 of 588
04/01/1628Katherine Parker wittnesses William Tayler Katherine Tayer & Katherine BrinckworthPR 486 of 588
11/01/1628John Lewis witnesses John Jones Thomas Davis & Joane LewisPR 486 of 588
11/01/1628Edith Wenntell wittnesses Edward Longe Mary Smith and Alice SearchePR 486 of 588
15/01/1628Jonathan Tayer witnesses Richard Tayer John Dymery & Alice Parker?PR 486 of 588
15/01/1628Charles Howell wittnesses William Wether Guy Andrus and Elizabeth KoellPR 487 of 588
15/02/1628Arthur Ayler wittnesses Thomas Searche Nicholas Harrys & Agnes LeggePR 487 of 588
01/03/1628Thomas Farrwittnesse William Stones William Russell & Jaen SmithPR 487 of 588
22/03/1628Joane Vahandaughter of Thomas Vahan glascarrier witnesses John Squier Joane Smith & Ellynor Tyler, This childe was borne in Mr Curteyses house in Olvestons ParishePR 487 of 588
26/03/1629John Morgan wittnesses John Alpas John Bayneham and Agnes FosterPR 487 of 588
29/03/1629Thomas Webbwittnesses Thomas Smyth John Webb and John SearchPR 487 of 588
05/04/1629Nicholas Parkerwittnesses Richard Cole Nicholas Powell & Alice ParkerPR 488 of 588
12/04/1629Henry King wittnesses John Jones, Henry Search & Joen HobbsPR 488 of 588
19/04/1629Samuell God wittnesses Thomas Mallett John Woolford & Ellenor BartonPR 488 of 588
26/04/1629Joen Wetherwetnesses William Wether Joen Thurner and An ShepparePR21 of 184
26/04/1629Jane Dyer witnesses William Russell Judyth Thurston & Dorothy HawksworthPR 488 of 588
09/05/1629Shadrach Tayer wittnesses John Alpas John Pendock & Katheren TayerPR 488 of 588
14/05/1629Mary Adye wittnesses John Pendock Mary Smyth & Joen TayerPR 488 of 588
17/05/1629William Lewyswittnesses William Tanner William Sheappard & Joen LewysPR 488 of 588
24/05/1629Edmond Patchwittnesses William Tayler Franncis Martimore & Margery SearchPR 488 of 588
00/05/1629Thomas AddamesPR 488 of 588
31/05/1629Joen Lawrence wittnesses George Roch, Joen Lawrence & Agnes ManwellPR 488 of 588
31/05/1629Saraah Smyth wittnesses John Smyth Ann Stones and John SmythPR 488 of 588
07/06/1629Saraah Manwell wittnesses John Downey Saraah Thurston & Joen TylerPR 488 of 588
12/06/1629Susan Cheesmana base Childe of Christian Cheesman wittnesses George Nesby John Wilcocks & Joen BerryPR 488 of 588/BT 63 of 754
14/06/1629Thomas Savadge Wittnesses John Crokeer (Krekoem) Edward King & Joen SearchPR 488 of 588/BT 63 of 754
21/06/1629Elizabeth Window witnesses George Watkins Elizabeth Shatford & Ellen TylerPR 489 of 588
28/06/1629John Tanner wittnesses John Whitfeild Thomas Whitfeild & Eddy HigginsPR 489 of 588
05/06/1629Richard Addams wittnesses Robert Barton Franncis Martimore & Margarett AlpasPR 489 of 588
14/07/1629Nicholas Baker the son of John Baker wittnesses John Whitfeild Arthur Baker & Ursula RyderPR 489 of 588
14/07/1629Arthur Baker the son of Arthur Baker wittnesses Edward Wysse Roger Long and Ursula RyderPR 489 of 588
14/07/1629John Richman wittnesses John Sheappard Willm Barton & John SmythPR 489 of 588
09/08/1629Saraah Graftonwittnesses Franncis Martimore Margery Search & Mary HillPR 489 of 588
15/08/1629Joen Martimore wittnesses Henry Marsh Joen Howell & Elizabeth LongePR 489 of 588
06/09/1629John Smyth wittnesses John Champneys John Jones & Elizabeth SmythPR 489 of 588
06/09/1629Richard Hill wittnesses Richard Webb Richard Walker & Katheren FordPR 489 of 588
13/09/1629George Joneswittnesses John Jones Edward Thurston & Agnes DoodingPR 489 of 588
20/09/1629Elizabeth Hewes wittnesses Thomas Patch Mary Pytcher and Elizabeth ManPR 489 of 588
21/09/1629Henry Curtys wittnesses John Bowles Phillipp Harrys & Joen HarrysPR 489 of 588
04/10/1629Arthur Hobbs wittnesses Arthur Scryven Robert Macey & Joen WytherPR 490 of 588
04/10/1629John Tayler wittnesses Thomas Search Willm Ogborne & Mary SearchPR 490 of 588
04/10/1629Anne Sheappard wittnesses Willm Maxcey viccar Ann Raymon & Mary RaymonPR 490 of 588
04/10/1629Anne Fosterwittnesses John Wyther Anne Stones & Anne MarshPR 490 of 588
11/10/1629Alice Blann wittnesses John Jones Alice Silcocks & Joen AlpasPR 490 of 588
12/10/1629William Pope wittnesses Willm Jones Willm Tayler & Jane NealePR 490 of 588
25/10/1629Katheren Bakerwittnesses Henry Eddes Katheryn White & Elizabeth BarleyPR 490 of 588
01/11/1629John Hackerwittnesses John Sellman, John Crowder & Melecent SmythPR 490 of 588
05/11/1629George Webb wittnesses George Baker George Bullock & Joen AlpasPR 490 of 588
12/11/1629Anne Stafford wittnesses Thomas Peele (Wele) Esqr Lady Dame Franncis Poyntz and Elizabeth PoyntzPR 490 of 588
12/11/1629Thomas Addams wittnesses Thomas Potter minister John Sellman & Elner RaymonPR 490 of 588
15/11/1629Mary Collynswittnesses John Jones Joen Search & Margarett SanndersPR 490 of 588
19/11/1629Jane Southernewittnesses John Cornock Alice Legg & Joen LechsPR 490 of 588
22/11/1629Edward Wyther wittnesses John Briggs George Gee & Agnes AdyePR 490 of 588
26/11/1629John Heven wittnesses John Sellman Willm Franckam & Margarett FranckamPR 490 of 588
26/11/1629Mary Smythwittnesses William Barton Kathren Smyth & Joen BurnellPR 490 of 588
26/01/1629Mary Perymanwittnesses John Wayt Ellen Tyler & Mary BerryPR 490 of 588
27/11/1629Giles Gayner at Tortworth wittnesses Steven Gayner John Giles and Tamesen ShortePR 490 of 588
03/12/1629Margarett Pooresa base Childe of Joen Poores wittnesses Franncis Addys Alice Stokes & Margarett PoorePR 490 of 588
13/12/1629James Smythwittnesses Edward Swanley Edward Long & Marryan BriggsPR 491 of 588
13/12/1629Mabell Busher wittnesses George Haynes Johan Patch & Mary HollesterPR 491 of 588
20/12/1629Elizabeth Barnes wittnesses William Ogborne Elizabeth Rodes & Mary HillPR 491 of 588
03/01/1629Anne Thorne wittnesses John Cooper Precilla Hereford & Prudence GrovePR 491 of 588
05/01/1629Samuell Orchardof Falefeild wittnesses Samuell Lerle John Orchard & Margarett ArterPR 491 of 588
05/01/1629Franncis Dussell wittnesses Richard Collyns, Mary Holder & Alyce PickePR 491 of 588
15/01/1629Elizabeth Lewyswittnesses Arthur Baker Elizabeth Sellman & Elizabeth LewysPR 491 of 588
16/01/1629Thomas Browne wittnesses John Jones Roger Ford & Joen AlpasPR 491 of 588
17/01/1629Jane Walker wittnesses Edward Adye Margarett Ollyff & Susanna PitcherPR 491 of 588
21/01/1629Elizabeth Thurston wittnesses Edward Thurston Agnes Tayer and Joen JonesPR 491 of 588
31/01/1629Mary Bennet wittnesses Willm Barton Mary Lewys & Joen SearchPR 491 of 588
01/02/1629Thomas Ogburneat Falfield witnesses William Skay, John Fillpes and Ellesbeth Taldu??PR27 of 184
02/02/1629Mary Hawksworth wittnesses Richard Brafeild minister Lady Dame Mary Rogers and Ann WenlandPR 491 of 588
04/02/1629Deborah Tayerwittnesses John Purlyn Katheren Dymery & Saraah ThurstonPR 491 of 588
07/02/1629Mary Purlyn wittnesses Edward Thurston Alice Parker & Jane ChampneysPR 491 of 588
07/02/1629Elizabeth Purlynwittnesses John Purlyn Elizabeth Jones & Elizabeth FrendPR 491 of 588
14/02/1629Margarett Pearce wittnesses Richard Callaway Margarett Tayer and Margarett LongPR 491 of 588
18/02/1629Dannyell Bowser witnesses John Pendock Robert Stompe and Alice ParkerPR 491 of 588
18/02/1629Mary HurdA bace Child of Mary Hurd wittnesses John Ogborne Margarett Tayer and Elizabeth BarleyPR 492 of 588
21/02/1629Mary Whytewitnesses Humfrey Whitfeild Alice Tayer & Agnes TayerPR 492 of 588
22/02/1629Joan Skiner PR 492 of 588
28/02/1629William Powell wittnesses Thomas Thorne George Baker & Alice ThornePR 492 of 588
04/03/1629Katheren Whyte wittnesses Willm Sympkins Jane Thomas and Elizabeth ScottPR 492 of 588
07/03/1629John Bradley wittnesses William Jones William Sheild & Susanna DunstePR 492 of 588
07/03/1629Robert Smyth witnesses Peter Hawksworth gent David Lewys & Joyce HarryPR 492 of 588
11/03/1629Edward Price wittnesse Edward Wysse (Wethe) Stephen Hannam and Sibell WilkinsPR 492 of 588
15/03/1629John Lawrence wittnesses John Sellman John Curtys gent & An RaymonPR 492 of 588