Thornbury Baptisms 1630-1639

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Please be aware that these records are using a different calendar from the one we use today.  At this period the new year began towards the end of March. 

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

DateNameWitnesses and NotesSource Image No
27/03/1630Thomas Harvestwitnesses Thomas Search Nicolas Harris and Katheryne BestPR 492 of 588
01/04/1630Richard Whitfeild witnesses Thomas Potter clark Willia Higgins and Joen RyderPR 492 of 588
11/04/1630John Warner witnesses John Selman John Smith and Margarett ClarkPR 492 of 588
12/04/1630Elizabeth Tayerwitnesses George Speck Isabell Mershe and Agnes TayerPR 492 of 588
25/04/1630Thomas Russellwitnesses Thomas Russell, Mistress Elizabeth Sprint & James BaliePR 492 of 588
09/05/1630Willia Pullenwitnesses Richard Banton Guy Androes and Elizabeth BantonPR 492 of 588
09/05/1630John King witnesses John Moore, John Pendock and Katheryne MorganPR 493 of 588
19/05/1630Alice King witnesses John Jones, Alice Silcock, & Jayne ChampneisPR 493 of 588
24/05/1630John Crocker witnesses Peter Hicks, Edward Long & Joen HobbesPR 493 of 588
15/06/1630Elizabeth Wyntlewitnesses Thomas Search Elizabeth Curteis & Katheryne MorganPR 493 of 588
16/06/1630A basse child of Marie Stump witnesses Francis Lynnet, Francis Fowler & Ellen PendockPR 493 of 588
17/06/1630A base child of Alice Tayler witnesses Thomas Tayler, Elizabeth Androes & Edde WytherPR 493 of 588
10/06/1630Sara Parker witnesses Willia Thurner,Elizabeth Mershe & Alice ParkerPR 493 of 588
24/06/1630Mary Tayer witnesses Willia Tayer, Katheryne Tayer & Elizabeth MoorePR 493 of 588
08/07/1630Jayne Dyerwitnesses Thomas Trahearne Ellen Tanner & Johan HawkesworthePR 493 of 588
11/07/1630Peter Wyther witnesses Willia Tanner Andrewe Thomas & Margaret WytherPR 493 of 588
11/07/1630Thomas Parker at Fafeild witnesses Thomas Barnes, Richard Orchard & Elizabeth TilladamsPR 493 of 588
11/07/1630Willia Prosser at Fafeild witnesses Thomas Lewis Willia Stock & Joen BarnesPR 493 of 588
18/07/1630Samuell Tayler Witnesses Thomas Buttler Thomas Jennings Elizabeth GryffynPR 493 of 588
25/07/1630John Tylerwitnesses John Brockington (Breggenton)John Cullimore and Elizabeth Brockington (Bueggenton)PR 493 of 588
25/07/1630Gyles Mershewitnesses Gyles Curteis Oliver Speck and Edde SkynnerPR 494 of 588
29/07/1630Martha Millard witnesses Nicholas Stockes, Elizabeth Lewis & Elizabeth LewisPR 494 of 588
08/08/1630John Welstead witnesses John Welstead Willia Thurner & Anne WenlandPR 494 of 588
15/08/1630Marie Bayneham witnesses John Bridges Katheryne Morgan and Elizabeth MooenPR 494 of 588
17/08/1630Robart Ayler witnesses Robart Bartlett John Alpas and Joen HobbesPR 494 of 588
22/08/1630Richard Baker witnesses George Baker, Thomas Ryder & Katheryne TayerPR 494 of 588
29/08/1630Elizabeth Walkerwitnesses [blank] Sara Thurstone & Rebecca Palmer (note PR31 of 184 shows witnesses as Gey Selkok Lewcey Stafford gw and ? Hix)PR 494 of 588 & PR31 of 184
29/08/1630Sara Palmerwitnesses ? Sara Thurstoen, & Robert Palmer
12/09/1630John Fowlerwitnesses Robart Baker Willia Ogborne and Ann ColePR 494 of 588
13/10/1630Ann Jones witnesses Francis Mortimore Elizabeth Lewis & Cisseley HolebrookePR 494 of 588
07/11/1630Marie Harding witnesses Robart Baker, Christian Pearce and Joen ThurnerPR 494 of 588
14/11/1630Richard Web witnesses Richard Web John Sanders & Katheryon? SmithPR 494 of 588
16/11/1630Willia Selman witnesses Guy Lawrence Willia Boules & Marie RaymondPR 494 of 588
05/12/1630Thomas Pryer witnesses Thomas Harrould Richard Symonds and Ellen PendockPR 494 of 588
05/12/1630Marie Russell Witnesses John Russell Agnes Pullen and Alice ParkerPR 495 of 588
09/12/1630Henry Linck witnesses Henrie Lynck, William Tayler and Alice BrutonPR 495 of 588
19/12/1630Richard Smithwitnesses Guy Androes, Henrie Bruton & Joen MortimorePR 495 of 588
19/12/1630Martha Addams witnesses John Sprint g Mathewe Raymond & Marie RaymondPR 495 of 588
19/12/1630Willia Hackerwitnesses Richard Callaway, Thomas Harrould and Katheryne BrinckworthPR 495 of 588
23/12/1630Elizabeth Thorne witnesses George Raymond gent Elizabeth Lewis & Elizabeth PrattPR 495 of 588
06/01/1630Sara Maceywitnesses Thomas Trotman Agnes Purlyn & Joen MaceyPR 495 of 588
09/01/1630Alice Taylerwitnesses Robart Clark Alice Silcocks and Katheryne FordePR 495 of 588
23/01/1630Willa Tanner (Deier)witnesses George Baker William Tanner & Edde HigginsPR 495 of 588
30/01/1630Elizabeth Trotman witnesses John Clark Margerie Trotman & Joen JonesPR 495 of 588
30/01/1630Joen Web witnesses Thomas Alpas Ruthe Clark & Margaret BirdPR 495 of 588
06/02/1630Thomas Thurstone witnesses John Jones, John Purlyn & Elizabeth MershePR 495 of 588
09/02/1630George Hanman wittnesses George Raymond gen Edward Wysse & Ellen RaymondPR 496 of 588
17/02/1630John Stones witnesses Richard Russell Jelian Hill & Judeth ThurstonePR 496 of 588
17/02/1630Ann Howell witnesses Francis Mortimore Agnes Stones (Joenes) Elizabeth AndroesPR 496 of 588
27/02/1630Joen Wyther witnesses Henrie Wyther, Joenn Wyther and Ann WytherPR 496 of 588
28/02/1630Richard Geewitnesses Thomas Adie William Long and Alice BruetonPR 496 of 588
03/03/1630Alice Smith witnesses Nicolas Stokes, Alice Thorne and Mrs Katheryne SmithPR 496 of 588
17/03/1630John Eddeswitnesses John Hicks Gyles Clark and Christian PearcePR 496 of 588
24/03/1630Elizabeth Jones witne Francis Mortimore, Avis Cheeseman Elizabeth AndroesPR 496 of 588
03/04/1631Agnes Hillwitnesses Roger Ford Agnes Ford and Bridget FordPR 496 of 588
10/04/1631Willia Savadge witnesses Willia Tayler, Willia Moreten & Elizabeth ManPR 496 of 588
11/04/1631Giles Smith witnesses Gyles Curteis, Nicolas Harris & Mary HillPR 496 of 588
13/04/1631A basse child of Joen Coole witnesses Thomas Tayler, Agnes Pope & Edde ScottPR 496 of 588
14/04/1631John Parkerwitnesses Guy Lawrence Willia Barton Katheryne BestPR 496 of 588
24/04/1631James Horseleywitnesses Mathewe Raymond, Roger Long, Ellen RaymandPR 496 of 588
01/05/1631Ann Aramwitnesses Andrew Thomas Margerie Trotman & Katheryne WhitePR 496 of 588
01/05/1631Edward Ayler witnesses Willia Uswald? Edward Bartlett & Ann Wolford.PR 496 of 588
01/05/1631Thomas Kingwitnesses Willia Barton Thomas Lewis and Isabell AdiePR 496 of 588
15/05/1631George Raymond g witnesses Edward Thurstone Mathewe Raymond Suzan GuyesPR 496 of 588
30/05/1631John Whitfeildwitnesses John Selman Guy Lawrence and Mistress Francis Maxey gewPR 497 of 588
04/06/1631Sara Samborne at Fafeild witnesses Richard Fowler, Sara Gyles and Elizabeth TrotmanPR 497 of 588
12/06/1631Joseph Moreton witnesses Richard Arnold, William Bruton and Marie BenneePR 497 of 588
03/07/1631Joen Whitfeild witnesses John Whitfeild Elizabeth Jones and Joice WytherPR 497 of 588
03/07/1631Ann Thurstone witnesses Thomas Thurstone Edee Speck and Elizabeth MannPR 497 of 588
10/07/1631Nicolas White witnesses Nicolas White Thomas Smith & Joen MoretonPR 497 of 588
10/07/1631Thomas Daice witnesses ThomasThorne, George Baker & Ellen SmithePR 497 of 588
24/07/1631Thomas Phillips witnesses Thomas Smith, Thomas Lydeat & Mary HillPR 497 of 588
14/08/1631John Tayer witnesses John Dawnie, John Dymerie & Katheryne TeaklePR 497 of 588
26/08/1631John Cooke one of the 2 children of Willia Cooke witnesses of John: John Bird Robart Baker and Elizabeth WalkerPR 497 of 588
26/08/1631Richard Cookeone of the 2 children of Willia Cooke witnesses of Richard: Willia Tayler, Robart Baker & Margerie SearchPR 497 of 588
28/08/1631Alice Fowler witnesses Robart Clark, Alice Silcocks & Alice Seaborne als HopkinsPR 497 of 588
04/09/1631Thomas Jaynewitnesses John Wyther Thomas Trotman and Marie NealePR 498 of 588
15/09/1631Richard Gee witnesses Richard Thurnor William Thurner and Joen PachPR 498 of 588
19/09/1631John Skeythe sonne of William Skey of Fafeild at Stone witnesses John Pick, John Seaborne Ellenor HarfordPR 498 of 588
10/11/1631Isabel GaynerA basse child of Widow Gayner witnesses John Walker Elizabeth Hopkins & Elizabeth SilcocksPR 498 of 588
20/11/1631Alice Turner witnesses Thomas Bosley, Alice Hopkins & Alice ParkerPR 498 of 588
01/12/1631Samuell Tanner witnesses Francis Tayer Thomas Pach Jun Elizabeth DyerPR 498 of 588
04/12/1631Elizabeth Fosterwitnesses Francis Tayer, Elizabethe Mershe & Elizabeth TaylerPR 498 of 588
08/12/1631Robart Clark witnesses John Clark Robart Clark and Marie HarrisPR 498 of 588
13/12/1631George Wyssewitnesses George Raymond Sen John Asford (Auter Raymond) & Ann Stafford gPR 498 of 588
15/12/1631Jayne Baker witnesses Henrie Mershe Fransis Maxey g & Bridget ParkerPR 498 of 588
18/12/1631John Long witnesses John Long, Willia Stones and Ann ColePR 498 of 588
05/01/1631Elizabeth Price wittnesses Richard Callaway, Elizabeth Skynner and Katheryn SmithPR 498 of 588
17/01/1631Willia White witnesses Willia Barton Richard Vidler and Edee ScottPR 499 of 588
19/01/1631Ruth King witnesses John Bird Ruthe Clark and Katheryne FordePR 499 of 588
02/02/1631Thomas Tayer witnesses Henrie Mershe Francis Tayer Agnes TayerPR 499 of 588
09/02/1631John Purlyn witnesses John Palmer clark John Parker and Elizabeth MoorePR 499 of 588
09/02/1631Sara Tayerwitnesses Thomas Tayer Agnes Jones & Katheryne DawneyPR 499 of 588
09/02/1631Ann Bakerwitnesses Abraham Stapleton, Ann Smith Ellenor RaymondPR 499 of 588
11/02/1631John Symsonwitnesses John Boice Willia Smithe Elizabeth WhitfeildPR 499 of 588
11/02/1631Ursula Symsonwitnesses Willia Lenvee/Lenved Ursuley Lacie & Joice WytherPR 499 of 588
12/02/1631Martha Walker witnesses Francis Lynnet Martha Dymery & Marie BrutonPR 499 of 588
13/02/1631Willia Crockerwitnesses Willia Russell John Roodes and Jayne HobbesPR 499 of 588
19/02/1631James Heaven witnesses Willia Sheppard Andrew Butler Elizabeth FrancombePR 499 of 588
01/03/1631Elizabeth Huntwitnesses Thomas Fowler Agnes Ford & Elizabeth BarloePR 499 of 588
04/03/1631Guy Popewitnesses Guy Lawrence Willia Sheppard Alice HicksPR 499 of 588
08/03/1631Thomas Wyther witnesses Willia Thurner, John Reeve & Joen DunstarPR 499 of 588
18/03/1631Richard Pearcewitnesses John Colemore Richard PryerPR 499 of 588
18/03/1631Elizabeth Smithwitnesses Willa Howell, Marie Pither, & Ann StonesPR 499 of 588
19/03/1631Ursula Mortimore witnesses Willia Mildmey, Ursula Atwell g & Francis Maxey gPR 500 of 588
25/03/1632Ann Thurstone witnesses Willia Maxey vickar, Anne Stafford g and Ann Raymond gPR 500 of 588
26/03/1632Marie Richmanwitnesses John Adie Ellenor Barton and Joen WytherPR 500 of 588
08/04/1632John Purlynwitnesses John Champneis John Purlyn and Alice ParkerPR 500 of 588
08/04/1632George Baker witnesses George Baker Thomas Budden and Alice SlicockPR 500 of 588
15/04/1632Mary Busher witnesses Andrew Butler Joen Mortimore & Margaret TayerPR 500 of 588
08/05/1632John French witnesses John Wysse g Thomas Teakell & Francis Maxey gPR 500 of 588
10/05/1632Thomas Sheppardwitnesses John Trotman preacher Thomas Russell Elizabeth GeePR 500 of 588
10/06/1632Christopher Powell witnesses Christopher Purnell Mathew Raymond g and Christian PearcePR 500 of 588
21/06/1632Elizabeth Whitewitnesses Richard Cole, Christian Pearce and Anne TrotmanPR 500 of 588
01/07/1632Guy Symonswitnesses Guy Silcocks, Guy Lawrence and Agnes LawrencePR 500 of 588
09/08/1632Guy Addamswitnesses Guy Lawrence Henry Smith Ann Raymond gPR 500 of 588
16/08/1632Willia Whitfeild witnesses John Jenkins Thomas Whitfeild and Joen ClarkPR 501 of 588
09/09/1632Morris Bakerwitnesses George Baker, John Whitfeild and Joen Ryder gwPR 501 of 588
16/09/1632Marie Tayer witnesses Francis Mountayne Ann Stadurd, Katheryne DymeriePR 501 of 588
23/09/1632John Clark witnesses John Clark, John Clark and Joen JonesPR 501 of 588
23/09/1632John Goffe witnesses John Adie Henrie Brueton Elizabeth ManPR 501 of 588
29/09/1632Alice Thorne witnesses John Jones Agnes Tayer and Bridget CurteisPR 501 of 588
07/10/1632William Russell witnesses Willia Taylor (Tiler) Willia Jones Marie PeaseleyPR 501 of 588
07/10/1632Agnes Wyther witnesses Willia Howell Alice Barton & Agnes StonesPR 501 of 588
18/10/1632Marie Gee witnesses John Cuerret Alice Cowley Elleanor SochimPR 501 of 588
23/10/1632Samuell Aram witnesses John Trotman preacher Willia Higgins and Christian PearcePR 501 of 588
01/11/1632John Stones witnesses John Howell Edward Long & Margaret OrchardPR 501 of 588
01/11/1632Marie Search witnesses John Trotman preacher Marie Harris and Joen BraciePR 502 of 588
20/11/1632Elizabeth Barton wit: John Howell, Elizabeth Lewis, Elizabeth BartonPR 502 of 588
25/11/1632Jayne Bradleywitnesses Nicolas Wysse, Joen Bracie and Sara ThurstonePR 502 of 588
02/12/1632Joice Tyler witnesses Richard Brinckworthe Agnes Cole & Gillia HathwayPR 502 of 588
09/12/1632Nicolas Stokes witnesses Thomas Davies (Lewis) Roger Reeve Elizabeth LewisPR 502 of 588
20/12/1632Willia Ayleworth witnesses Willia Maxey clark Peter Hawkesworth g and Elizabeth HowellPR 502 of 588
06/01/1632John Smith witnesses John Rodes John Alpas and Suzan RussellPR 502 of 588
10/01/1632John Seger witnesses John Stebbens John Godphrey Sara ThurstonPR 502 of 588
17/01/1632Deborah Bowser witnesses Thomas Mallet Margaret Russell and Elizabeth ElliottPR 502 of 588
26/01/1632John Peaseley witnesses John Peaseley John Harding and Janie ChampneisPR 502 of 588
27/01/1632Phillip Searchwitnesses Phillip Jones William Jones and Isabell SilcockPR 502 of 588
27/01/1632Andrew Popewitnesses Andrew Butler, John Bence and Joen HarmonPR 502 of 588
30/01/1632Edee Ayleworthwitnesses George Baker, Ruthe Clark, Katheryne FordPR 503 of 588
16/02/1632Richard HillA base child of Marie Hill witnesses Nicolas Tayer Richard Bayneham and Marie OgbornePR 503 of 588
28/02/1632George Geewitnesses George Baker George Gee and Elizabeth LewisPR 503 of 588
07/03/1632Elizabeth Lawrencewitnesses George Raymond gent Elizabeth Walter Edee HigginsPR 503 of 588
10/03/1632Edward Thurstone witnesses Thomas Mallet Edward Thurstone Joen BoultonPR 503 of 588
10/03/1632Marie Dyerwitnesses John Harding Marie Whitfeild Ellenor TannerPR 503 of 588
15/03/1632Joseph Mallet witnesses Thomas Thurstone Willia Jones Joen BusherPR 503 of 588
28/03/1633Sara Cookewitnesses Thomas Tayler Sesselee Davies and Edee ButlerPR 503 of 588
30/03/1633Ann Savidgewitnesses William Hearering An Tayler & Alice LawrencePR 503 of 588
04/04/1633Hester Russell witnesses Willia Jones, Margaret Wicks & Sara ThurstonePR 503 of 588
16/05/1633Davie DaviesA basse child of Margaret Davies witnesses Richard Vidler, Hughe Mason and Sara Willis (and Hero Mason)PR 504 of 588
26/05/1633Ann Butler witnesses Guy Silcocks Ann Long gt and Marie HarrisPR 504 of 588
20/05/1633Nathaniell Purlyn witnesses Richard Fowler clerk Vollentyne Marshall clerk and Ursula Atwell gPR 504 of 588
20/05/1633An Symson witnesses Richard Champneis Ann Lewis & Magery HigginbothamPR 504 of 588
02/06/1633Jaell Tayer wittnesses Richard Dymmerie Katheryne Dawney & Agnes TayerPR 504 of 588
03/06/1633Marie Collinswitnesses John Web Ladie Marie Rogers & Joan WebPR 504 of 588
10/06/1633Thomas Stafford g witnesses Robart Poyntz Esqr Henrie Ayres Esqr Ladie Ann AyresPR 504 of 588
10/06/1633Willia Browne witnesses John Hopkins Willia Farris and Joane SearchePR 504 of 588
23/06/1633Joen Fowler witnesses Joseph Gee, Joen Ogborne & Margaret NiccollsPR 504 of 588
07/07/1633Ann Joneswitnesses William Lynck Ellenor Jones & Margaret WallisPR 505 of 588
14/07/1633Edward Lewiswitnesses Willia Longe Thomas Lewis & Francis PeaseleyPR 505 of 588
21/07/1633Katheryne Adie witnesses John Adie, Katheryne Ford and Margerie AdiePR 505 of 588
04/08/1633Elizabeth Bayneham witnesses Henrie Pruett, Elizabeth Wichell & Elizabeth WhitePR 505 of 588
11/08/1633Sisselee Lynck witnesses Thomas Smithe Sisselee Lynck and Alice WarnerPR 505 of 588
18/08/1633John Wytherwitnesses Willia Thurner Edward Hunt and Joen PachePR 505 of 588
18/08/1633Robart Jenkin witnesses Richard Hues, Willia Kemp and Joen TylerPR 505 of 588
26/08/1633George Moorewitnesses George More Thomas Alpas & Elizabeth BrownePR 505 of 588
01/09/1633Mary Prichardwitnesses Andrewe Butler Marie Harris & Elizabeth GeePR 505 of 588
09/09/1633Willia JonesA basse child of Johan Jones witnesses, Willia Jones Tymothie Hacker & Margaret WallisPR 505 of 588
12/09/1633Elizabeth Scot witnesses Thomas Whitfeild, Ellenor Screenen Joan HewesPR 505 of 588
17/09/1633Elizabeth Raymondwitnesses Willia Stafford Esqr Elizabeth Atwood & Grace ParkerPR 505 of 588
03/10/1633Dorothie Thorne witnesses Edmond Grace Dorothie Shoer & Elizabeth GereshePR 506 of 588
17/10/1733Thomas Whitfeild witnesses Thomas Clark, Thomas Jones and Johan HardingPR 506 of 588
24/10/1633Hughe Maysonwitnesses Willia Mayson Benedick Mayson & Johan LawrencePR 506 of 588
24/10/1633Willia Edeeswitnesses Willia Jones Willia Long & Suzan PicherPR 506 of 588
27/10/1633James Brockley witnesses James Atkins, Richard A Benion & Joyce PryncePR 506 of 588
31/10/1633Willia Whitfeild witnesses Willia Jones Thomas Whitfeild & Jayne StephensPR 506 of 588
03/11/1633John Barley witnesses John Browne John Collins & Johan Rosse.PR 506 of 588
10/11/1633Robart Harrouldwitnesses Robart Clark, Robart Nesger & Sisselee PachePR 506 of 588
17/11/1633Phillip Sheppard witnesses Phillip Jones Thomas Lewis Eliz: LewisPR 506 of 588
12/12/1633Ann Tayer witnesses Richard Peaseley, An Tayer Eliz: MershePR 506 of 588
26/12/1633Rebecca Samborne witnesses Tobias Higgins Clerk Ann his Wyfe and Alice ParkerPR 506 of 588
01/01/1633Edmond Franckome witnesses Edmond Wood Thomas Thurstone and Edethee SpeckPR 506 of 588
02/01/1633Richard Tanner witnesses William Higgins George Baker and Sisselee PachePR 507 of 588
12/01/1633Henrie Crockerwitnesses John Ogborne, John Longe and Elizabeth LongPR 507 of 588
02/02/1633Alice Tilladams from Fafeild witnesses Robart Crome, Sara Brueton Suzan BrutonPR 507 of 588
02/02/1633Elizabeth Smith witnesses John Pendock Elizabeth Curteis & Elizabeth WebPR 507 of 588
09/02/1633Willia Baker witnesses William Long William Howell & Margerie SearchePR 507 of 588
23/02/1633Phillip Ayler witnesses Phillip Harris John Jones receiver & Edee HancockPR 507 of 588
23/02/1633Edward Jayne witnesses Willia Jones John Tayer and Joen WytherPR 507 of 588
23/02/1633Richard Peaseley witnesses Edward Thurstone Fardinando Tayer & Marie SmithPR 507 of 588
23/02/1633Richard Pricewitnesses Richard Brinckworth Willia Wicks Dorothie RowlesPR 507 of 588
02/03/1633John Pearce witnesses John Brueton, Robart Pick Agnes PullenPR 507 of 588
02/03/1633Marie Hacker witnesses Thomas Pach Marie Clark & Agnes FrithePR 507 of 588
02/03/1633Elizabeth Baker witnesses Thomas Boice Elizabeth Whitfeild Janie Stephens of Littleton upon SeavernePR 507 of 588
09/03/1633Joen Bennet witnesses John Jones Joen Howell & Francis MortimorePR 507 of 588
13/03/1633John Somerswitnesses John Paull clerk John Purlyn Ursula Atwell gPR 508 of 588
23/03/1633Roger Daice witnesses Roger Ford John Collins and Edithe HillPR 508 of 588
27/03/1634Deborah Tayer witnesses Willia Jones Clark Johan Busher & Elizabeth Wenkell?PR 508 of 588
27/04/1634Arthure Harden witnesses Arthure? Baker Arthure Harding & Elizabeth GeePR 508 of 588
27/04/1634Henrie Hall witnesses Henrie Reeve Richard Champneis & Elizabeth IlesPR 508 of 588
04/05/1634Joen Powell witnesses William Williams Joen Atwood and Alice YeowenPR 508 of 588
18/05/1634William Mershe witnesses William Long, John Long & Sisselee SandersPR 508 of 588
22/05/1634Willia King witnesses Willia Linke John Warner & Elizabeth LewisPR 508 of 588
25/05/1634Agnes ABenionwitnesses Thomas Denning Agnes Web & Sibell AbenionPR 508 of 588
01/06/1634Thomas Scot witnesses George Baker Willia Tanner & Joen BraciePR 508 of 588
15/06/1634Katheryne Fosterwitnesses Guy Silcocks, Katheryne Ford and Katherine SmithePR 509 of 588
26/06/1634Edward Richman witnesses Edward Thurstone gent William Mildmay & Ellenor BartonPR 509 of 588
27/07/1634Henry Clark witnesses Guy Silcocks Phillip Harris and Elizabeth SelmanPR 509 of 588
27/07/1634Marie Wysh? (Wyte?)witnesses John Bowles, Marie Wysse & Ellenor Raymond genPR 509 of 588
28/07/1634George Whitfeild witnesses George Baker Arthure Baker & Elizabeth MaxeyPR 509 of 588
10/08/1634William Pope witnesses William Tanner Willia Jones & Joaen ThurstonePR 509 of 588
25/08/1634Willia WebOne of the two sons of John Web witnesses Willia Jones, William Longe & Elizabeth WebPR 509 of 588
25/08/1634Thomas WebOne of the two sons of John Web witnesses John Pendock, Thomas Harris & Eliz: ShalePR 509 of 588
18/09/1634Mary Baker witnesses John Wellen Marie Robbes gen & Mary WhitfeildPR 509 of 588
21/09/1634John Bridgeswitnesses John Bridges John Dawnee & Jayne BuddenPR 509 of 588
03/10/1634A base child of Margerie Linckwitnesses Phillip Wathen Cisselee Holebrooke and Elizabeth LynckPR 509 of 588
19/10/1634Richard Wyther witnesses John Edwards Richard Brooke & Alice Brooke.PR 510 of 588
26/10/1634William Wyssewitnesses Willia Browne Robart Ford and Susan TaylorPR 510 of 588
27/10/1634Richard Collinswitnesses Sr Richard Rogers kt Willia Maxey clark & Sara BillingsleyPR 510 of 588
18/12/1634Guy Search witnesses Guy Silcocks Guy Lawrence & Marie HarrisPR 510 of 588
18/12/1634Joane Skynner witnesses Henrie West Elizabeth Wymple & Margaret BurgesPR 510 of 588
28/12/1634Jonathan Tratmanson of John Tratman preacher witnesses Lawrence Heywarrd g Willia Tratman & Joaen Ryder gwPR 510 of 588
28/12/1634William Parkerwitnesses William Harwood John Tayer & Marie HarrisPR 510 of 588
30/12/1634Thomas Turnorwitnesses Thomas Smith Thomas Hunt & Elizabeth ChandlerPR 510 of 588
18/01/1634Thomas Whitfeild witnesses John Jones & John Jones and Elizabeth PeasleyPR 510 of 588
25/01/1634Samuell Baker witnesses John Jones Robart Clark and Elizabeth LewisPR 510 of 588
08/02/1634Jaen Wyther witnesses John Wyther Jaen Berrie and Joen HobbesPR 511 of 588
08/02/1634Henry Savidge witnesses Henrie Mershe Fardinando Tayer & Alice BuewtoenPR 511 of 588
19/02/1634Elizabeth Tanner witnesses John Bird Joaen Bracie and Marie WhitfeildPR 511 of 588
22/02/1634Francis Fowlerwitnesses George Baker John Bird and Marie HarrisPR 511 of 588
06/03/1634Zacarias Tayer witnesses John Ford William Banton and Agnes WhitePR 511 of 588
14/03/1634Martha Baker witnesses John Field Marie Baker and Alice BrowneingPR 511 of 588
22/03/1634Joen Linck witnesses John Pullen Alice Parker and Katheryne SmithePR 511 of 588
30/03/1635Edethee Busher witnesses Willia Search Edee Scot & Margaret BusherPR 511 of 588
05/04/1635Sara Bradleywitnesses Edward Bracie Margaret Thurnor Katheryne SheildPR 511 of 588
05/04/1635Johan Web witnesses Thomas Smith Alice Williams & Katheryne FordePR 511 of 588
06/04/1635Sara Geewitnesses John Thurstone Ellen Sheppard and Janie PrichardPR 511 of 588
12/04/1635Marie Jones witnesses John Thorne Johan Jones and Cisselee HolebrookePR 511 of 588
12/04/1635Elizabeth Tayer witnesses William Callaway Elizabeth Dymerie & Jaine CallawayPR 511 of 588
15/04/1635Margaret Lynnetwitnesses Thomas Pick Mary Brueton Elizabeth BarnesPR 512 of 588
07/05/1635Sara Orchard from Fafeild witnesses Arthure Jones Mary Cawket Sara PurnelPR 512 of 588
10/05/1635Margaret Gee witnesses John Wade Margaret Thurnor and Marie BakerPR 512 of 588
14/05/1635Willia Hedges witnesses Willia Seaborne Willia Hedges Mary HedgesPR 512 of 588
24/05/1635Margaret Jones witnesses Edward Hunt Johan Alpas Ruthe ClarkePR 512 of 588
13/06/1635John Michell witnesses Henry Wyther Johan Howell and Katheryne WhitePR 512 of 588
21/06/1635Agnes Adie witnesses William Ogborne Issabell Adie Cislie BartonPR 512 of 588
02/07/1635Willia Clarkwitnesses Mr Stafford George Raymond g & Mrs EdwardsPR 512 of 588
05/07/1635John Symons witnesses John Taylor Guy Silcock & Elizabeth BirdPR 513 of 588
06/08/1635Marie Norton witnesses Willia [missing] Mrs Francis Maxey and Elizabeth Arnollr?PR 513 of 588
16/08/1635Robart Prosser from Fafeild witnesses Robart Pick Thomas Skey & Anne CurnockPR 513 of 588
19/08/1635Samuell Watson witnesses Edward Cutler Stephen Woodnell Cislee Jonson being borne at Thomas Alpas his howse the fathers name being Richard Watson a stranger to this parishePR 513 of 588
20/08/1635Alice Harris witnesses Gyles Curteis Alice Tayer and Alice ThornePR 513 of 588
30/08/1635Edward Russell witnesses Morris Smithe Fardinando Tayer Bridget CurteisPR 513 of 588
20/09/1635John Wells witnesses John Pullen Thomas Hancksman and Marie CallawayPR 513 of 588
20/09/1635Johan Thurstone witnesses Willia Thurnor Agnes Whitfeild Mary WhitfeildPR 513 of 588
04/10/1635Hughe Bennetwitnesses Davy Lewis Francis Mortymore and Ellenor BartonPR 513 of 588
04/10/1635John Pendock witnesses John Penock, John Bird & Johan AlpasPR 513 of 588
08/10/1635Mary Jobbins from Fafeid witnesses Barthalomewe Gayner Alice Brueton and Jaine Jones of EastwoodPR 513 of 588
11/10/1635Ussula Whitfeild witnesses Gyles Lorringe Ursula Trotman Joice WytherPR 513 of 588
22/10/1635Abigall Sommerswitnesses Edward Thurstone g Mrs Anne Raymond Alice ParkerPR 513 of 588
25/10/1635Charles Matheweswitnesses Charles Hoare Sen Edward Packer g and Mrs Anne StaffordPR 513 of 588
25/10/1635Sara Addams Robart Clark Mabell Mallet Elleno Addams witPR 514 of 588
29/10/1635Elizabeth Moore wit William Pard:Elizabeth Moore, Elizab: HarrisPR 514 of 588
08/11/1635Anne Barnesat Tortworth witnesses John Maysters Marie Wicks and Anne DussellPR 514 of 588
15/11/1635John Mountayne witnesses John Dymery, Willa Russell Eliz: LewisPR 514 of 588
15/11/1635Thomas Hunt witness John Bird Robart Clark Katheryne FordPR 514 of 588
24/11/1635Christian Walkerwitnesses Christopher Purnell Alice Walker Christian PearcePR 514 of 588
26/11/1635Charles Tayer witnesses Thomas Smithe Thomas Pach Eliz: PeaselyPR 514 of 588
26/12/1635John Purlyn witnesses John Sommers clerk William Parker and Mrs Anne PalmerPR 514 of 588
28/12/1635Anne Harris witnesses Robart Web gent Mrs Anne Stafford and Mrs Lucie StaffordPR 514 of 588
28/12/1635Elizabeth Wytherwitnesses Edward Longe Johan Weyther and Elizabeth GeePR 515 of 588
04/01/1635Charles Prichard witnesses Charles Hoare g Phillip Harris Joane HowellPR 515 of 588
17/01/1635Mary Tanner witnesses Guy Lawrence Anne Raymond g Elizabeth LewisPR 515 of 588
17/01/1635Robart Bence witnesses William Cole John Longe and Agnes ColePR 515 of 588
20/01/1635Johan Thorne witnesses Thomas Thorne Johan Lorringe g Johan JonesPR 515 of 588
28/01/1635Anne Collins witnesses Abraham Stapleton Anne Smithe Robart WebPR 515 of 588
31/01/1635Raphe Purlyn witnesses Robart Screene Robart Pick Margerie AdiePR 515 of 588
31/01/1635Anne Purlyn witnesses Francis Mortimore Anne Purlyun Alice ParkerPR 515 of 588
14/02/1635John Jarviswitnesses John May Rowland Morgan Edeeth WytherPR 515 of 588
23/02/1635Anne Horwood witnesses Gyles Lorringe Anne Bradstone Sara? BestPR 515 of 588
28/02/1635Henry Collins witnesses Henrie Collins Thomas Tilladams Eliz: PhillipsPR 516 of 588
01/03/1635Marie Stones witnesses Edward Thurstone Anne Russell Johan MartenPR 516 of 588
13/03/1635Willia Sheppard witnesses Edward Thurstone Willia Parker Anne ThurstonePR 516 of 588
13/03/1635Thomas Addams witnesses Thomas Hunt Willia Wickes Jgylliian Gyllian? BradlyPR 516 of 588
17/03/1635Thomas Knap witnesse Thomas Thurstone Thomas Search Orian Moo?PR 516 of 588
20/03/1635George Tyler witnesses George Raymond g Robart Clark Agnes LawrencePR 516 of 588
18/04/1636John Barton witnesses John Purlyn John Holway Elizabeth JonesPR 516 of 588
18/04/1636Elizabeth Morse witnesses James Heane, Alice Brewton and Johan LewisPR 516 of 588
19/05/1636Francis Barley witnesses John Tyler Francis Morris Mary AtkinsPR 516 of 588
29/05/1636Elizabeth Hacker witnesses Gryffyn Lott g Elizabeth Lewis and John WytherPR 517 of 588
06/06/1636John Trotman witnesses John Baker g John Whitfeild & Ursula AtwellsPR 517 of 588
12/06/1636Marie Cooke witnesses William Higgins Marie Phillips and Elizabeth HoellPR 517 of 588
19/06/1636Christopher Skynnerwitnesses Richard Pryer Robart Ford and Elizabeth LongePR 517 of 588
23/06/1636Richard Curnockwitnesses Thomas Brewton Willia Tanner and Mary WatePR 517 of 588
03/07/1636Nathanniell Skreene witnesses Willia Stock, John Curnock and Elizabeth PhillipsPR 517 of 588
03/07/1636Sara Richman witnesses John Field Elizabeth Cole and Agens ColePR 517 of 588
03/07/1636Marie AlpasA basse child of Katheryne Alpas witnesses John Price Bettrice Barley, Sara BenionPR 517 of 588
10/07/1636Agnes Peaseley witnesses Roger Tanner Anne Tayer and Joane HardingPR 517 of 588
14/07/1636Margaret Lynnetwitnesses Richard Russell Johan Lorrenge and Elizabeth StockPR 517 of 588
17/07/1636Margerie Mershe and unnamed siblingTwo children of Warren Mershe witnesses to the Eldest [name missing?] Willia Wikkes Agnes Cowley witnesses to Marjorie Francis Mortimor Margery Ayler and Alice YeedesPR 517 of 588
24/07/1636William Crosse witnesses Roger Hobbes, John Grafton and Alice HillPR 517 of 588
31/07/1636A basse child of Alice Marshallwitnesses William Purlyn Thomas Hobbes and John Sherman?PR 517 of 588
21/08/1636Willia Search witnesses Robart Baker Guy Silcocks Jun & Margery JonesPR 518 of 588
21/08/1636Joan Powellwitnesses Guy Silcoks Johan Search and Elizabeth WebPR 518 of 588
24/08/1636Thomas Smith and Joan Search.witnesses Thomas Russell Thomas Lydeat & Ellenor SymonsPR 518 of 588
28/08/1636Elizabeth Skeyfrom Fafeild witnesses Nicolas Stinchcombe Abagall Neathway Agnes PearcePR 518 of 588
11/09/1636Ann Prosserfrom Fafeild witnesses John Collins Anne Barnes and Margaret SkceenePR 518 of 588
11/09/1636Mary Jenkins witnesses Andrew Thomas Margaret Walker & Ellenor MathewesPR 518 of 588
22/09/1636Gyles Lynnetwitnesses Gyles Lorrenge Thomas Smith and Joan SearchPR 518 of 588
28/09/1636Johan Walker witnesses Robart Walker, Johan Search and Joane FordPR 518 of 588
06/10/1636Alice Boice from Fafeild witnesses, John Browne Alice Boy, Alice AlexanderPR 518 of 588
09/10/1636Moyses Aram witnesses Henry Brewton Richard Stones Marie TrotmanPR 518 of 588
18/10/1636John Horseleywitnesses John Tayer John Hopkins & Elizabeth LewisPR 518 of 588
06/11/1636William Parker from Fafeild witnesses William Skey, Willia Stock and Marie MorsePR 519 of 588
10/11/1636John Hopkins witnesses John Taynton John Pryer and Alice WilliamsPR 519 of 588
24/11/1636Thomas Matheweswitnesses Thomas Stark Robart Pach and Lucie TayerPR 519 of 588
24/11/1636Johan Harris witnesses Guy Silcocks Elizabeth Jones and Dorothie HawkesworthPR 519 of 588
24/11/1636Hester Tayer witnesses John Dymery Alice Parker and Marie TayerPR 519 of 588
01/12/1636Henrie Orchardfrom Fafeild witnesses Thomas Atkins, Bartholomewe Gaynes Elizabeth SwanleyPR 519 of 588
13/12/1636Edward Wyssewitnesses Edward Thurstone Clement Thacher & Ellenor RaymondPR 519 of 588
19/12/1636Benjamin Deane witnesses John Sturge Richard Addams and Alice ParkerPR 519 of 588
01/01/1636Sara Thurstone witnesses Thomas Vidler Marie Whitfeild & Johan ClerkPR 519 of 588
06/01/1636Katheryne Briggs witnesses Thomas Dymery Katheryne Dawnee & Joan JonesPR 519 of 588
08/01/1636Joseph Cole witnesses Richard Cole Edward Cole and Elizabeth FrindPR 519 of 588
08/01/1636Suzan Dyer witnesses Thomas Lewis Suzan Picher and Janie TaylerPR 519 of 588
17/01/1636Josias Moreton witnesses Peter Hicks William Hobbes and Alice BrewtonPR 520 of 588
22/01/1636Thomas Harris witnesses Thomas Alpas Thomas Search & Mary AtkinsPR 520 of 588
28/01/1636Johan Berriefrom Fafeild witnesses Willia Gibs Johan Pearce Anne KymberleyPR 520 of 588
29/01/1636James Barret witnesses Thomas Thurstone, John Hoare & Janie ThurstonePR 520 of 588
05/02/1636Marie Pearce witnesses Richard A Benion, Marie Williams Johan NesbeePR 520 of 588
05/02/1636Anne Uadge? witnesses Thomas Hobbes Ann Pullen and Sara HobbesPR 520 of 588
09/02/1636Richard Orchardwitnesses Richard Warner Willia Orchard & Anne PowellPR 520 of 588
19/02/1636John Jones witnesses William Bennet Edward Hunt & Sara BeedgegoodPR 520 of 588
05/03/1636Richard Crocker witnesses Richard Symons Robart Smithe & Johan LongePR 520 of 588
26/03/1637Joseph Savidge witnesses Thomas Hunt Edward Turner Elizabeth WestPR 520 of 588
26/03/1637Elizabeth Adie witnesses Richard Duppar Elizabeth Briggs and Elizabeth Staborne als HopkinsPR 520 of 588
02/04/1637Elizabeth Fowler witnesses Roger Ford John Fowler and Elizabeth FowlerPR 520 of 588
04/04/1637Willia Gyleswittnesses Willia Greene counseler John Gyles Clerk and Sara Gyles gentilwomanPR 520 of 588
16/04/1637Sara Purlen witnesses Richard Arnold Ruth Clerk & Margaret BosleyPR 521 of 588
29/04/1637Daniell Jobbins witnesses Phillip Harris Edward Jobbins and Sara CollinsPR 521 of 588
30/04/1637Thomas Atkins witnesses John Curnock Willia Yewen & Elizabeth PhillipsPR 521 of 588
07/05/1637Jonathan Russell witnesses John Harding Richard Russell and Alce Seaburn als Hopkins.PR 521 of 588
07/05/1637Nathaniell Pendock witnesses John Tayler John Selman and Ruthe HathwayPR 521 of 588
11/05/1637Robart GeeThe eldest of the two children of George Gee witnesses John Howell Richard Thurnor Elizabeth LongPR 521 of 588
11/05/1637George GeeThe youngest of the two children of George Gee witnesses Thomas Cullimore Phillip Jones and Agnes MershePR 521 of 588
14/05/1637Marie Baker witnesses Willia Maxey mynister Christian Pollet and Judeth HeywardPR 521 of 588
19/05/1637Phillip? CurteisA basse child of Joan Curteis witnesses Tymothie Hacker Anne Hathway and Brigget GilbartPR 521 of 588
21/05/1637Samuell Eedes witnesses John Peaseley Robart Davies and Katheryne TayerPR 521 of 588
22/05/1637Henry Lott g witnesses Willa Greene g William Greene g Jayne Katheryne gePR 521 of 588
25/05/1637Janie Buttlerwitnesses Francis Mortimore Elizabeth Walker & Mary HarrisPR 521 of 588
02/06/1637Elizabeth Fowler witnesses John Moore Elizabeth Bird and Isabell SilcockPR 522 of 588
11/06/1637Richard Andrewswitnesses Richard Cole Samuell Collins & Anne Trotman the father and mother of this child weare travellers and the mother brough a bed at Richard ColesPR 522 of 588
13/07/1637Elizabeth HillA base child of Marie Hill witnesses John Hill Elizabeth Smith and Edeth Baineham PR 522 of 588
16/07/1637Marie Wyther witnesses John Bird Suzana Brooke and Alice BruetonPR 522 of 588
06/08/1637Edee Ayleworth witnesses Guy Silcock Elizabeth Dymock & Anne BartletPR 522 of 588
13/08/1637Richard Wyther witnesses Robart Wate, William Wyther and Elizabeth ColePR 522 of 588
22/08/1637Anthony Thomaswitnesses John West John Grafton and Anne Ayler the father and mother of this child came to Thorneburies Faire and there thee was brought to bed in James Ayleworths howsePR 522 of 588
27/08/1637Thomas RussellOne of two children of Willia Russell witnessess John Fowler Thomas Search and Sara HarrisPR 522 of 588
27/08/1637Willia RussellOne of two children of Willia Russell witnesses Roger Hobbes, Robart Baineham & Mary OgbornePR 522 of 588
27/08/1637John Tanner witnesses John Purlyn John Thurston and Cisseelee PachPR 523 of 588
03/09/1637Mabell Morganwitnesses Edward Bennett Alice Hill and Agnes AdiePR 523 of 588
04/09/1637George Moorsewitnesses George Morse gen Edward Thurston gen and Katheryne TayerPR 523 of 588
10/09/1637Richard Aleworthwitnesses Richard Mathewe gent Thomas Whitfeild and Jaine ThurstonPR 523 of 588
28/09/1637Robart Clerk witnesses George Raymond jun gen Arthure Clerk and Margaret BarnesPR 523 of 588
11/10/1637Alice Walker witnesses Guy Silcock jun Joan Walker and Alice UzwaldPR 523 of 588
12/10/1637John Skreenefrom Fafeild witnesses John Sommers clerk John Curnock and Margaret GroumePR 523 of 588
19/10/1637John Thurstonwitnesses Richard Thurnor Humphrey Whitfeild and Joan HardingPR 523 of 588
23/10/1637John Jenkins witnesses Annamas Huet Robart Scott & Agnes BarkerPR 523 of 588
05/11/1637Sara Sommerswitnesses John Bird Mabell Mallet and Ellenor Barton widd.PR 523 of 588
05/11/1637Katheryne Daice witnesses Richard Hasehurst Katheryne Ford and Suzanna BartonPR 523 of 588
12/11/1637Anne Busher witnesses Richard Prier Anne Lawrence and Anne PopePR 524 of 588
16/11/1637Edee Tayer witnesses George Baker Anne Tayer and Anne HainesPR 524 of 588
23/11/1637Isaack Leggwitnesses John Jones John Curnock and Margarett BysseyPR 524 of 588
03/12/1637Ellenor Taylerwitnesses Thomas Fowler, Elizabeth Jones and Margaret BirdPR 524 of 588
17/12/1637Jonathan Tayer witnesses Richard Tayer John Dymery & Marie KellowayPR 524 of 588
24/12/1637Arthure Stones witnesses Henrie Wyther Willia Mildmay and Avis PachPR 524 of 588
25/12/1637Thomas Bakerwitnesses Thomas Lydeat Nicolas Stokes and Mary BakerPR 524 of 588
07/01/1637Thomas Dyer witnesses Davie Lewis George Gee and Margaret ThurnorPR 524 of 588
16/01/1637John Horwood witnesses John Trotman clerk John Pullen and Anne Bradstone gPR 524 of 588
20/01/1637John Bakerwitnesses John Hancock, John Tayer and Elizabeth Cox?PR 525 of 588
04/02/1637Elizabeth Collins witnesses Willa? Allen Elizabeth Owlden and Elizabeth HopkinsPR 525 of 588
04/02/1637Margaret Linck witnesses Thomas Pach Margaret Clark and Marie HarrisPR 525 of 588
06/02/1637Elizabeth Lewiswitnesses John Jones, Alice Hopkins and Alice Thorne widd?PR 525 of 588
11/02/1637Andrewe Powell witnesses Andrew Butler William Williams and Katheryne SmithPR 525 of 588
18/02/1637John Callaway witnesses Willia Smith William Callaway and Katheryne HancockPR 525 of 588
25/02/1637Robert Thurstone witnesses William Thurston, John Thurston and Rebecca DenningPR 525 of 588
11/03/1637William Brueton witnesses Willia Maxey clerk Willia Trotman g & Alice BrewtonPR 525 of 588
11/03/1637George Barley witnesses Roger Hobbes John Layne and Alice HillPR 525 of 588
13/03/1637William Wether from Fafeild witnesses William Tilladams Davie Hichman and Elizabeth TilladamsPR 525 of 588
13/03/1637Mary Symons witnesses Landresse Taylor Anne Hathway and Elizabeth PullenPR 525 of 588
18/03/1637John Collins witnesses Phillip Harris Richard Hill & Ellenor CollinsPR 525 of 588
18/03/1637Elizabeth Bowser witnesses George Raymond gen Elizabeth Arnold and Mathewe HigginsPR 525 of 588
08/04/1638Robert Mason witnesses Richard Addams John Hardinge & Mary WhitfieldPR 526 of 588
08/04/1638Joane WitherA base Childe of Edward Wither witnesses Thomas Gunter Agnes Wither & Katherine WorlockePR 526 of 588
08/04/1638Henrie Addams witnes Robert Thurston Nicholas Stokes & Margeret WhitePR 526 of 588
26/04/1638John Searchwitnesses Francis Martmore Thomas Fowler & Elizabeth BirdePR 526 of 588
13/05/1638Katherine Hall witnesses Phillipp Jones Sarah Greeninge & Bridget WorlockPR 526 of 588
20/05/1638Thomas Aram witnesses Andrew Butler Thomas Tratman & Elizabeth LewisPR 527 of 588
21/05/1638Mary More witnesses Tymothie Hacker Elizabeth Cole & Ruth TaylorPR 527 of 588
28/05/1638Marie Whitfieldwitnesses Thomas Whitfeild Anne Patch & Susan WhitfeildPR 527 of 588
08/07/1638William Wither witnesses William Thurnor William Sheppard & Mathew DymeriePR 527 of 588
08/07/1638Marie Cookewitnesses William Trotman Katherine Croome & Alice ParkerPR 527 of 588
19/07/1638Elizabeth Curteyswitnesses Landrus Taylor Elizabeth Hancoke & Grissell HanmanPR 527 of 588
02/08/1638William Bydggood witnesses George Bowser Marian Nevell & Margeret MeltomePR 527 of 588
26/08/1638James Mallet witnesses James Ayleworth Henrie Eddes & Margeret WallisPR 527 of 588
05/09/1638Marie Bakerwitnesses Nicholas Neale Marie Whitfeild & Alice ThornePR 528 of 588
20/09/1638Marie Barton witnesses William Jones Margeret Clarke & Judith HobbsPR 528 of 588
27/09/1638Elizabeth Fosterwitnesses Henry Marshe Agnis Stones & Agnes TaylerPR 528 of 588
07/09/1638Benedict Kinge witnesses William Taberer Thomas Smith Annis MayoPR 528 of 588
21/10/1638Lewcey Baker witnesses Mr Edward Thurston Mrs Lewcey Stafford & Mrs Ursula AtwellsPR 528 of 588
25/10/1638John Mathewes witnesses Thomas Tiler William Whitfield & Anne Patche.PR 528 of 588
08/11/1638Sampson Lert?witnesses Mr George Raymond Mr Edward Thurston & Elizabeth HancockPR 528 of 588
18/11/1638Jane Hill witnesses John Oulee Jane Celloway? & Rebecca DemingePR 529 of 588
20/11/1638Richard Gileswitnesses Thomas White William Barton & Dorathie HawkesworthPR 529 of 588
25/11/1638John Bencewitnesses John Longe Edward Longe & Elizabeth HurnePR 529 of 588
03/12/1638Anne Martimore witnesses Guy Sylcoks Mary Howell & Elizabeth StonesPR 529 of 588
09/12/1638Elizabeth Adie witnesses William Harwood Elizabeth Jones & Agnis FreindePR 529 of 588
26/12/1638Joseph Morse witnesses Guy Sylcoks William Jobbins & Bridgitt MorsePR 529 of 588
30/12/1638Thomas Hardinge witnesses William Myldmay John Adie & Alce PuddeyPR 529 of 588
11/01/1638Margaret DavisA base Child of Agnis Davis witnesses John West Margeret Davis & Mary CullymorePR 529 of 588
31/01/1638William Harwood witnesses ThomasSmith John Bradlie & Anne Bradstone gewPR 530 of 588
03/02/1638Elizabeth Tiler witnesses Thomas Collyns Anne Tailer & Elizabeth WalkerPR 530 of 588
10/02/1638John Whitfeildone of two children of Humphrie Whitfeild his wittnesses was William Jones Ferdynando Tawyer & Mrs TratmanPR 530 of 588
10/02/1638Debra Whitfeildone of two children of Humphrie Whitfeild wittnesses was Thomas Whitfeild Lewcey Tawyer & Elizabeth WhitfeildPR 530 of 588
10/02/1638Thomas Pendock witnesses Thomas Dymeriie Thomas Bracie & Elizabeth PurlynPR 530 of 588
14/02/1638William Berrie from Falfeild witnesses Thomas Drasie Richard Allen & Jane AllenPR 530 of 588
21/02/1638Margerie Adie witnesses Thomas Smyth Margerie Adey & Margrie AdiePR 530 of 588
28/02/1638William Addams witnesses William Williams Richad Addams & Ursula Trotman?PR 530 of 588
03/03/1638Richard Maywitnesses Richard Williams Richard Cole & Elizabeth BerriePR 530 of 588
07/03/1638William Harris witnesses William Stafford Esquier Peter Hawkesworth gent & Francis MaxiePR 530 of 588
10/03/1638William Atkins witnesses William Jones William Benney & Alce LawrencePR 530 of 588
10/03/1638Sarah Harris witnesses Henry Search Sarah Byeggood & Katherine TaylerPR 530 of 588
16/03/1638William Tylladdam witnesses John Collyns William Tylladdam & Joane TaylerPR 531 of 588
16/03/1638John Hunte witnesses Nicholas Stokes Edward Turner & Joane FowlerPR 531 of 588
17/03/1638Richard Briggeswitnesses Richard Tayer Giles Wheeler & Joane CobbePR 531 of 588
24/03/1638Lawrence Raymond witnesses Richard Guye gent John Lowle gent & Francis Maxie gePR 531 of 588
28/03/1639Samuell Parkerwitnesses Thomas Hunte Nicholas Stokes & Alice HopkinsPR 531 of 588
30/03/1639John Savage witnesses George Foster John Fowler & Edith TurnerPR 531 of 588
31/03/1639Marie Butlerwitnesses John Howell Elnor Sheppard Elizabeth LongePR 531 of 588
31/03/1639Joane Gee witnesses William Thurnor Jane Champnies & Joane ThurstonPR 531 of 588
07/04/1639Sarah West witnesses Thomas Patch Ciclie Patch & Jane PullenPR 531 of 588
10/04/1639Thomas Taylor witnesses Thomas Lydiat Robert Thurston & Edith AylerPR 531 of 588
11/04/1639Nathaniell Tayerwitnesses Thomas Dymerie Edward Dymerie & Abigall PurlinePR 531 of 588
11/04/1639Richard Prosser from Falfield Witnesses William Morse Samuell Dussell & Elizabeth PhillippsPR 531 of 588
21/04/1639George Webb witnesses William Williams Edward Longe & Elizabeth WalkerPR 531 of 588
03/05/1639Anthonie Bonser witnesses William Harwood Robert Clarke & Marie BakerPR 532 of 588
12/05/1639Edith Huggman wittnesses Robert Jobbins Anne Powell & Edith HuggmanPR 532 of 588
19/05/1639Marie Jones witnesses John Burges Mary Badwell ge and Suzanna JonesPR 532 of 588
26/05/1639John Hobbs witnesses John Seburne als Hopkins Jospeh Morse & Joane JonesPR 532 of 588
23/06/1639John Russell witnesses John Abeven Richard Abeven & Mary OgbornePR 532 of 588
11/07/1639Abigall Crocker witnesses Henrie Marshe Abigall Purlyn & Christian HaniesPR 532 of 588
29/07/1639Sarah AlpasA base Childe of Alice Alpas wittnesses Robert Thurston Alice Hopkins & Katherine FordPR 532 of 588
11/08/1639Anne Curnocke witnesses Phillipp Jones Ann Selcock & Marie SheppardPR 533 of 588
16/08/1639Thomas Bence witnesses Thomas Heley & Agnis VidlerPR 533 of 588
25/08/1639William Mildmay witnesses Thomas Prewet John Prewet & Agnis MildmayPR 533 of 588
08/09/1639Elizabeth Mountaine witnesses William Higgins Elizabeth Pesely & Elizabeth PeasliePR 533 of 588
15/09/1639Abigall Russell witnesses Thomas Whitfeild Elizabeth Stones And Jane RussellPR 533 of 588
17/09/1639Sarah Orchard witnesses Arthur Jones Marie Morse and Ann PowellPR 533 of 588
22/09/1639Sarah Russellwitnesses Thomas Whitfeild Joane Burd & Elizabeth TailerPR 534 of 588
29/09/1639Henrie Jenckine? witnesses Henrie Jones Robert Poope & Jane BowlmonPR 534 of 588
06/10/1639Autipus Tyndale witnesses Thomas Smith William Benney & Jane HolleyPR 534 of 588
06/10/1639Anne Tyndale witnesses John Waite Anne Wicks & Anne FoardePR 534 of 588
24/10/1639Nathaniell Clifford witnesses Thomas Pullen Richard Boll & Margerie CliffordPR 534 of 588
01/11/1639Sarah Smithwitnesses John Curteys Joane Walker & Elizabeth GraftonPR 534 of 588
12/11/1639Richard Collynswitnesses Richard Collyns Richard Hill & Fayth FelldePR 534 of 588
19/11/1639Thomas MorganA base Childe of Katherine Morgan witnesses Thomas Savage Thomas Hill Honer Adie PR 534 of 588
05/12/1639Thomas Jones witnesses Robert Roose Richard Peaslie & Jane GoodPR 534 of 588
08/12/1639William Baker witnesses William Stafford esquier John Trotman preacher & Anne Raymond gePR 534 of 588
13/12/1639Annie Cole witnesses Samuell Collyns Anne Cole & Elizabeth PackerPR 535 of 588
13/12/1639Marie Mallet witnesses Edward Wysse Marie Ailer & Jane RimerPR 535 of 588
26/12/1639Joane May witnesses Arthur Lewes Joane Hollway & Margerie AdiePR 535 of 588
05/01/1639William Tratman witnesses William Maxie vicar William Greene Councellor and Mrs Anne RaymondPR 535 of 588
26/01/1639James Oswald witnesses Guy Sylcocks Thomas Smith & Marie HarrisPR 535 of 588
16/02/1639William Bakerwitnesses Edmond May Nicholas Hancock & Katherine TaylerPR 535 of 588
01/03/1639Alice Eddeswitnesses John Tayer Mrs Jane Thurston & Mrs Ursula EdwardsPR 535 of 588
22/03/1639Joseph Thurstonwitnesses John Somers preacher John Purlen & Elizabeth PeselyPR 535 of 588