Thornbury Baptisms 1640-1649

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Please be aware that these records are using a different calendar from the one we use today.  At this period the new year began towards the end of March. 

Please note the registers for this period are incomplete, particularly during the period from 1644 onwards. The original records are damaged, torn and often very difficult to read.

When searching be aware that names in this period were often spelt differently to modern spelling

DateNamesWitnesses and notesSource Image No
02/04/1640Joseph Morce his witnesses was William Williams Henry Brewton & MrsKatherine Harwood, being verie weak & spare this Child was brought to Churche againe the 23 th day PR 535 of 588
06/04/1640Elizabeth Barleywitnesses John Haywood Elizabeth Beven & Sara BarliePR 535 of 588
16/04/1640William Martimore witnesses Andrew Butler George Gee & Elizabeth LongePR 536 of 588
16/04/1640Thomas Orchardwitnesses Thomas Orchard Thomas Collens & Elynor CollynsPR 536 of 588
22/04/1640Anne Horsliewitnesses Thomas Patch Marie Harris & Joane JonesPR 536 of 588
03/05/1640Thomas Walker witnesses William Greene Councellor Mr Person Hicks and Ursula PurnellPR 536 of 588
06/05/1640James Lynckewitnesses James Pullen Joseph Pullen & Mary HolbrookePR 536 of 588
10/05/1640Nathaniell Tayer witnesses Thomas Dymerie William Hancock & Elizabeth PurlenPR 536 of 588
28/05/1640Thomas Collyns witnesses Thomas Webb Thomas Waford and Joane HillPR 536 of 588
31/05/1640Judith Tayerwitnesses John Tayer Elizabeth Peslie & Jane WhitfieldPR 536 of 588
07/06/1640Joseph Somers witnesses William Maxie vicar William Jones & Mrs Anne Thurton?PR 537 of 588
08/06/1640Sarah Hackker witnesses Richard Addams Sisley Patch & Anne SconesPR 537 of 588
28/06/1640Richard Fowler witnesses John Patche Henry Marshe & Elizabeth SylcocksPR 537 of 588
19/07/1640John Brewton witnesses John Trotman preacher John Stones and Mrs Francis MaxiePR 537 of 588
26/07/1640Anthonie Searche witnes Anthoney Search John Birde and Martha JonesPR 537 of 588
10/08/1640 Petes Guillianis witnesses John Stones Thomas Whitfeild and Mary HarrisPR 537 of 588
20/09/1640Joseph Hopkins witnesses William Thurnor George Gee & Bridget Williams PR 538 of 588
24/09/1640Mrs Dorathe Stafford witnesses Henry Ayers Esquire Mrs Ursula Attwells & Mr Ann TyndallPR 538 of 588
04/10/1640Robert Bowy witnesses William Mildmay Bartholomewe Bailier and Elizabeth PhillippesPR 538 of 588
18/10/1640Alice Fowler witnesses Henry Marshe Marie Whithend & Agnes SeaburnePR 538 of 588
09/11/1640Sarah Bracey witnesses John Birde Joane Bracie & Selvester NaaylePR 538 of 588
12/11/1640Alice Ockford witnesses James Ayleworth Dorathie Hawkesworth and Katherne TeacklePR 538 of 588
20/11/1640John Ayler witnesses Richard Giles Thomas Teackle & Francis Maxie ?PR 538 of 588
22/11/1640Alice Thurstonthe daughter of Edward Thurston of the greene howse witnesses Mr Joseph Jackson & Mrs Margeret Hobson & Mrs Alice Carey all of BristollPR 538 of 588/PR91 of 184
29/11/1640Andrewe Butler witnesses Thomas Pritchett David Lewis & Marie Harris GodmotherPR 539 of 588
04/12/1640Marie Symons witnesses Henrie Marshe Marie Clemence & Martha Jones godmthersPR 539 of 588
08/12/1640Henry Baker witnesses John Birde & John Searche Elizabeth Sylcoks godmotherPR 539 of 588
10/12/1640Cornelius Tayerwitnesses Robert Thurston Giles Wheler Alice Hopkins alis Seaborn godmotherPR 539 of 588
13/12/1640Joane Hobbs witnesses William Harwood Bridget Williams & Bridget Parker godmothersPR 539 of 588
20/12/1640Annis Howell witnesses George Haines Joane Birde & Joane Russell godmothPR 539 of 588
27/12/1640Catherine Mallet witnesses William Lincke Elizabeth Neale & Katherine RymerPR 539 of 588
06/01/1640Joane Hallings witnesses Francis Linet Mrs Alice Puddey & Alice BrewtonPR 539 of 588
10/01/1640Marie Clemente witnesses John Sheppard Annis Picke & Elizabeth PhillipsPR 539 of 588
17/01/1640John Packer witnesses John Howell William Stones & Annis PackerPR 540 of 588
17/01/1640Elizabeth Harris witneses Henrie Marshe Mary Tovey & Marie HolbrookePR 540 of 588
24/01/1640Marie Dicewitnesses John Guillam Marie Harris & Marie FowlerPR 540 of 588
04/02/1640John Sheppard witnesses William Sheppard David Lewis & Ellyn Barton godmother PR 540 of 588/PR95 of 184
05/02/1640Thomas Collynswitnesses Thomas Collyns Thomas Feild Elizabeth Seager godmotherPR 540 of 588
24/02/1640Grace Horwood witnesses Richard Fidler Mrs Ann Bradston & Jane StorkPR 540 of 588
25/02/1640Sara Barton witnesses William Holley & Jone Holley & Sacelie BartonPR 540 of 588
28/02/1640Guy Wither witnesses Guy Lawrence Andrewe Butler & Elizabeth Laines? godmotherPR 541 of 588
11/03/1640Nathaniell Gyles witnesses Peter Hawkesworthe Edward Thurston ge Elizabeth PeasleyPR 541 of 588
21/03/1640John Wyther witnesses John Brooke Thomas Brooke and Joan HobbesPR 541 of 588
21/03/1640Roger Walker witnesses Roger Ford John Hopkins and Margerie BakerPR 541 of 588
20/04/1641John Barley witnesses John Hayward Symon Tacie & Joan BeavionPR 541 of 588
27/04/1641Joan Drew witnesses Robart Dymerie Elizabeth Barnes & Annis PickPR 541 of 588
09/05/1641George Taylor witneses Thomas Alpas Thomas Trahearne & Elizabeth FowlerPR 541 of 588
09/05/1641Willa Adiewitnesses Willia White John Jones and Elizabeth RussellPR 541 of 588
09/05/1641Annis Bennet witnesses George Baker Annis Tayer and Alice HopkinsPR 541 of 588
16/05/1641Henrie Adie witnesses George Web John Adie & Judeth DoblePR 541 of 588
06/06/1641William White witnesses William Jones Phillip Addams and Marie CullimorePR 542 of 588
10/06/1641Thomas Lynnet witnesses Willia Lynnet Thomas Lewis and Elizabeth BarnesPR 542 of 588
15/06/1641Elizabeth Rogers witnesses Thomas Rogers Margret Rogers and Edee TaylorPR 542 of 588
28/06/1641Phillip Aramwitnesses Phillip Jones John Russell & Anne Trotman g PR 542 of 588
11/07/1641Marie Howell witnesses Richard Stones Elizabeth White & Elizabeth BakerPR 542 of 588
25/07/1641John Web witnesses John Hopkins George Web & [blank] Russell.PR 542 of 588
25/07/1641James Aleworthewitnesses James Aleworthe Arthure Aleworth & Joan WestPR 542 of 588
01/08/1641Marie Williamswitnesses John May Marie Russell and Elizabeth StonesPR 542 of 588
29/08/1641John Moreton witnesses Phillip Goddard Robart Webb and Uslee EdwardsPR 542 of 588
02/09/1641Bridget Savidgg witnesses Henrie Mersh Bridget Williams and Annis AdiePR 542 of 588
02/09/1641Usley Moorewitnesses Guy Silcocks, Usley Trotman & Elizabeth GwilliamsPR 542 of 588
23/09/1641Christopher Skamillwitnesses Christopher Gyles & Henrie Mersh and Joan HawkesworthePR 542 of 588
30/09/1641Thomas Hurnewitnesses Thomas Butler Henrie Jones & Mary BruetonPR 542 of 588
01/10/1641Christopher? Butler? witnesses Edward Long? & Richard Collins? and Sisly Pach (note similar entry on 01/12/1642 entry PR105 of 184)PR 542 of 588
03/10/1641Eleabeth Hixwitneses Richard Kallaway Marri Kallaway and Eleabeth DobbellPR99 of 184
01/11/1641Willia King witnesses Willia Sheppard Richard Hues & Elizabeth LewisPR 542 of 588
02/11/1641Tymothie Hacker witnesses Mr John Olliff Landresse Taylor & Sisslee PachPR 542 of 588
14/11/1641Elizabeth Cale witnesses James Horesly Marie Harris and Margaret BirdPR 542 of 588
16/11/1641Joseph Davis witnesses Wiliam Maxey vickar George Morse g and Jayne ThurstonePR 543 of 588
25/11/1641Arthure Mansell witnesses Thomas Mansell, William Williams and Ussula TrotmanPR 543 of 588
05/12/1641George Michellwitnesses Francis (Lynnet) John Smith and Abbigall GreeneingPR 543 of 588
12/12/1641John Cole witnesses Willia Cole Thomas Pearce and Alice Hewes.PR 543 of 588
26/12/1641John Ockfordwitnesses John Brooke Jayne Jayne and Joune RussellPR 543 of 588
16/01/1641Willia Addams witnesses Wilia Marten Willia Moreton & Elizabeth WytherleePR 543 of 588
27/01/1641Marie Skreene witnesses Willia Paule clerk Elizabeth Baly & Marie SommersPR 543 of 588
30/01/1641John Skreene witnesses John Curnock Edmond Willcocks & Edee CurnockPR 543 of 588
03/02/1641John Berriewitnesses James Prosser Willia Greene & Annis KymerleePR 543 of 588
06/02/1641Joseph Barley witnesses Joseph Mallet Richard Beavion & Joan BeavionPR 543 of 588
06/02/1641Anne Leech witnesses Willia Morris Anne Vidler and [blank]PR 543 of 588
13/02/1641Morris Baker witnesses John Bird Samuell Mallet & Joan BakerPR 543 of 588
17/02/1641Willia Poore witnesses Willia Williams William Barton & Marie MalletPR 543 of 588
17/02/1641Abraham Dracie witnesses Edward Dracie John Drasie & Joan DraciePR 543 of 588
20/02/1641Deberath Coolimereerdaf of John Coolimereer born Feberary the 20 [squeezed in on right]PR 543 of 588
27/02/1641Thomas Search witnesses Thomas Search Henrie Lawrence & Joan BirdPR 543 of 588
27/02/1641Brigget Addams witnesses John Goodman Annis Wickes & Elizabeth BakerPR 543 of 588
27/02/1641Margaret Baynehamwitnesses John [blank] and Margaret Bayneham and Margaret RussellPR 543 of 588
01/03/1641Mary Camebridgewitnesses Robart Arnold Marie Powell & Annis [blank]PR 544 of 588
03/03/1641Marie Curnock witnesses Christopher Thomas Katheryne Curnock and Joan TaylorPR 544 of 588
13/03/1641Ellen Taylor witnesses Morris Baker Elizabeth & Alice MayPR 544 of 588
13/03/1641Suzanna Olyfford witnesses [blank] Neale Suzanna Tyler & Elizabeth Pullen godmothersPR 544 of 588
03/04/1642Nathaniell Thurston witnesses John Whitfeild Willia Higgins Sislee PachPR 544 of 588
03/04/1642Willia Callawaywitnesses Willia Callaway Edward Adie Jane CalawayPR 544 of 588
04/04/1642Annis Linke witnesses Willia Williams Annis Thurston & [blank] ThurstonPR 544 of 588
22/04/1642George Morse witnesses George Morse g John Bird Jane ThurstonPR 544 of 588
15/05/1642Edward Thurston witnesses Thomas Walter gen George Raymond g and Marie EdwardsPR 544 of 588
15/05/1642[blank] Collins witnesses John Harding Tymothie Collins and [blank]PR 544 of 588
18/05/1642Grace Horwood witnesses Thomas [blank] Elizabeth Gyles and Margaret BowserPR 544 of 588
22/05/1642Juilian Tyler witnesses Edward Long Marie Hicks and Julian TylerPR 544 of 588
12/06/1642John Hayward witnesses John Howell? Robart Fidler and Elizabeth LongPR 544 of 588
12/07/1642Arthure Bakerwitnesses Willia Edwards g Arthure Hicks and [blank] BakerPR 545 of 588
19/07/1642Dorothie Linke witnesses Dorathie Hawkesworth Dorothie Rowles & John BirdPR 545 of 588
24/07/1642John May witnesses Willa Walker Edward Longe and Katheryne WhitePR 545 of 588
29/07/1642Joseph Mansell
30/07/1642Mary Smith witnesses John Grafton Margerie Jones and Elizabeth LortPR 545 of 588
02/08/1642John Thurston witnesses John Trotman g John Tayer & Jayne ThurstonePR 545 of 588
20/11/1642Joseph Mallet witnesses Henry Rymer John Hopkins and Elizabeth BartonPR 545 of 588
21/11/1642Anne Yeedes witnesses Richard Gyles g Francis Maxey & An PearcePR 545 of 588
21/11/1642Thomas Beavion witnesses Anthonie Thomas Joseph Mallet and Joan BeavionPR 545 of 588
24/11/1642Thomas Adie witnesses George Bowser Willia Moreton and Marie HaynesPR 545 of 588
05/12/1642Sara Fowler witnesses Nicolas Stokes Alice Hopkins & Elizabeth ChillsPR 545 of 588
13/12/1642Marie Brueton witnesses Peter Hawkesworth Alice Brueton & Elizabeth StonesPR 545 of 588
26/12/1642Marry Hardiyngwitnes Gorg Haynes Francyes Hobes Joune HarddingPR105 of 184
04/01/1642Samuell Dymerywitnesses Samuell Pratt Richard Dymery & Alice HopkinsPR 545 of 588
12/01/1642Hughe Bennet witnesses John Apris Richard Fild & Sara Adie godmotherPR 545 of 588
15/01/1642Elizabeth Mortimore witnesses John Hopkins Elizabeth Silcocks and Alice LewisPR 546 of 588
09/02/1642John Aleworth witnesses John Jones John Harding & Dorothie HawkesworthPR 546 of 588
09/02/1642Marie Bencewitnesses Richard Collins Avis Butler and Marie BaliePR 546 of 588
13/02/1642Edward Linke witnesses Willia Linke, Richard Adie & Marie ChampneisPR 546 of 588
26/02/1642Margaret Howlder witnesses John Tayer Ussula Parnell & Joan BakerPR 546 of 588
10/03/1642John Adie witnesses Henrie Lawrence Willia White & Margaret WhitePR 546 of 588
12/03/1642Edward Hurne witnesses Edward Long, Phillip Jones & Alice HurnePR 546 of 588
12/03/1642John Hill witnesses John Price John Hancock & Annis PriggPR 546 of 588
20/03/1642Jonathan Russell witnesses John Clerk Willia Wicks Alice LawrencePR 546 of 588
13/04/1643Willia Cookesey witnesses Willia Grove Henrie Lawrence and Alce HopkinsPR 546 of 588
16/04/1643Thomas Hicks witnesses Thomas Thurstone Thomas Morgan & Dorothie RowlesPR 546 of 588
20/04/1643Marie Jones witnesses Thomas Lewis Ellenor Sheppard & Elizabeth LewisPR 546 of 588
22/04/1643Elizabeth Lewis witnesses Francis Mortimore Elizabeth Lewis and Elizabeth NealePR 546 of 588
30/04/1643Anne Lewis witnesses John Stones Elizabeth and Alce LewisPR 546 of 588
01/05/1643Anne Cookewitnesses John Payne, Elizabeth Barnes & Annis PickPR 546 of 588
01/05/1643Bartholemew Beamont?witnesses Bartholemew Gayner John Colmer Joan CookePR 546 of 588
08/05/1643Gyles Leonard witnesses Edward Long Robart Gryffin and Joan LawredgPR 547 of 588
14/05/1643Edward Thurstone witnesses Edward Long Edward Thurston and Joan HackerPR 547 of 588
27/05/1643Sara Gyles witnesses Stephen Gyles, Elizabeth Peaseley and Jayne ThurstonePR 547 of 588
11/06/1643Ellenor Man witnesses Henrie Brewton Marie Harris and Alice ThornePR 547 of 588
12/06/1643John Jaynewitnesses John Whitfeild Edward Jame & Elizabeth SearchPR 547 of 588
14/06/1643Peter Horwoodwitnesses Peter Hawkesworth Landress Taylor Marie HaynesPR 547 of 588
27/06/1643Marie Whitfeild witnesses Henrie Smith Elizabeth Jones Catheryne WhitfeildPR 547 of 588
02/07/1643Willia Linke witnesses Humphrey Whitfeild, John Fowler Alce AtkinsPR 547 of 588
11/07/1643John Thurston witnesses Roger Reeve Richard Thurstone and Elizabeth ThurstonPR 547 of 588
14/07/1643John Handcock John Grove John Dymery Elizabeth JonesPR 547 of 588
25/07/1643Robart Bowser witnesses Sr Henry Griffin kt Robart Evars Esqr Mrs Francis MaxeyPR 547 of 588
10/08/1643Mathewe Davieswitnesses John Jones Elizabeth Maxey and Elizabeth LewisPR 547 of 588
03/09/1643John Search witnes John Adie Thomas Fowler and Margaret PowellPR 547 of 588
03/09/1643John Pullenwitnesses Nicholas Banton John Smith and Anne PearcePR 547 of 588
15/09/1643George Buckwitnesses Willia Maxey mynister Edward Thurstone gent and Marie HarrisPR 548 of 588
24/09/1643Elizabeth Coppin witnesses Brigget Freeman Margaret [blank] John PackerPR 548 of 588
28/09/1643Willia Bakerwitneses William Bennie Willia Fowler & Margerie SearchPR 548 of 588
08/10/1643John Baynehamwitnesses John Clerk Guy Lawrence & Sara PolletPR 548 of 588
15/10/1643Elizabeth Savidge witnesses Elizabeth Silcock Margaret White Richard FieldPR 548 of 588
12/11/1643Joan Hopkins witnesses Willia Bennee Jayne Tyler & Joan CurnockPR 548 of 588
15/11/1643Alce Barley witnesses Henrie West Marie Harris and Alice [blank]PR 548 of 588
10/12/1643Elizabeth Grove witnesses John Bird Joan Search and Katheryne MansellPR 548 of 588
10/12/1643A base sonne of Marie Legswitnesses [blank]PR 548 of 588
02/01/1643Joan Prichard witnesses Davie Lewis Ellenor Sheppard and Joan ButlerPR 549 of 588
04/01/1643Daniell Thurston witnesses John Hopkins John Harding & Elizabeth PeaseleyPR 549 of 588
06/01/1643Marie Moore witnesses Henrie Marshe Elizabeth [blank] and Rachell JonesPR 549 of 588
11/01/1643Elizabeth Mershe witnesses Cornealius Grove Ellen Orchard & Elizabeth MarshePR 549 of 588
11/02/1643Marie Butler witnesses Thomas ButlerPR 549 of 588
12/02/1643John Skammell witnesses James Aleworth John Packer and Edee AleworthPR 549 of 588
18/02/1643John Crome witnesses John Packer John Croome & Elizabeth DymeriePR 549 of 588
26/02/1643Bridgget Gilbard witnesses Willia Higgins Brigget Williams & Katheryne Teagle?PR 549 of 588
07/03/1643William Ocford witnesses Thomas Thurstone Richard Hands and Joan JaynePR 549 of 588
20/03/1643George Horseley witnesses Richard Addams Cristopher Purnell & Jayne ThurstonPR 549 of 588
27/03/1644Rachell Browne witnesses Henry West Alce Gayle & Rachell BarleePR 549 of 588
03/04/1644Henrie Lydeat witnesses Richard Lydeat John Hillp and Margaret CrockerPR 549 of 588
07/04/1644Mathewe [blank] witnesses Henrie Mersh Joan Search and Elizabeth WytherPR 549 of 588
07/04/1644Robart Hancock witnesses Robart Bridges & Eleise Tennaut & Mrs ThurstonPR 549 of 588
11/04/1644John Walker witnesses Francis Mortimore Willia Stallard & Milborough HaynesPR 550 of 588
22/04/1644Gabriell Tayer witnesses Willia Callaway, John Briggs & Maria CallawayPR 550 of 588
23/04/1644Thomas Bartonwitnesses Willia Taylor Willia Jones & Anne ParnellPR 550 of 588
12/05/1644Charles Morewitnesses Hughe Parnell, John Hopkins & Marie HarrisPR 550 of 588
26/05/1644Joan Hullinswitnesses Edward Long, Joan Mooreton and Elizabeth LongPR 550 of 588
23/06/1644Elizabeth Lewis witnesses Phillip Harris Alce Hopkins Sislee HorsleyPR 550 of 588
21/07/1644Morris Whitewitnesses Henrie Lawrence Thomas Brook and Margaret WhitePR115 of 184
18/08/1644Henrie Cookseywitnesses Willia CallawayJohn Cooksey & Annis HaynesPR115 of 184
18/08/1644Alce Curteiswitnesses Hugh Parnell Alce Hopkins and Alce LewisPR116 of 184
08/09/1644Ellen? Lydeatof Ouldberie witnesses Richard Adie EllenTanner & Ellen LynneePR115 of 184
12/10/1644John Laweswitnes John Howell and John Dymmorry and Alles LawesPR115 of 184
14/09/1644John Bencewitnesses Edward Longe, Willia Moreton & ElizabethPR116 of 184
20/10/1644Elizabeth Gaynerwitnesses Thomas Smith &PR116 of 184
22/10/1644Elizabeth Malletwitnesses William Barton, Alice Hopkins and Elizabeth ?PR116 of 184
03/11/1644John Baatwitnes Richard Collen, Samewell Gooffe and Sarra Trotman PR115 of 184
01/12/1644John Bakkerwitnes John Klarke, Coster Pornell and Joune AddumesPR115 of 184
12/01/1644Hindry Thornnerwitnes Dosithas ?, Fillip Harres & Joune Sirch
PR116 of 184
19/01/1644Danell Thostonwitnes John Hopkindes, Jhon Hardding and Elleabeth Pesely
PR116 of 184
19/01/1644Joune Hillwitnese Robart Arnell, Joune Bakker and Anne Trotman
PR116 of 184
22/01/1644Alles BarlyHindry Larrance Oran Moore & Joune AllworthPR116 of 184
02/02/1644James Biggoodwitnesses Thomas Liddat Morric Bakker & Sara Weebe?PR116 of 184
02/02/1644Nathanall Colleneswitnes Anderrow ?Butler, Butler William Mortonne and Ellenbeth Coobe
PR116 of 184
02/02/1644James Biggoodwitnes Thomas Leddat, Morres Bakker and Sara Weebe
PR116 of 184
03/02/1644William Hopwell (or Houwell)witnesses Thomas Paaker Bathlamow Gayner & Catherine ?PR116 of 184
09/02/1644Samuel Gee?ewitnes William Sheeppard, Edward Long & Jane Smith
PR116 of 184
16/02/1644William Barrlywitnes William Baarly, John H?ayward Margrrit Krrokke?
PR116 of 184
16/02/1644Marri AddyWitnes Tymoththy Haakker Joune Sirch & Elleabeth Fafe PR116 of 184
20/02/1644William Weebe and Richard WeebeTwo twins witnes William Walker, William Marsse & Alles Hoop?kindes & Hew Parnell, Thomas Weebe and Sisly Horesly PR117 of 184
23/02/1644William Taylorwitnesses William Sheeppard, William Williames & Elleabeth ChichPR117 of 184
09/03/1644Jaune Smithwitnes John Addy, Coystayn Baarrnes & Jaun Hakkerr PR117 of 184
13/03/1644Sara Weestwitnes Thommas Kooccy, Margerry Allworth & Joune CurtlessePR117 of 184
23/03/1644William Gruosewitnes John Hpkindes, John Growse and Margrret GrowesePR117 of 184
30/03/1645Marry Knaapwitnes Thommas Daves, Ma??ry Rawles & Sara AddyesPR117 of 184
07/04/1645Dannel Thurstonwitnesses Thom Hopkins Thom Harding & Elizabeth PeasleyPR117 of 184
13/04/1645Johune Brrigeswitnese Richard Pry?a, Johune Sirch & Joune Dewny PR118 of 184
18/04/1645Sara Hollderwitnees John Boord, Maththa Adduemes & Sara BrinkeworthPR117 of 184
18/04/1645A base child of Elleabeth NeellesWitnes Gorg Barly, Joune Hobes & Ellasabeth HeillPR118 of 184
28/04/1645Richard Bakker witnes Richard Bynny, John Bynny & Siisly PaachPR118 of 184
28/04/1645John Marshborne the 28 day of Aprill 1645PR118 of 184
30/04/1645Tymothy Pyndookewitness Thymmoththy Haakkeer, Nithlas Stokkes & Marry BruttonPR118 of 184
05/05/1645Ellesabeth Gylbartwitneses William Williames, Ellesabeth Pysele & Cattarne WhitfildPR118 of 184
16/06/1645Jhon Dymmorrywitnes Goorg Bakkerr, Hindry Dimmoorry & Ellnerr ?PR118 of 184
23/06/1645Jaune Denningwitneses William Linke, Annyes Porlen & Elleabeth ThostonPR118 of 184
29/06/1645Edmand Maywitnes Edmand Jonse, Elleabeth Shiches & Robart SmithPR118 of 184
01/07/1645Richard Byffyan witnes Nithlas Stookes, William Gaynner & Alles HoopkindesPR119 of 184
13/07/1645Hindry LiddiatPR119 of 184
20/07/1645William Champneywitnesses William Champney Hindry Champney & Eizabeth ChampneyPR119 of 184
21/07/1645Nicholas Parnellwitnesses Nicholas Parnell John AddamesPR119 of 184
27/07/1645John Cookseyborn in July 1645 witnes William Williames Robart Kookcy Gugdey? Wee?PR119 of 184
27/07/1645John Addywitnesses Phillip Addames, Daniel Thurston Matthew JonesPR119 of 184
10/08/1645John Skennerrwitnes John Klaarke, John Hoopkings & Sisly HosslePR119 of 184
24/08/1645Joune Sirchwitnes Thomes Hill, Ales Sirch & Joune BoordPR119 of 184
31/08/1645John Flowerwitnes John Bwoord, William Walker & Alles HoopkingsPR119 of 184
18/09/1645Margrret Stooneswitnes Williames Stoones, Marry Whitfild & Ellen SheepperedPR119 of 184
29/09/1645Arthur Martimorethe sonne of William Martimore was baptisedPR119 of 184
04/10/1645Charles Martimorewitnesses William Shellard John Stones & Ann SmithPR120 of 184
12/10/1645John Butlerrwitnes John Pakker, Arter Butlerr & Elleabeth Mare?s PR120 of 184
11/11/1645Ann MooresPR121 of 184
16/11/1645An Hakkerrewitnes Edward Thoston, Marry Harr?es & Marry Brutten PR121 of 184
29/11/1645Mary Thurstonthe Daughter of Robert Thurston of Thorenbury mercer was born November 29 th of 1645 PR 550 of 588/PR 121 of 184
30/11/1645William Stallawdwitnes John Morre(torn), Edward Stallard & An GayllePR121 of 184
27/01/1645Joune Hindrywitnes Thommas Smith, Bruggaat Williames and Juddy Weeb PR122 of 184
02/02/1645John Burronwitnes John Allpas, William Asston & Catternne RimannPR122 of 184
03/02/1645William MayPR122 of 184
08/02/1645Ellenor Dayssewitnes Hendry Larrances, Joune Sirth & Ellnerr HeellPR122 of 184
28/09/1646Marry HouellPR123 of 184
04/10/1646Rebecca BarlyPR123 of 184
05/10/1646Cara MoorePR123 of 184
15/11/1646Jhon BarbbraPR124 of 184
15/11/1646Marry HobesPR124 of 184
15/11/1646Margreett FoulerPR124 of 184
15/12/1646Nichlas LawesPR124 of 184
17/12/1646William PoorePR124 of 184
20/12/1646Robart CoxcyPR124 of 184
26/12/1646Richard ChichesPR124 of 184
28/12/1646Marry GrovsePR124 of 184
17/01/1646John CowlyPR125 of 184
22/01/1646An Fouler PR125 of 184
15/02/1646Thommas HyndySonne of Gorg HyndyPR125 of 184
08/03/1846Sacharias Leddat and Richard Leddiat Sonnes of Thomas Leddeat PR125 of 184
11/04/1647James Howell Sonne of William Houell PR126 of 184
11/04/1647Maththew Screenedatter of Thomes ScreenePR126 of 184
14/04/1647John Harddensonne of John HarddenPR126 of 184
15/04/1647Sara KollenesPR126 of 184
00/05/1647John KrayesPR127 of 184
00/05/1647James Allersonne of James AllerPR127 of 184
02/05/1647Sara Weebthe datter of William WeebPR126 of 184
08/05/1647John Martymosonne of William MartymoPR126 of 184
09/05/1647Elizabeth Marshborn the 9 t day of May 1647PR126 of 184
20/06/1647John Hallenessonne of John Hallenes PR127 of 184
21/06/1647William Stones and Richard Stonnessonnes of Richard Stonnes witness William Maxcy, William Stones, John Paach Thommas Whitfild and mistres ?? and
PR127 of 184
00/07/1647Gorg Bakkersonn of Morris Baker PR128 of 184
16/07/1647Gylles Rondellsonne of Gyles Rondell witness Arller Tayler,Sammywill Larrance and Ellesabeth Powell
PR128 of 184
18/07/1647Marry Peecha base child of Ellesabeth Pech
PR128 of 184
22/07/1647Thommas Buffinwitness
John Havard and John Pemeuke ??
PR128 of 184
24/07/1647Watter Horeslywitnes Walter Hill and John Clarke Mr Pornell
PR128 of 184
00/09/1647Abbygall RossellRichard Rossel Sisly Pach Bruggat (torn) witnesPR129 of 184
00/09/1647Sara BiggoodThommas Leddat and Sara Biggood ??PR129 of 184
17/10/1647An Parkerdatter of William ParkerPR129 of 184
20/10/1647Richard Arnoldsonne of Richard Arnold borne the 14 th day of October 1647PR129 of 184
28/10/1647Gorg Weebsonne of John Weeb PR129 of 184
31/10/1647Artt?r Scaumyllsone of John Scamemyell
PR129 of 184
31/10/1647Elleabeath Thostondatter of Thommas Thoston PR129 of 184
00/10/1647Johou? Baynnum datter of Richa? Baynnum
PR129 of 184
23/12/1649Elizabeth Smythborne the 23 day of Desember 1649