Thornbury Cemetery is located just outside Thornbury on Kington Lane.  It was opened in 1892 and is now managed by the Thornbury Town Council.  The inscription on the grave of George Frederick Cribb says that this was the first interment in the cemetery.  Frederick died on July 3rd 1892.  Click here to read about the history of the Cemetery

We have provided a guide showing the rough location of gravestones listed on the website.

How to find a grave

The Monumental Inscriptions included on this website were transcribed by Chris & Sandra Doig at the suggestion of the Thornbury & District Museum Research Group.  In 2006 we photographed and recorded the inscriptions on the tombstones remaining in the Old Church Section (the graves to the left of the chapel) and the graves in the older blocks of the Non-Conformist, New Church and Roman Catholic Sections.  Most of the photographs have been replaced with larger and clearer images taken in 2014.  Some graves have deteriorated so greatly since 2006 that the older image was more helpful and has been retained.  Click on the links on the left to see the inscriptions for surnames beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

We apologise for any omissions or errors made in transcribing the inscriptions.  In our defence they are sometimes difficult to read.  Many of the gravestones, particularly those in the Old Church Section, have suffered from the ravages of age and weather.  In some cases the whole front face of the gravestone has fallen off.

If you have any corrections, please contact us.  We are happy to sort out our mistakes.  If you are looking for something that we have not yet transcribed, please contact the staff at Thornbury Town Council.  They have a full record of Thornbury Cemetery and will be able to help relatives find a grave.

Note – the Commonwealth War Graves website now has details of the casualties of Thornbury people who are buried in the Cemetery.  Click here to go to their site