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OC HENRY JAMES ABBOTT died January 27th 1903 aged 49 years.
NC In loving memory of BRIAN CHARLES EDWARD ALDOUS a much loved husband, father and grandfather.  A Christian Gentleman who loved his Lord faithfully to the end. 1914 – 2003. For me to live is Christ to die is gain.  Phil.1.21
NC In loving memory of STEPHANIE died 9 October 1956 beloved wife of Major J.C. Aldworth and her son MAJOR JOHN R. S. ALDWORTH R.U.E. killed in action June 10th 1944.
NC In loving memory of MOLLIE beloved wife of Francis O Cope died January 31 1942 aged 53 years. I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. Also the above FRANCIS OLIVER COPE died November 20 1952 aged 64 years. Also REGINALD H ALLCHURCH beloved husband of Topsy died January 31 1974. GEORGE FREDERICK COPE died October 26 1983 aged 69 years. In loving memory.
Non Con In loving memory of ARTHUR ALLEN 1880 – 1965 MABEL BEATRICE ALLEN 1886 – 1979 Buried at Herne Bay, Kent. IRENE LOUISA ALLEN 1917 – 2004 CLIFFORD JOHN ALLEN 1919 – 2002 Cremated at Torquay, Devon
NC In loving memory of dear Dad HENRY ALLEN died March 18 1945 aged 75 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of dear mother ALICE ALLEN died March 10th 1948 aged 78.
Non Con In loving memory of our dear parents JOHN HENRY LANFEAR died 16th April 1967 aged 80.  ROSE EMMA LANFEAR died 10th December 1971 aged 81.  Re-united.  In loving memory of SYBIL MARY ALLEN-YARTLETT 9.6.1918 – 23.2.1984.
OC In loving memory of KATE LILY (KITTY) the beloved wife of Arthur Henry Alsop who passed away October 12th 1918 aged 26 years. Asleep in Heaven.  Also KATHLEEN MAY their daughter was called away December 24th 1921 aged 4 ½ years.  Gentle Jesus meek and mild.  Look upon this little child.  Pity my simplicity and suffer me to come to thee.  
D71 In loving memory of AMY FRANCES ALWAY who died December 28th 1933 aged 23 years ever beloved by J.C. & B.A. Alway brothers and sisters and Tom.  Peace, Perfect Peace
NC In loving memory of JAMES HAROLD ANNEAR who died May 26 1955 aged 64 years.  Treasured memories from your loving wife and children.
Non Con In loving memory of WALTER RICHARD ANNELY a dear husband and father born 27th March 1911 died 9th April 1998.  Also his beloved wife LILLIAN AGNES ANNELY (nee Reeves) born 11th November 1914 died 18th September 1999.  Reunited.  Forever in our hearts.
GOR Treasured Memories of a dear Mum and Nan PAULINE JOYCE ANNEAR 20.8.20 – 27.2.03.  Sleeping in God’s Care
A35 Thy will be done. In loving memory of my dear parents THOMAS ANSTEY who died December 29th 1920 aged 71 years. Also of EMILY wife of the above who died April 18th 1921 aged 70 years. Erected by their daughter.
Non Con In loving memory of JOHN APPLEBY a dear husband and father who died 25th June 1977.  Also BERTHA APPLEBY his beloved wife who died 12th December 1983 aged 93 years.  Re-united.
Non Con In loving memory of JEAN ARKWRIGHT devoted wife, mother and grandma.  Deeply missed by all.  Died 3rd Oct. 1999 aged 57 years.
D93 ADA beloved wife of James Arthur who died December 16th 1940 aged 66 years.  Also JAMES ARTHUR who died July 2nd 1961 aged 65 years.
B5 In loving memory of THOMAS the beloved husband of Sarah Ashcroft died March 8th 1916 aged 68 years. Safe into the Haven guide. Also SARAH ASHCROFT (his wife) who died March 5 1932 aged 85 years. Her end was peace.
D1 In loving memory of ALICE ASHCROFT who died April 2nd 1933 aged 60 years.
D95 At Rest EDITH GRACE ASHMAN 1870 – 1942 GEORGE CHARLES ASHMAN 1873 – 1954 EDNA LOUISE ASHMAN 1911 – 2001  
NC In loving memory of JOAN PATRICIA AVIS who died December 3 1953 aged 5 years.  At Rest.
NC In memory of MARY KATHLEEN PATRICIA SMITH wife of Thomas Cox Smith died 25th April 1925 (hard to read but seems to be also Thomas Cox Smith who passed away).
In loving memory of HUBERT THOMAS AYRES SMITH who entered into life eternal March 8th 1905 aged 23. I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.  Also of ELIZA wife of Thomas Cox Smith who died May 24th 1920 aged 75 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of JULIA RACHEL AYRES who died February 10th 1935.