Cemetery Names Ba-Bn

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B39 SIDNEY HARRISS GAYNER died 30th July 1965 aged 79.  DOROTHY KATHLEEN GAYNER died 12th June 1965 aged 73.  JEAN FRANCES BACH nee GAYNER died 13th March 1997 aged 72 much loved wife of Peter.  PETER ROBERT BACH died 30th June 1999 aged 75.
D2 In loving memory of dear mother FRANCES BAILEY died November 13th 1955 and dear dad MARTIN BAILEY died December 21st 1955.  FLORENCE MAY BAILEY our beloved sister died March 6th 1975 aged 64 years.  In loving memory CYRIL MARTIN BAILEY died July 5th 1932 aged 27 years.  Also CHARLIE his brother who died December 22nd 1939 aged 31 years.  Thy Will be done.  Urn – CHARLIE from his neighbours.  URN – To my dear boys from Mother.  
NC In loving memory of IAN L. G. BAILLIE died March 25th 2004 aged 79.
A65 In loving memory of ELLEN BAKER who died March 31st 1909 aged 61 years.  Also CHARLES her son who died March 27th 1903 aged 37 years.  Forever with the Lord.
Non Con Remembrance of our dear mother ADA EMMA BAKER.  At Rest.  March 9th 1956 aged 71 years
C87 In loving memory of DORA BEATRICE wife of Thomas Ball of this parish who passed peacefully away December 9th 1918 aged 34 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also In loving memory of THOMAS BALL who passed away at Cheltenham August 19 1945 aged 62 years.  He was a good man and a faithful servant of Christ.
C28 In loving memory of EDITH MARY beloved wife of Edmund Ball who was called to her rest February 11th 1942 aged 67.   Also of the above EDMUND BALL passed peacefully away November 4th 1955 aged 77.  Peace Perfect Peace.
D101 In loving memory of FREDERICK T BALL who died Oct 14 1944 aged 67 years.  Peace after pain.  Also ALICE ELIZA wife of the above who died March 11 1953 aged 72 years.  Beautiful memories left behind.
B9 In loving memory of LUCY the beloved wife of Allan C Hunter who departed this life January 25 1919 aged 64 years.  Jesu lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly.  Also EMMA BALL sister of the above who died June 12 1923 aged 75 years.  Rest comes at last.  Also the above ALLAN CLARK HUNTER who died June 10 1924 aged 69 years
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE BALL who departed this life October 21st 1899 aged 50 years.  Also of RUTH wife of the above who departed this life June 24th 1913 aged 84 years.  He giveth his beloved sleep
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE son of George & Hannah Ball of this parish who fell asleep in Jesus December 26 1900 aged 33 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.  Also of the above HANNAH BALL who died June 8th 1908 aged 68 years.  Also of JOHN HOWELL youngest son of the above who died June 23rd 1910 aged 23 years.  Gone but not forgotten.  Also In loving memory of the above named GEORGE BALL who fell asleep May 15th 1919 aged 73 years.  Blessed are the pure in heart.
Non Con In loving memory of HAROLD GEORGE BALL Minister of the Gospel England and USA 1907 – 2001.
C71 In ever loving memory of HARRIETT JANE CHORLEY BALL the beloved & devoted mother of Lilian & Clara Chorley who fell asleep 12th December 1917 Aged 54 Years.  God be with you till we meet again
D106 In loving memory of JOSEPHINE ELLEN EMMA the beloved wife of Samuel Thomas Ball died Oct 5th 1957 aged 57 years.  Unselfish.  Helpful and Kind.  These are the memories you left behind.  In loving memory of Sam, SAMUEL THOMAS BALL born 1906 died April 4th 1980.
B98 In loving memory of SAMUEL J. BALL died 22nd September 1913 aged 45. Rest in Peace.  Also of JOHN youngest son of the above who fell in action in France 2nd September 1916 aged 19.  Greater love hath no man than this that man lay down his life for his friends.
Also of SARAH ANN BRAKE BALL wife of Samuel John Ball died 11 December 1941 aged 73.  I found in Him a resting place and He has made me glad
B75 In loving memory of ELIZA N. BALLS died January 30 1900 aged 62 years (note – the burial register shows she was buried on 5th February 1901). Also PERCY J.W.BALLS her son died October 13 1912 aged 45 years.  Also LAURA EVELYN BALLS wife of above who died December 5th 1925 aged 56 years.  Also GLADYS EVELYN BALLS died August 31 1969 aged 69 years.
D65 In loving memory of LOUISA BARNFIELD died March 12th 1942 aged 70 years. Gone but not forgotten  
NC In loving memory of BERTHA BARRETT died May 20th 1947 aged 71 years.
Non Con In loving memory of ARTHUR JOHN BARTLETT who after much suffering passed away 10th February 1950.  Ever remembered by his devoted wife and children.  Also LILLIAN WHEELAN wife of the above passed away 7th March 1953 aged 68 years.  Sadly missed.
C93 In loving memory of ELLEN wife of John N Bartlett who departed this life March 30 1894 aged 31 years.  Also the children of John N & Elizabeth C Bartlett, HERBERT F. born Sept 12th 1900 died April 7th 1901. NORA MAY, born May 19th 1902 died April 18th 1903.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of ELIZABETH CELIA his wife born June 28 1861 died July 24th 1914.  Thy Will be done.  Also the above JOHN N BARTLETT born June 3rd 1863 died January 22nd 1941
B76 In loving memory of EMMA L. BARTLETT who died December 24 1902 aged 28 years. Also SARAH N. BARTLETT mother of the above who died August 21st 1905 aged 68 years.  Also JOHN BARTLETT husband and father of the above who died May 2nd 1908 aged 73 years.  
C81 ELIZABETH CELIA wife of John N Bartlett died July 24th 1914 age 53.
Non Con In loving memory of PHYLLIS EVA HILL a dear daughter and sister died 14th March 1947 aged 20 years and DAVID GEORGE BARTON died 12th January 2010 aged 78 years
Non Con Treasured Memories of GERALD GORDON BARTON died 5th March 1992 aged 53.
Non Con In loving memory of IRENE MARY BARTON a dear wife and mother died 26th July 1978 aged 74 years.  Also HAROLD BARTON beloved husband and father died 4th February 1990 aged 89 years.
D99 In loving memory of my dear husband THOMAS BARTON who passed away December 10 1943 aged 67 years.  Also KATE beloved wife of Thomas Barton who passed away March 9 1954 aged 70 years.  Also EDITH EMILY BARTON died 27th April 1968 aged 54 years.  And ALBERT THOMAS BARTON died 3rd October 2003 aged 83 years.  Thy will be done.  
Non Con In loving memory of my dear parents WILLIAM HENRY BARTON who died 12th July 1982 aged 81 years.  WINIFRED MARY BARTON who died 22nd April 1984 aged 89 years. R.I.P.
NC In ever loving memory of my dear wife ROSANNA ROBBINS died 4th December 1967 aged 78 years.  Also of FREDERICK BATHURST husband of the above died 9th February 1968 aged 72 years.
NC In loving memory of ALBERT HOWARD BAYLIS 17.7.1892 – 25.3.1978.  Also of his dearly loved wife ELSIE BAYLIS 14.9.1900 – 3.5.1970
B26 In loving memory of ALBERT BAYLIS who died February 25th 1906 aged 45 years.  Also of SARAH ANN his wife who died March 31 1897 aged 36 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace Also of their daughter BEATRICE ANNIE BAYLIS who died February 28th 1976 aged 89 years. In loving memory of a devoted and loving aunt.
C61 In memory of GEORGE HENRY BAYLIS the beloved wife of Louisa Baylis who died Feb 25th 1924 aged 64 years.  At rest.  Also the above named LOUISA BAYLIS who died 6th April 1933 aged 74 years  
C15 In loving memory of HENRY BAYLIS who died May 19th 1918 aged 85 years.  At Rest. Also of AMELIA his beloved wife who died January 29th 1914 aged 75 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  And RALPH BAYLIS beloved son of the above who died December 13th 1949 aged 66 years.  And MARY ANN ELIZABETH beloved daughter of above who died Oct 3rd 1949 aged 80 years.  In Gods Keeping.
Non Con In loving memory of HUBERT L. BAYLIS died 11th May 1964 aged 73 years.  And his wife MARGARET H. BAYLIS died 27th March 1982 aged 73 years.
C90 In loving memory of EMILY LOUISA BAYLISS who died August 5th 1927 aged 53 years.  Till the day break and the shadows flee away.  And also FRANK BAYLISS who died December 4th 1956 aged 86 years.
C11 In loving memory of GLADYS BAYLISS (Nee Dollie Oates) died July 7th 1962 aged 58 years.  R.I.P.
OC In loving memory of EMMA MURRAY died November 29th 1925 aged 52 years.  Also FRANK HARVEY BEAUMONT cousin of the above who died  January 7th 1929 aged 73 years.  Also of LOUISA widow of Ernest Edward Murray died December 24th 1948 aged 83 years.  Re-united.
E3 In loving memory of ELEANOR JANE BECK who departed this life 28th September 1948. 
C95 In loving memory of ANN BELL wife of the late George Bell of this parish who departed this life January 7th 1900 aged 74.  Also of NANCY HUNT BELL daughter of the above who departed this life May 20th 1934 aged 73.  At rest in peace.
C22 Sacred to the memory of GEORGE THOMAS BELL died April 15 1941 aged 73 years.  Until we meet again. MARY BELL died April 1st 1950 aged 75 years.  With Christ.
NC In loving memory of Mum ANNIE BEATRICE BELLAMY 1900 – 1953.  Also Dad SAMUEL GEORGE BELLAMY 1900 – 1974.
B128 In loving memory of ANNIE JANE BENNETT born January 30th 1868 died January 1st 1928 Jesu Mercy
A68 In memory of ANN wife of W. C. Bennett who died at Alveston 12th July 1894 aged 77 years.  Also of the above named WILLIAM COLLINS BENNETT who died Stamford Hill London 30th April 1908 aged 89 years.  Also of WILLIAM BENNETT son of the above W. C. Bennett who died at Cheltenham 15th May 1921 aged 69 years.  Also of Captain W. H. BENNETT son of William Bennett ADC to General Stewart who died at Aden and was buried there 16th January 1920 aged 23 years.  Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH wife of W. Bennett who died at Worcester 22nd March 1954 aged 91 years.  Also of NELLE wife of A. J. C. Bennett who died at Pinvin Worcester 8th April 1954 aged 36 years.  Also ALAN JAMES CORNOCK younger son of William and Annie Bennett died October 28th 1972.          
B152 Jesu Mercy R. I. P. In loving memory of ALBINIA ROSE BENNETT born March 31st 1876 died October 3rd 1941.  And of her husband RICHARD ALEXANDER BENNETT born December 12th 1872 died July 16th 1951.  Also of ….son PETER RICHARD BENNETT born February 26th 1908 died February 27th 1919.
D57 In memory of HESTER BENNETT died 1944 aged 23 and husband FREDERICK BENNETT died 1984 aged 71.
B150 In loving memory of NORMAN BESZANT died 17.3.29 aged 4. also RONALD BESZANT died 15.7.23 aged 16 months.
Also their parents HAROLD BESZANT died 3.2.76 aged 80. Also his wife EMILY died 23.4 .81 aged 87.
C104 In loving memory of BEATRICE (Midge) the beloved daughter of C.R. and M. Beszant who died December 31st 1913 aged 12 years.  Behold He taketh away who can hinder Him.  Also of GERTIE sister of the above and beloved wife of WILLIAM J. Gough who died July 19th 1935 aged 36 years.
Non Con In loving memory of DOUGLAS HARRY STANLEY BETTS 7th June 1922 19th May 1979.  He made the storm be still.  Psalm 107.
B97 In loving memory of ELIZABETH wife of Charles A Bevis who died 23 September 1913 aged 58 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace
Also of her aunt SUSAN JONES who died 17 June 1913 aged 89 years.
E37 In loving memory of my dear husband DON BILLETT died 4th Sept 1983 aged 63 from his loving wife Nora.  Always remembered. Rest in Peace.  Also his wife NORA died 21st Dec 1989 aged 80.
B131 In Loving Memory of Private HERBERT BILLETT 5th Gloucestershire Regiment beloved son of Henry and Charlotte Billett who died September 29th 1916 aged 19 years.
Gone but not Forgotten
Also CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH mother of the above who died April ……aged 84. R.I.P.
Flower holder says In loving Memory
Non Con In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY BILLETT died 1.7.69 aged 74.  Also his wife SARAH PRIMROSE BILLETT died 17.1.82 aged 82
B144 JILLIAN ROSEMARY BISHOP December 1951 – January 1969
LESLIE FRANK BISHOP 3rd July 1912 – 31st August 1993
FLORENCE MARY BISHOP 30.9.12 – 31.12.1999
MARTHA BISHOP March 1930 aged 61
Also a flower pot which says Martha
NC (GOR) WALTER BISHOP 7..3.1903 – 16.3.1979  VIOLET ALICE BISHOP 18.12.1907 – 2.4.1981 Dearly loved parents
Non Con ‘If only you could see the tears you left behind’. IAN JOHN BLAKER (IGG) 23.11.1980 – 30.9.2000.  Much loved son, brother & friend.  In your short life you touched so many hearts, Goodnight love you IGG.  ‘Sorrow does not come singly’.  TERRY WILLIAM BLAKER 28.02.1945 – 20.03.2002.  A loving husband and father.  Forever in our thoughts. VALERIE BLAKER 29.06.1952 – 06.01.2010 A loving Mum and Wife. The Brightest Star.  Reunited for Eternity. It’s dreams and love that binds us.
Non Con Cherished memories of JOHN (JACK) BLENKINSOPP a dearly loved husband and father died 22nd March 1993 aged 85 years.  And his wife MOLLY ELIZABETH who died 23rd June 2002 aged 89 years.