Cemetery Names Bo-Bz

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NC In loving memory of CHARLES BOLLEN died 31st August 1953 aged 80.  Also his wife ROSE ELIZABETH died February 11 1964 aged 80.  
NC In loving memory of ROSE MAUD BOND died 6th February 1987 aged 72 years. Also JACK BOND died 21.9.1996 aged 84. Reunited. R.I.P.
B35 In loving memory of SELINA the beloved wife of John H Bond who fell asleep in Jesus July 20th 1927 aged 60 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also JOHN HARRISON husband of the above who peacefully passed away October 17 1942.  Reunited.  
NC In loving memory of a dear wife and mother LOUISA BOND who died 14th July 1962 aged 89 years.  Also her husband JOHN BOND who died 9th September 1963 aged 81 years.  Re-united.
A6  In loving memory of MARGARET ALICE BONHAM died January 28th 1929 aged 42 years. At Rest.
B141 In ever loving remembrance of FRANCES ELIZABETH the beloved wife of George Herbert Hall died May 11th 1924 aged 55 years (R. I. P.)
Also the above GEORGE HERBERT HALL died March 29th 1946 aged 77 years.  At Rest
Also of MARY RACHEL BOULTON her mother died October 15th 1923 aged 79 years At Rest.
B170 In loving memory of WILLIAM BOWYER who passed away March 5th 1905 aged 31 years.  Also of ELIZA his beloved wife who fell asleep May 15th 1907 aged 34 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of MAGGIE their daughter who fell asleep September 17th 1917 aged 20 years. Thy purpose Lord we cannot see but all is well that’s done by Thee
A66 To the dear memory of our parents WILLIAM and ELIZA BOWYER
C65 In loving memory of a devoted husband & father EDWIN ANDREWS BOYT who died 8th April 1958 aged 72 years.  Loved by all.  Also Cpl. JEPHUNNETH EDWIN BOYT Royal Tank Regiment son of the above killed in action Mareth Tunisia 22nd March 1943 aged 23 years.  Also FLORA wife of the above Edwin Andrews Boyt who died 1st August 1964 aged 77 years.  A flower in God’s garden.  GWYNNETH JULIA BOYT born August 23rd 1913 dear daughter, sister & friend.  Reunited with her loving family 16th November 1985.  In heavenly love abiding.
NC In loving memory of my dear husband HENRY A. BRACE died April 6 1948 aged 66 years.
E30 JEAN PATRICIA MARY BRADBROOK 29.7.59 – 29.2.60 In sweetest memory of our darling Jean
NC To the memory of JOHN GEORGE BRADLEY much loved husband of Muriel and father of Carolyn  R.I.P.
NC In memory of a dear husband and father RAYMOND BARRINGTON BREALEY born 11.8.27 died 5.10.84.  We will always love you.  Words will never express our memories.  
NC Cherished memories of our dear parents WILLIAM JAMES BREALEY who passed away 20th January 1955 also his wife BERTHA who passed away 7 December 1971.  In silence we remember  
B55 In loving memory of AMEY ELIZABETH wife of James Brewer of this town who died February 5th 1907 aged 69 “Lord have mercy.”
Also of the above named JAMES BREWER who died June 15th 1915 aged 65 years.  His End was peace.  Also of AMEY ELIZABETH TYLER daughter of the above who died May 18th 1922 aged 42 years
NC PEACE In loving memory of SARAH PATRICIA BRITTLIFF who died suddenly on 8th November 1990 aged 17 years  
NC Treasured Memories of JOHN BROAD died 2nd July 2001 74 years young. Devoted husband, father and gramps.  Sorely missed.
B96 In loving memory of JOHN BROOKS died April 25th 1910 aged 60 years.
Also of EMMA his wife died September 28th 1933 aged 80 years.  A devoted mother – a life of love God with us.
Also ROSE BROOKS daughter died March 22nd 1943 interred at South Ealing cemetery.
Also In loving memory of FRED died August 24th 1959.  Till we meet.
In loving memory of SYDNEY CHARLES BROOKS died 9th May 1984 aged 44
Also WILLIAM JOHN BROOKS died 14th August 1986 aged 50.
A55 In loving memory of dear mother MARY BROOKS who died June 2…… aged 8…..Also of her ….. John Br….. who ….. Feb…….  
B143 In loving memory of EDWARD BROWN who passed away 3rd July 1921 aged 45 years.
Thy Will be done.
Also JANE FRANCES BROWN who fell asleep March 21st 1929 aged 81 years.
Also MARY BROWN died December 8th 1942 aged 89 years
E35 In loving memory of my dear wife HILDA BROWNE died 21st February 1983 aged 76 years
B14 In loving memory of SARAH MAY KNIGHT died 29 February 1956 aged 59 years daughter of Grantley Gilbert & Elizabeth Ann Browning.
On kerb: ELIZABETH ANN BROWNING died May 8 1947 aged 73 years. GRANTLEY BROWNING who passed away November 24 1922 aged 52 years.
On 1st flower holder: In loving memory of VIOLET ELIZABETH (MARY) FAINT 1903 – 2002.  On 2nd flower holder LILIAN EMMA PARSONS 1899 – 1984
C116 DOREEN BROWNING 2.10.1927 – 20.3.1997.  In loving memory of a dear wife mother and grandmother.  Always in our thoughts.  PAUL E. WINES 24.10.77 – 16.5.98.
D96 In loving and grateful memory of JOHN HERBERT BRUTON who lost his life at sea on the 28th of August 1940 aged 60 years. At Rest In most loving memory of MARGARET ELIZABETH BRUTON who died on 6th December 1942 aged 60 years.
NC In sacred memory of a dear wife and loving mother DORIS MARY BRYAN who died Nov. 19th 1947 aged 46 years.  Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life.  And GILBERT PORTER BRYAN husband who died Nov. 15th 1979 aged 82 years.  ‘His life was gentle and the elements so mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world ‘This was a man’.
NC In loving memory of dear mother & father GEORGE CHARLES BRYANT died 15 May 1947 aged 59 and BEATRICE IRENE BRYANT died February 19 1963 aged 69.  Also their son ALBERT WILLIAM BRYANT died February 26 1946 aged 24.  Reunited.
B163 JOAN BRYANT born December 30th 1910 died January 6th 1911.  
Non Con In affectionate remembrance of WILLIAM HAROLD beloved husband of Daisy Bryant died September 3rd 1945 aged 53 years.  Also DAISY ELLEN wife of the above died November 21st 1970 aged 79 years.
A51 In loving memory of FREDERICK BURCHELL who departed this life 5 September 1905 aged 72 years.  Also EDITH his wife who passed away 13 July 1907 aged 67 years. Rest in Peace.  Also of DANIEL their son who died 17 June 1910 aged 38 years and ROBERT JOHN their son who died 3 March 1955 aged 73 years.
A50 In loving memory of JOHN BURCHELL of The Hackett who died December 20th 1913 aged 58 years.  Also of ANNIE EMMA his wife who died March 27th 1928 aged 73 years. Peace, perfect peace.
A49 In affectionate memory of WILLIAM DANIEL BURCHELL who died October 24 1909 in his 58th year.  In the midst of life we are in death
B158 In loving memory of DOROTHY HELEN BURCHELL aged 15 years called To rest January 13th 1916.  He Shall Gather the Lambs into His Bosom. In loving memory of ELIZABETH MABEL MARY wife of Frederick Henry Burchell died 13th March 1955 aged 84 years.  Also FREDERICK HENRY BURCHELL died 10th September 1959 aged 85 years.
D26 To the cherished memory of Flight Sergeant MERVYN BURNS aged 27 years killed in action August 11th 1942.  Loyal – Honourable – True – Lovingly Treasured by his beloved wife Belle.  And to the memory of ISOBEL ROSE who died 12 June 1997 aged 78 years.  In God’s Keeping.
C59 In loving memory of REGINALD W. BUTT Royal Flying Corps who entered into rest March 18th 1916 aged 28 years.  Also in loving memory of ELSIE IRENE BUTT who entered into rest December 12th 1917 aged 28 years.  Also In loving memory of JESSIE beloved wife of Sidney Plowman died February 17th 1919 aged 37 years.