Cemetery Names Ca-Cn

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B50 In Memory of F G MESSENGER died 1930 aged 31.  Also SARAH J CAISE died 1986 aged 87 always remembered.
C112 Treasured Memories of our dear parents OLIVE MAY CALLARD who died 5th January 1960 aged 68 years.  ANDREW CALLARD who died 4th May 1960 aged 75 years.  Reunited.
C47 In loving memory of JULIA ANNIE CANN died September 22 1938 aged 66 years.  Also FREDERICK husband of above died October 26 1944 aged 71 years.
B93 In loving memory of (REG) REGINALD WALTER NOYCE born May 9th 1917 died November 9th 1928
In loving memory of ROWLAND H. W. CARTER born September 1867 died July 1936
In loving memory of ELIZABETH wife of Rowland H W Carter who died March 2nd 1929 aged 62 years.
Also WILIAM JOHN elder son killed in France November 10th 1918 aged 26.  Also FREDERICK second son died Nov 6 1906 aged 7 years.
D107 In loving memory of CHARLIE CARTER who died 27th June 1960 aged 57 years.  Also of ALICE GRACE CARTER sister of the above who died 21st September 1964 aged 64 years.  
Non Con In fondest memory GEORGE HOPKINS died 1937 aged 49 years beloved husband of MARY.  Re-united 1973 aged 82 years.  Remembering also BERNARD and GESIENA CAVANAGH and MARY HOPKINS CAVANAGH died 2005 aged 88 years.  GEORGE CAVANAGH died 1997 aged 82 years.  Home at last.
NC In loving memory of RALPH CAWDRON who died suddenly July 14th 1986 aged 68 years.  Rest in Peace.
E18 In loving memory of dear husband and father CHARLES GERALD CHADWICK who died in Paris Aug 12th 1965 aged 37 years.  Till we meet again.
D54 In loving memory of LOUISA ANN TILL died 30th April 1933 aged 74.  And her husband THOMAS TILL reunited 18th February 1952 aged 92.  Also their daughter VIOLET JUBILEE CHAMBERLAIN died 30th May 1927 aged 29.  Also their son ARTHUR ALLEN FOWLER TILL died 26th May 1965 aged 65.
A54 In remembrance of LUCY CHAMBERS 1850-1904, JOHN TAYLOR CHAMBERS 1844-1924, GEORGE COURTNAY CHAMBERS 1879-1949, JOHN MAURICE AUGUSTUS CHAMBERS 1881-1944, his wife CICELY CHAMBERS 1907-1995  
A28 In loving memory of our dear mother ROSETTA CHAMPION who died December 29th 1916 aged 79 years. Also of our dear sister EMILY LEGATT who died December 11th 1926. Thy will be done
C5 In loving memory of REGINALD A.H. CHAMPION who died 10th March 1952 aged 73 years.  Also of CHARLOTTE GOLDING CHAMPION wife of the above who died 19th February 1960 aged 82 years.
NC Treasured Memories of MAVIS LORAINE WINDOW called home 16 June 1993 aged 86 beloved friend of Gwen & Muriel also of MURIEL DENISE JUSTHAM CHARD called home 20 August 1998 Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
B13 In loving memory of (JOHNNIE) SAMUEL JOHN CHASTON who passed away December 24 1918 aged 49 years.  Loved by all.
D14 In loving memory of JOHN FREDERICK CHEACKER died October 27th 1961 aged 59 years.  Also his wife AMY EMILY died 1986 aged 85 years.  Also daughter PAMELA ROSEMARY died 1943 aged 3 years 7months.
C1 In loving memory of ORLANDO FRANCIS CHILD who fell asleep February 3 1904 aged 53 years.  A sinner saved by grace.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Death shadowing us and our Jesus has vanquished death and all its power.  
C2 In loving memory of MARY ANN wife of Francis Child of Castle Coombe, Wilts who died October 18th 1901 aged 81 years.  Thy Will be done.
D8 In loving memory of my dear wife FLORENCE HARRISON CHURCH who died 28th July 1939 aged 60 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.
B85 ELLEN CLARE entered into rest January 21 1920
ELLEN CLARE died February 5th 1945 aged 87 daughter of the above
B103 In loving memory of CAROLINE CLARK who died March 25th 1927 aged 76 years. Also of THOMAS CLARK husband of the aforesaid who died June 5th 1931 aged 77.
A58 In loving memory of DOROTHY ROSINA CLARK who fell asleep December 18th 1903 aged 4 years 9 months.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  And THOMAS CLARK who fell asleep January 17th 1951 aged 72 years.  Also of ROSINA JANE widow the above who fell asleep March 12th 1965 aged 88 years.  Ever in our thoughts.
Non Con In memory of ELIZABETH (BETTY) CLARK nee Hinder a devoted and much loved wife mother and daughter given God’s peace and eternal rest 7th November 1992 aged 55 years.  Loyal friend to many.  When Spring shall wake the Earth, and quicken the scarred fields to new birth, and grief shall grow, for what can spring renew, more fiercely for us than the need of you.  
B33 In loving memory of FANNY the beloved wife of Charles Clark who died May 4th 1923 aged 56 years.  Forever with the Lord.  Also of NELLIE BEATRICE his beloved second wife who died May 9th 1928 aged 50 years.  Jesu lover of my Soul.  Also of the above CHARLES CLARK who died June 9th 1956 aged 93 years.
D53 Loving remembrance of GERTRUDE ELEANOR CLARK 30 April 1994 aged 90 years.  In loving memory of VIOLET MAY youngest daughter of Rosina & Thomas Clark who fell asleep in Jesus September 21st 1932 aged 21 years.  Also DAISY F. TOTTERDELL sister of the aforesaid died October 4th 1944 aged 44 years.
B46 In loving memory of JOSEPH LEVI CLARK who fell asleep March 16th 1919 aged 33 years.  Also EMMA JANE beloved wife of above who fell asleep February 15th 1938 aged 54 years.  At Rest.  Also PHILLIS GEORGINA JANE MURPHY daughter of the above who passed away 21st June 1957 aged 44 years.  May you rest in peace my dear. JIM
In loving memory of ARTHUR LEVI CLARK son of the above passed away August 19th 1992 aged 82 years.
A46 In loving memory of MARY ANN the beloved wife of Robert Clark who died the 12th day of April 1911 aged 57 years.  All that a good wife and mother could be – that she was.  And of ROBERT CLARK who was called to rest on May 27th 1926 aged 78.  To die is gain. Philippians 1.21.  Also of CHARLES ALBERT son of the above who died at Ismailia Egypt whilst serving with the Australian Imperial Forces June 6th 1916 aged 34.  He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. Matt: X.39
B146 In loving memory of THOMAS HENRY KITCHENER only son of Thomas and Rosina CLARK of this parish who died August 4th 1920 aged 5 years.  There is a Happy Land Far, Far Away.
A59 In memory of SARAH wife of GEORGE CLARKE who died August 20th 1894 aged 29 years.  Also MARGARET TURNER sister of above who died June 2nd 1960 aged 88 years.  
Non Con In grateful loving memory of GEORGE VOSS CLARKE passed away 24th Oct. 1981 aged 82 years.  ROSINA CLARKE wife of the above passed away 31st Oct. 1986 aged 81 years.  Nothing matters but salvation in this life or that to come.  
B122 In loving memory of THOMAS CLARKE died March 12th 1906 aged 68 years.  Also of ELIZA his wife died July 11th 1914 aged 72 years.  Thy Will be done
NC Loving memories of my dear husband ALFRED GEORGE CLEVERLEY passed away 10th May 1996.  Rest in peace.  also his wife OLIVE died 21st February 2004.
Non Con In loving memory of FRANK W. CLEWS Methodist Minister 1910 – 1981 and his infant son PHILIP FRANCIS.  Also his wife CONSTANCE ADA 1907 – 1999.  In God’s Keeping  
Non Con Treasured Memories of ALBERT EDWARD CLIFFORD dearly loved husband and father died 12th March 1977 aged 52.  And cherished memories of KATHLEEN JOAN a loving wife and mother died 23rd December 2012 aged 80.  Together Again.  
B105 In memory of a loving husband and father WILLIAM CLIFFORD passed away 12th June 1969 aged 84 years.  Sadly missed along life’s way.  Quietly thought of every day.
Also his wife MARY KATE CLIFFORD who passed away 20 March 1979 aged 87 years. Rest in Peace.
D31 In loving memory of a dear husband and father EDWARD JOHN CLUTTERBUCK May 25th 1902 – January 14th 1966. Also his beloved wife PHYLLIS DOREEN CLUTTERBUCK February 8th 1906 – September 11th 1988. Reunited.
C113 At Rest. In loving memory of a dear Mother and Dad JAMES W CLUTTERBUCK who died 16th February 1950 aged 85 years.  FLORENCE CLUTTERBUCK who died 30th November 1958 aged 85 years.  Reunited.  Also their darling son WILLIAM VICTOR JAMES CLUTTERBUCK called home 26th October 1900 aged 3 years.  
Non Con In loving memory of our dear son ROBERT (BOB) CLUTTERBUCK died 17th April 1993 aged 51
B29 In loving memory of WILLIAM L H CLUTTERBUCK passed away February 26th 1923 aged 61 years and his wife MARY L passed away September 27th 1948 aged 83 years.  Also their son T H (Harry) passed away April 6th 1917 aged 19 years.  Also their son in law LEONARD SMITH passed away May 24 1971 aged 64 years.