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C62 In loving memory of GEORGE COLE who died May 8th 1944 aged 68 years and ELIZA ANN wife of the above who died July7 1951 aged 80 Years.  At Rest.  Also WILLIAM EDWARD CARPENTER beloved husband of Evelyn who passed away December 10th 1963 aged 76 years.  Also of MARY (Toby) beloved daughter of Edward & E Carpenter died March 2nd 1932 aged 7 years.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  Also EDITH ANN ROBBINS died July 6th 1933 aged 37 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  In Memory of EVELYN beloved wife of Edward Carpenter who died August 28 1927 aged 31 years.  
D33 In memory of GOLIATH COLE died March 1938.  Also JULIA COLE died October 1953.
Non Con Treasured memories of ROYSTON CYRIL ALBERT COLE dearly loved husband father and grandfather who passed away 20th April 1991 aged 60 years.  Forever in our hearts until we meet again.
NC In loving memory PHYLLIS IRENE COLES 13 June 1910 – 21 August 1994
beloved wife of Capt. John Coles B.E.M. 12 Sept 1911 – 25 March 1960.  Peace.
B167 In loving memory of SARAH ANN COLLINGS
Non Con To the memory of EDWARD HENRY COLLINS (SAM) fell peacefully asleep July 28th 1973 aged 77 years.  Dearly loved.  Also his dear wife EDITH EMMA died 2nd October 1996 aged 94 years.  Beloved parents of Gwen.  Re-united.  
C67 In loving memory of dear father and mother THOMAS COLLINS who died January 23rd 1906 aged 56 years.  Also ELIZA COLLINS his wife who died October 21st 1936 aged 81 years.
NC In loving memory of AGNES the beloved wife of Cecil Cook who passed peacefully away Oct. 20 1948 aged 53 years.  At Rest.  Also CECIL COOK who passed peacefully away January 31st 1970 aged 73 years.
B135 In loving memory of HARRY OLIVE COOK who fell asleep March 10th 1910 aged 26 years.  Come unto Me all that travail and are heavy laden and I will refresh you  
C20 Both if we live or if we die we belong to Jevovah.  Romans 14.8.  In loving memory of HILDA IRENE PERRY 1899 – 1936 also her daughter DORIS JOAN COOKE 1927 – 1990 FREDERICK COOKE 1921 – 1991.  Resting peacefully awaiting the earthly Resurrection.
B25 In loving memory of EMMA ELIZABETH COOPER who fell asleep December 8 1910 aged 28 years.  Also EMMA the beloved wife of Charles Radcliffe Cooper and mother of the above who fell asleep October 21st 1926 aged 68 years.  Also of the above CHARLES RADCLIFFE COOPER who fell asleep April 25 1945 aged 90 years.  Also of MABEL GRACE COOPER who fell asleep January 27th 1970 aged 88 years.  Also PHILIP JOHN COOPER serving brother of St John of Jerusalem who fell asleep March 24th 1950 aged 72 years.  Also HAROLD EGBERT COLLINS COOPER who fell asleep February 21st 1951 aged 61 years.
B20 In loving memory of MOLLIE beloved wife of Francis O Cope died January 31 1942 aged 53 years.  I will lift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.  Also the above FRANCIS OLIVER COPE died November 20 1952 aged 64 years.  Also REGINALD H ALLCHURCH beloved husband of Topsy died January 31 1974.  GEORGE FREDERICK COPE died October 26 1983 aged 69 years.  In loving memory.
A68 In memory of ANN wife of W. C. Bennett who died at Alveston 12th July 1894 aged 77 years.  Also of the above named WILLIAM COLLINS BENNETT who died Stamford Hill London 30th April 1908 aged 89 years.  Also of WILLIAM BENNETT son of the above W. C. Bennett who died at Cheltenham 15th May 1921 aged 69 years.  Also of Captain W. H. BENNETT son of William Bennett ADC to General Stewart who died at Aden and was buried there 16th January 1920 aged 23 years.  Also of ANNIE ELIZABETH wife of W. Bennett who died at Worcester 22nd March 1954 aged 91 years.  Also of NELLE wife of A. J. C. Bennett who died at Pinvin Worcester 8th April 1954 aged 36 years.  Also ALAN JAMES CORNOCK younger son of William and Annie Bennett died October 28th 1972.
NC Cherished memories of my dearly beloved husband JOHN CORNOCK born at Shipperdine 19 November 1869 died at Hill 18 December 1952.  God grant him eternal rest.  CHRISTABEL CORNOCK wife of the above born 25 April 1904 died 19 November 1979.
Non Con Fondest Memories of HENRY MARTYN COUNCELL a devoted husband and father fell asleep Nov 21 1944 aged 77 years.  Often a lonely heartache, often a silent tear, but always a beautiful memory of one we loved so dear.  Also EDITH COUNCELL sister of above fell asleep May 25 1949 in her 83rd year  
NC Treasured memories of RICHARD the beloved son of Marjorie and Henry Court fell asleep August 30 1955 aged 2 years 5 months.  Now the light has gone away, Saviour listen while I pray, asking thee to watch and keep, and to send me quiet sleep.MARJORIE EVELYN COURT 15.5.1921 – 7.9.2007.  HENRY HALES COURT 4.10.1922 – 10.3.2008.  ETHEL MARION COURT wife of Noel 1893 – 1995.  Rest in Peace. In loving memory of NOEL HALES COURT who died September 4 1955 aged 64 years.  Behold I am alive for ever more.   
NC (GOR) In loving memory of HENRY (TOM) COUSENS died 8th April 1974 aged 66 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear mum MAVIS ANICE COUSINS 1924 – 1990.  At Peace.  
A3  In loving memory of HESTER widow of the late John Cox of Horfield who died December 10th 1898 aged 84 years.  O Paradise! O Paradise!  Tis weary waiting here.  I long to be where Jesus is to feel and see him near.  Also of HANNAH HOBBS niece of the above who died at Banwell Somerset November 26th 1923 aged 86 years.  Rest In Peace  
Non Con In loving memory of MERVYN DENNIS COX a dear husband and father 18.6.1922 – 15.1.1976.  Also EDNA VIOLET COX a loving wife and mother 3.6.19 – 15.7.2007.  Reunited.
NC In loving memory of PAULINE MARGARET beloved wife of Francis John Cox and daughter of Charles and Frida Taylor born August 15 1916 died April 28 1948.  
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband HENRY (HARRY) CRAIK-SMITH who died Nov. 1st 1960 aged 66 years.
B1 GEORGE FREDERICK CRIBB born August 1st 1885 died July 3rd 1892 1st internment in this burial ground
B107 In loving memory of ARTHUR CRIPPS who died March 11 1905 aged 38 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also of MARIA his beloved wife who died March 5 1945 aged 79 years.  Reunited.  Also ETHEL MAGGIE daughter of the above died March 18th 1975 aged 79 years.  R.I.P.
Non Con He served God and his fellow men JOHN H.A. CRUNDELL died 22nd November 1965 aged 54.  I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.  Also his brother-in-law DAVID J.T. POLGRAHAN B. 11.8.07 D. 1.9.82.  
Non Con MOLLIE CRUNDELL born 11th August 1907 died 9th October 1989.  Remembered with love by all the family.  
C16 EDMUND CULLIMORE J.P. of this town born December 3rd 1850 died September 6th 1941.  There’s a brave fellow.  There’s a man of pluck.  A man who is not afraid to say his say.  Longfellow.
SARAH beloved wife of Edmund Cullimore, Shen, Thornbury died February 11th 1906 aged 57.  Beautiful rose of love that bloomed for me by the wayside.
In loving memory of Daddy FRANCIS HENRY GRACE the beloved husband of Helen Grace died May 29 1949 aged 70 cremated at Arnos Vale Bristol.  Also of Mother HELEN GARFIELD GRACE died May 6 1972 aged 90.  Also their eldest daughter SALLY GORDON died April 24 2003 aged 91.
D30 In loving memory of JOHN CROOME CULLIMORE died January 28th 1936.  Also EDITH SARAH CULLIMORE his wife died September 23rd 1951.
B45 In loving memory of LUKE CULLIMORE of Sibland who passed away April 28th 1917.  Also of AMY LUCY his wife who died December 21st 1925 aged 86 years.  Well done thou good and faithful servants enter thou into the Joy of the Lord.  Also ARTHUR DANIEL CULLIMORE eldest son of the above who passed away March 7th 1946 aged 81 years.  In Thy light shall we see light.  And his wife ELLEN ELIZA passed away April 20th 1959.  
C77 At Rest. In loving memory of our dear (Will) WM. HY. CULLIMORE who fell asleep Oct 21st 1919 aged 24 years.  Also HESTER beloved wife of Henry Cullimore died January 31st 1940 aged 70 years.  Also HENRY CULLIMORE died October 28 1941 aged 74 years.  Rest in the Lord.  Also of IVY ELIZABETH dearly beloved wife of Ernest Blizzard who entered into rest March 15th 1921 aged 28 years.
DAVID CHARLES CULLIMORE died 18th Sept. 1971 aged 30 dearly loved son of Dorothy and Charles and brother of Doris and Bill.  In God’s Keeping.  Until we meet again.
FREDERICK CHARLES CULLIMORE died 11.12.1993 aged 88 years.  DOROTHY ROSA CULLIMORE died 31.12.2001 aged 92 years.  Dearly loved Parents of Doris, David and Bill.  In life we cherished them.  In death we will never forget them.ROSEMARY ANNE CULLIMORE died 29.8.2012 aged 61 years.  A wonderful wife & mother of Andrew, Katherine, David & Michael.  Forever in our hearts & thoughts.
D49 In loving memory of LOUISA ADA CUMMINGS who fell asleep June 28 1945 aged 78 years.  And LILIAN ETHEL NORRIS (nee Cummings) her daughter who fell asleep June 29 1945 aged 55 years.  Her children shall rise and all her blessed.  
D105 HARRY DARCH CURTICE of Clifton Bristol died 27 September 1956 aged 73 years.
Cherished memories of ELIZABETH ALICE CURTIS loving wife of John dearest mother of Stephanie and Martin fell asleep 19th Feb 1988.  Gone from our home but not from our hearts.  Re-united with her devoted husband JOHN HENRY CURTIS fell asleep 14th Nov 2011.  Rest in peace. Together forever.