Cemetery Names D

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D90 In loving remembrance of AMELIA MARIA DAVIES August 19 1851 – May 26 1933.  Also of CHARLES HENRY DAVIES born April 3 1855 died February 21 1942
B38 In loving memory of FREDERICK WILLIAM beloved husband of Lilian Davies died August 27th 1940 aged 60.  Into Thy hands Oh Lord I commend my spirit.  DONALD WILLIAM son of the above died April 24th 1942 aged 27. Also LILIAN DAVIES died December 28th 1965 aged 86.
Non Con In loving memory of a dearly beloved wife and mother EILEEN MURIEL DAVIS died February 18 1959 aged 40 years.  God be with you until we meet again.
B169 In ever loving memory of my dear husband JESSE DAVIS who entered into rest February 21st 1957 aged 74 years.  Until the Day Break.  Also WILLIE infant son of the above who died April 25th 1926 aged 6 days.  Safe in the Arms of Jesus.  Also of ELSIE Ana wife and mother of the above who died 19th May 1971 aged 82 years.
B117 In loving memory of a dear mother HANNAH TANNER HUGHES who died October 5th 1920 aged 64 years.  Also (dear father) JOSEPH HUGHES who died January 1st 1894 aged 45 years interred in Hill church yard.
Also WILLIAM VALENTINE the beloved husband of Alice Davis who died December 20th 1922 aged 41 years (son in law of the above).
In loving memory of ALICE DAVIS who died 18TH October 1973 aged 85 years.
B118  In loving memory of GEORGE the beloved husband of Sarah Ann Davis who passed away November 27th 1928 aged 88 years.  Also the above named SARAH ANN DAVIS who passed away March 27th 1925 aged 82 years.
B27 In loving memory of JOSEPH DAVIS died February 15th 1912……… there is nothing else legible
Non Con Treasured memories of MINNIE dearly beloved wife of Alfred Davis who entered into rest October 26 1947 aged 69 years.  Lovingly remembered by all.
In loving memory of ALFRED GEORGE DAVIS who died October 1 1961 aged 87 years.
In loving memory of ARTHUR BASIL DAVIS son of Minnie & Alfred Davis who died August 13 1970 aged 69 years.
Also DORIS PRIMROSE DAVIS nee Staley beloved mother granny to Jane, Susie & Sally who entered into rest 6th January 1997 aged 88 years.
Non Con Loving and treasured memories of a darling wife and mother SARAH MARIA KNAPP July 1902 – July 1972. Forever in our thoughts. And a dearly loved husband and father HERBERT GEORGE KNAPP March 1901 – May 1979. Will live in our hearts forever. In loving memory of my darling wife JEAN MANSFIELD February 1929 – Nov. 1990. Also daughter PHYLLIS EDNA MAY DAVIS remembered by Mick and son Martyn 3rd November 1975 aged 49 years.
B73 In loving memory of WALTER DAVIS who departed this life 10 January 1901 aged 52 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also EUNICE his wife who died ….
C25 In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY DAVIS late R.M.L.I fell asleep Oct 2nd 1933 aged 69 years.  At Rest.  And MARY ANN ELIZA DAVIS died May 26th 1952 aged 85 years
NC In loving memory of HELEN DAW died 18th June 1954 aged 74 years.  Also of ROBERT GEORGE DAW husband of the above died 4th July 1954 aged 74 years
B155 In loving memory of JANE DAWSON who died 13th February 1911 aged 76 years.  Thy Will be done.
NC To the memory of dear mother FANNY DAY who died January 11th 1947 aged 90.  Also FRED DAY died March 1st 1978 aged 82 years.  Also his sister JANE DAY died January 13th 1980 aged 91 years.
Non Con In loving memory of FREDERICK JOHN dearly beloved husband of Laura Dayman died April 28 1952 aged 69 years.  Deep in my heart your memory is kept.  Also his beloved wife LAURA ELLEN DAYMAN died January 10 1969 aged 83 years.  Re-united.
Tablet: ELSIE MAY KING daughter who died 20th February 2002 aged 93 years. Remembered with love.
Non Con In loving memory of THOMAS WILLIAM DAYMAN died October 8th 1953 aged 72 years.  Also MARY DAYMAN died June 16th 1965 aged 84 years.
C26 In loving memory of JOHN DAYMAN died October 10th 1941 aged 84 years.  Love still liveth in Happy Memories.  Also his beloved wife ANNIE MARIA died February 11th 1943 aged 81 years.
NC (GOR) MAVIS WAVELL DEARING 22.10.1924 – 16.9.2007 Wonderful wife & mother.  We miss you.  
Non Con ROBERT GEOFFREY DEARING precious son of Mavis and Doug 7th July 1955 – 25th September 1955 Always in our thoughts
A22 In loving memory of ALBERT EDWARD DENMAN who passed away March 11th 1896 aged 16 years.  His end was peace.
Non Con In loving memory of my dear Mummy JOYCE DEPUTTER born 25.1.1910 died 21.2.2004 aged 94 years.  Also her daughter JANET ANNA DEPUTTER born 8.8.1950 died 30.8.2013 aged 63 years
NC JOHN FANE DE SALIS 1897 – 1973 Loved father grandfather and husband.  And SUSAN his beloved wife 1904 – 1991
RC JAMES DICKERSON died on 31st July 1954 aged 3 1/2 years
Non Con In loving memory of ERNEST FRANK SAMUEL DIDCOTT 11 April 1932 – 31 Dec 2011 and dear wife KATHLEEN MARGARET DIDCOTT 17 May 1932 – 30 May 1985.  With Christ – which is far better.  Philip1 v23.
Non Con In loving memory of ARTHUR GILBERT RUGG DIMOND airman, printer and husband to Muriel 1.5.1920 – 20.4.2005.  Remembered by Steven, Marc, Guy and Family.
NC In loving memory of AUSTIN DIXON died April 27th 1955 aged 61 years.  
Non Con A. W. D. M.  ALEX WALTER DODDINGTON-MIZEN  22.1.1930 – 3.8.1994  with cherished memories of love, life courage and joy.
B127 In loving memory of ELIZA beloved wife of Matthew Driver who died January 3rd 1918 aged 73 years .  Also the above MATTHEW DRIVER who died March 5th 1919 aged 79 years.  At Rest
D34 In loving memory of FLORENCE MAUDE beloved wife of William Driver, Sibland Thornbury who died June 1st 1938 aged 45 years.  
B166 In loving memory of MARK DRIVER of the Hackett in this parish who died November 27th 1907 aged 72 years.  Also of EMMA his wife who passed away October 2nd 1923 aged 85 years.  Thy Will be done  
D24 In loving memory of WILLIAM D DRIVER who passed away February 24th 1939 aged 74 years.  And MARY DELORIES DRIVER wife of the above died January 25th 1947 aged 80 years.
NC In loving memory of MABEL DURNELL who passed peacefully away May 8th 1951 in her 69th yea.  R.I.P.  And her husband MARK DURNELL who died December 31st 1952 aged 63 years.  Reunited.
D92 In your charity pray for the soul of my dear wife MARIE DURRANT died 7th January 1940 aged 39 years.  
Non Con PHOEBE DYER our precious baby daughter still born August 1990.  Always in our hearts