Cemetery Names E

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NC In memory of JOHN EASTER born 2.3.1919 died 4.7.1981.  Remembered always with love
A1 In loving memory of THOMAS H. EDDINGTON of this town who departed this life September 6th 1896 aged 66 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of ELIZABETH his wife died October 21st 1908 aged 74 years. Also of HARRY their son died at Montreal October 6th 1908 aged 49 years.
A69 In memory of MARY REBECCA third daughter of the late COMMANDER JOHN MEYRICK PAYNTER R.N. died May 25 1896 aged 71 years.  Also HARRIETT SOPHIA EDWARDS his daughter died December 3rd 1896 aged 70 years.  Also of PARKER EVANS PAYNTER his son died March 17 1904 aged 81 years.  Also of ANNE ELIZABETH PAYNTER his daughter died April 5th 1909 aged 87 years.  Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
NC JOSEPH ELKIND (JOE) 1905 – 1972 beloved husband of Dorothy Eileen.  At Rest.  ANNIE MAY FRANKLIN 1893 – 1980 a loving Mum always.  
A14 In loving memory of GERTRUDE WHITE late of Grovesend called to Higher Life December 30th 1949 aged 76 years.  Forever with the Lord.  In loving memory of our dear niece ELEANOR DOROTHY ELMS called to rest February 27th 1951.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  In loving memory of ROSE WHITE late of Grovesend called home November 28th 1955 aged 86 years.  Rest in Peace.
B58 In loving memory of MARY ANN the beloved wife of William K Embley of this town who died January 19th 1894 aged 61 years.  Also In loving memory of the above named WILLIAM KEAR EMBLEY who died November 26th 1903 aged 77 years.  Thy Will be Done
NC ANNA EMPSON stillborn Christmas Eve 1989.  Too precious for God to share.  
NC OLIVE MARGARET ENGLAND 1909 – 1983  We will always remember you will love in our hearts
C14 In loving memory of THOMAS ELDRIDGE ENGLISH of this town who died August 9th 1934 aged 79 years.  Also ANNA wife of the above who died January 10th 1931 aged 75 years.  At Rest.
C68 In loving memory of JOHN ENGLISH who entered into rest Oct 10th 1910 aged 47 years.  I shall see my pilot face to face when I have crossed the bar.
Non Con CHARLES THOMPSON died February 5th 1902 aged 81 years.  LYDIA ENGLISH his daughter died Nov 1st 1901 aged 37.  LYDIA his wife died May 5th 1909 aged 87 years.  Thy Will be done.
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE H. SPILL who died September 30th 1904 aged 54 years. For ever with the Lord.  Also of JANE his beloved wife who died February 20th 1907 aged 61 years.  Also of CHARLES H. ENGLISH grandson of the above who died February 27th 1904 aged 4 months.  Also of DOREEN E. WEBBER granddaughter of the above aged 11 months.  Also SAMUEL JAMES beloved husband of of Mabel V Spill called to rest April 21 1950 aged 69 years.  Also our darling MARTIN grandson of the above 24-8-49 aged 3 weeks.
D77 In loving memory of WILLIAM (BILL) ESSEX died August 25th 1936 aged 21 years.  Also ALICE MATILDA ESSEX mother of the above died December 14th 1989 aged 95 years.  Also her son ALBERT LAWRENCE ESSEX died September 14th 1990 aged 73 years.
NC (GOR) In loving memory of ALFRED GEORGE EXCELL died 24 June 1960.  And EDITH GLADYS EXCELL died Sept 1960.
A11 WILLIAM (EXELL) who died 17th of June 1896 aged 34 years.  He suffered patiently and long.  His hope was bright his faith was strong.  The peace of Jesus filled his breast and in his arms he sank to rest.  Also of GEORGE HENRY EXELL, father of the above who died May 5th 1908 aged 77 years.  High Bailiff of Thornbury County Court for nearly 40 years.  Rest in Peace.
B129 R.I.P. In loving memory of MARIA the beloved wife of Thomas Exell born September 14th 1850 died November 6th 1923.  Also of THOMAS husband of the above born April 14th 1854 died January 14th 1930. In loving memory of MARIA beloved wife of Thomas Exell who died November 6th 1923 aged 72 years.  RIP
Also of ERNEST GEORGE son of Thomas and Maria Exell who died March 23rd 1958 aged 74 years.
B131 In loving memory of HENRY beloved husband of Evelina Exell who died March 20th 1929 aged 70 years.  Also Nurse ELIZABETH EXELL FRCN daughter of the above died March 13th 1933 aged 42 years.  Also to the memory of PTE EDWIN CHARLES EXELL, Somerset LI died November 1st 1914 aged 29 years.  And Pioneer HENRY HUBERT EXELL, Royal Engineers died April 29th …. Aged 26 years.  Sons of the above killed in action.  
B37 In loving memory of EMMA ISABELLA EXELL who died November 7th 1931 aged 59 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also of CHARLES THOMAS husband of the aforesaid who passed away July 15th 1936 aged 63 years.
A39 Sacred to the memory SARAH the beloved wife of Thomas EYLES of this parish who died 18th April 1904 aged 73 years.  Also GEORGE son of the above who died 1st January 1933.
NC In ever loving memory of WILLIAM EYLES died June 2 1947 aged 77 years.  At Rest.  Also of GERTRUDE MONICA daughter of the above beloved wife of Frank Hendy died August 22 1955 aged 51 years.  Ever remembered.  Also of MINNIE EYLES wife of the above who passed away Nov 9 1975 aged 101 years.  R.I.P.  In loving memory of CHARLES ADAM KING husband of Hilda Kate died 13 February 1984 aged 87 years.  HILDA KATE KING daughter of William Eyles passed peacefully away 13 April 1988 aged 88 years.