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B14 In loving memory of SARAH MAY KNIGHT died 29 February 1956 aged 59 years daughter of Grantley Gilbert & Elizabeth Ann Browning.  ELIZABETH ANN BROWNING died May 8 1947 aged 73 years. GRANTLEY BROWNING who passed away November 24 1922 aged 52 years.
On 1st flower holder: In loving memory of VIOLET ELIZABETH (MARY) FAINT 1903 – 2002
On 2nd flower holder LILIAN EMMA PARSONS 1899 – 1984
NC In loving memory of our dear son STEVEN LLOYD FAIRBROTHER died 27th February 1982 aged 21 yrs.  Sadly missed.
C30 In loving memory of ALBERT FEAR died March 23 1947 aged 71 years and EDITH his dearly loved wife died March 20 1948 aged 73 years.  Also ARTHUR OSCAR eldest son died July 16 1946 aged 46 years.  And CHRISTINE FEAR their grandchild died Oct 13 1945 aged 3 years.  Also MARGARET ETHEL FEAR beloved daughter of Albert died December 16 1968 aged 63 years.  Reunited in Gods Keeping.  RUTH MARION FEAR 21.8.1909 – 29.10.1988
NC Loving Memories of ARTHUR OSCAR FEAR 16th July 1946 aged 46.  SYLVIA MARY FEAR 30th September 1977 aged 72.  A dear Father and Mother.
A23 In loving memory of JANET the beloved wife of Jared Fear of Crossways House in this parish who entered ……..January 7th 1910 aged ……… We cannot … see…but all is well…..by Thee.  He giveth …….. Also of the above named JARED FEAR who departed this life ……26th 1913 aged 70 years…….  
Non Con JARED ALFRED FEAR (JOE) died October 24th 1984 aged 77 years.  Dearly beloved husband of Margaret and dear father of Jean and David and MARGARET LILLIAN FEAR died March 20th 2002 aged 92 years.  Always in our thoughts.
NC In loving memory of LESLIE HAROLD FELL  1911 – 1993.  Also his wife GWENDOLINE MARIA  1914 – 2006
B30 In loving memory of THOMAS J.G. FILL who died April 4 1923 aged 83 years.  Also of FANNY his wife who died January 20th 1922 aged 75 years.  Headteachers of Thornbury National Schools 1866 to 1905.  Also of their daughter ELSIE MARGARET who died September 24 1920 aged 43 years.  Also of their grandson W JOHN FILL who died February 13th 2000 aged 86 years School Master at the Castle School.
NC In loving memory of ETHEL HIGGINS died 3rd January 1947 aged 60.  Also ARTHUR THOMAS HIGGINS husband of above died 22nd June 1974 aged 79.  Also WILLIAM ARTHUR FISHER died 26th March 1968 aged 48.  Till we meet again.  Also NORAH EMILY YOUNG died 7th July 1983 aged 77.  
B157 In loving memory of ANNIE ELIZABETH FORD the beloved wife of John Ford who entered into rest September 21st 1911 aged 51 years.  So He Giveth His Beloved Sleep.  Also of the above JOHN FORD who died February 17th 1933 aged 80 years.  Rest in Peace.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear wife & mother BARBARA JEAN FORD 1936 – 1992
Non Con In loving memory of DORIS IRENE FORD died Nov. 7 1990 aged 83.  Wife of William, mother of Dorothy and Maureen.  With Christ.  WILLIAM GEORGE FORD died May 12 1992 aged 86.  
B116 In loving memory of EDWARD CHARLES FORD died February 11th 1920 aged 37 years.  Also MARY ELIZABETH FORD sister of the above died February 28th 1956 aged 74 years. R. I. P.  
Non Con In memory of my dear parents HENRY FORD 23 May 1890 – 4 Nov 1977.  EDITH MARY FORD 1 May 1902 – 23 July 1948.  R.I.P.
Non Con Treasured memories of KATE & MERVYN FORD Sadly missed by all the family.
B81 In loving memory of LEONARD SMITH of Penteith Glamorganshire died December 26th 1912 aged 63 years.  In the midst of Life we are in Death
In loving memory of MARY OLIVE beloved wife of Albert George Ford died 24th October 1940.  At Rest.  On the side Also ELIZABETH ANN SMITH died September 2 1945 aged 75 years.
NC Cherished memories of a beloved husband and father COLIN ARTHUR FOWLER fell asleep 27th December 1963 aged 37 years.  In heavenly love abiding.
C106 In loving memory of ELIZABETH beloved wife of George Fowler who died November 11th 1918 aged 77 years.  Also GEORGE FOWLER who died December 17th 1929 aged 83 years.  
NC JOSEPH ELKIND (JOE) 1905 – 1972 beloved husband of Dorothy Eileen.  At Rest.  ANNIE MAY FRANKLIN 1893 – 1980 a loving Mum always.
B60 In loving memory of SAMUEL FUDGE who died June 21st 1924 aged 62 years. Until the day break.  Also JUDY wife of the above died March 27th 1942 aged 72. Also KATHLEEN MARJORIE daughter of the above ….February ? 1957 (Can’t read) .
D44 In loving memory of ELEANOR MAUD FULLER died April 16 1938 aged 35 years.