Cemetery Names G

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B77 In loving memory of JENNIE eldest daughter of S. & E. GALE died March 31st 1908 aged 29 years.  At Rest. Also ALICE beloved wife of Thomas Nelmes died June 19th 1948 aged 62 years.  Also THOMAS NELMES.  
B140 In loving memory of JANE SCARSBROOK died 14th June 1921 aged 77.
SARAH GALE died 3rd May 1952 aged 82.
HENRY STEPHEN GALE died 20 August 1957 aged 82
B15 In loving memory of THOMAS F.B. GALE who died December 30 1929 aged 41 years.  At rest.
B124 In loving memory of STEPHEN G…. who died January …. aged 62 years.  ……… Also Louie G….  … April(we believe this is the grave of Stephen Gale who died January 21st 1914 and his daughter-in-law , Louie Eveline)
Non Con In loving memory of PHYLLIS GALLOP died 27 Sept. 1991 aged 75.  In his presence is fullness of joy.
B83 In loving memory of BESSIE daughter of the late James and Eleanor Gamlin of Taunton Entered into Rest April 7th 1917 aged 41 years.  
NC (GOR) In loving memory of LEWIS GANGE 1884 – 1962 & EDITH GANGE 1884 – 1975  
B47 In loving memory of JACOB GARLAND who died January 18th 1921 aged 69 years.  Also AGNES HELEN widow of Frank Pearce died November 29th 1948 aged 69 years.  Also MAY EDITH the dearly beloved daughter of Jacob and Emily Ann Garland died April 24th 1954 in her 54th year. EMILY ANN GARLAND wife of aforesaid who died October 31st 1939 aged 85 years.
NC In loving memory of FLORENCE MAY the beloved wife of W.J. Garland of Crossways who died September 14th 1938 aged 48 years. Until the day breaks.
D78 To the dear memory of ALBERT J GARN who died January 26 1935 aged 52 years. Until the dawn breaks. Also ETHEL S GARN who died June 7 1961 aged 81 years. Also his son DOUGLAS GRANT GARN SGT. R.A.F. who died May 2 1941 aged 22 years. Buried at Kiel Germany.
D38 1431063 Sergeant D.M. GARRETT Pilot Royal Air Force 4th April 1943 aged 25.  Also his mother NELLIE MARIA 9th October 1968 aged 87.  To live in the hearts of those we leave is not to die.
D52 Treasured Memories of my dear husband COLIN FRANCIS GARRETT died December 7th 1937 aged 49 years.  Too good in life to be forgotten in death.  Also of VERA GWENDOLINE his dearly beloved wife passed peacefully away October 25th 1952 aged 61 years.  Reunited.
B82 In loving memory of FRANCIS GAYNER born February 16th 1851.  Died October 24th 1923 Psalm XV.
Also LUCY GAYNER his wife died February 5th 1955 in her 98th year.
B39 SIDNEY HARRISS GAYNER died 30th July 1965 aged 79.  DOROTHY KATHLEEN GAYNER died 12th June 1965 aged 73.  JEAN FRANCES BACH nee GAYNER died 13th March 1997 aged 72 much loved wife of Peter.  PETER ROBERT BACH died 30th June 1999 aged 75.
C80 In loving memory of BLANCH ELIZABETH GAZARD died December 20 1943 aged 69 years also JOHN GAZARD dearly loved husband of the above died December 15 1962 aged 83 years.  Reunited.
B67 In loving memory of VICTOR JOHN GAZZARD died May 23rd 1964 aged 72 years.  Also BERNARD JOHN son of the above died October 17th 1926 aged 1 year and 9 months.  Also CLARICE MARY wife of Victor and mother of Bernard died November 28th 1987 aged 91 years
B68 754873 SERGEANT R. V. GAZZARD air gunner Royal Air Force 14th December 1941 aged 21.  
NC In sacred memory of a dear sister BEATRICE VIOLET GIBBINS who passed away 20th February 1986.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also her beloved sister DORIS MAY MUNDAY who passed away 14th February 1992.  At Rest.  
NC In loving memory of GLADYS EVELYN CIST GIBBINS beloved sister of Beatrice and Doris who died 11th December 1992 aged 89 years.  In heavenly love abiding.
Non Con In cherished memory of LILY VICTORIA GILES loving wife, mother and grandmother who passed away 11.6.1988 aged 86 years.  The Lord is my Shepherd.
B42 In loving memory of ALFRED GILL who died October 29th 1932 aged 71 years ……the rest is illegible
NC (GOR) Loving memory of JONATHAN GILL died 16.04.78 aged 18.  Also MARGARET (PEGGY) GILL dear loving wife and mother died 14.11.02 aged 78.  Together in Peace.  WILLIAM GILL died 26.04.04 aged 80.  Now at rest with wife and son.
NC (GOR) In loving memory of ANTHONY GILL aged 60 died 13.10.92
B161/B162 I Shall Remember While the Light Lasts and in the Darkness I Shall Not Forget VI.  In ever loving memory of BASIL ST JOHN MUNDY Major 15th The Kings Hussars born April 1862 died August 21st 1926.  And of the Hon VIOLET WILHELMINA MUNDY wife of Major Basil St John Mundy born September 24th 1860 died December 22nd 1943.
Smaller grave on right hand side. Also flat with cross resting on it EVELYN MARY GERALDINE GILLETT of Thornbury House born 28th August 1859 died 28th January 1930.

B51 Sacred to the memory of CAROLINE KATE GILSON third daughter of John Thomas Gilson FRCS of Chelmsford who died 25th February 1915 aged 73 years.
B86 ALICE GINGELL from her loving relatives 1887 – 1961
NC In loving memory of ANNIE VICTORIA GINGELL laid to rest March 26 1957 aged 69 years.  
A40 In loving memory of MARY GODFREY who passed away May 3rd 1902 aged 87 years. Rock of Ages cleft for me.  Let me hide myself in Thee.
A61A In loving memory of THOMAS GODWIN who died August 3rd 1903 aged 70 years R.I.P.  Also of THOMAS G.S. GODWIN grandson of the above who gave his life for King and Country October 4th 1918 in his 20th year interred in Mont Huon Cemetery Le Treport France.  Not gone from memory.  Not gone from love.  But gone to his Father’s home above.
Also in fond memory of my dear husband THOMAS fourth son of the above Thomas Godwin who departed this life January 1st 1937 aged 70 years.  Only his death parted us after 45 years.  Until we meet again.  Also HANNAH E. GODWIN who died February 15 1950 aged 80 years.
E24 NICOLA CAROLINE GORDON died 28th Dec 1968 aged 14 months
Non Con In loving memory of BEATRICE (Midge) the beloved daughter of C.R. and M. Beszant who died December 31st 1913 aged 12 years.  Behold He taketh away who can hinder Him.  Also of GERTIE sister of the above and beloved wife of WILLIAM J. Gough who died July 19th 1935 aged 36 years.
D18 FRANK GOULD who departed this life January 27th 1933 aged 76 years.  Until the day breaks.  Also EMILY his wife died 16th August 1938 aged 84 years.  And shadows flee away.
E36 RAYMOND GOULD died 2nd January 1983 aged 50 years.  R.I.P.
Non Con EDMUND CULLIMORE J.P. of this town born December 3rd 1850 died September 6th 1941.  There’s a brave fellow.  There’s a man of pluck.  A man who is not afraid to say his say.  Longfellow.
SARAH beloved wife of Edmund Cullimore, Shen, Thornbury died February 11th 1906 aged 57.  Beautiful rose of love that bloomed for me by the wayside.
In loving memory of Daddy FRANCIS HENRY GRACE the beloved husband of Helen Grace died May 29 1949 aged 70 cremated at Arnos Vale Bristol.  Also of Mother HELEN GARFIELD GRACE died May 6 1972 aged 90.  Also their eldest daughter SALLY GORDON died April 24 2003 aged 91.
D62 In loving memory of DR. EDGAR MERVYN GRACE born Oct. 6th 1886 died Nov. 24th 1974.  Also his beloved wife HILDA HENRIETTA GRACE born May 4th 1893 died Jan 27th 1983. In loving memory of SARAH ELIZABETH GRACE widow of Dr E. M. Grace died Oct. 13th 1932 aged 88. In loving memory of my darling wife JOAN ELIZABETH GRACE died 13th May 1983 aged 66. In loving memory of GERALD FREDERICK GRACE devoted husband of Joan (deceased) and Diana 1921 – 2004
D28 In loving memory of JOE GREEN who died January 19th 1946 aged 69 years.  Also his wife AMY GEORGINA GREEN who died July 3rd 1961 aged 77 years.
D19 In loving memory of WALTER G WILLIAMS died June 24 1936.  And SARAH A. his wife died March 10 1952.  And REGINALD their son fell asleep in France September 1st 1918?.  And HARRY GREENSIDES June 3rd 1933.
B107 In loving memory of ELLEN PERRY daughter of John & Mary Summers of Grovesend who died November 21st 1908 aged 33 years.  And of her sister EMILY JANE GREENWOOD who died August 22nd 1937 aged 76 years.  They are at peace.
B34 In loving memory of WILLIAM THOMAS GREGORY who died October 3 1925 aged 57 years.  Also MARY ANN wife of the above who died January 20 1940 aged 65 years.  In God’s keeping.  Also REGINALD WALTER GREGORY son of the above who died December 26 1974 aged 71 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a devoted dear husband and father THOMAS BERTRAM GREY late of Sibland and Hackett Farm died 6.12.89 aged 80.  Also of a dear wife and mother VERONICA EMILY GREY died 11.8.97 aged 80.  Reunited.  Missed by all the family.
C27 In loving memory of MARY ANN GRIFFIN who passed away December 9th 1938 aged 71 years.  
Non Con ‘Sleep in Peace’.  In memory of ARTHUR GRIFFITHS died 28.6.1985 also IRENE GRIFFITHS died 22.5.1999.
B171 At Rest AUSTIN C. F. GROVE son of N. C. and J Grove of The Farm Thornbury died 21st January 1925 aged 66 years.
Non Con In loving memory of SHEILA MARY GULLICK a beloved wife and mother who fell asleep 27.9.1987 aged 56 years.  Also ALBERT JOHN GULLICK a dear husband and beloved father who passed away 17.12.1999 aged 70 years.  Now reunited in Heaven. Sadly missed but always remembered.  In loving memory of STEPHEN JOHN GULLICK dear brother and uncle 5.2.64 – 3.12.04.  Forever in our hearts.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father PERCY THOMAS GULWELL died April 5th 1964 aged 62.  In God’s Keeping.  Also DOROTHY GRACE HELEN wife of the above died April 1st 1988 aged 76.  Loved by All.  Also my dearest sister GWENDOLINE LILIAN MILLS died January 28th 1941 aged 27.