Cemetery Names Ha-Hn

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Non Con In loving memory of FREDERICK GEORGE HADDRELL (of Horfield) a dear husband and father died 13th September 1982 aged 78 years.  Re-united with his beloved wife ETHEL MARION in God’s care 17th January 1985 aged 81 years.
Non Con Treasured Memories of VICTOR (CON) CONRAD HADDRELL a dearly loved husband father and grandpa fell asleep December 11th 2001 aged 82 years.  In heavenly love abiding  
In loving memory of IVA JAMES HALL dear husband and father died 27th Dec 1974 aged 69 years.  At rest.
In loving memory of ELSIE LILIAN HALL dear wife and mother died 3rd September 1989 aged 77 years.  At rest.
A13 JOSIAH HALL of this town who departed this life November 16th 1900 aged 65 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of MARY ANN his wife who passed away September 27th 1908 aged 56 years.  Until thy day breaks.  Also JOSEPH EDWARD ROACH husband of Mabel Young who died January 1935 aged 60.  
B141 In ever loving remembrance of FRANCES ELIZABETH the beloved wife of George Herbert Hall died May 11th 1924 aged 55 years.  R. I. P.  Also the above GEORGE HERBERT HALL died March 29th 1946 aged 77 years. At Rest.
Also of MARY RACHEL BOULTON her mother died October 15th 1923 aged 79 years. At Rest.
NC In grateful and ever loving remembrance of a devoted mother JANE SHEPHERD nee Roberts who departed this life December 26th 1945 aged 74 years.  Never forgotten by her loved ones.  Now in God’s Rest.  And of her husband WILLIAM JAMES SHEPHERD who passed away December 19th 1946 aged 75 years.  Re-united.  WILLIAM FREDERICK SHEPHERD died December 12th 1974 aged 75 years.  At Rest.  IDA HALL nee Shepherd 1902 – 1986.  THURBURN SLADE HALL 1896 – 1968.
D16 Treasured memories of ALFRED STEPHEN HANSFORD beloved husband of Lilian who died suddenly December 7th 1967.  At Rest.  Also the above named LILIAN who died May 15th 1973.  Reunited.  
D94 Treasured memories of SARAH HARRAWAY died April 8 1941 aged 74 years.  Sadly missed by her sorrowing husband and children.  And JOHN WILLIAM HARRAWAY husband of above died February 16 1950 aged 78 years.  Together at last.
Non Con In loving memory of ALBERT HARRIS dear husband of GLADYS died 5th May 1981 aged 69 years.  Rest in Peace.  Dearest Dad of his sons.  Also a devoted wife and mother GLADYS MARY HARRIS died 7th January 2002 aged 86 years.  Reunited forever.
D56 In memory of ELLEN HARRIS February 26 1942.  
D69 In loving memory of EMILY MARY JOSEPHINE HARRIS born 24 Oct 1911 died 3 April 1972.  ARTHUR FRANCIS HARRIS born 23 July 1907 died 18 August 1999.
D68 In loving memory of a dear husband and father FREDERICK C HARRIS who died 26 April 1960 aged 64 years.  Also his wife LILY M. HARRIS died 3 August 1968 aged 80.  
B3 In loving memory of three sisters SARAH ANN HUGHES died 22 January 1913 aged 55.  MARY MATILDA SEALY wife of Alfred W Sealy died 25 January 1913 aged 46 and SELINA HARRIS died 6th March 1915 aged 64.  Jesus said I am the Way.
D86 Treasured memories of a devoted husband and father WILLIAM GEORGE HARRIS died 6th January 1974 aged 83 years. And his wife AMY reunited 14th July 1976 aged 83 years. Always in our thoughts.  
B59 In loving memory of ANNIE HARRISS who entered into rest April 14th 1928 aged 72 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace
A15 In memory of WILLIAM HARRISON late of Bath who departed this life November 24th 1893 aged 85 years.  Also of JANE his wife who departed this life February 28th 1902 aged 78 years.  
A7 Commended in the love of God here lies the body of JOHN HARRISON June 12th 1895 aged 54 years.  Also of MARY ANN relict of the above who died November 25th 1903 aged 67 years,
OC In loving memory of SELINA the beloved wife of John H Bond who fell asleep in Jesus July 20th 1927 aged 60 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also JOHN HARRISON husband of the above who peacefully passed away October 17 1942.  Reunited.
E28 In loving memory of a devoted mother MARY JANE MCMULLAN who passed away 17th March 1971 aged 70 years.  Also in loving  memory of a devoted husband and father KEITH HART who passed away 16th May 1982 aged 52 years.  Sadly missed by ever loving wife Pat & sons Philip and David.  Gone from our sight but never from our memories.
E16 In loving memory of a dear wife, mother and grandmother PATRICIA MARY HART died 18th April 1987 aged 56.  Also her beloved son PHILIP STEPHEN HART died 31st May 2013 aged 54.  Deeply missed. 
B147 In loving memory of a dear mother FLORENCE LOUISE WEBB died 19th July 1990 aged 91.  Also ELIZABETH HAWKER mother of the above died 14th June 1917 aged 56 years.
B154 In loving memory of ELIZABETH ELLEN beloved wife of ….Hawkes passed peacefully away ….aged 49 ….at rest……husband of the above….. . CHRISTOPHER HAWKES died November ……aged 79 years (the burial register shows he died aged 79 and buried on 27th November 1934).  
B10 In loving memory of MABEL the beloved wife of Philip George Hawkins who passed away December 12 1921 aged 42 years a devoted wife and mother.  Also the above PHILIP GEORGE HAWKINS who passed away August 8 1937 aged 67 years.  Also daughter-in-law of the above JOAN MARY HAWKINS who died February 18 1977 aged 64 years.  Also LESLIE JAMES HAWKINS son of Philip and Mabel and husband of Joan who died January 26 1986 aged 71 years.
NC Loving memories of MARINA MAY HAYCOX who passed away peacefully 27th July 1999 aged 64 years, a wonderful mother, nanny & friend.  Truly missed.  
Non Con Cherished memories of DORIS HAZEL HEAL beloved wife of Leslie (Don) and mother of Mary and Pat died 18th Sept 1973 aged 72 years.  LESLIE GORDON HEAL died March 27th 1986 aged 87 years.  Always remembered.
NC (GOR) In loving memory of JANET HEDGES died 28th August 1977 aged 66 years. Also her husband EDWIN GEORGE died 23rd November 2002 aged 89 Years.
NC Loving remembrance of DR. DOUGLAS HENDERSON dearly loved husband of Cicely and father of Liz and Ted 1916 – 1968.
NC Cherished memories of our dear son KEITH HENDERSON fell asleep 19th March 1961 aged 14 years.  Sometime someday we will understand.  Also EDWARD HENDERSON died Oct 19th 1989 aged 73 years.  Also WINIFRED ETHEL HENDERSON died April 9th 1991 aged 70 years.
Non Con In loving memory of WILHELMINA HENDERSON a dear wife mother and grandmother who died 10th August 1988 aged 84 years.  DIANE HENDERSON MAIR who died 18th May 2001 aged 31 years.  A wonderful girl remembered always.  JESSIE MAIR 1921 – 2002. Forever in our thoughts.  
D3 WALTER HENSON died May 15 1946 aged 67 years.  At Rest.  To the memory of EMILY HENSON died April 15th? 1933 aged 55? years.
Non Con In fond memory of NORMAN HEWLETT died February 22nd 1979 age 76.  ROSEMARY HEWLETT nee Lutrey died November 25th 2000 age 87.  Loved by children and grandchildren  
D103 In loving memory of HENRY EDWARD HICKS died December 24 1944 aged 80 years.  And of his wife FLORENCE ANN HICKS died June 16 1957 aged 82 years.  In loving memory of HENRY E HICKS who died December 24 1944 aged 39 years.
NC In loving memory of ETHEL HIGGINS died 3rd January 1947 aged 60.  Also ARTHUR THOMAS HIGGINS husband of above died 22nd June 1974 aged 79.  Also WILLIAM ARTHUR FISHER died 26th March 1968 aged 48.  Till we meet again.  Also NORAH EMILY YOUNG died 7th July 1983 aged 77.
C76 In loving memory of MARY ANN wife of Oliver Higgins who died April 18th 1916 aged 56 Years.  Also 2nd Lieut CLAUDE WILFRED N.S. Regt. their son who was drowned in the river Tigris while attempting to rescue his friend on April 25th 1917 aged 24 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also of the above OLIVER HIGGINS who died March 22nd 1942 aged 77 years.  In loving memory of EMILY WINIFRED HIGGINS widow of Oliver and dear mother of Joan 28th April 1884 – 15th August 1975.
C78 In loving memory of GEORGE HIGGINS died August 6th 1922 aged 38 years.  Also FRANK father of aforesaid died November 30 1934 aged 78 years.  At Rest.  Also MARY ANN wife of Frank Higgins November 30 1948 aged 91 years.  
Non Con In loving memory of HAROLD OLIVER HIGGINS who died 20th September 1980 aged 85 years. And JOAN DOROTHY HIGGINS who died 8th March 2008 aged 90 years.  A Constant Follower of her Faith.  
Non Con ALAN WALTER HIGHNAM a gentle man much loved called home 30th April 1996 aged 68 years.  God bless you my dear.  Never without the Lord  
B21 In loving memory of ROLAND JEFFREY HIGNELL 8 February 1913 – 19 March 1986 and his wife ELIZABETH ANN HIGNELL (nee Watson) 30 January 1916 – 3 December 1997
C49 In loving memory of FRANK HILL dear husband and father died 13th May 1938 aged 50 years.  Also ELSIE MAY HILL a beloved wife and mother died 24 Nov 1978 aged 83 years.
NC In loving memory of a dear husband and father JAMES BIDDLE HILL died 14th February 1960 aged 64.  Also his beloved wife GLADYS MAY HILL reunited 21st February 1977 aged 80.  Goodnight Mum and Dad.  
Non Con In loving memory of PHYLLIS EVA HILL a dear daughter and sister died 14th March 1947 aged 20 years and DAVID GEORGE BARTON died 12th January 2010 aged 78 years
NC STELLA JOAN HILL  17.02.1917 to 9.02.2009.  Now at Peace in god’s hands.  
Non Con Sacred to the memory of a dear husband & father CHARLES GEORGE HINDER passed peacefully away 19th April 1965 aged 59.  Resting in God’s beautiful garden.  Also his beloved wife VIOLET MAY a much loved mother and grandmother called to rest 28th July 1997 aged 88.  ‘Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness’
Non Con WALTER HINDER father of John died Nov 30th 1977 aged 80 years.  ROSE HINDER mother of John died February 1st 1985 aged 88 years.  In ever loving memory of JOHN HINDER born May 23 1923 died Oct 15 1943.  At Rest.  
Non Con In loving memory of FREDA MAY NORMAN 1936 – 2000.  At Rest.  GLADYS HIRON 1901 – 1995.  Mr and Mrs Woodward 1953.