Cemetery Names Ho-Hz

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A3 In loving memory of HESTER widow of the late John Cox of Horfield who died December 10th 1898 aged 84 years.  O Paradise! O Paradise!  Tis weary waiting here.  I long to be where Jesus is to feel and see him near.  Also of HANNAH HOBBS niece of the above who died at Banwell Somerset November 26th 1923 aged 86 years.  Rest In Peace  
NC In loving memory of WINIFRED MAY HOBBS died 26th Oct 1985 aged 64 years.  And ARTHUR WILLIAM HOBBS died 12th December 2002 aged 82 years.  Beloved parents of Richard and Peter.  Re-united forever.
C64 In loving memory of VIOLET EVA HOBBY 9.6.1907 to 30.9.1968 and ALBERT EDWARD HOBBY 27.5.1901 to 23.11.1977 and Baby DAVID died 1938 aged 3 months.  Together.
A33 In loving memory of GEORGE HODGES of this town for over 40 years Mace Bearer to the late Corporation who died June 2nd 1905 aged 85 years.  Also of TRACEY his beloved wife who died June 13th 1898 aged 68 years.  Thy will be done. Also of FANNY STALEY daughter of the above who died November 8th 1927 aged 62 years.
NC (GOR) ELLEN HOLDER died 10-4-75 80 yrs.
D85 In loving memory of my dear wife HESTER HOLLANDS who died 12 August 1970 aged 75 years.  Also of her devoted husband PERCIVAL CLARENCE who died 27th December 1976 aged 65 years.  
Non Con ROY HOLMES beloved husband, father and grandfather.  For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.
Non Con In loving memory of FRANK WORTHY HOLPIN died 17th January 1971 aged 58 years and FLORENCE HOLPIN died 8th May 1997 aged 88 years.  Rest in Peace.
Non Con In loving memory of GLADYS the beloved wife of Arthur L. Honeyborne died April 19 1956 aged 65 years.  Also ARTHUR LAND HONEYBORNE died March 29 1966 aged 75 years  
Non Con In loving memory of AUSTIN W. HONEYBORNE who died February 26th 1964 aged 78 years.  Also ETHEL his wife died 8th December 1970  
B91 Our darling baby DAVID HOOK died October 13th 1935 aged 4 days.  
C105 In loving memory of ALICE HOPKINS who departed this life January 5th 1917 aged 69 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also GEORGE R HOPKINS husband of the above who died June 14th 1929.  At Rest
C9 In fondest memory GEORGE HOPKINS died 1937 aged 49 years beloved husband of MARY.  Re-united 1973 aged 82 years.  Remembering also BERNARD and GESIENA CAVANAGH and MARY HOPKINS CAVANAGH died 2005 aged 88 years.  GEORGE CAVANAGH died 1997 aged 82 years.  Home at last.
Outside wall These gates were presented in memory of GWENDOLINE ANNIS HOPKINS 13th August 1913 – 19th November 1968  
B53 LUCY HORSMAN born February 12 1856 died April 14th 1932. Rest In Peace.
Also VICTOR HORSMAN killed in France September 11th 1916 aged 21 years.  Also in loving memory of  GEORGE the beloved husband of Lucy Horsman who fell asleep April 11th 1929 aged 69.  Also WILLIAM HORSMAN died September 11th 1899 aged 2 years and three months.
NC ROGER HOSEGOOD 9th February 1956  
A20 IDA ELIZABETH beloved wife of Frank K Howell died March 31st 1899 aged 45.  IDA E. their daughter died January 19th 1893 aged 7.  HARRY E. their son died October 25th 1911 aged 22. R. I. P.  
B43 In loving memory of FRANK KELSON HOWELL who died July 23rd 1934 aged 78 years.  Also CHARLOTTE his wife who entered into rest February 5th 1933 aged 73 years.  At Rest
C19 In loving memory of TRYPHENA the beloved wife of Charles Howell – (can’t read rest as headstone fallen forwards, the burial record says she was buried on 28th February 1935 aged 79). In affectionate remembrance of my dear sisters who passed away EVELEN November 26 1958 aged 75 years ELENA April 6 1959 aged 69 years. Thy Will be done.
C12 In loving memory of MARTHA beloved wife of Elwin Howell who passed away January 2nd 1941 aged 60 years.  Tis not goodbye beloved.  It’s only just farewell.  Also of EDWIN the beloved husband of the above who died September 12 1946 aged 65 years.
C7 In Memory of OLIVE EDITH HOWELL born 27 July 1906 died 31 May 1987.  Also MAY sister of the above born 7 Sept 1908 died 17 Nov 1969  
D29 In loving memory of FLORENCE HESTER HOWELL died 2nd May 1947 and her beloved husband HARRY GEORGE HOWELL reunited on 22nd October 1968.  And their son RICHARD DAVID HOWELL died 7th June 1950
D21 In loving memory of RICHARD beloved husband of Caroline Howell died February 1st 1936 aged 73 years.  At Rest. Also CAROLINE ADELAIDE wife of the above died March 25th 1944 aged 73 years.
A48 In loving memory of DANIEL JOHN HOWES who died ….19…aged 7…and his wife SARAH ANN HOWES who died December …19..5 aged…. (nothing else is readable)
Non Con In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN beloved husband of Louisa Howes of Upper Morton died May 24 1948 aged 82 years. Also LOUISA the beloved wife of William died December 27 1960 aged 83 years.
NC In cherished memory of MARION KATHLEEN HOWLING a devoted wife mother and grandmother who passed away on 29th September 1986 aged 69 years.  Reunited with STANLEY RUSSELL HOWLING beloved husband and father who passed away 18th February 1993 aged 75 years.
D37 In loving memory of ERNEST HUCKLE died 22nd April 1941 aged 43 years.  And BERTHA HUCKLE died 13th May 1976 aged 79.  Reunited  
Non Con In remembrance of MARY WORKMAN died 25.3.1997 aged 79 years.  A loving mum and grandma.  FRED HUDSON devoted husband died 1.12.1965.
B117 In loving memory of a dear mother HANNAH TANNER HUGHES who died October 5th 1920 aged 64 years.
Also (dear father) JOSEPH HUGHES who died January 1st 1894 aged 45 years interred in Hill church yard.
Also WILIAM VALENTINE the beloved husband of Alice Davis who died December 20th 1922 aged 41 years (son in law of the above).  In loving memory of ALICE DAVIS who died 18TH October 1973 aged 85 years
B3 In loving memory of three sisters SARAH ANN HUGHES died 22 January 1913 aged 55.  MARY MATILDA SEALY wife of Alfred W Sealy died 25 January 1913 aged 46 and SELINA HARRIS died 6th March 1915 aged 64.  Jesus said I am the Way. 
D79 In sacred memory of NELLIE LOUISA dearly beloved daughter of William & Alice Hughes died October 24 1948 aged 39 years.  Also of the above ALICE HUGHES died March 8 1968 aged 86 years.  In loving memory of ERNEST WILLIAM beloved husband of Alice Hughes who died July 18 1936 aged 59 years.  Also WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS died October 10 1966 aged 46 years. 
C101 In loving memory of FRANCIS JOHN (JACK) HUISH who died July 8th 1909 aged 28 years.  In the midst of life we are in death.  Also MARY HUISH mother of the above who died October 6th 1918 aged 75 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  
D15 In loving memory of our dear brother JOHN HUNT of Hackett House Thornbury who passed away February 12th 1960.  Sadly missed by his loving sisters.  At Rest.
D4 In loving memory of EDGAR SAMUEL HUNT died October 21st 1934 aged 81 years.  At Rest.
B9 In loving memory of LUCY the beloved wife of Allan C Hunter who departed this life January 25 1919 aged 64 years. Jesu lover of my soul, let me to thy bosom fly.  Also EMMA BALL sister of the above who died June 10 1923 aged 75 years.  Rest comes at last.  Also the above ALLAN CLARK HUNTER who died June 12th 1924 aged 69 years  
Non Con In loving memory of a dear wife and mother DAISY MILLICENT AMY HURCOMBE died 7th Sept. 1977 aged 69 years. Till we meet again.  Also of a dear father CHARLES EMANUEL HURCOMBE died 31st Jan. 1980 aged 72 years.  Re-uunited.
B139 Peace (pieces fallen off).  In loving memory of STEPHEN HURCOMBE died 3 October 1920 aged 52 years.
Also ANNIE wife of the above died August 30th 1937 aged 69 years.  At Rest.
D83 In loving memory of HAROLD, LUCY & BETTY HURCOMBE
NC Treasured memories of a beloved husband and father ALEC STANLEY HURKETT 28.12.1925 – 14.7.1997 Loved and remembered every day
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father DAVID LLEWELLYN HURKETT who departed this life 10th January 1991 aged 69.  His life a beautiful memory, his absence a silent grief.  HILDA KATHLEEN HURKETT wife and mother reunited 2nd July 1997 aged 76.  Forever in our thoughts Barry Mary.  
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband, father and grandfather MERVYN WALTER HURKETT born 25.8.1923 died 10.9.1996 .  We’ll be loving you always.  Also a dear son, brother and uncle KEITH HURKETT born 31.8.1957 died 28.7. 1998.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  Also a loving mother, grandmother and wife of Mervyn ELSIE MARY HURKETT born 10.8.1925 died 16.10. 1999.
Non Con Cherished memories of my darling daughters SHARON LOUISE HURKETT aged 4 years and her sister LISA MICHELLE HURKETT aged 2 years from their loving father.  Precious memories of LORRAINE ANGELA HURKETT darling wife of Stephen and mother to Sharon and Lisa sadly taken 29th June 1990 aged 26 years.  
NC In loving memory of LEONARD R. HURN dear husband and father died December 16 1988 aged 56 years.
NC In loving remembrance of a very dear husband JOHN C. HUSTI released into God’s eternal life and love November 23rd 1977 born September 23rd 1920 Dayton Ohio, USA.  The Lord watch between you and me, when we are absent, one from the other. Gen. 31.49.