Cemetery Names I-J

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A52 NICHOLAS STUART ILES 17.3.1980 – 18.4.1980
A24 In loving memory of ROBERT ILES who died October 13 1898 aged 82 years.  Also of ANN ILES widow of the above who died February 9th 1902 aged 78 years.
B36 In loving memory of HENRY CHARLES beloved youngest son of Tom & Ellen Iles who died October 20 1930 aged 24 years.  Also of THOMAS ALFRED ILES died 25 November 1963 aged 84 years.  Also of ELLEN ILES wife of the aforesaid died 29 June 1966 aged 89 years.
Non Con FLORENCE ELIZABETH JAMES (BETTY) 1913 – 1982 dear wife and loving mother remembered always with love by Dad David and Glenys.  HIRAM JAMES (JIMMY) 1916 – 1986 beloved husband of Betty, father of David and Glenys.  BRIAN JAMES died Spain 1970.  Fondly remembered.
B18 In loving memory of JOHN CLARK JAMES FRCVS who fell asleep January 1 1936 aged 87 years.  Rest in peace.  Also ELIZABETH ANN JAMES wife of the above who entered into rest April 29 1938 aged 78 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear mother and grandmother CELIA EDITH JEFFERIES passed away 16th November 1978
B160 In memory of my dear daughter ELSIE R. JEFFERIES called home May 6th 1924 aged 7 weeks.  MILDRED ALICE JEFFERIES born 3rd August 1893 died 2nd February 1984
NC In loving memory of a dear wife and mother VIOLET M JEFFERIES fell asleep September 26th 1957 aged 33 years.
Non Con QUEENIE JENKIN (IVY EDNA) nee Carter beloved wife and mother 5th December 1918 13th November 1989 a life of treasured memories.
D5 In loving memory of WILLIAM beloved husband of Ann Jenkins of The Hackett Farm died February 20th 1935 aged 81 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also the above named ANN fell asleep January 14th 1951 aged 90.  At Rest.  And of WILLIAM JENKINS died April 27th 1967 aged 82 years.  And ALBERT EDWARD JENKINS fell asleep April 23rd 1951 aged 50 years.  And ANNIE ELIZABETH JENKINS fell asleep July 30th 1955 aged 66 years.  Also of MARY LOUISA JENKINS died July 14th 1964 aged 76 years.  And HELEN JENKINS wife of William died October 30th 1978 aged 93 years.  (On back) Also of MARY LOUISA JENKINS died July 14th 1964 aged 76 years.
NC In loving memory of EMILY JESTY 11.4.1877 to 21.6.1949  NORAH FRANCES JESTY 19.8.1912 to 19.5.1985
A46 To the dear memory of SARAH JOHNSON who fell asleep in Jesus October 6th 1903 aged 70 years.  The Lord shall give his people the blessing at peace.  Psalm xxiv.10  
NC (GOR) EDWARD WAVELL JOLLIFFE 16 September 1891 – 14 January 1976 and his beloved wife KATHLEEN FRANCES JOLLIFFE 14 June 1898 – 5th April 1984.  ETHEL VIOLET MILLS dearly loved sister of Kathleen 17th September 1899 – 25th January 1984.  Ted Kay and Vi.  Remembered with love.
C8 In loving memory of ADA MAY JONES beloved wife of Edward J. Jones M.E. died September 9th 1939 aged 49 years.  Until the dawn breaks.  Also of EDWARD JOHN JONES beloved husband of the above died February 28th 1954 aged 65 years. Reunited.  Also of SARAH ANN beloved wife of the above Edward John who died August 6th 1975 aged 90 years.
A29 In loving memory of FREDERICK JONES who died January 16th 1894 aged 82 years.  Also of SARAH his wife who died April 2nd 1901 aged 85 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of FREDERICK their son who died February 10th 1914 aged 70 years.  Also of ELLEN their daughter who died July 19th 1941 aged 86 years.
B112 In loving memory of my dear husband HENRY JOHN JONES of this parish who died May 13th 1905 aged 58 years.  Also DORA his daughter who died September 20th 1898 aged 29 years.  Also THOMAS his son who died April 12th 1904 aged 36 years.  Also GEORGE R.N. his son who died October 7th 1915 45 years. Jesus I thy cross have taken all to leave and follow thee  
Non Con Er serchus gof am Fam a Thad annwyl iawn Sarah Ann Jones bu farw 29 ed o fawrth 1960 yn 71 mlwyde oed a John Owen Jones bu forw 15 ed o chwefror 1961 yn 70 mlwydd oed. Hedd perfffaith Hedd.(which thanks to our good friend, Margaret Cornelius translates as: In loving memory of a very dear Mother and Father, Sarah Ann Jones who died on 29th of March 1960 at 71 years old and John Owen Jones who died on 15th of February at 70 years old. Peace perfect Peace.)
E19 In loving memory of MARGARET JOYCE died 23rd December 1964 aged 68 years  
OC In loving memory of WILLIAM JUDGE the beloved husband of Susan Judge died January 27 1903 in his 69th year.  Gone but not forgotten.  Also of SUSAN JUDGE widow of the above who died October 20 1913 at Brigstock Northants aged 87 years.  Rest in Peace.