Cemetery Names M

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B11 FREDERIC PERCIVAL MACKIE died July 15th 1944. CHRISTINA GRACE MACKIE died August 23 1953. Also MARY ELIZABETH HADDON MACKIE died January 18 197?. Much loved.
Non Con In loving memory of DORIS MAY MACOURK beloved mother of Ian, Daphne and Malcolm 1909 – 190  
C117 In loving memory of MARY ELIZABETH beloved wife of Philip J.A. Maggs died February 12th 1917 aged 34 years.  Master I follow thee.  Also KATE their daughter died January 6th 1913 aged 4
Non Con In loving memory of PHILLIP J.A. MAGGS who died 27th January 1965 aged 80 years. Also his wife ELIZABETH ANNIE who died 29th July 1975 aged 87 years. R.I.P.  
B12 In loving memory of MARY for 42 years faithful servant and beloved friend of Violet Mundy. MARY MALLIS born December 22 1870 died June 7 1931. (note: burial register and FreeBMDs both say 1930)  Brave Unselfish and Loving.  
NC In loving memory of ERIC FRANK MALPASS passed away 5th May 1949 aged 49 years.  Also his beloved wife KATHLEEN ANNIE passed away 2nd November 1997 aged 86 years.  Always in our thoughts.
NC In loving memory of Capt. CHARLES WILLIAM MANNS R.E. 20.3.1901 – 27.1.1953
NC Sacred to the memory of my dear wife VIOLET MARY ELEANOR MANNS late of Sharpness who died 18th September 1954 aged 77 years.  Also her beloved husband GEORGE HENRY MANNS died 9th July 1956 aged 81 years.  Re-united.
Non Con Loving and treasured memories of a darling wife and mother SARAH MARIA KNAPP July 1902 – July 1972. Forever in our thoughts. And a dearly loved husband and father HERBERT GEORGE KNAPP March 1901 – May 1979. Will live in our hearts forever. In loving memory of my darling wife JEAN MANSFIELD February 1929 – Nov. 1990. Also daughter PHYLLIS EDNA MAY DAVIS remembered by Mick and son Martyn 3rd November 1975 aged 49 years.
NC In loving memory of a dear husband and friend ARTHUR MASTERS who died July 25 1950 aged 67 years.  
Non Con In loving memory of IRIS GEORGINA MATTHEWS who passed away 28th Jan. 1986 aged 69 years.  Also husband of the above FRANCIS ATHELSTAN MATTHEWS who passed away 8th Jan. 2007 aged 92 years.  Together.
C18 In loving memory of LUCY MATTHEWS fell asleep July 10th 1934 aged 59 years.  Also FRANCIS WILLIAM husband of the above who passed away May 7th 1938 aged 66 years.  Also REGINALD ALFRED son of the above who passed away January 2nd 1965 aged 59 years.
Non Con In loving memory of HAROLD ERIC MCCOLLAM died 10th December 1989 aged 83 years
Non Con JAMES MCHAFFIE minister of the Gospel beloved husband, dear father and grandad called home Aug. 17 1990 aged 75.  Also MAUREE MCHAFFIE dear wife of James.  At rest.  March 23 1997 aged 77.  Redeemed.  
E33 In loving memory of FRANK MCLEAN 1920 – 1978.  Also his wife MARY 1922 – 1990  R.I.P.
D88 To the dear memory of MILDRED MARY MCLEOD who entered into life 2nd January 1942.  In the Heavenly country bright.  Need they no created light.
D48 WILLIAM ALEXANDER WADDELL MCBRIDE entered eternal rest 12th October 1945 aged 75 years.
E28 In loving memory of a devoted mother MARY JANE MCMULLAN who passed away 17th March 1971 aged 70 years.  Also in loving  memory of a devoted husband and father KEITH HART who passed away 16th May 1982 aged 52 years.  Sadly missed by ever loving wife Pat & sons Philip and David.  Gone from our sight but never from our memories.
E7 Society of Divine Saviour – The Salvatorians – Father CLEMENT ROBERT MERCER SDS born 10th August 1907, professed 3rd October 1928, ordained 24th September 1933, died 31st May 1969.  Salvator Mindi, Salva Nos
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE MERCER who died 7th May 1999 aged 66 years a beloved husband and father.  Sadly missed.  Also a loving wife and mother BRIGITTE ANNA MERCER who died 31st January 2010 aged 70 years.  Reunited with George
B119 Loving memories of CHARLES MESSENGER 1866 – 1926 MARY SKUSE 1876 – 1933 VIOLET RUGMAN 1914 – 1992
B50 In Memory of F G MESSENGER died 1930 aged 31. Also SARAH J CAISE died 1986 aged 87 always remembered.
A42 In loving memory of SARAH ANDERSON MESSER who died May 3rd 1900 aged 75 years.
Non Con In loving memory of GUY MEYER 2nd January 1989 aged 89 and his wife PAMELA MEYER 27th June 1993 aged 83.  KATHERINE LOUISE MEYER 16.1.1971 – 30.3.2012.  Remembered with so much love.  
A19 In loving memory of JAMES M. MICHAEL who departed this life July 3rd 1920 in his 74th year. Thy will be done. Also of EDITH wife of the above who died January 30th 1933 in her 93rd year. R. I. P.
NC To the dear memory of a devoted husband & father FRANCIS SEYMOUR MIDWINTER ex-inspector of the Gloucestershire Constabulary who passed away suddenly April 27th 1953 aged 58 years.  Until the day breaks.  Also IRENE ELIZABETH died December 14th 1965 aged 68 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother BEATRICE MILLARD who died 31 October 1958 aged 62.  Safe in the arms of Jesus
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE MILLER who passed away November 25 1948 aged 81 years.  Also his beloved wife SARAH JANE who died March 8th 1951 aged 84 years.  The Lord is my Shepherd.
E9 In memory of WILLIAM J. MILLIGAN 1908 – 1967  MARY C. MILLIGAN 1910 – 1978.  In loving memory of JOHN ANTHONY MILLIGAN 1935 – 1983
D63 In loving memory of ELIZABETH the beloved wife of John C. MILLS who passed away July 23rd 1935 aged 53 years. Also JOHN husband of the above who passed away January 25th 1952 aged 66 years.
NC (GOR) EDWARD WAVELL JOLLIFFE 16 September 1891 – 14 January 1976 and his beloved wife KATHLEEN FRANCES JOLLIFFE 14 June 1898 – 5th April 1984.  ETHEL VIOLET MILLS dearly loved sister of Kathleen 17th September 1899 – 25th January 1984.  Ted Kay and Vi.  Remembered with love.
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband FRANCIS H. MILLS who died April 3rd 1969 aged 65.  Also his wife BLANCHE who died May 29th 1944 aged 49.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father PERCY THOMAS GULWELL died April 5th 1964 aged 62.  In God’s Keeping.  Also DOROTHY GRACE HELEN wife of the above died April 1st 1988 aged 76.  Loved by All.  Also my dearest sister GWENDOLINE LILIAN MILLS died January 28th 1941 aged 27.
NC Resting. In fond remembrance of HAROLD WILLIAM MILLS born 12th March 1894 died 9th March 1954. From 1940 – 1954 devoted groundsman of Thornbury Grammar School.
D20 In loving memory of MINNIE the beloved wife of Gilbert W Mills who died January 23rd 1936 aged 58 years.  Also of the above GILBERT W MILLS who died May 22nd 1939 aged 61 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.
Non Con In loving memory of PHYLLIS dearly beloved wife of Robert Mills passed away August 30 1951 aged 73 years.  God’s greatest gift Memories.  Also ROBERT MILLS died November 8 1972 aged 94 years.  Loved and respected by all.
C109 In loving memory of a dear Dad THOMAS MILLS died January 8th 1921 aged 43 years.  Also dear mother LILY ALICE died December 4 1957 aged 78 years.
B136 In loving memory of my dear husband WILLIAM THOMAS MILLS who passed away November 18th 1915 aged 59 years.  Leave we now thy servant sleeping.  Also of SARAH wife of the above who died Nov  5th 1921 aged 68 years.  Rest in Heaven.
E1 In loving memory of EVELINE MAY MONKS departed this life 14th April 1960 aged 54 years.  Also her husband DANIEL CHARLES MONKS passed away 30th July 1986 aged 71 years.  In God’s keeping.
D39 In loving memory of ALICE MAY beloved wife of Groves Farrar Moore died 10th April 1958 aged 68 years.  To the World she was one of many.  To me she was all the World.  Also the above GROVES FARRAR MOORE died 31st December 1967 aged 79 years.  
NC In loving memory of OLIVE BEATRICE MOORE died 29 December 1957 aged 51 years
NC In loving memory of a devoted husband & father HENRY MOORMAN who died 21st March 1968 aged 75 years.  ‘Resting’.  Also his beloved wife LOUISA who died 9th April 1974 aged 86 years.  ‘Re-united’.
E11 JAMES STEPHEN dearly loved son of John and Edith MORAN died June 16th 1958 aged 13 years.  R.I.P.
C107 In loving memory of HARRIETT the beloved wife of Edwin Morgan who died December 3rd 1918 aged 68 years.  Safe in God’s keeping.  Also of the above EDWIN MORGAN who died January 6th 1953 aged 92 years.  Re-united.
B40 In loving memory of MABEL wife of Lieut. Col. Morland K.R.R. who departed this life 27th January 1901 aged 33 Come unto Me ye weary and I will give you rest.
NC Precious memories of a loving wife, mum and nan RUBY CATHERINE MORSE 18th August 1919 15th September 1994.  Remembered with love.  And EDWIN DOUGLAS MORSE ‘TED’ dearly loved husband dad and granddad 31 May 1916 11th May 2004.  Together forever in God’s hands
NC EMILY MOSLEY  1904 – 1998  (MO)  Loved by all who knew her.  ‘Until the days dawns’.
D60 In ever loving memory of my darling wife BRENDA MOSS died 19th October 1965 aged 44 years. Till we meet again.  
NC In sacred memory of a dear sister BEATRICE VIOLET GIBBINS who passed away 20th February 1986.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also her beloved sister DORIS MAY MUNDAY who passed away 14th February 1992.  At Rest.
A43 In loving memory of GEORGE MUNDY who departed this life August 31st 1895 aged 65 years. Also MARY ANN wife of the above who fell asleep October 16th 1895 aged 75 years.
B161/B162 I Shall Remember While the Light Lasts and in the Darkness I Shall Not Forget VI. In ever loving memory of BASIL ST JOHN MUNDY Major 15th The Kings Hussars born April 1862 died August 21st 1926. And of the Hon VIOLET WILHELMINA MUNDY wife of Major Basil St John Mundy born September 24th 1860 died December 22nd 1943.
Smaller grave on right hand side. Also flat with cross resting on it EVELYN MARY GERALDINE GILLETT of Thornbury House born 28th August 1859 died 28th January 1930.

B145 In loving memory of CHARLES MUNDY died November 14th 1912 aged 74 years. Loved and Respected by all. Also HANNAH wife of the above died February 14th 1911 aged 65 years.  
B46 In loving memory of JOSEPH LEVI CLARK who fell asleep March 16th 1919 aged 33 years. Also EMMA JANE beloved wife of above who fell asleep February 15th 1938 aged 54 years At Rest. Also PHILLIS GEORGINA JANE MURPHY daughter of the above who passed away 21st June 1957 aged 44 years. May you rest in peace my dear. JIM  
B100 In loving memory of EMMA MURRAY died November 29th 1925 aged 52 years.  Also FRANK HARVEY BEAUMONT cousin of the above who died January 7th 1929 aged 73.
On side – Also of LOUISA widow of Ernest Edward Murray died December 24th 1948 aged 83 years. Re-united.