Cemetery Names N-O

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Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and loving father JAMES CHARLES NASH who passed away 23rd November 1985 aged 76 years.  Also IVY IRIS NASH wife of the above who passed away 20th December 1989 aged 82 years.  Both dearly loved and never forgotten.
NC In loving memory of NOBLE NATION a beloved husband and devoted father who died suddenly December 25 1948 aged 65 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  And our dear son JOHN SPENCER NATION who was killed in action April 8 1945 aged 31 years.  And also ANNIE NATION dearly beloved wife & mother Sept 13 1962 aged 83 years.
NC In loving memory of a dear husband and father VICTOR NEAL who died 12th April 1959 aged 66 years.  Also DAISY NEAL wife of the above passed away 28th February 1973 aged 79 years.  Loving mother.
B2 In loving memory of JOHN NEEMS who fell asleep May 31 1907 aged 69 years.  Also MATILDA his wife who died April 28 1918 aged 78.
E6 In loving memory of LAURIE MARIE NEEMS who died Dec 22nd 1951 aged 79 years
B77 In loving memory of JENNIE eldest daughter of S. & E. GALE died March 31st 1908 aged 29 years.  At Rest. Also ALICE beloved wife of Thomas Nelmes died June 19th 1948 aged 62 years.  Also THOMAS NELMES.  
Non Con In loving memory of FREDA MAY NORMAN 1936 – 2000.  At Rest.  GLADYS HIRON 1901 – 1995.  Mr and Mrs Woodward 1953.
NC In loving memory of LOUISA ADA CUMMINGS who fell asleep June 28 1945 aged 78 years.  And LILIAN ETHEL NORRIS (nee Cummings) her daughter who fell asleep June 29 1945 aged 55 years.  Her children shall rise and all her blessed.
Non Con In loving memory of my beloved husband JOSEPH THOMAS NORRIS who passed peacefully away Mar. 24th 1972 aged 82 years.  Also his wife MABEL MAY who passed peacefully away August 13th 1984 aged 91 years.
D27 In proud and happy memory of my precious son PETER NOTT pilot officer Royal Air Force May 12th 1952 aged 19 years.  I shall always remember darling, Mum.  Also his mother ELEANOR MARY NOTT who died April 27th 1964 aged 61 years.
B93 Stone on left – In loving memory of (REG) REGINALD WALTER NOYCE born May 9th 1917 died November 9th 1928
Stone on right – In loving memory of ROWLAND H. W. CARTER born September 1867 died July 1936.  ELIZABETH wife of Rowland H W Carter who died March 2nd 1929 aged 62 years.
On side stones – Also WILIAM JOHN elder son killed in France November 10th 1918 aged 26.  Also Frederick second son died Nov 6 1906 aged 7 years.
C10 In loving memory of JOHN T OATES D.C.M. R.S.M. late Somerset L.I. who died April 29 1937 aged 65 years.  He served in Chitral Campaign also the relief of Ladysmith and 1914-1918 1st World War.  Also ELIZA ANNIE OATES wife of the above who died January 23rd 1959 aged 85 years.
D61 Treasured memories of ELSIE MAY OATES died August 8 1972 and WILLIAM JACK ROBERTS OATES died November 14 1983.  Urn – ELSIE MAY OATES 22 August 1972 our Mum.  Sleeping.
A27 ELIZABETH OFFER died 22nd April 1901 aged 72
A5 In loving memory of MATILDA OGBORN who died September 3rd 1923 aged 67. I heard the voice of Jesus say Come Unto me and Rest.
B94 In loving memory of ANN OLIVE who died December 13th 1907 aged 86 years
Also CELIA LETTS sister of the above who died June 23 rd 1912 aged 93 years
NC In loving memory of SARAH JANE OLIVER who fell asleep June 1st 1950 aged 62 years.  Also of HERBERT OLIVER husband of above who died 12th September 1965 aged 83 years.  Re-united.  
B111 In loving memory of MARY M. OSELAND  died June 20th 1913 aged 75 years.
E29 In loving memory of MARGARET O’SULLIVAN died 19th January 1971 aged 39 years.  A loving father and grandfather DANNY (DANIEL) O’SULLIVAN died 19th August 1998 aged 83 years.  Will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.  Reunited.  Goodnight God Bless.  
Non Con In loving memory of JUNE OVENS died 7th December 1998 aged 69 years.  Reunited with her beloved husband JOHN THOMAS OVENS died 15th June 2011 aged 90 years.  Together forever.
B54 In loving memory of SARAH JANE wife of Sergeant Major D C OVENS late 13 RD died October 12th 1897 aged 54 years.  Also of the above DAVID COGSWELL OVENS died June 11th 1913 aged 69 years.
NC In loving memory of SARAH LOUISA RICHARDS widow of Thomas Fitzwilliam Richards of Redruth Cornwall born June 10th 1862 died May 15th 1931.  L.M.K. WICKS daughter.  J.G. WICKS son-in-law.  U.M.WICKS granddaughter.  P.C.L. WICKS grandson R.A.F.  C.H. OWERS granddaughter.