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C23 In loving memory of JAMES SPENCER PALMER born April 22nd 1852 died December 30th 1923.  I am the resurrection and the light.  Also of AMY his wife died April 19th 1950 aged 87.  Buried at Canford.
Non Con In loving memory of MARLENE PARK 1938 – 1944  CLIFFORD FOWLER PARK 1906 – 1948 KATHLEEN ANN PARK 1905 – 2006  Re-united.
C97 In loving memory of our dear Father and Mother GEORGE PARKER of Mumbleys who died April 12th 1902 aged 82 years.  Also of JANE PARKER his wife who died May 24th 1911 aged 94 years.  Their end was peace.
C54 In loving memory of ROSANNA the beloved wife of Joseph Parker of this parish who entered into rest June 11th 1918 aged 57 years.  Until the day break and the shadows flee away.  Also of JAMES their beloved son who entered into rest at Llanelly South Wales December 29th 1913 aged 28 years.  He bringeth them unto their desired haven.  Also of their daughter MAY ELIZABETH the beloved wife of Robert V Underhill who fell asleep June 8th 1923 aged 36 years.  Thine O beloved is the gladness, the joy of the home above.  Ours is the dreary sadness, bereft of the light of love.  But we wait and watch for the dawning of the ever-lasting day,when we look to meet the morning and tears shall be wiped away.  Also of the above JOSEPH PARKER who died December 29th 1929 aged 72 years.
Non Con In loving memory of W.H.A. PARKER died 6th March 1965 aged 82 years.  Also his loving wife CHARLOTTE MARY PARKER died 17 June 1970 aged 67 years
C51 In memory of JAMES PARNELL who died November 23rd 1899 aged 65 years.  Also WILLIAM PARNELL who died February 19th 1902 aged 64 years.  
B14 In loving memory of SARAH MAY KNIGHT died 29 February 1956 aged 59 years daughter of Grantley Gilbert & Elizabeth Ann Browning.  On kerb: ELIZABETH ANN BROWNING died May 8 1947 aged 73 years. GRANTLEY BROWNING who passed away November 24 1922 aged 52 years.  On 1st flower holder: In loving memory of VIOLET ELIZABETH (MARY) FAINT 1903 – 2002.  On 2nd flower holder LILIAN EMMA PARSONS 1899 – 1984
D11 In loving memory of HERBERT HENRY PARSONS who died January 7th 1963 aged 67 years.
B16 In loving memory of JULIA PARSONS 11 April 1931.  Also CHARLES HENRY the beloved husband of Julia Parsons died 9 June 1933.  Also CHARLES EDWARD PARSONS died 27 February 1930.
Non Con ANNE MARIE PASTRIE 5.3.1946 – 10.3.1971  GREG SEABROOK 5.9.1952 – 10.3.1971 E.D.N I.C.M. P.S.S.R.  
Non Con Treasured Memories of a dear wife and mother DORIS MARY PAYNE who died 2nd November 1952 aged 48 years.  Also her husband AUSTIN who passed away 29th April 1967 aged 63 years.  
B115 In loving memory of JANE the beloved wife of William Payne who died January 1st 1919 aged 66. At rest.  Also WILLIAM PAYNE who died December 6th 1943 aged 91 years.
A69 In memory of MARY REBECCA third daughter of the late COMMANDER JOHN MEYRICK PAYNTER R.N. died May 25 1896 aged 71 years.  Also HARRIETT SOPHIA EDWARDS his daughter died December 3rd 1896 aged 70 years.  Also of PARKER EVANS PAYNTER his son died March 17 1904 aged 81 years.  Also of ANNE ELIZABETH PAYNTER his daughter died April 5th 1909 aged 87 years.  Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.
Non Con In loving memory of dear husband ALBERT EDWARD PEARCE passed away January 15 1956 aged 66 years.  Memory of his dear wife GERTRUDE LAURA PEARCE passed away March 29 1978 aged 85 years.
Non Con In loving memory of BLANCHE MAY PEARCE passed away 19th September 1975 Aged 80 years.  Thy will be done.  And her beloved husband WILLIAM CHARLES PEARCE reunited 18th February 1976 aged 80 years.
Non Con In loving memory of DONALD ARTHUR PEARCE of Lower Morton who died 19th January 2004 in his 84th year and PATRICIA MARY PEARCE who died 23rd July 2012 in her 91st year.
Non Con In loving memory of my beloved husband and a devoted father DOUGLAS JOHN PEARCE died March 3rd 1974 aged 48 years.  R.I.P.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father EDMUND JOHN PEARCE who died 26th December 1962 aged 69 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also EDITH ANNIE wife of the above who died 14th April 1970 aged 81 years.
NC In loving memory of a dear mother ELLEN PEARCE called to rest February 28th 1951 aged 76 years.  Also WILLIAM PEARCE beloved husband of the above interred at Oldbury on Severn June 1914.  Also son JACK 1907 – 1984.
Non Con In loving memory of ERNEST JOSEPH PEARCE who died February 3 1955 aged 52 years. ALICE ELIZABETH PEARCE who died 15.12.1979 aged 79 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear wife and mother FANNY LOUISA PEARCE who died 19th February 1962 aged 76 years.  Resting.  Also her dear husband CHARLES EDWARD PEARCE who died 3rd May 1968 aged 83 years.  Re-united.
Non Con In memory of our dear parents FREDERICK PEARCE died 12th February 1949 aged 52.  Also ANNIE LOUISE died 22nd September 1967 aged 70.  Re-united.
Non Con In loving memory of FREDERICK THOMAS PEARCE died 13th November 1977 aged 78 years.  Also his wife BEATRICE MAUD PEARCE died 13th March 1986 aged 88 years.  
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE beloved husband of Emma Pearce who entered into rest Sept. 26th 1930 aged 75.  Thy will be done.  Also of EMMA beloved wife of George Pearce of Morton who died Feb 2nd 1935 aged  74. Thy will be done.
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband HERBERT ERNEST PEARCE who died 17th February 1962 aged 71 years.  R.I.P.  Also EDITH MAY wife of the above died 12th January 1984 aged 87 years.  Reunited.
C102 In loving memory of JOSEPH PEARCE who died June 5 1913 aged 54 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also of SARAH his wife who died February 17th 1938 aged 74 years.
Non Con Cherished memories of a devoted husband and father PERCY LEVI PEARCE called to rest 18th August 1949 aged 52 years.  Many a lonely heartache often a silent tear, Always the deepest longing for one we loved so dear.  Also NELLIE DORIS died 5th February 1986 aged 82 years.
NC REGINALD PEARCE passed away December 9th 1995 aged 82 years also EDITH MARY PEARCE passed away July 2nd 2009 aged 96 years.  Reunited.  
Non Con In loving memory of SARAH PEARCE who passed away January 30 1942 aged 71 years. Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also THOMAS PEARCE husband of the above died September 6 1947 aged 79 years.  At Rest.  
Non Con In loving memory of Dad WILFRED PEARCE who passed away 7.2.1990 and Mum MARGERY PEARCE who passed away 12.12.1991  
Non Con In loving memory of WILLIAM PEARCE  ANNIE PEARCE   Reunited Together
Non Con In loving memory of WINIFRED MARY PEARCE born 1.1.1891 died 29.7.1979 also ARTHUR THOMAS PEARCE born 27.11.1886 died 31.1.1981
B47 In loving memory of JACOB GARLAND who died January 18th 1921 aged 69 years.  Also AGNES HELEN widow of Frank Pearce died November 29th 1948 aged 69 years.  Also MAY EDITH the dearly beloved daughter of Jacob and Emily Ann Garland died April 24th 1954 in her 54th year. EMILY ANN GARLAND wife of aforesaid who died October 31st 1939 aged 85 years.  
A47 In loving memory of SAMUEL PEGG died June 13 1902 aged 55 years.  Thy will be done. Also of his third son WILLIAM SYLVESTER PEGG died May 29th 1939 aged 59 years.
At rest.  Erected by his widow and children.
B4 Insignia RAMC – 1946 Private H. J. PENDUCK Royal Army Medical Corps 1st February 1915. also of ARCHIE PENDUCK who fell asleep December 5 1924 aged 40 years. Note – by 2014 this memorial stone had been replaced by a new one showing the name as H. H. Penduck and omitting any mention of Archie
OC In loving memory WILLIAM PENDUCK who died June ?? aged 89 years.
B114 267009 Private R.E. PERKINS Royal Warwickshire Regiment 13th November 1918 aged 25.
D10 In loving memory of EMMA MARIA beloved wife of EDWARD JAMES PERKINS who passed peacefully away March 14th 1940 aged 75 years.  At Rest.  Also of the above EDWARD JAMES who fell asleep April 5th 1946 aged 78 years.
B109 In loving memory of ELLEN PERRY daughter of John & Mary Summers of Grovesend who died November 21st 1908 aged 33 years.  And of her sister EMILY JANE GREENWOOD who died August 22nd 1937 aged 76 years.  They are at peace.
C20 Both if we live or if we die we belong to Jevovah.  Romans 14.8.  In loving memory of HILDA IRENE PERRY 1899 – 1936 also her daughter DORIS JOAN COOKE 1927 – 1990 FREDERICK COOKE 1921 – 1991.  Resting peacefully awaiting the earthly Resurrection.
NC In loving memory of WILLIAM CHARLES PETERS beloved husband of Catherine Hilda died August 28 1957 aged 59 years.  At Rest.  Also CATHERINE HILDA PETERS died May 27 1977 aged 75 years.  Re-united.  
NC In loving memory of HILDA ELIZABETH PETTS a dear wife mother and grandmother 11th September 1909 – 24th April 1987.  And her dearly loved husband ROBERT HERBERT PETTS 3rd Oct 1909 – 17 April 1988  
D9 Sacred to the beloved memory of JOHN EVOMY PHELPS over fifty years practised as true friend surgeon physician called to higher service March 6 1940 in his 86th year.   
C29 In loving memory of ROBERT PHELPS of this town who died December 13th 1899 aged 54 years.  In midst of life we are in death.  Also of EMMA PHELPS his wife who died February 3rd 1907 aged 56 years.
C53 Sacred to the memory of ELIZA the beloved wife of William Alfred Phillips passed away January 8 1908 aged 46 years.  Also of JOHN WILLIAM grandson of the above called home December 5 1928 aged 12 years.  In heavenly love abiding.
C69 In loving memory of my dear husband FRANCIS GEORGE PHILLIPS who died April 25th 1960 aged 75 years.  At rest.  Also FANNY ELIZABETH wife of the above who died October 22nd 1975 aged 89 years.  
NC In loving remembrance of FREDERICK ALBERT PHILLIPS born June 30th 1883 died April 27th 1948.  Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away.  Also of ELLEN PHILLIPS wife of the above born December 27th 1879 died April 30th 1970.  Also of BETTY PHILLIPS daughter of the above died February 22nd 1990 aged 74 years.  Remembered always.  
C31 In loving memory of WILLIAM ALFRED the beloved husband of Elvere A Phillips who entered into rest December 30th 1925 aged 62 years.  Until the day breaks.  Also ELVERE ADELAIDE wife of the above passed away December 18th 1948 aged 76 years.   
Non Con In loving memory of WILLIAM HENRY PHILLIPS who died 5th June 1963 aged 77 years. Bless the Lord O my Soul Psalm 103 and his wife BERTHA who died 6th July 1986 aged 95. In heavenly love abiding.  
Non Con MAO-NU PHU died 5th July 1981