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NC JOHN BARTON PICKLES 8.1.32 25.10.90.  Love is not measured by the years that you lived but the love that you gave and the things that you did.
C38 In loving memory of ARTHUR C 1876 – 1960 and ANNIE PITCHER (nee SYMES) 1882 – 1943 and sons CHRISTOPHER WALTER 1906 – 1969 and ARTHUR BERNARD 1909 2003
C58 In loving memory of CAROLINE the beloved wife of Edgar Walter Pitcher of Thornbury who died 15th November 1936 aged 63 years.  I know that my Redeemer liveth. Job XlX.25.
And of EDGAR WALTER PITCHER who died February 28th 1944 aged 76 years.
C37 In loving memory of ERNEST A PITCHER died 30th May 1957 aged 79.  Also of his beloved wife ANNIE (nee Symes) died 6th January 1977 aged 100 and their son DOUGLAS and his wife PHYLLIS 1910 – 2004
C39 GERALD CHARLES PITCHER 9.8.1917 – 26.2.1990  
C40 LEONARD PITCHER 1873 – 1961 HELEN PITCHER 1904 – 1993 ELLEN PITCHER 1872 – 1946
C57 In loving memory of WALTER WILLIAM PITCHER of Thornbury who departed this life 27thd May 1912 aged 71 years.  Also of ANNA MARIA his wife who died 23rd May 1922 aged 82 years.  The gift of God is eternal life.  Also of ANNIE MARIA their only daughter who died 9th December 1923 aged 52 years.  God is love.  
Non Con In loving memory of REGINALD W. BUTT Royal Flying Corps who entered into rest March 18th 1916 aged 28 years.  Also in loving memory of ELSIE IRENE BUTT who entered into rest December 12th 1917 aged 28 years.  Also In loving memory of JESSIE beloved wife of Sidney Plowman died February 17th 1919 aged 37 years.
Non Con He served God and his fellow men JOHN H.A. CRUNDELL died 22nd November 1965 aged 54.  I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.  Also his brother-in-law DAVID J.T. POLGRAHAN B. 11.8.07 D. 1.9.82.  
B130 At Rest.  In loving memory of EDWARD JOHN PONTING who died August 16 1926 aged 67 years.  Also of MARY his beloved wife who died February 3rd 1927 aged 69 years
Also of MABEL MARY PACKER daughter of the above who died October 24th 1947 aged 56 years
B32 To the memory of JEMIMA SPILLER the wife of William Harris Ponting who died December 28th 1921 aged 72 years.  Also of WILLIAM HARRIS PONTING who died October 13th 1936 aged 85 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also SOPHIA PONTING died December 10 1952 aged 103 years.  Also ANNIE MARY wife of JOHN SULLY of Stogumber Somerset passed away September 30th 1948 aged 84 years.  
B99 In loving memory of SARAH ANN the beloved wife of Thomas Poole who died October 13 1918 aged 67 years.   Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of the above named THOMAS POOLE who died April 17th 1925 aged 72 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also of SIDNEY J. LEWIS son-in-law of the above who fell in France May 12th 1918 aged 29 years. Behold he taketh away, who can hinder Him?
NC In loving memory of ELEANOR AMY POOLE 1921 – 2008 R.I.P.
B102 HERBERT ERNEST POOLE who departed this life March 4th 1928 aged 51 years.
B87 In loving memory of THOMAS POOLE who died May 1st 1922 aged 77 years.   Peace, Perfect Peace  
D17 In love remember CATHERINE (KATE) wife of Frank C Poole who died 31st December 1934 aged 64 years.  Love never faileth.  Also FRANK CULLIMORE POOLE husband of the above who died 27th January 1951 aged 79 years.  Re-united.  Also DOROTHY KATE POOLE eldest daughter who died 30th December 1974 aged 76 years.  Also FRANK CULLIMORE POOLE eldest son who died 11th October 1960 aged 59 years.
C108 In loving memory of LOUISA beloved wife of William Poole of Buckover who died March 22nd 1919 aged 69 years.  She hath done what she could.  Also of the above WILLIAM POOLE who died September 28th 1924 aged 77 Years.  
NC In loving memory of a dear wife SARAH POPE  
C3 In loving memory of CHARLES A PORTER of Thornbury who died Oct 19 1905 aged 68 years.  Also MARY ANN who died March 9th 1909 aged 72 years.  In the cross of Christ ? Glory.  Also of WILLIAM PETVIN son of the above who fell asleep April ? 1908 aged 43 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.
NC In loving memory of a devoted husband & father ALBERT SAMPSON POULTON who died 28th September 1958 aged 60 years.  Rest in Peace.  Also MARGARET MAUD POULTON reunited 22nd Nov. 1991 aged 95 years.  
Non Con In loving memory of REGINALD MAURICE POULTON who died 3rd March 1982 aged 71 years.  Resting.  
B125 GEORGE POWER who fell asleep August 18th 1928 aged 79 years.  In loving memory of MARY POWER who fell asleep April 25th 1915 aged 73. Thy Will be done  
A45 Memories dearest tribute to FRIEDA MARY who died January 30th 1906 aged 9 years.  Also PERCY ARCHIBALD who died December 6th 1914 aged 23 years.  Dearly beloved children of Thomas and Emily Prewett also THOMAS WOOD PREWETT who died January 13th 1917 aged 52 years.  Also MABELE EMILY PREWETT who died February 4th 1917 aged 30 years.  Also EMILY JANE PREWETT who died November 1st 1918 aged 52 years.  Also THURBORN PREWETT who died May 29th 1989 aged 68 years.  
B110 In loving memory of ELIZA JANE PREWETT who died January 11th 1913 aged 46 years.  Sleep dear Mother thy work is done.  Thy sorrow ended thy crown is won.  How sweet to sleep on that blest shore.  Where pain and sorrow are no more.  Also of JOHN PREWETT husband of the above …………. 1920 …….  
D12 In loving memory of GEORGE MERVYN the dearly beloved only son of George & Minnie Prewett who was killed by enemy action September 25th 1940 aged 21 Years.  Also of GEORGE HENRY PREWETT who passed away 12th March 1961 aged 66 years.  Also of MINNIE beloved wife of George Prewett who passed away February 25th 1957 aged 59 years.  
B167A In loving memory of WILLIAM GEORGE son of W. & H. PRICE died Dec 18th 1916 aged 10 months  
Non Con In loving memory of JOHN the beloved husband of Mary Price who died March 13 1933 aged 25.
D55 In loving memory of ALBERT VICTOR beloved husband of ANNIE PRICE died January 20th 1941 aged 69 years.
B126 Gloucestershire Regimental badge with the word Egypt and Cross engraved underneath
10492 Private G J PRITCHARD Gloucestershire Regiment 5th November 1915 aged 29.
E2 In loving memory of MARY VERONICA PROBYN-WILLIAMS who died July 15th 1955.  Requiescat in Pace.  Also of DR. R.C. PROBYN-WILLIAMS M.B. B.C. (Oxon)died June 13th 1961 aged 60 years
Non Con In loving memory of MARY (POLLY) N. PROSSER a dear wife and mother who died 24th August 1976 aged 68 years.  And RICHARD (DICK) PROSSER a dear husband and father who died 3rd February 1980 aged 75 years.  Until we meet again.
Non Con Treasured memories of DAVID WHEELER PULLIN 4..5.1933 – 8.1.2012 died peacefully.  Special husband, dad, grandad and great-grandad.  Rest in Peace.
Non Con Treasured memories of HERBERT GEORGE PULLIN died 15th October 1977 aged 80.  Also his beloved wife JESSIE ELIZABETH PULLIN died 25th February 1981 aged 81.  Great is thy Faithfulness.  
C52 In loving memory of MERCY PUTLEY who departed this life February 17th 1906 aged 72 years.  Also of JAMES PUTLEY husband of the above who departed this life September 22nd 1911 aged 58 years.  Thy Will be done
C32 In loving memory of ELIZABETH PUTLEY died January 13th 1925 in her 81st year.