Cemetery Names R

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NC In Love Remember WILLIAM GEORGE dearly loved husband of Florence Mabel Rabley who died suddenly August 17 1955 aged 65 years.  A Master at Thornbury Grammar School 1911- 1951.  That never is absent which always is beloved.  Also FLORENCE MABEL 1886 – 1976  
NC In loving memory of JOHN RADFORD died February 18 1934 aged 59 years.
C13 In remembrance of ELIZABETH JANE wife of Daniel Raggatt who died January 22nd 1909 aged 72 years.  Also ERNEST EDWARD second son of the above who died September 26th 1905 aged 40 years who lies in another part of this burial ground.  Also DANIEL RAGGATT who died Nov. 4th 1913 aged 75 years.  Resting in Peace.  Also KATE LONG youngest daughter of the above who died August 16th 1946 aged 68 Years. Rest in Peace.
NC In loving memory of PATRICIA SYLVIA RAYERS nee Arnold who died 12th November 1958 aged 24 years.  Guide me O thou great redeemer.
D45 In loving memory of ALICE EMILY widow of late JOHN READ of Hanham died November 21 1952 aged 70 years.  
D73 In memory of DAVID REES 17.3.45  aged 33
NC In loving memory of FRANK REEVES a devoted husband and father who passed away on 4th May 1987 aged 58 years.  Always in our thoughts.  
Non Con In loving memory of my dear parents JOSEPH ALFRED REEVES born 9th October 1889 died 3rd November 1977.  LILIAN EDITH REEVES born 2 August 1889 died 21 April 1984.
C96 In loving memory of FREDERICK CHARLES the beloved son of Charles & Mary Reeves who died August 19th 1901 aged 7 years & 9 months.  Jesus called a little child unto Him.  Also the above CHARLES REEVES who died October 25th 1909 aged 45.  Peace Perfect Peace.  Also MARY ANN his wife who died November 28th 1946 aged 81 years.
C99 In loving memory of MARTHA wife of William Reeves of this parish who died July 2nd 1906 aged 63 years.  Gone but not forgotten.  Also of the above WILLIAM REEVES who died May 15th 1917 aged 77 years.
NC In loving memory of dear mother MAUD REEVES 2nd July 1903 – 1st March 1986 widow of Walter Percival Reeves 26th April 1893 – 15th July 1955.
D59 Fondest memories of Mum and Dad PERCY REEVES died 16th April 1958 aged 68 years. R.I.P.  EDITH REEVES died 22nd June 1965 aged 75 years.  Urns – In loving memory of my dear husband Percy Reeves.  Until we meet again.
D87 In loving memory of SARAH LOUISA RICHARDS widow of Thomas Fitzwilliam Richards of Redruth Cornwall born June 10th 1862 died May 15th 1931.  L.M.K. WICKS daughter.  J.G. WICKS son-in-law.  U.M.WICKS granddaughter.  P.C.L. WICKS grandson R.A.F.  C.H. OWERS granddaughter.
NC In ever loving memory of my dearly loved husband GEORGE RICHARDSON who peacefully went home December 27 1945 aged 59 years.  Also of LENA MILDRED beloved wife of the above who passed away July 29th 1967 aged 81 years.  Re-united.
Non Con In loving memory of EDWARD RIDER who died April 18th 1914 aged 75 years.  Also of JANE his wife who died February 19th 1915 aged 77 years.  At Rest.  Also ANNIE IRENE RICE granddaughter of the above 14th November 1890 – 28 June 1981.  R.I.P.
C6 In loving memory of ALFRED RIDDIFORD JP who died 1st November 1948 aged 77 years.  No need to weep for him.  Tears are for those who fail in life.  Also of EMILY MINNIE RIDDIFORD died 4th June 1959 aged 79 years and their son ALFRED CHARLES RIDDIFORD died 21ST January 1973 aged 64 years.
D91 Sacred to the memory of our dear father CHARLES WALTER RIDDIFORD died 2 November 1939 aged 49. Also his beloved wife our dear mother MARY RIDDIFORD reunited 25 May 1959 aged 66 years. Gone from our home, but not from our hearts.  
Non Con In loving memory of LIONEL EDMOND RIDDIFORD who died February 6th 1965 aged 67 years.  And his wife HILDA ELIZABETH RIDDIFORD who died Oct 25th 1982 aged 84 years.  
D97 In loving memory of MARY ANN RIDDIFORD who died January 31 1943 aged 83 years.  Also EDGAR THOMAS RIDDIFORD 1887 – 1962
E20 In memory of our dear mother ALICE RILEY (late of Manchester) passed away on 20th November 1964 aged 73 years.  
A13 ……JOSIAH HALL of this town who departed this life November 16th 1900 aged 65 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also of MARY ANN his wife who passed away September 27th 1908 aged 56 years.  Until thy day breaks.  Also JOSEPH EDWARD ROACH husband of Mabel Young who died January 1935 aged 60.
A25 In memory of HENRY ROBBINS for 33 years postmaster of this town who died March 22nd 1908 aged 65 years.  Also of EMILY who died May 30th 1899 aged 54. (quotation unreadable)
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE COLE who died May 8th 1944 aged 68 years and ELIZA ANN wife of the above who died July7 1951 aged 80 Years.  At Rest.  Also WILLIAM EDWARD CARPENTER beloved husband of Evelyn who passed away December 10th 1963 aged 76 years.  Also of MARY (Toby) beloved daughter of Edward & E Carpenter died March 2nd 1932 aged 7 years.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  Also EDITH ANN ROBBINS died July 6th 1933 aged 37 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  In Memory of EVELYN beloved wife of Edward Carpenter who died August 28 1927 aged 31 years.
NC HELEN MARGARET ROBINSON June 14 1879 – December 18 1955
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE HENRY ROBERTS who died 13 March 1955 aged 85 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.
RC Pray for the soul of ELIZABETH MAUD beloved wife of Leonard Henry Rochford died 3rd September 1964.  R.I.P.  And LEONARD HENRY ROCHFORD DSC, DFC. died 17th Dec 1986.  May they rest in peace.
B153 PATIENCE beloved eldest child of R & H Rodney died July 21st 1906 aged 22 years.  To live and die in Christ is perfect rest and peace.  Also HESTER PEARL their fourth daughter died March 3rd 1918 aged 29.  At Rest.
NC In loving memory of ALBERT C. ROGERS D.S.M. died April 1949 aged 46 and LILIAN ANNIE ROGERS died February 21 1991 aged 95
D47 In loving memory of my dearest husband EDWARD FRANK ROGERS died Oct 27 1946 aged 49 years.  Also my darling daughter DIANA JULIE called to rest November 26 1946 aged 11 years.  Together in Peace.
B24 In loving memory of KATHLEEN MARY beloved child of E. & M.L. Rogers of Morton Farm died October 6 1908 aged 6 months.  Jesus called a little child.
Non Con In loving memory of CHARLES HENRY ROLLINGS 1903 – 1992 a loyal friend and brother.  
E27 In loving memory of RONALD ROSE born 26th Sept 1924 died 27th Jan 1976.  R.I.P.  AURELIA LUISA ROSE born 20th Jul 1925 died 24th Nov 2010.  
Non Con In loving memory of JEREMY THOMAS RUDGE 1960 – 1990 a dear husband and Dad. Sadly missed.
B49 In loving memory of my dear sister ETHEL MAY RUGMAN who died 15th December 1928 aged 29 years.  Also my dear husband VICTOR C. RUGMAN who died 29th December 1953 aged 57 years.  RIP.
A64 In loving memory of GEORGE RUGMAN of Kington in this parish who died April 8th 1903 aged 83 years.  Also of CATHERINE his wife who died November 10th 1901 aged 83 years.  They suffered patiently and long.  Their hope was bright.  Their faith was strong.  The peace of Jesus filed their breasts and in his arms they sank to rest.  Also SARAH ANN their daughter who died March 2nd 1956 aged 99 years.
B64 On one side – In loving memory of MARY beloved wife of William Matthews Rugman who died at Nibley Farm, Yate March 8th 1922 aged 82 years.  Also of the above named WILLIAM MATTHEWS RUGMAN who died November 15th 1928 aged 72.  Other side can’t be read.  
Non Con In loving memory of MARY RUGMAN a dear wife, mother and grandmother who died 6th July 1996
B119 Loving memories of CHARLES MESSENGER 1866 – 1926 MARY SKUSE 1876 – 1933 VIOLET RUGMAN 1914 – 1992
Non Con In loving memory of WILFRED RUGMAN passed away 26th August 1987 aged 64 years and his devoted wife VERA EVELYN RUGMAN 4th September 1922 – 23rd July 2011.  Two lives fulfilled. 
NC Cherished memories of GARY PATRICK RUSH who sadly slipped away 7th January 1965 aged 3 1/2 years.  Two little hands forever clasped upon a peaceful breast.  Two little eyes forever closed and sweetly taking rest.
E21 Sacred memories of my devoted husband GEORGE RUTTER-WELSH died 28.7.1983 aged 72 years.  May he rest in peace.  Also ESTHER RUTTER-WELSH beloved wife of the above died 1.2.1988 aged 80 years.
A62 In loving memory of WILLIAM RYAN died January 30th 1896 aged 70 years.  Also MARY his wife died December 21st 1907 aged 66 years – Behold he taketh away……..him….God commend th……  
B165 In loving memory of PEGGY IRENE the beloved child of Louis and Kate RYLAND who fell asleep March 1st 1929 aged 20 months.