Cemetery Names Sa-Sn

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B40 Resting in Hope. In loving memory of HENRY CRAVEN ST JOHN Admiral RN 5th January 1837 / 21st May 1909 and of his wife CATHERINE DORA 31st March 1837 / 18th May 1914.
In loving memory of MABEL wife of Lt. Col. Morland K.R.R. who departed this life 27th January 1901 aged 33 Come unto ME ye weary and I will give you rest.
A34 In loving memory of ELIZABETH HANNAH the beloved wife William Young Sainsbury who departed this life June 2nd 1912 aged 70 years.  Thy Kingdom come.  The above WILLIAM YOUNG SAINSBURY who died May 24th 1921 aged 80 years. Thy Kingdom Come.In loving memory of ELIZABETH YOUNG (BESSIE) the beloved wife of Albert Edward Sainsbury who departed this life Jan 10 1902 aged 28 years.  In the midst of life we are in death.  Also of the above ALBERT EDWARD SAINSBURY who died July 19th 1908 aged 42 years.  Rock of Ages cleft for me.  Let me hide myself in Thee.
E4 Treasured memories of LIONEL the beloved husband of MARY SAINSBURY died Oct 22nd 1944 aged 39 years.  Ever remembered by his loving wife and children
C75 In loving memory of MARY the beloved wife of Joseph Sainsbury died October 12th 1915 aged 69 years.  Also ADA their daughter wife of Austin G. Wilmot died April 21st 1917 aged 37 years.  Perfect Rest & Peace.  Also of the above JOSEPH SAINSBURY fell asleep May 9th 1931 aged 76 years.  When the soft dews of kindly sleep, my wearied eyelids gently steep, be my last thought how sweet to rest, for ever on my Saviour’s breast.
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband FREDERICK THOMAS SAINSBURY who died July 12th 1956.  Also his dearly loved wife ELSIE GLADYS SAINSBURY who died June 9th 1976 aged 90 years.
Non Con In loving memory of KATE SAINSBURY called to rest Nov 15th 1960 in her 88th year.
D98 In loving memory of my dear husband HARRY SALISBURY who died 4th January 1982 aged 67 years.  And of his mother MAUD SALISBURY who died 13 June 1943. Reunited.  Also Harry’s wife NANCY SALISBURY who died 12th December 2010 aged 92 years.  A dearly loved wife, sister in law and auntie.  Safe in God’s keeping.  
Non Con EDWIN JOHN SALMON born December 17th 1866 died November 19th 1914.  Peace, Perfect Peace.
C66 In loving memory of HAROLD JOHN son of E.J. & E. Salmon born July 3rd 1898 died June 19th 1905.  Suffer the children to come unto me.
C88 In memory of RICHARD SALMON died 31 October 1920 aged 73 years. Also of CAROLINE his wife died 19th January 1922 aged 80 years
Non Con In loving memory of DOROTHY ELLEN SAMBROOK nee Stone 6th February 1928 – 19th December 2005 a devoted wife mother & grandmother.  Also her brother WILLIAM ALFRED KEMPSTON STONE 1924 – 1992  
C100 In loving memory of MARY JANE SANIGER who fell asleep April 29 1908 aged 56 years. Also FRANCES COOK SANIGER who fell asleep May 13th 1929 aged 76 years.
NC In loving memory of RAYMOND FREDERICK SARGENT 30.11.1921 – 24.12.2008  Till the day dawns.  
Non Con In loving memory of ROBERT SARGENT who died December 8th 1896 aged 76 years.  Also SARAH SARGENT wife of the above who died May 24th 1899 aged 76 years.
C84 In loving memory of MARK SAVERY who passed peacefully away July 13th 1903 aged 73 years.  Jesu the very thought of thee, with sweetness fills my breast.  But sweeter for Thy face to see, and Thy presence rest.  Also of LOUISA his widow who died October 21 1914 aged 77 years.
NC Treasured memories of a loving wife Mum and Gran ELEANOR MARGARET THORNE – SAVERY 1911 – 1988.  Reunited with Dad HAROLD FREDERICK CHARLES SAVERY 1904 – 1957.  In loving memory of HAROLD SAVERY died February 3 1957.
B140 In loving memory of JANE SCARSBROOK died 14th June 1921 aged 77.
SARAH GALE died 3rd May 1952 aged 82.
HENRY STEPHEN GALE died 20 August 1957 aged 82
E25 In loving memory of our mother WALBURGA SCHOECKE called to rest January 1968 aged 73 years.  R.I.P.
Non Con In loving memory of JOHN SCOTT who died 9th February 1974 aged 87 years.
Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN SCREEN who passed away 20th November 1975 aged 74.  Fondly remembered by his children.  Also MINNIE ELLA SCREEN loving mother and grandmother who died 15th February 2000 aged 92.  Rest in Peace.
A63 In loving memory of SARAH ANN SCREEN who died August 3rd …… (we suspect this must be 1900)
(front of stone has fallen away)
D104 In loving memory of JANE SCREEN who passed away August 30th 1945 aged 68 years.  Also of LEVI ROBERT SCREEN who passed away April 12th 1956 aged 86 years.  At Rest.
Non Con ANNE MARIE PASTRIE 5.3.1946 – 10.3.1971  GREG SEABROOK 5.9.1952 – 10.3.1971 E.D.N I.C.M. P.S.S.R.  
B3 In loving memory of three sisters SARAH ANN HUGHES died 22 January 1913 aged 55. MARY MATILDA SEALY wife of Alfred W Sealy died 25 January 1913 aged 46 and SELINA HARRIS died 6th March 1915 aged 64 Jesus said ‘ I am the Way’.
B66 In loving memory of ALICE MAY wife of Alfred W. Sealy died 13th of February 1940 aged 46 years.  
NC In ever loving memory of my dear husband ALFRED WILLIAM SEALY who passed peacefully away July 11 1954 aged 78 years.  Also his beloved wife CHARLOTTE who passed peacefully away June 22 1992 aged 89 years.  Re-united.
NC Our beloved Mum MAUD SELLER 1894 – 1976.  In loving memory of HAROLD AUGUSTUS SELLER born April 27th 1888 died February 23 1954.  OLIVE SELLER 1914 – 1999.
Non Con MARK ANTHONY SELWAY beloved son 24.4.1964 – 21.2.2002
NC In grateful and ever loving remembrance of a devoted mother JANE SHEPHERD nee Roberts who departed this life December 26th 1945 aged 74 years.  Never forgotten by her loved ones.  Now in God’s Rest.  And of her husband WILLIAM JAMES SHEPHERD who passed away December 19th 1946 aged 75 years.  Re-united.  WILLIAM FREDERICK SHEPHERD died December 12th 1974 aged 75 years.  At Rest.  IDA HALL nee Shepherd 1902 – 1986.  THURBURN SLADE HALL 1896 – 1968.
C42 In loving memory of my dear wife JANE SHERBORNE who passed away May 11th 1938 aged 73 years.  Also of HERBERT SHERBORNE husband of the above who died January 4th 1959 aged 91 years.
NC In loving memory of TONY SHERMAN who died 29th Nov 1953 aged 25.  Also his mother NELLIE SHERMAN who died 30th Nov 1960 aged 70.  Also her husband ERNEST SHERMAN who died 11th April 1962 aged 71.  Re-united.  
B123 In loving memory of devoted mother MARY ELIZABETH SHIPP
died 29th September 1928 aged 45
Also ARTHUR SHIPP husband of the above died 30 August 1953 aged 66
E26 In memory of HORACE W. SHORT beloved husband of Mary 1908 – 1974.  Requiescat in Pace.  MARY C.E. SHORT beloved wife of the above 30th Nov 1916 – 18th Nov 1988.  Faith hope and love last forever.
Non Con Loving Memories.  WILLIAM SHORT died 19th Oct 1946 aged 73 years.  Also FLORENCE SHORT died 4th March 1951 aged 76 years.  Re-united.
NC In memory of my dear husband HAROLD SKIPWITH ….. PHILLIP GEORGE SKIPWITH son of the above ….
B119 Loving memories of CHARLES MESSENGER 1866 – 1926 MARY SKUSE 1876 – 1933 VIOLET RUGMAN 1914 – 1992
D50 In loving memory of our most dearest mother and grandmother EMILY ELLEN SKUSE age 84.  Your love and our love hath no ending.  HARRY SKUSE died 13th November 1965 aged 75 years.  
Non Con Loving memories of a dear husband and father PERCY SKUSE who fell asleep on 3rd Dec. 1986 aged 85 years.  In God’s keeping and GWENDOLINE IRIS SKUSE dearly loved wife and mother called to rest 21st Sep. 1992 aged ?? years.  In heavenly love abiding.  
D80 In loving memory of DANIEL SMITH died February 23rd 1938 aged 70 years.  Also JULIA his wife who died April 8th 1940 aged 77 years.  Also their daughter DORIS VIOLET SMITH who died January 7 1981 aged 79 years.
NC In loving memory of DAVID ROYSTON SMITH died 17th December 1957 aged 22.  Resting.
100 My dear husband EDWARD SMITH of Kington died February 25th 1944 aged 75 years. Also ALICE JANE SMITH his wife died February 16th 1956 aged 91 years. Also MARGARET RUTH LIMBRICK her sister died February 26 1956 aged 80 years.
B7 In loving memory of EMILY the beloved wife of Richard HOBBS SMITH of this Town who died November 9th 1918 aged 73 years. Far from the world of toil and strife, she is present with the Lord. The labours of a well spent life end in great reward. Also of the above RICHARD HOBBS SMITH who died March 6th 1921 aged 77 years. Peace, Perfect Peace.
C114 In loving memory of EMMA beloved wife of Henry Smith died June 25th 1903 aged 56 years.  Also the aforesaid HENRY SMITH who died November 23rd 1905 aged 60 years.  Also their beloved son JOSEPH who died July 18th 1928 aged 52 years.
C17 In loving memory of FRED W. SMITH late of Kyneton the beloved husband of Eliza Ann Smith who died at Sheffield June 4th 1902 aged 38 years.  God giveth His beloved sleep.  Also of FRED WILLIAM and WILLIAM GERALD sons of the above who died in infancy and was interred in Sheffield
B80 In loving memory of HUBERT THOMAS AYRES SMITH who entered into life eternal March 8th 1905 aged 23. “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth” also of ELIZA wife of Thomas Cox Smith who died May 24th 1920 aged 75 years. Peace, Perfect Peace.Also of JULIA RACHEL AYRES who died February 10th 1936.
B29 In loving memory of WILLIAM L H CLUTTERBUCK passed away February 26th 1923 aged 61 years and his wife MARY L passed away September 27th 1948 aged 83 years.  Also their son T H (Harry) passed away April 6th 1917 aged 19 years.  Also their son in law LEONARD SMITH passed away May 24 1971 aged 64 years.
Non Con In loving memory of LEONARD dearly beloved husband of Jane Elizabeth Smith passed away May 26th 1954 in his 67th year.  Also JANE ELIZABETH his dearly beloved wife passed away February 18th 1960 in her 77th year.  Reunited.  Too good to be forgotten in death
B81 In loving memory of LEONARD SMITH of Pentre Glamorganshire died December 26th 1912 aged 63 years. “In the midst of Life we are in Death”.  In loving memory of MARY OLIVE beloved wife of Albert George Ford died 24th October 1940. At Rest
Also ELIZABETH ANN SMITH died September 2 1945 aged 75 years.
C21 In loving memory of dear Dad LEONARD SMITH died February 12 1937 aged 72 years. Also his beloved wife ELIZABETH ANN SMITH died March 25 1950 aged 75 years.
Non Con Memories Tribute LOUISE SMITH 1872 – 1962 FANNY SMITH 1874 – 1963.
A67 His merry indureth for ever.  In loving memory of MARTHA SMITH who died July 6th 1900 aged 68 years
B79 In memory of MARY KATHLEEN PATRICIA SMITH wife of Thomas Cox Smith died 25th April 1925 Also of THOMAS COX SMITH who passed away ………..
A67 Committed to the tender mercy of Christ here resteth the body of STRODE SMITH who died September 1st 1892 aged 64 years
D41 In love remember our beloved daughter VIVIENNE GAYNER SMITH who fell asleep July 25th 1935 in her 18th year.  Brave.  Unselfish.  Loving.  Also MARJORIE ANNIE SMITH mother of the above December 13th 1887 – December 14th 1965.  Also my beloved husband WILLIAM GAYNER SMITH 2nd South African Infantry killed in action Flanders October 18th 1917.  They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.
B95 In loving memory of WILLIAM SMITH who died March 16th 1908 aged 73 Peace, Perfect Peace with loved ones far away. In Jesus keeping we are safe and they …..
D6 EDWARD ADDERLEY ST GEORGE SMYTH 1863 – 1939.  The stone was placed by his grandchildren in 1992.