Cemetery Names So-Sz

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C82 In loving memory of GEORGE H. SPILL who died September 30th 1904 aged 54 years. For ever with the Lord.  Also of JANE his beloved wife who died February 20th 1907 aged 61 years.  Also of CHARLES H. ENGLISH grandson of the above who died February 27th 1904 aged 4 months.  Also of DOREEN E. WEBBER granddaughter of the above aged 11 months.  Also SAMUEL JAMES beloved husband of Mabel V Spill called to rest April 21 1950 aged 69 years.  Also MABEL V SPILL died 12 October 1973 aged 86 years.  Also our darling MARTIN grandson of the above 24-8-49 aged 3 weeks.
NC In loving memory of HUBERT SAMUEL SPILL who passed into the presence of his Lord 24th January 2009 aged 88
B32 To the memory of JEMIMA SPILLER the wife of William Harris Ponting who died December 28th 1921 aged 72 years. Also of WILLIAM HARRIS PONTING who died October 13th 1936 aged 85 years. Peace, Perfect Peace. Also SOPHIA PONTING died December 10 1952 aged 103 years. Also ANNIE MARY wife of JOHN SULLY of Stogumber Somerset passed away September 30th 1948 aged 84 years.
B134 RIP
HERBERT CHARLES HUME – SPRY born December 15th 1853 died June 17th 1927
And ANGELA CAROLINE his wife born November 10th 1862 died December 16th 1947
A2 Sacred to the memory of ANN SQUIRE of Thornbury who died 14th May 1913 aged 83 years.
Non Con In loving memory of THOMAS STAGG of the Hackett who was called to higher service on July 17th 1942 and of LEAH his wife on July 23rd 1945.  Into his marvellous light. 
C73 In loving memory of our dear sister ANNIE daughter of the late R.E. & S Staley of Park Mill Farm in this parish who passed away on Sunday November 17 1901 aged 38 years. What I do Thou knowest not now but Thou shall know hereafter. John Xlll.7.  Also of ELLEN E. STALEY their youngest daughter who died January 8th 1918 in her 43rd year. So he giveth his beloved sleep!
Non Con In loving memory of GERALD STALEY of Kington Mead Farm died 9th September 1989 aged 86 years.  Also his dear wife VERA LUCY STALEY died 24th February 2004 aged 93 years.  Much loved parents, grandparents and great grandparents.  John 3V16’
B62 Sacred to the Memory of JOSEPH STALEY of this parish who died November 15 1917 in his 85th year “At Rest”.  Also of CATHERINE his beloved wife who died January 27th 1921 aged 81 years. Also of ROSA third daughter of the above who died Christmas Day 1925 aged 60 interred at Forest Hill.  Also of ALICE youngest daughter of the above who died December 23rd 1917 aged 37 years.
C74 In loving memory of LEE ROBERT STALEY of Kington Mead Farm Thornbury suddenly called home February 18th 1922 aged 55 years.  Be ye also ready for in such an hour as this ye think not.  The son of man cometh.  Also ADA JANE wife of the above who died January 7th 1904 aged 33 years.  Also HUBERT VICTOR son of the above who died February 21st 1904 aged 1 year 9 months.
Non Con In loving memory of MAY ALICE STALEY who died Nov 14th 1970 aged 75 years.  Forever with the Lord.  And HOWARD MARCUS STALEY beloved husband and father who died July 5th 1980 aged 83 years.  Together with the Lord.
B63 In loving memory of SARAH E. M. STALEY died 23rd June 1923.  Also HERBERT H STALEY died 29th February 1948.
In loving memory of dear mother MABEL STALEY died 27th February 1957. also of HUBERT STALEY died 1st July 1967 aged 61 years.
C44 In loving memory of ROBERT ETHERINGTON STALEY of Park Mill Farm born March 8th 1869 died June 21st 1921.  For me to live as Christ and to die is gain.  Also CHARLES STALEY died March 3rd 1936 aged 71  
C89 Peace, Perfect Peace.  In loving memory of LOUISA J. beloved wife of Alfred Stedman who fell asleep January ? 1921 aged 60 years.  Also of the above ALFRED STEDMAN who died April 7th 1922 aged 65 years.
B90 In fondest Memory of my darling husband GEORGE W. STINCHCOMBE who passed away so suddenly 31st March 1966 aged 75 years from his broken hearted wife and family. The Light from our household has gone. The voice we loved is still. His place is vacant in our hearts which never can be filled.Also MARGARET MAY STINCHCOMBE beloved wife died 1st November 1973.
OC JOHN STINCHCOMBE who fell asleep 10 February 1929 aged 78  R.I.P.  ROSA STINCHCOMBE died August 28th 926 aged 74. R.I.P.  
Non Con Cherished memories of a dear husband and father FRANK CECIL STOCKWELL who passed into the presence of his Lord Aug. 20th 1989 aged 61 years.  I am the vine, you are the branches, for without me you can do nothing.
Non Con Treasured memories of ALFRED ERNEST STONE 6th July 1890 – 23rd January 1970 a dearly beloved husband and father.  Also MILDRED NORAH STONE (nee Liddiatt) 6th July 1896 – 15th November 1985.  His most dearly loved wife and a devoted mother. Re-united.
NC To the precious memory of MARY ELIZABETH STONE 13th November 1918  26th July 1997.  Till we meet again in the beautiful garden.  Goodnight.  God Bless Mum.  And her dearly beloved son JAMES HENRY STONE 13th June 1950 16th April 2001.
D82 Memory of HARRY and EDWARD SUMMERS from brothers and sisters.
B101 In loving memory of Mr & Mrs SUMMERS from their children
B142 In loving memory of GILBERT SYMES died August 21st 1923 aged 72 years
Also ELIZA wife of the above died January 22nd 1942 aged 86 years RIP.
Also MAURICE GILBERT SYMES beloved husband of Louisa died August 30th 1966 aged 80 years Rest in Peace
(separate stone) LOUISA wife of Maurice Symes died 16 July 1971 aged 84 years
B132 In loving memory of AUGUSTA beloved wife of Frank Symes who died February 16th 1926 aged 63 years
Also of FRANK SYMES her beloved husband who died October 21st 1931 aged 68 years
Peace, Perfect Peace
C36 In ever loving memory of GEORGE BERNARD SYMES JP who entered into rest April 1st 1935 aged 62 years.  Thy will be done.  Also SARAH ANNIE his beloved wife who passed away Nov. 23rd 1947.  Reunited
C60 In loving memory of JANE SYMES died December 22 1932 aged 76 years and CHARLES SYMES husband of the above died March 27 1933 aged 76 years and GWENDOLINE IRENE their daughter died June 11 1921 aged 25 years and ROSE their daughter died March 13 1970 aged 82 years.
NC In remembrance of a devoted wife and mother LOIS HEDGLAND SYMES who departed this life Oct 23rd 1956 aged 77 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also WILLIAM GEORGE SYMES husband of the above died December 27th 1972 aged 93 years.  
NC In fond memory of DOROTHY SYNNOTT loving wife mother and grandmother died 16th December 1989 aged 66.
NC (GOR) OSCAR SZABO 1933 – 1995 Loved always.