Cemetery Names T

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NC Remember with love  WILLIAM H TAPPER 1906 – 1992 and ROBBIE TAPPER ‘KILSBY’  1911 – 2008 Jesus is Lord
NC Precious memories of a dearly loved husband father and grandfather WILLIAM “KEITH” TAYLER who died 4th December 1999 aged 65 years
A41 In loving memory of ANNIE the beloved wife of John Taylor who died 18th November 1933 aged 76 years.  Also the above JOHN TAYLOR who died May 14th 1937 aged 85 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear husband and father FRANK TAYLOR who passed away 25th November 1962 aged 71 years.  
NC Sacred to the memory of FRANK E TAYLOR dear husband and father died 24th July 1981 aged 67.  Resting where no shadows fall.  Also beloved wife and mother LILIAN TAYLOR died 6th November 1993 aged 76.  Rest in Peace.
NC In loving memory of KATHLEEN ELLEN TAYLOR a loving wife and mother.  At Rest.  January 2nd 1989 aged 77 years.  And her husband HERBERT FRANKLIN TAYLOR died December 23rd 2001 aged 91 years.  
NC In loving memory of SYDNEY JOHN TAYLOR 1891 – 1955 also his wife ALICE ELIZABETH 1894 – 1984.  Re-united.  
D7 In loving memory of FLORENCE THIERY died February 27th 1932 aged 37 years.
B23 DORIS MAY THOMAS died October 2 1907 aged 4.  Also FRANK THOMAS died May 20 1911 aged 40 years.
Non Con In loving memory of a dear wife and mother FANNY ELIZABETH THOMAS died 30th April 1970 aged 67 years.  Always in our thoughts.  Also CHARLES THOMAS beloved husband of the above died 28th July 1974 aged 79 years.
NC Resting. In loving memory of our mother and father AMELIA THOMPSON died January 17th 1951 aged 73 years.  ALBERT ERNEST THOMPSON died March 22nd 1951 aged 78 years.  Always remembered by their children.
C83 CHARLES THOMPSON died February 5th 1902 aged 81 years.  LYDIA ENGLISH his daughter died Nov 1st 1901 aged 37.  LYDIA his wife died May 5th 1909 aged 87 years.  Thy Will be done.
NC In loving memory of a beloved husband and father DENIS WILFRED THOMPSON died 27th February 1966 aged 63 years.  Also NORAH LILY wife of the above died 28th June 1987 aged 83 years.  And remembering their son BRIAN died 10th August 1983 aged 48 years.
NC In loving memory of GRACE THOMPSON who died 3rd May 1952 aged 38 years.  Also of her husband HENRY GEORGE THOMPSON who died 4th August 1975 aged 70 years.  Resting
D22 In loving memory of FRANCIS RUSSELL THOMPSON who died January 10th 1937 aged 49 years.  And his wife MABEL ANNIE THOMPSON who died December 18th 1956 aged 66 years.  Urn – In memory of F.R. Thompson from past and present members of Dursley AFC.  
Non Con In loving memory of GERTRUDE ALICE THOMPSON died February 23rd 1976.  
NC In loving memory of JOHN WINSTON THOMPSON a devoted husband and father who died 6th September 1986 aged 79.  Also ELIZABETH ANN THOMPSON a beloved wife and mother who died 11th Match 2008 aged 94 years.  Reunited.
E12 In cherished memory of RONALD WILLIAM THOMPSON called to rest 31st May 1979 aged 56 years.  Sadly missed.  Reunited with GERTRUDE ALICE THOMPSON, ‘TRUDY’, wife, mother and grandmother called to rest 16th May 2012 aged 92 years.
E13 EDITH MARGARET THOMSEN, ‘RITA’ died 4th March 1974 aged 53 years.  And CHRISTINE MARGARET THOMSEN daughter of the above died 7th October 1985 aged 41 years.  A devoted teacher of children.
B104 In loving memory of my dear husband JAMES THORNE who passed away April 28th 1929 aged 72 years.  At Rest.  Also CHARLOTTE beloved wife of the above died June 1st 1947 aged 90. Reunited.
B89 In loving memory of EDWARD the beloved husband of Frances Thorne died August 20th 1926 aged 61 years.  Also FRANCES EMILY his wife died November 1st 1941 aged 74 years.
NC Treasured memories of a loving wife Mum and Gran ELEANOR MARGARET THORNE – SAVERY 1911 – 1988.  Reunited with Dad HAROLD FREDERICK CHARLES SAVERY 1904 – 1957.  In loving memory of HAROLD SAVERY died February 3 1957.
 D Cherished memories of a dear husband EDWARD HENRY THURSTON who passed away January 17th 1966 aged 72 years.  Also of his beloved wife MARGARET ANNIE who died November 3rd 1968 aged 81 years
A21 In ever loving memory of HENRY JOSIAH THURSTON who passed away February 8th 1939 aged 72 years.  Rest in Peace.  Also of AMY wife of the above who died August 11th 1953 aged 83 years.  Reunited.
B61 First cross
Sacred to the memory of ROSALIE KATE NEVILLE the dearly beloved wife of Hugh Kingsmill Thurston of Belsize Square Hampstead who died December 6th 1904 aged 64.  Also of the above HUGH KINGSMILL THURSTON who died October 5th 1923 aged 96.  Blessed are the dead which live in the lord from henceforth Rev . xiv 13
Next cross
In loving memory of HENRY PRIVETT THURSTON second son of Obed Edward and Louisa Margaret Thurston born 22nd July 1858 died 7th November 1918.  Also of SUSAN wife of Hugh Champneys Thurston born December 23rd 1870 died February 29th 1940.  Also of LAWRENCE THURSTON THURSTON and CHARLOTTE MARGARET TWYNNE daughter of O.E. & L M Thurston died November 29 1939 aged 84.  Also of HUGH CHAMPNEYS THURSTON CB CMG Col. son of the above named Obed Edward & Louisa Margaret Thurston born 14th March 1862 died 17 Aug 1919.
Third Cross
JOHN HORATIO THURSTON died November 28th 1937 dearly beloved husband of LOUISA MARGARET THURSTON fourth son of Hugh Kingsmill Thurston.  Thou hast shown me the way of life.  And COLONEL HUGH STANLEY THURSTON C.B. CMG CBE third son of Hugh Kingsmill Thurston died November 18th 1945 aged 76



Non Con In loving memory of ERNEST WILLIAM TIDMAN died March 13 1947 aged 61 years. Peace Perfect Peace
A17 In loving memory of THOMAS DAY TILL J.P. of Morton in this parish who died December 16th 1894.aged 58 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of MARY his wife who died August 4th 1909 aged (rest fallen away).
In loving memory of JAMES BARTON TILL of Morton in this parish who died April 13th 1903 aged 42 years.  Also of ELLEN TILL beloved wife of James Barton and daughter of …………..
D54 In loving memory of LOUISA ANN TILL died 30th April 1933 aged 74.  And her husband THOMAS TILL reunited 18th February 1952 aged 92.  Also their daughter VIOLET JUBILEE CHAMBERLAIN died 30th May 1927 aged 29.  Also their son ARTHUR ALLEN FOWLER TILL died 26th May 1965 aged 65.
D42 Also MATILDA his beloved wife who died May 12th 1953 aged 69 years.  (we believe that this is MATILDA TILLEY)  
B28 In loving memory of WILLIAM TILLEY who died April 17th 1914 aged 60 years.  At rest.  Also ELLEN his wife who died August 31 1928 aged 64 years.  Also their daughter LUCY HANNAH TILLEY April 28 1972 aged 27 years.
NC BERTHA TOMLINSON dearly beloved wife of Charlie and mother of John & Mary died 28 February 1989 aged 88 years.  Also CHARLIE died 13 Oct 1991 aged 87 years.
NC Loving remembrance of GERTRUDE ELEANOR CLARK 30 April 1994 aged 90 years.  In loving memory of VIOLET MAY youngest daughter of Rosina & Thomas Clark who fell asleep in Jesus September 21st 1932 aged 21 years.  Also DAISY F. TOTTERDELL sister of the aforesaid died October 4th 1944 aged 44 years.
Non Con Treasured memories of a beloved husband and father KENNETH ALBERT TOVEY who passed into the presence of his Lord on Nov. 18th 1984 aged 66 years.  The Lord is my Shepherd.  Also BETTY TOVEY beloved wife and mother died Nov. 23rd 2007 aged 85 years.  United in the Lord.
E34 In memory of my beloved husband ALECK VERNON TOWNSEND died 30th August 1981 aged 79 R.I.P.   Also his loving wife MARY TOWNSEND died 30th December 1994.  R.I.P.
Non Con Treasured memories of a dear wife Mum and Nan LUCY TOWNSEND who died 8th June 1975 aged 75 years.  Also dear Dad H.R.G. (REG) TOWNSEND who died 11th April 1987 aged 87 years.  God Bless you both.
E22 HUGH TRAINOR  In Loving Memory
B133 In loving memory of ELLEN ELIZABETH beloved wife of Albert Edward Trayhurn who departed this life November 27th 1926 aged 42 years.
NC (GOR) In loving memory of DOREEN TRAYHURN 1918 – 1979  DON TRAYHURN 1921 – 1996
E8 Treasured memories of a dear husband and father JAN TRELA died 3rd Jan 1978.  This life a beautiful memory.  His absence a silent grief.
NC In loving memory of my dear husband HENRY CROFT TROTMAN died 8th October 1960 aged 73 years.  R.I.P.
NC TROTMAN JOHN DOUGLAS died November 22nd 1994 aged 77 years.  So dearly loved.  Also DOROTHY LOUISA his dearly loved wife died February 20th 2001 aged 88 years.  There was a love that knew no ending.
Non Con Peace.  In loving memory of my dear husband WALTER GEORGE TROTMAN who fell asleep March 20 1949 aged 57 years.  The Lord is my Light.  Also his wife MABEL TROTMAN who fell asleep April 10 1986 aged 87 years.
C41 In loving memory of EMILY TUCK passed away 24th Nov. 1937 in her 78th year.  At Rest.
C34 In loving memory of FRANK TUCKER who died August 7th 1937 aged 78 years.  Also ALICE TUDOR wife of the above who died October 5th 1951 aged 92 years.  Also NORMAN FRANK elder son of the above who died September 7th 1954 aged 63 years.  Cremated.  SARAH ELIZABETH TUCKER 1895 – 1976.
B31 In loving memory of JOHN TUCKER who died September 10 1921 aged 68 years.  Also of ANN his wife who died July 10th 1921 aged 78 years.  Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
C34 In loving memory of LOUISA JANE the beloved wife of George Tucker who died July 21st 1927 aged 68 years.  Also the above named GEORGE TUCKER who died Nov. 9th 1931 aged 68 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  
A16 In loving memory of SARAH ANN TUDOR died June 15th 1894 aged 49.
NC In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN TURNER passed away 13th February 1989 aged 46 years.  ‘Only a whisper away’.  Also his beloved wife VALERIE ANN TURNER passed away 1st September 1992 aged 50 years.  Reunited.
A59 In memory of SARAH wife of GEORGE CLARKE who died August 20th 1894 aged 29 years.  Also MARGARET TURNER sister of above who died June 2nd 1960 aged 88 years.
A37 ALFRED AUGUSTINE PATRICK TUTTY died March 23rd 1900 aged 20 R.I.P.
B55 In loving memory of AMEY ELIZABETH wife of James Brewer of this town who died February 5th 1907 aged 69.  Lord have mercy.  Also of the above named JAMES BREWER who died June 15th 1915 aged 65 years.  His End was peace.  Also of AMEY ELIZABETH TYLER daughter of the above who died May 18th 1922 aged 42 years