Cemetery Names Wa-We

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Non Con In loving memory of my dear husband DAVID RIDDELL WALKER who died 6th September 1959 aged 45 years.
Non Con To the memory of a dear wife Mum and Gran GERTRUDE WALKER who died 15th February 1972 aged 76 years.  Also husband of the above ARTHUR WALKER a dear Dad and Grandad who died 8th July 1982 aged 80 years.
D51 In loving memory of Mum and Dad HERBERT ERNEST GEORGE WALKER who died 13th December 1967 aged 61 years.  Also FLORRIE WALKER who died 2nd February 1983 aged 80 years.  Always in our thoughts.
Non Con In loving memory of ELLEN WALL a dear wife and mother who entered into rest January 16 1949 aged 78 years.  Also WILLIAM WALL husband of above who died December 1st 1957 aged 88 years and their son RONALD FRANCIS WALL who died August 16 1988 aged 83 years and his wife LOUISE RITA WALL born May 10th 1909 died August 9th 1992.
Non Con ALISTAIR G. WALTON died 13th April 1966
B151 In loving memory of (Queenie) ISABEL VICTORIA WARREN born 15th November 1899 died 17th January 1921.  Thy Will be done.  Also ISABEL born 9th January 1860 died 23rd April 1936.  Also ROWLAND RICHARD WARREN born 5th September 1870 died 7th February 1942.  Also ANTHONY RICHARD WARREN born 1st October 1941; died 6th October 1941.  Also LILIAN MARY WARREN born 11th November 1908; died 30th April 1968.  Also ALBERT CLAUD WARREN born 15th November 1896 died 13th July 1983.  
B71 In loving memory of ANNIE LANFEAR (WATKINS).  Dear mother of Jeffrey Watkins 1894-1989.  At peace with Jesus.  Also of FREDERICK THOMAS WATKINS 1897-1962  
B52 In loving memory of SIDNEY JOHN WATKINS late of Crossways Thornbury who passed away May 30th 1945 aged 56 years.  Also TINY WATKINS wife of the above who passed away July 30th 1950 aged 58 years.  And MABEL DOREEN WATKINS youngest daughter of the above who passed away 30th June 1943 aged 21 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace
D43 In loving memory of ROSINA WATKINS died March 14th 1937 aged 71 years.  Resting.  Also of FRANCIS JAMES WATKINS husband of the above died July 15th 1939 Aged 72 years.  
B22 In loving memory of ANN WATSON died November 15 1957 aged 75 years also her husband WILLIAM RICHARDSON WATSON MRCVS died October 1 1959 aged 76 years.  Also W.J. BARCLAY WATSON  MRCVS MFH their son 26.5.1914 – 10.5.2006
D40 In loving memory of ELIZA MARIA WATSON who died April 5th 1949 aged 73 years.  Rest in Peace.
NC In loving memory of BERTRAM WATTS who died Mar 30 1957 aged 52 years also EDITH ANNIE WATTS who died December 17 1958 aged 54 years.  Reunited.
B65 In loving memory of ANNIE WATTS died May 19th 1923 aged 64 years.
Also of their daughter ETHEL.  Also of NATHANIEL GEORGE WATTS died October 25th 1932 aged 70 years.
D23 In loving memory of a dear husband and father EDWARD GEORGE WATTS who died suddenly 11th October 1967 aged 71 years.  
Non Con Cherished memories of our dear daughter KAREN LOUISE WATTS fell asleep 8th September 1968 aged 3½ months
D13 In loving memory of LAURA ANNIE aged 45 years, also JEAN aged 14 years and BRENDA aged 7 years wife and children of Arthur WATTS of Bristol all killed by enemy action 3rd April 1941.  
D70 In loving memory of ERNEST PERCY WEATHERHEAD died February 28th 1933 aged 62 years.  GEORGINA MARIA WEATHERHEAD widow of the above died Oct 6th 1939 aged 71 years.
Non Con Fondest Memories of our dear father ARTHUR WEBB 4.4.1916 – 13.3.1992.  Dearest Mother GWEN WEBB 13.10.1919 – 31.5.1999.  Together forever.  O’ for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a vision that is still.
NC In loving memory of my dearly beloved husband CECIL EDWARD WEBB who died March 2nd 1946 aged 44 years.  Loving, unselfish and kind, a beautiful memory left behind.  Also SOPHIA ANNIE VICTORIA WEBB wife of the above who died January 1st 1985 aged 87 years.  Re-united.
B147 In loving memory of a dear mother FLORENCE LOUISE WEBB died 19th July 1990 aged 91.  Also ELIZABETH HAWKER mother of the above died 14th June 1917 aged 56 years.
C46 In loving memory of MABEL the beloved daughter of Mark and Elizabeth Webb who fell asleep January 3rd 1929 aged 40 years.  Also ARTHUR WEBB died December 17th 1964 aged 70 Years.  Also of WINIFRED BESSIE WEBB wife of Arthur who died 27th February 1972 aged 75 years.  Also MARK WEBB who died August 4th 1941 aged 77 years.  At Rest.  Also ELIZABETH wife of Mark Webb died April 21st 1954 aged 92 years.
Non Con In loving memory of Dad THOMAS WEBB died 17th November 1952 aged 50 years.  And Mum EVELYN MAUD WEBB died 14th January 1966 aged 70 years.  In loving memory of RAYMOND JOHN WEBB died 8th October 1995 aged 56 years.  Sleep tight Ray.
Non Con In loving memory of GEORGE H. SPILL who died September 30th 1904 aged 54 years. For ever with the Lord.  Also of JANE his beloved wife who died February 20th 1907 aged 61 years.  Also of CHARLES H. ENGLISH grandson of the above who died February 27th 1904 aged 4 months.  Also of DOREEN E. WEBBER granddaughter of the above aged 11 months.  Also SAMUEL JAMES beloved husband of  Mabel V Spill called to rest April 21 1950 aged 69 years.  Also our darling MARTIN grandson of the above 24-8-49 aged 3 weeks.  
Non Con JANE WEEKES 1885/1972.  FREDERICK C. WEEKES 1885/1961
Non Con Treasured memories of my darling husband JOHN ALBERT WELCH who died March 28 1945 aged 23 years.  Always so good unselfish kind.  A beautiful memory left behind.  
E14 CONSTANCE ALICE WELLS died 17th April 1971 aged 81 years.  Requiescat in Pace.  
E5 ROSEMARY FRANCES WELLS dearly loved daughter of Hugh and Patricia Wells born 7th March 1943 died in a motor accident 31st May 1961 aged 18 years. R.I.P.  PATRICIA beloved wife of Hugh Wells born 19th September 1920 died 14th October 1994.  Beloved husband and father HUGH EDWARD GRIFFITHS WELLS O.B.E.WINIFRED EDITH PRIEST grandmother of Rosemary Wells 1889 – 1981  
C98 Sacred to the memory of JOHN beloved husband of Harriett West (of this Parish) who passed peacefully away June 13th 1915 aged 70 years.  His end was peace.  Father in thy gracious keeping, Leave we now our loved one sleeping.  Also the above HARRIETT WEST who died 29 October 1919 aged 73 years.  Jesus only.  Home at last.
NC Sacred Memories.  In loving memory of FREDERICK ARTHUR beloved husband of Harriet Westbrook late of Thrybergh, Yorks who died September 1 1950 aged 68years.
C72 Loving memory of THOMAS BRADFIELD WESTCOMBE who fell asleep July 20th 1899 aged 47 years.  There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Hebrews lV.9.  Also FRANCES ELIZABETH wife of the above who departed this life July 21st 1941 aged 90 years?
E17 In memory of MARY CARMEL WESTHOFF died 27th Aug 1974 aged 48 years.  R.I.P.  DANIEL KIERON WESTHOFF born 7th Sep 1977 died 9th Sep 1977.