Cemetery Names Wh-Wz

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C92 In loving memory of a dear husband EDWIN WHEELER
In loving memory of FRANCIS (FRANK) ARTHUR WHITE Passed away 25th September 2008 aged 85 years.
In loving memory of a beloved husband and father HARRY WHITE died 3rd Dec 1969 aged 78 years.  Also his beloved wife KATE WHITE re-united 6th June 1991 aged 91 years.  Rest in peace.
A30 In loving memory of MARY ANN the beloved wife of Thomas White of Grovesend died January 1st 1895 aged 54 years.  Thy will be done.  Also of the above THOMAS WHITE who died June 4th 1906 aged 69 years.  Peace, perfect peace.”  
A14 In loving memory of GERTRUDE WHITE late of Grovesend called to Higher Life December 30th 1949 aged 76 years.  Forever with the Lord.  In loving memory of our dear niece ELEANOR DOROTHY ELMS called to rest February 27th 1951.  Safe in the arms of Jesus.  In loving memory of ROSE WHITE late of Grovesend called home November 28th 1955 aged 86 years.  Rest in Peace.
NC In memory of THOMAS CHARLES WHITE April 8th 1958 aged 71 years.  Also FLORENCE MAY WHITE August 25th 1965 aged 72 years.  
A56 Sacred to the memory of ANNE WHITEHEAD born 2 November 1810 died 5 February 1899 for many years the faithful nurse, afterwards housekeeper in the family of the late Rev’d Maurice FitzGerald-Stephens-Townsend M.A. Ch.Ch. Oxford: D.L.J.P. and vicar of this parish 1824-1872.  Her husband JOHN PATRICK WHITEHEAD lived in the same service also trusted and loved he died steward of the estate at Castle-Townshend, County of Cork, Ireland Midsummer 1883. Ave, Vale, Salve.  
Non Con Treasured memories of DAVID WHITEMAN died 8th May 1999 aged 65.  In loving memory of David Brian Whiteman born 9.4.1934 died 8.5.1999 aged 65.  Always in our hearts.  
Non Con Treasured memories of a loving wife, mother & Nana MAUD L. A. WHITESIDE (MOLLY) passed away 22nd April 1994 aged 76 years.  Also her beloved husband WILLIAM “BILL” WHITESIDE passed away 20th August 1999 aged 90 years.  Dearest Dad sadly missed.  Always loving, always loved.  Living together in peace.
NC In loving memory of SARAH LOUISA RICHARDS widow of Thomas Fitzwilliam Richards of Redruth Cornwall born June 10th 1862 died May 15th 1931.  L.M.K. WICKS daughter.  J.G. WICKS son-in-law.  U.M.WICKS granddaughter.  P.C.L. WICKS grandson R.A.F.  C.H. OWERS granddaughter.
D25 Volunteer F.R. WILCOX 6th Gloucestershire BN. Home Guard 21 September 1940 aged 39 years.  Rest in Peace.  DORIS MAY WILCOX died 21st May 1972 aged 67.  A very dear mother.  
C35 In loving memory of my wife L. ELIZABETH WILKINS died April 6th 1945 aged 71 years.  Also ARTHUR HEWLETT WILKINS husband of the above died July 7th 1949 aged 77 years.
C56 In loving memory of SARAH ANN the beloved wife of Charles Hill Wilkins who departed this life July 31st 1895 aged 60 years.  In Thy presence is fullness of joy.  Also CHARLES HILL WILKINS who fell asleep in Jesus February 11th 1898 aged 65 years.  So He giveth His beloved sleep.  
NC In loving memory of my dear husband PERCY CHARLES WILKINSON who died August 7th 1953 aged 63 years.  Also of EDITH ANNIE wife of the above who died December 30th 1969 aged 85 years.
NC (GOR) In loving memory of FRANK WILLIAMS died April 29 1950.  Resting.  Also of FRANCES WILLIAMS died Oct. 2 1972.  At peace
C85 In loving memory of GEORGE MANSELL WILLIAMS who died June 6th 1922  (rest of stone sunk below ground)
Non Con In memory of our dear parents GORONWY WYNN (JOE) WILLIAMS 24.5.1918 – 16.1.1997 and his wife MARJORIE 15.3.1922 – 18.8.2004.  R.I.P.
C4 Jesus Loves.  Entered into Rest HERBERT FREDERICK the beloved youngest son of F. ? C. Williams January 16 1900 aged 17 years.  Also of FRANCIS JAMES eldest son of the above who gave his life for King and country in Palestine September 9th 1918 aged 38 years interred at Ramleh Cemetery.  Also of the above FRANCIS WILLIAMS for 31 years clerk to the burial board who died April 29th 1927 aged 77 years.  Also CHARLOTTE wife of the above who died May 23rd 1939 aged 85 years.  
A26 In loving memory of JOHN WILLIAMS of this parish who departed this life April 3rd 1897 aged 72 years.  Also of EMMA his beloved wife who passed away March 1st 1897 aged 72 years.  Rock of Ages cleft for me.  Let me hide myself in Thee.  Also of JOHN H. WILLIAMS son of the above died May 11th 1934.  Also of JULIA HARRIET wife of the above died August 10th 1930.
A9 In loving memory of MARK WILLIAMS of this town who died 30th August 1899 aged 83 years……….HARRIETTE.. . of the above.. an … at Grovesend farm died ….1906 aged 88 years.  Her end was peace  
C79 In loving Memory of a dear mother and father, RUTH WILLIAMS who died May 21st 1943 aged 73 and ALFRED WILLIAMS who died February 19th 1959 aged 91 years.  Also CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS who died July 11th 1926 aged 30.  ARTHUR WILLIAMS killed in action January 5th 1946 aged 36.  
E32 In loving memory of VIVIAN JOSEPH WILLIAMS died 4th July 1972
D19 In loving memory of WALTER G WILLIAMS died June 24 1936.  And SARAH A. his wife died March 10 1952.  And REGINALD their son fell asleep in France September 1st 1918?.  And HARRY GREENSIDES June 3rd 1933.  
D75 SARAH WILSON 24th November 1963.  Suffer little children to come unto me.
C86 In loving memory of CHARLES WILTSHIRE who entered into rest May 28th 1912 in his 58th year.  Here lies a tender father dear.  He will be missed I greatly fear.  For no one else will be so kind to those whom he hath left behind.  Also REBECCA wife of the above who departed this life February 27th 1933 aged 76 years.  He giveth his beloved sleep.
NC Treasured Memories of MAVIS LORAINE WINDOW called home 16 June 1993 aged 86 beloved friend of Gwen & Muriel also of MURIEL DENISE JUSTHAM CHARD called home 20 August 1998 Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
Non Con Treasured memories of FREDERICK CHARLES WITCHARD beloved husband, father and grandfather born Aug. 22nd 1938 died Dec. 9th 2010.  I know that my Redeemer liveth.
Non Con JOHANNES WITTE 15 July 1930 – 4 May 1960 Er Deo Nascimur, In Christo Morimur, Perspiritum Sanctum, Reviviscimus
NC In loving memory of EMMA JANE WOODCOCK who fell asleep July 21 1946 aged 82 years.
Non Con In loving memory of FREDA MAY NORMAN 1936 – 2000.  At Rest.  GLADYS HIRON 1901 – 1995.  MR and MRS WOODWARD 1953.
B92 In loving memory of AUSTIN THOMAS WORKMAN who died 15th October 1929 aged 52 years.  Also his wife LUCY MARY WORKMAN who died 16th August 1963 aged 84 years and their eldest daughter NETTA ELIZABETH WORKMAN who died 3 May 1983 aged 78 years  
Non Con In remembrance of MARY WORKMAN died 25.3.1997 aged 79 years.  A loving mum and grandma.  FRED HUDSON devoted husband died 1.12.1965.  
Non Con In loving memory of a devoted wife and mother VERA GLADYS WORRELL born 18th June 1912 died 19th January 1982 R.I.P.  and her beloved husband STANLEY WILLIAM WORRELL born 2nd June 1914 died 27th October 1991.   
B148 In loving memory of HESTER beloved wife of James Worsley who entered into rest April 5th 1918 aged 52 years.  Peace, Perfect Peace.  Also her beloved husband JAMES WORSLEY who died May 18th 1954 aged 90.
B149 In loving memory of HERBERT JAMES WORSLEY who died August 13th 1920 aged 22 years.  Thy Will be done.  Also HILDA MARGARET sister of the above and wife of Joseph Longman who died November 15th 1926 aged 22 years.
NC In loving memory of a loving husband father and grandfather WILLIAM WRIGHT who died 7th January 2001 aged 77.  Loved and remembered always.