Voters 1874

Thornbury and Surrounding Villages – Voters in respect of Property – including tenant occupiers at a rent of £50 and upwards.

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NameAbodeNature of QualificationQualifying Property
Allen, RobertKingtonOccupation of house and landKington
Arthur, JamesBude, CornwallShare of freehold house and gardenFront Street
Ball, GeorgeSiblandOccupation of landSibland
Ball, DanielCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Ball, ThomasBuckoverFreehold shop and yardBuckover DEAD
Barrett, MarkMilbury HeathFreehold house and garden Hackett
Barrett, RobertCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Barton, Joseph Bailey11 Victoria Place, BedminsterFreehold house and gardenDuckhole
Bell, GeorgeMortonFreehold house and gardenMorton Lane
Bevan, WilliamThornbury Freehold housesThe Plain
Burchell, Bryant JenkinsThornbury Freehold house and gardenCrossways
Burchell, George WilliamThornburyFreehold cottage and gardenCrossways
Carter, HenryThornbury Freehold house and gardenChurch Street
Carwardine, John – to vote at Westbury on Trym15 Hotwell Road, BristolFreehold landHigh Street
Carwardine John AustinDorstone, HerefordshireFreehold landEaston Hill
Chambers WilliamThornbury Freehold house and gardenFront Street
Chambers John TaylorThornbury Copyhold landEaston Lane
Clarke, WilliamThornbury Freehold house and gardenHigh Street
Clarke, ThomasCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Clarke, JohnVilner FarmOccupation of house and landVilner Farm
Coates, WilliamMoretonFreehold house and gardenDuckhole
Cole, AbrahamThornbury Occupation of landNear the Borough
Cole, ThomasMilbury HeathFreehold house and gardenMilbury Heath
Collings, SamuelThornbury Freehold house and gardenHigh Street
Collins, ThomasMortonFreehold house and gardenMorton
Collins, William junr.MortonFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Collins, WilliamMortonFreehold house and gardenMorton
Cook, WilliamMorton, Falfield R.S.O.Occupation of house and landMorton
Cossham, JesseThornbury Freehold house and gardenFront street
Councell, Edward GoughThornbury Freehold houseHigh Street
Councell, William HenryThornbury Freehold houseHigh Street
Cox, CharlesSiblandFreehold house and landMilbury Heath
Cullimore, CharlesMortonFreehold landMorton
Cullimore, AmbroseMortonCopyhold landMorton
Davis, JosephCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Davis, WilliamCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Davis, GeorgeCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Dew, TomkynsWhitney Court, HerefordshsireFreehold house and quarrySibland Green
Dodd, James HenryThornbury Freehold house and shopHigh Street
Dorney, JamesSiblandFreehold cottage and orchardSibland
Driscoll, FrancisThornbury Freehold house and gardenCastle Street
Driver, MatthewThe KnappFreehold house and gardenThe Knapp
Eley, Thomas1 Morton Villa, HorfieldFreehold house and landMorton
Eley, JamesMorton - Kingswood WUEFreehold house and landMorton
Eyles, JohnFalfieldFreehold house and landJohn Street
Farr, HenryNewport, MonmouthFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Ford, JosephThornbury Share of Freehold house and gardenFront Street & Crossways
Garlick, JohnThornbury Freehold houseBulls Lane
Gazard, GeorgeBuckoverFreehold house and gardenBuckover
Gibbins, johnGrovesendFreehold landDuckhole
Greenwood, WilliamBirmingham - ThornburyFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Grove, JohnHillCopyhold house and orchardJohn Street
Grove, John junr.CrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Groves, NicholasThornbury Freehold landThornbury Farm
Hatcher, JohnMarlwoodFreehold house and landMarlwood
Haynes, JosephMortonFreehold cottage & gardenThe Knapp
Hickes, EdmundHackettLeasehold house and gardensHackett
Hignell, StephenThornbury Freehold house and gardenHigh Street
Hignell, Thomas EvansThornbury Copyhold landBull’s Lane Leaze
Hodges, GeorgeThornbury Freehold house and gardenGloucester Road
Hodges, JohnThornbury Freehold house and gardenJohn Street
Holway, JohnCrosswaysFreehold cottage and gardenCrossways
Honeybourne, HenryMortonCopyhold house and landMorton
Hopkins, WilliamKingtonCopyhold house and landKington
Howard, HenryGreystoke Castle, CumberlandFreehold house and landThornbury Castle
Howell, DavidHackettFreehold house and gardenHackett
Hughes, john GriffithThornbury Share of Freehold house and gardenHigh Street
Iles RobertCrosswaysFreehold cottage and gardenSelf
Iles, WilliamMumbleysOccupation of house and landMumbleys
Iles, ThomasMumbleysOccupation of house and landMumbleys
Iles, FrederickCrosswaysFreehold cottage and gardenCrossways
Jenkins, William The HackettOccupation of landSibland Farm
Jenner, NathanielBuckoverOccupation of house and landBuckover Farm
Jones, FrederickThornbury Freehold houseHigh Street
Key, Sir Kingsmill Grove95 Newgate Street, LondonFreehold house and landThornbury House
King, NicholasSiblandFreehold house and gardenSibland
King, CharlesThornbury Freehold houseHigh Street
Knapp, HenryThornbury Freehold house and gardenFront Street
Knight, HenryHackettFreehold cottage & gardenHackett Lane
Lane, GeorgeThornbury Freehold house, yard, and shopHigh Street
Lippiatt, JospehDuckholeFreehold house and gardenDuckhole
Long, EdwardThornbury Freehold LandGloucester Road
Lugg, JosephThornbury Share of freehold house and gardenHigh Street
Marsh, John AugustusRidgway, FromeFreehold LandPigeon House
Mills, LukeGillingstoolFreehold house and gardenGillingstool
Nelmes, JosephKingtonOccupation of house and landKington
Newman, Henry Augustus15 Colege Green, BristolCopyhold house and landHackett
Ogborn, JohnThornbury Occupation of house and landFront Street
Olds, CharlesThornbury Freehold HouseHigh Street
Parfitt, FrederickThornbury Freehold houseFront Street
Penduck, ThomasMortonCopyhold house and landMorton
Penduck, JohnCanton, CardiffShare of freehold landCrossways
Penduck, WilliamMortonShare of freehold landMorton
Petvin, SamuelBathFreehold house and gardenHigh Street
Phelps, WilliamCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Phipps, GeorgeKingtonOccupation of house and landKington
Pinnell, WilliamRockhamptonFreehold cottages and orchardAlveston Hill
Pitcher, JonahFalfieldFreehold house and landMilbury Heath
Porter, Charles A.ThornburyFreehold house and gardenGillingstool
Powell, George13 Ashley Road, BristolCopyhold housesFront Street
Powell, JohnThornbury Freehold house and gardenFront Street
Powell, WilliamThornbury Freehold house and gardenCastle Street
Prewett, JosephThornbury Freehold house and gardenBull’s Lane
Putley, JohnLittle AbbeyFreehold house and landSibland
Ricketts, EdwardMortonFreehold cottages and gardensEaston Hill
Ricketts, ThomasThornbury Freehold landEaston Hill
Ridd, JohnBromham & Berrys Farm, Martinhoe, DevonFreehold house and gardenCastle Street
Riddiford, WilliamLower MortonCopyhold house and landDuckhole
Riddle, Isaac Easton HillFreehold cottage and gardenEaston Hill Lane
Rugman, RichardMortonFreehold house and gardenMorton
Sainsbury, GeorgeCrosswaysFreehold house and gardenCrossways
Sainsbury, ThomasGrovesendFreehold houses and gardensGrovesend
Sainsbury, WilliamGrovesendFreehold house, garden & orchardGrovesend
Saint John, Henry Craven – at seaThornbury Freehold house and landHigh Street
Salmon, William GroveThornbury Share of freehold houseSilver Street
Salmon, PhillimoreThornbury Share of freehold houseSilver Street
Savery, MarkEarthcott, Thornbury Copyhold house and landMorton
Scarlett, RichardThornbury Freehold house and gardenBack Street
Screen, RobertKingtonFreehold landKington
Screen, JamesThornbury Freehold cottages and gardensTrumpleton Street
Shepherd, William EvansThornbury Freehold landHigh Street
Shield, ThomasMilbury HeathOccupation of landHope Farm
Smart, HughThornbury Freehold house and garden Thomas Tucker
Smith, John Milbury HeathFreehold house and garden Milbury Heath
Smith, JosephThornbury Copyhold HouseFront Street
Taylor, JamesBuckoverOccupation of landHorse Shoe Farm
Thomas, GeorgeWick, nr BerkeleyFreehold house and garden Crossways
Thorne, AlexanderThornbury Freehold houseSelf
Thurston, John Horatio KingtonFreehold landKington
Thurston, Obed EdwardThornbury Freehold houses and gardens Self and others
Thurston, JohnThornbury Freehold house and garden Gillingstool
Thurston, Hugh KingsmillBlandford, DorsetFreehold and copyhold house and landMorton
Tidman, AaronThornbury Freehold housesHigh Street
Till, WilliamMortonFreehold landMorton
Till, Thomas DayMortonFreehold landMorton
Trout, GeorgeBuckoverFreehold house and garden White Horse Inn, Buckover
Underhill, JohnKingtonCopyhold houses and gardenKington
Vezey, JamesCrosswaysCopyhold house and landCrossways
Vowles, WilliamThornbury Freehold houseFront Street
Walker, GeorgeCrosswaysFreehold house and garden Crossways
Walker, George jnrThornbury Freehold house and garden Chapel Street
Wallington, LewisThornbury Share of freehold house and gardenPullens Green
Waters, Revd ThomasThornbury Freehold house and land and tithe rent chargeThe Vicarage House
Webb, MarkCrosswaysOccupation of house and landCrossways
Weeks, JosephKingtonOccupation of landKington
Williams, JohnThornbury Copyhold house and gardenThe Wheat Sheaf
Williams, JamesThornbury Freehold houseHigh Street
Williams, WilliamCrosswaysFreehold house and garden Front Street
Wilson, ThomasThornbury Freehold house and garden John Street
Wise, Edward63 Hollywell Street, BlackburnFreehold house and garden High Street
Yates, Francis WilliamThe Wood, Albrighton, SalopFreehold landCrossways
Yeoman, Richard HardingFalfield, R.S.O.Occupation of house and landMorton Farm